Adrian Peterson is most likely done in Minnesota

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In the immediate aftermath of the child-abuse charges filed against Adrian Peterson, it seemed probable that he wouldn’t be playing for the Vikings after the 2014 season.  It’s now likely that Peterson will never wear a Vikings uniform again.

Essentially suspended with pay until his legal case is resolved and with no sign that it’ll be resolved before the end the year, Peterson’s stat line come Week 17 will be one game, 75 yards rushing.

Then, after the season ends, the Vikings will move on.  For a variety of reasons, including the $12.75 million he’s due to earn in 2015.

A week ago, the Vikings were tied to Peterson because Peterson was the face of the franchise at a time when the franchise was embarking on a two-year stay at an undersized college stadium.  Now, the Vikings will have no choice but to move on from a man who has quickly become equal parts distraction and pariah.

The contract can’t be traded without a major restructuring, and Peterson may have no desire to finish his career with the Cowboys after getting a heaping helping of the not-so-hospitable Texas criminal justice system.  In the end, Peterson will land with a team that can withstand the reaction from its fans and from the media — or with a team run by a G.M. and/or a head coach who need to win in order to save their jobs.  Or maybe the Raiders.

Regardless, the great Paul Allen likely has shouted “He’s loose!” about Peterson for the last time.  By next year, Peterson will be loose in a very different way.

98 responses to “Adrian Peterson is most likely done in Minnesota

  1. I don’t trust the legal system to be expedient in any way…but you make it sound like Adrian Peterson is done for good.

    There are certainly many voices of outrage and condemnation, but they are the loudest. If Ray Lewis can play in this league and end up in the Hall of Fame, Adrian Peterson surely has a future.

  2. I want him gone from the Vikings as much as anyone, but I can’t see the Vikings just cutting him, not without a lengthy NFL suspension anyway.

    Whether they are able or not, they will certainly try to trade him first. They won’t risk him going to a team in the NFCN.

  3. I think most Vikings fans sort of knew Peterson’s time with the Vikings might be coming to close soon. I think most of us thought it would happen in a couple years when his contract was going to become difficult and his production was likely to be tapering off. As bad as this sounds, the team may have caught a break with all this happening. At least we don’t have to go through a Brett Favre type of situation where the team is forced to get rid of him and the fans are in revolt.

  4. When the legal process is done, and he’s served his punishment from the NFL, why do the Vikings have to move on from AP? Are you saying they are better off letting him go play somewhere else? I don’t see how that makes any sense.

  5. Nothing to say this doesn’t settle out of court in the next month or two. The all eyes will be back on what does the nfl do

  6. It’s a jump to conclusions mat. You put it on the floor and there are different conclusions you can jump to.

  7. Great plan, Vikes. I’m sure people paying full price to sit in the snow and watch the Matt (cassell) & Matt (astasia) show go 3-13 will help you get a new stadium.

  8. Tough to pay a 30 year old RB $14M/yr in a time where their value is minimized more each year. I still hope he restructures and stays though, as he’ll have image issues wherever he goes.

    By the way, does anyone else get the impression that the Vikings PR firm offices out of a van down by the river?

  9. You know, AP seeing the writing on the wall might cut a deal with the Vikings and restructure his contract. Right now he’s too hot for most teams, won’t be in tip top performance, and might see the Vikes as his only chance to maintain a job in the NFL. Surely he won’t want to restructure, but it might be the only way to keep his NFL career afloat.

  10. If that’s the case why not cut him today? Why pay him for a year when he’s not going to play, and then cut him when he is able to play?

  11. Given Mark Davis’ statement on domestic abuse, I think it is safe to say that Peterson has a better chance of landing on some other AFCW squad. With the arrest record of the Broncos since 2000, his agent should start the discussions there.

  12. I figured this was his last year as a Viking because of his contract, but I sure didn’t see this coming.

    From a purely football perspective I think the Vikings needed to move on next year anyway. You don’t win in the NFL with the running game, you win with passing. Dedicating so much money to the RB position really hurts the building of a strong team.

