Cardinals place Jonathan Dwyer on non-football illness list, cut Chris Rainey

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The Cardinals have taken a different route than the Vikings and Panthers when it comes to removing a player facing criminal charges from their 53-man roster.

The team announced that they have placed running back Jonathan Dwyer on the reserve/non-football illness list rather than the exempt/commissioner’s permission list that Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy were placed on earlier this week. Both of those players will be paid while they are on the exempt list, but using NFL gives the Cardinals the option to not pay Dwyer. However, Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports that the team will continue paying Dwyer.

Dwyer is accused of assaulting his wife in July during an incident that allegedly saw him head-butt her and break her nose. He also reportedly made references to killing himself, which Somers of the reports led to mental health concerns and the illness designation.

Arizona also released running back Chris Rainey from the practice squad. Rainey was a fifth-round pick of the Steelers in 2012, but he was cut by the team after his rookie season when he was accused of slapping his girlfriend.

The team signed running back Jalen Parmele to the 53-man roster and added running back Kerwynn Williams to the practice squad.

48 responses to “Cardinals place Jonathan Dwyer on non-football illness list, cut Chris Rainey

  1. Cardinals get it right.
    49ers are totally wrong.
    Carolina and Minnesota are at least addressing it, but if the guy is still getting his money and not taking the pounding of game day,is it really a punishment? Take away the money and there is a better chance they will take notice.

  2. Let’s not pretend AZ did the right thing and “gets it”. If the events of the last three weeks hadn’t happened, I guarantee he would still be with the team.

  3. I accuse Colin Kaepernick of child abuse. Let’s get him on the IR immediately. Oh … JJ Watt too … and Russell Wilson … and and and …

  4. This guy is a decent depth guy, but that’s the extent of his talent. Just cut ties – why do you want this kind of drama hanging over your team?

    I wish that for once in these past few weeks, SOME NFL entity would just brush their hands and move on vs. trying to play the “let’s see what we can get away with while the situation develops” game. Now instead of him just being a free agent, the Cardinals will be attached to so very many articles about this situation as it plays out over such a long period of time.

    There’s just no reason to put a marginally-talented RB on the NFI list when he’s head-butted his wife and thrown a shoe at his 18-month old kid. SEVER THE WICKED HAND and be done with it.

  5. “U know we was joking around” good bye.. I am sure he too was counting down the days till the turk cloaked with bad news came calling with all this firestorm.

  6. Let’s not pretend AZ did the right thing and “gets it”. If the events of the last three weeks hadn’t happened, I guarantee he would still be with the team.

    So because the learned from the mistakes of others, getting rid of those guys wasn’t right anymore? Give me a break!

  7. No team has gotten it right until the vacation comes without pay. Who wouldn’t want to sit around and just collect paychecks? These animals are laughing all the way to the bank. Let’s see some real punishment for their barbaric behavior.

  8. I know it feels good to condemn somone on the Internet – and it doesn’t require large stones to do so, but what these guys need right now is help, not condemnation. Unfortunately, most don’t have large enough stones to do that!

  9. Cut both of them. Make examples of them to other players.
    The NFL should forgive cap space for any player who is cut due to drugs, alcohol, criminal activity, and/or domestic violence.
    This way agents and the NFLPA will have zero incentive to litigate the NFL to keep the player on a roster.

  10. No team has gotten it right until the vacation comes without pay.

    Loss of pay should only come after a guilty verdict or plea. There is now reason accusations alone should result in the loss of a job or pay.

    However, that doesn’t mean that a suspension with pay isn’t warranted in the meantime. I wouldn’t want anyone with this hanging over them representing my organization.

  11. “…but what these guys need right now is help, not condemnation”
    Huh? These players are not “victims”, or “sick” or have some “disease”. They are criminals, they CHOSE to perform criminal acts even though the NFL made sure that they were educated (I’m sure their college team did the same) on what NOT to do.
    The problem is that employers are not allowed to exercise any authority anymore, the media demands that only the media themselves and the government be allowed to adjudicate employees.

    Like I’ve said before…make examples of Rice, AP, Dwyer, Hardy, and McDonald. Ban them all for life from the NFL and then execute a new rule that any player suspected of, arrested for, or charged with any illegal act, be banished forthwith from the NFL for LIFE.