    This will likely hurt the Vikings this year, but long term it helps because moving on from Peterson would have been a difficult sell to the fan base.

  13. This is one of the reasons why the Vikings initially allowed him to come back. They knew that keeping him deactivated could mean the end of his time with the Vikings, and that can’t be an easy thing to accept.

  14. His trial will be in Texas, where he’s a hero, and getting switched is lot more common than it is in MN. He’ll be acquitted, or plea down to something just like Ray Rice.

    Then, most likely the Vikings trade him to the Cowboys. The Cowboys just welcomed back a guy who killed one of their own team. They’d take AD in a heartbeat.

  15. Here’s how this is going to play out…..Peterson will take a plea deal with reduced charges in the next few weeks. He will then be suspended for 6 games under the new domestic violence policy, which will be applied retroactively to account for his time already served. He will then be back on the field for Minnesota in week 8.

  16. Adrian Peterson was a great player in his prime and given his conditioning and freak natural ability he probably has a few elite years left but you don’t pay top dollar to running backs in the NFL anymore, let alone 30 year old running backs. The Vikings had a tough decision to make at the end of the year, the child abuse indictment just makes the decision much easier.

  17. AD’s handlers knew this was coming months ago which is why AD was talking to Jerry Jones months ago. He will be a cowboy next year. Book it Danno!!

  18. Speculation at best. If everyone would stop acting like he is a monster, then this story would be what it is. Nothing. I’m so sick of the self righteousness on this site as well as others. Florio – Leave this man alone! FREE AP!

  19. I am disappointed in the vikings adrian makes one mistake and their ready to dumped the best player in viking history when he played all them years with garbage around him and never complained and them so called owners i have zero respect for them never once have they defended adrian character when they there selves was in trouble for shady businesses this is why the vikings are bottom feeders i have been a viking. Fan since 1972 and will still be one adrian deserves better than that he hasn’t been convicted of anything

  20. If they cut him today and things were to change on being able to play a backfield of A.P. and Eddie Lacey would change might things big time in Green Bay. Point is they need to trade him so they have more control.

  21. If he were to go to Dallas as most of you are suggesting, he would have to definitely play for peanuts. They got the outrageous Tony Romo contract and Dez Bryant wants to be paid top dollar and the defense still has to be fixed which will cost them more cash. But the Cowboys could be getting quite a deal since at that point AP might just want the opportunity to start fresh.

  22. A more likely question is this:

    If he pleas out, and gets the standard 6 game suspension (and time served) and comes back in week 8.. Will he still lead the NFL in rushing? Probably.

  23. What GM in his right mind would pay $13 mil to a RB over the age of 30?

    Oh that’s right, the resident genius-Rick Spielman. But don’t worry Viking fans, for whatever Rick lacks in salary cap management for RB’s, he makes up for in his ability to identify franchise QB’s in the first round.


  24. And to think if they would have traded him like they should have a couple years ago they would be in an awesome spot with some young talented draft picks and possibly a bright future.

    Now?..nothing. Too bad.

  25. Time will tell. Right now the loudest voices being heard are the ones that want AP gone. After AP has resolved this issue, this may change. AP was quite involved in the community and did a number of good things. The issue of his 2014 contract figures, existed prior to this event, and was going to be an issue next season. AP may now know that he will need to adjust these cap figures. That said, the Vikings have a strong core of young players that will give this team a chance at the playoffs, so it may be AP’s best interest to stay at a reduced contract, knowing figures are not going to be higher elsewhere.

  26. I never thought I would be saying this, but Rice and Peterson, and Hardy and others are making Richie Incognito and his Bullying look like an altar boy.

  27. 3 down running backs are going extinct. Between being injured (Jamaal Charles, Doug Martin) and being violent off the field (Rice and AP,) the population is dwindiling at a rapid pace.

  28. What an absolute and embarrassing train wreck this team is. They were a stretch to win 7 games with Peterson this year.