  12. Yes,Jim Harbaugh,who supposedly draws the line at putting your hands on a woman or child…when are the 49ers going to do something about Ray McDonald?

  13. I want to see a team act this quickly when it is their star player. Not some role player….

  14. Cutting Rainey, who had a domestic incident way back in 2012 just proves that any player with a domestic incident skeleton in the closet better hope and pray it never comes to light. There obviously are no statutes of limitations here. And, it was a no-brainer and clearly a PR move to cut Rainey, since he was merely a practice squad guy and easy for the Cards to do without. Too bad for Rainey, who hasn’t had any issues since (that we know of).

  15. Kick these people out of the League NOW.

    Been an NFL fan for over 50 years. It’s the only sport I watch. It’s touch and go for me now. I’m not sure I can watch anymore.

  16. I’m not a doctor, but the description in the original story sounds like mental issues to me.

  17. Man, these teams should kick these guys off of their teams once the charge is even levied. Then they should throw them in jail. Screw the justice system, NFL should be nailing these guys.

  18. When was the last time the Cardinals really got their RB situation right? Seems like it’s been awhile.

  19. Has anyone checked to see if the furniture and fixtures are still in the NFL office? I’m beginning to think they pulled a “Baltimore Colts” thing and stuck out in the middle of the night. Roger is no doubt somewhere with his multi-millions sunning himself in the south of France. I am concerned. The silence is deafening coming out of the office.

  20. I see a major problem in how the league and teams are moving towards punishment in domestic violence cases. Let me be clear – I do not condone domestic violence of any kind…but I speak from investigative experience when I say there are plenty of incidents where an allegation is made simply out of spite and without any evidence. I have even seen incidents where the so-called victim has actually injured themselves to get their partner arrested and charged. I believe if an allegation is made and there is evidence of a crime (self-inflicted or not), the player should be “suspended” with pay to allow the investigative and judicial process to proceed. Allow them to practice and engage in team activities – but putting them out in front of 60k people with an allegation like that floating around is not a good idea. Should a conviction come in court, then the actual punishment from the league and teams comes into play. To do anything else (suspend without pay, release or banishment) is punishing someone without proven merit in my opinion.

  21. At this rate, Goodell will be webstreaming his welcome to the 2015 Draft from a bunker in Luxembourg.

  22. To the people who think they should not be paid, are you nuts? These guys still have the right to a fair trial and can’t be condemned over allegations. Are the allegations true? Probably, but the public doesn’t get to determine this through mob rule. This is up to a court of law. If the guy walks, he’s still lost his bonuses, stat line and any other accolades they could have garnered in their career, these are things they can’t get back.

    Y’all make me sick, trying to be holier than thou. Everyone at some point has defended someone and said they deserved a fair trial. That right belongs to everyone, not just the people you choose.

  23. Chris says:
    Sep 18, 2014 2:50 PM
    A team that finally gets it. Good for Arizona.
    This happened in July. And you can bet your butt the team knew about it when it happened.
    Just doing something now because it came out.

  24. The Cardinals and the league did not get it right in regards to Dwyer. This young man is disturbed and clearly is in need of help. The team should have been out in front of this months ago.

    The NFL is lucky that Dwyer didn’t turn into another Jevon Belcher situation.

  25. Rainey’s only incident was not back in 2012. The Steelers drafted him in 2012 despite an arrest for misdemeanor stalking, then cut him in 2013 following a second arrest for battery. He was picked up by the Colts who then released him for unspecified violation of team rules.

    Given the current environment, it’s obvious the Cardinals didn’t want to gamble further on a problem player.

  26. If he’s having mental health issues, hopefully Arizona won’t just abandon him, and will at the very least urge him to seek help. What he did was terrible, but he can never better himself if he doesn’t treat the underlying cause.

  27. Those of you saying the Cardinals should have done something sooner don’t know what you’re talking about. Dwyer never informed the team of what went down. They didn’t know the severity of the situation until the police came to arrest him Wednesday.

    Multiple times Dwyer showed pictures of a knife and threatened to kill himself. That’s why he is on the NFI/Illness list. Some of you certainly make sure the facts don’t get in the way of you throwing out an opinion.

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