    Looks like they’ll be lucky to win 4 with nothing positive on the horizon in the future to suggest they will get out of the basement anytime soon. The next 5 years look like an absolute disaster for Vikings fans.

  29. Question: when did the charge change to child abuse? Why is it that this keeps getting referred to as “child abuse,” when he is charged with negligence and unintentional child injury? So is everyone who uses a switch a child abuser if it leaves welts or cuts? I think Adrian is an idiot for putting himself in this situation and causing unnecessary harm to a child. He has a lot of learning and growing to do. But let’s take a look at what child abuse is. There are some significant forms that go unnoticed because you can’t see the actual injury. Let’s not be ignorant here. Let AP pay for what he did, then give him the opportunity to fix himself and help others.

  30. AP will go to the Cowboys, and the Cowboys will continue to be the most overrated-yet-mediocre franchise in pro sports.

    You will be 8-8 without AP
    You will be 8-8 with AP

    Sorry Cowboys fans, that is a truth.

  31. Ad needs help. Why don’t the Vikings provide some help for him. Get him into a program that he must attend and fully participate in so that he can be reintroduce back with the team. I do not see how cutting him is a benefit to AD the person.Do the right thing Vikings help your players when they need it.

  32. And that’s a shame. I guess we don’t live in a second chance society in 2014 anymore. Pitchforks and twitter have replaced compassion and forgiveness.

  33. He sits out the year, quietly pleas down, community service, becomes the poster-boy for the NFL’s domestic abuse program, does a quiet mea-culpa and is traded away in the off-season after the draft to the Seahawks.

  34. They’ve known about this for months this isnt news to the organization. If they were going to cut him they would have done it already. Right now they have minimal financial obligation to Peterson. They obviously believe there is room for redemption once chaos settles down.

  35. fmc651 says:
    Sep 18, 2014 1:00 PM

    Ad needs help. Why don’t the Vikings provide some help for him. Get him into a program that he must attend and fully participate in so that he can be reintroduce back with the team. I do not see how cutting him is a benefit to AD the person.Do the right thing Vikings help your players when they need it.

    I think that’s definitely a possibility. They haven’t abandoned him and are giving him time to sort this out. He’s the face of the franchise and a generous member of the community both in time and in money. I think his teammates are standing behind him as well as former teammates such as Jared Allen who said AP has been a stand up guy. Time will see, but the challenge for the Vikings will be to try and give him another opportunity despite the mob mentality and oh yes the self righteous sponsors like Beer Companies and Nike.

  36. Apparently the use of the word “great” is being used here in the most liberal sense of the word.

  37. It makes sense not to cut him until he has had his due process. If he gets jail time, the Vikings can recover a portion of his signing bonus and can minimize the dead money towards the cap. The salary this year isn’t going to be reapplied, so you let him sit.

    Trading him at his current contract BEFORE the child abuse accusations (as in more than one), was going to be difficult. Now it will be next to impossible.

    There is a chance that if he faces the full prison term that he will come out of jail at 32-33 years old, depending on how long the process takes to play out. How many 32+ running backs are in the league making elite money?

  38. Right now the vikings are paying expensively for zero production. Real cash out the door not a fuzzy salary cap reduction.

    Hanging on with the old RB just hurts the vikings more and the player isn’t getting any younger.

    I hope Rick Spielman stays as the vikings GM for another 10 years.

  39. I can see Adrian playing for the Vikings just as much as him not playing. It’s up to Peterson to decide if he is willing to restructure his contract. American’s are a pretty forgivable people for the most part. If the Vikings fan base can’t forgive him no place will. If you seriously believe the Vikings have written him off they wouldn’t be paying 11 million dollars waiting for his day in court and his trade value is at an all time low.

    People in MN thought Randy Moss was a turd until he was traded and then downright red with rage when Childress released him.

    Adrian Peterson is still on 98% of all Fantasy teams for a reason. Everything is up in the air.

  40. bobnelsonjr says:
    Sep 18, 2014 2:32 PM
    Right now the vikings are paying expensively for zero production. Real cash out the door not a fuzzy salary cap reduction.

    Hanging on with the old RB just hurts the vikings more and the player isn’t getting any younger.

    I hope Rick Spielman stays as the vikings GM for another 10 years.
    Adrian averages 200 yds a game vs your favorite team. Understandable why you want him cut.

  41. whatjusthapped says:
    Sep 18, 2014 12:04 PM
    What GM in his right mind would pay $13 mil to a RB over the age of 30?

    Oh that’s right, the resident genius-Rick Spielman. But don’t worry Viking fans, for whatever Rick lacks in salary cap management for RB’s, he makes up for in his ability to identify franchise QB’s in the first round.

    AP is not 30 years old.

  42. Adrian Peterson is not the greatest Viking ever
    The Vikings have had many excellent players through the years.There are a few that I would choose over Peterson
    Vike fans have more to be proud of then him alone

  43. Once AD has his day in court he’ll return to the Vikings and join Bridgewater to create the most dominant QB/RB combo the NFL has ever seen.

    In other words Peterson is staying in Minnesota.

  44. Its funny how how the publics opinion has played a substantial role in AP’s Exempt List Vacation. A small hotel chain picks up and leaves because their logo is on the backdrop so might as well pack up the Viking ship and set sail towards a Lynx sponsorship. Its ridiculous how people get on here and start firing away personal opinions and obscenities at a player that if he was reinstated tomorrow and playing against Green Bay and dashing to a 80 yard TD they’d be cheering at the top of their lungs with his jersey on. If seen in public would these same people avoid him or go up and try to get a fake smile selfie with him? He’s already been tried in court for this but the public got involved, social media exploded, the senator got involved, this situation has gotten blown way out of proportion and its disheartening thinking of how quick people are quick to judge. I agree what he did was wrong and over the top but in no way should it affect his work if he was already proven innocent. If he was proven guilty when he first went to court this type of punishment would be more admisable. For all the people who talk bad about what he did and what consequences he deserves, and then go and offer their pitch to get him on the Cowboys, Colts, etc…morons!

  45. I have to agree with barelylegal on everything except the trial (since that hasn’t happened yet). I wonder how many people that have been anti-Rice and/or Peterson have favorable opinions of other notable figures that have committed similar or worse crimes (i.e. Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Chris Brown, Jason Kidd, etc.).

  46. We have to remember that these are the Vikings. Good bad our indifferent the Vikings have proven since inception they cannot make the right decision. Adrian is done because the brass don’t have the balls to withstand the public backlash if they keep him. Spineless whimps the Wilf’s and Speilman are…they make me sick. Just saying.

  47. Mr. Florio, I have to disagree with you on this article. You state your case like it is a foregone conclusion. It is NOT. While he could be finished in Minnesota, there is just as much chance that he will be back. He is still the best running back in the league, and how will they replace his talent?

    He may not come back, but it is entirely possible that he will be back in purple next season, and maybe even by the end of this season if his attorney can finagle it.

  48. Funny how packer fans are on here slamming Vikings… really?
    No,it’s not just Packer fans it’s every teams fans. Everyone got sick of all the Viking trolls coming on to their pages and ripping their teams. ” Really”? Like you idiots don’t squat on every single Packer story that comes out. Get over yourselves already

  49. Really 3 thumbs down on my comment…The truth of the matter is I am a Vikings diehard fan, but even I must admit the truth hurts. Vikings fans like myself have seen stupid move and stupid move. Who hires Brad Childress in the first place? Best move he ever made was hiring Mike Tomlin…perhaps we should have hired MT directly and skipped the Brad era. What about the Hershel Walker trade? Really? It helped Dallas become a dynasty with 3 Superbowl’s to show for it. I’ve been a fan for 44 years and you have to realize its been almost 40 years since we smelled the Superbowl. Just saying.

  50. In Teddy We Trust—They need to bring Adrian back and in a hurry…our team stinks. We tried it your way yesterday against the Saints…we stink.

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