Jerry Rice calls on the 49ers to deactivate Ray McDonald

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Jerry Rice, the former 49er considered by many to be the greatest player in NFL history, says his old team is wrong to let a player accused of domestic violence to continue to play.

Rice says that Ray McDonald, who was arrested last month and accused of assaulting his pregnant fiancee, should not be playing for the 49ers unless and until he is cleared. Rice echoed the comments of his former quarterback Steve Young, who has said that the 49ers should not hide behind “due process” and should instead take the same step that has already been taken with accused abusers Greg Hardy in Carolina, Adrian Peterson in Minnesota and Jonathan Dwyer in Arizona.

“I think I’m just like Steve Young — I would have totally just taken him off the field until it’s resolved,” Rice told “But they have decided to let him play, and it’s just unfortunate. I feel that when you have something that’s weighing you down like that, because it’s a very important topic, and it’s very sensitive, I just feel he should have been taken off the field.”

At a time when the rest of the NFL seems to think that an abuse allegation is enough to take a player off the field, the 49ers are taking a very different stand. It’s a stand that finds them taking harsh criticism, even from some of the greatest players in the history of their franchise.

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  1. The longer they wait- the more foolish they look. I thought Harbaugh had a “no tolerance” stance regarding Ray Rice? what happened to that.

  2. Is Roger Goodell ever going to come out from hiding and speak about this again? It seems former players, and a select few are the only ones taking any leadership on this.

  3. What if someone accuses kappernick tomorrow of the same thing? Or what about Brady, Manning, Brees, or Rodgers 2 days before the Super Bowl??

    These absolute statements sound great, but be careful when you throw due process out the window… It leaves these players very vulnerable to being blackmailed… Aka- some woman says “Pay me $20k or I’ll tell people you hit me”.

    Unless there is clear physical evidence (as in the Ray Rice and Peterson case) then I think you have to let them go to trial. Hardy’s already been found guilty and is waiting for an appeal… That is another case where he shouldnt play.

    But if mcDonald hasnt been found guilty and there is little physical evidence, then I think he should play.

  4. Talk high moral standards, but in reality, win first, moral standards are 99th on the list right behind sing in the church choir

  5. I totally disagree. Until McDonald is CHARGED they should let him play. He has not been charged.

    Under my proposed system…..once charged he should be suspended with pay. If convicted of a crime, banned for life from the league.

    It’s that simple.

  6. I applaud the Niners for taking a stand in support of their teammate and refusing to take the easy way out by kowtowing to public pressure. It is too bad that they are the exception rather than the rule.

  7. If convicted (or even charged) he will instantly be cut and justice will be served in the eyes of all of these people against due process (against America!). Baalke and Harbaugh have pretty much said this with out explicitly saying it.

  8. Jerry Rice was a fantastic football player. He is not necessarily the person I look to for how to handle controversies. I am getting just a little tired of the NFL punishing potentially innocent people. The potential victim becomes too powerful by ruining the reputation and the career of the accused prior to the facts being weighed.

    Domestic abuse is disgusting. Punishment prior to guilt is also repugnant. I fully support the 49ers and hope they can weather the NFL PC policy.

  9. We are going to have accusations of DV coming from all over. The Bookies and Vegas types will get in on the action and will have the league deactivating stars days before the SuperBowl because we can not let a person have there day in court before punishment. #DVDecativations=NFLRigged

  10. I don’t understand what’s taking so long for the police to decide whether to charge McDonald or not. You take her statement and his statement and the statements of anyone present (which im sure they already have). The physical evidence in this case consists of photos of the woman. That’s it. (and they already have those also). What is so complicated that they need to be analyzing for almost a month already? Either charge the man or say you won’t be charging him. They’re dragging this thing out like they’re waiting on new evidence or new witnesses. What they have is all there is. It’s not a dead body and you’re waiting on Dr. Michael Baden to help out. Sheesh.

  11. This mob mentality has to stop. This isn’t the dark ages; we don’t put people’s heads on spikes anymore. Let the justice system determine guilt or innocence, then make your decision for a suspension based on all the facts of the case, NFL. Until then, let them play.

  12. This is a very different 49er organization. No more Candlestick. No more white wine and cheese. No longer the classy NFL team in the Bay Area.

    But the 49ers and the 49er faithful are so hungry for a title that they can taste it. So close… close….yeah, let’s sell our soul for a Lombardi trophy.

  13. Jerry is entitled to his opinion but he uses the false rhetoric of lumping in McDonald who unlike Rice, Peterson and Hardy, has yet to even be charged, three weeks after the fact. If McDonald still isnt facing any charges, why would they suspend him, because it bothers the delicate sensibilities of those in the media and anyone else looking to pile on?

    When/if he is actually charged, his status should be revisited but the underlying assumption I am seeing is that every DV incident is the fault of a man and that a woman would never be the aggressor or misconstrue what happened to settle a grudge.

  14. Does anyone remember when it was wrong for the Commish to be judge and jury? Now it’s seems like everyone wants all owners, GM’s and coaches to fill that roll. Someday a player is going to get wrongfully accused, that may even happen intentionally from a scorned wife/lover and then what? Sorry we ruined your life/career, good luck at your new job with Walmart.

  15. Employers putting people out of work when law enforcement has not convicted them of the crime is a bad idea.

  16. This does feel like it’s getting to the point of angry mobs lighting their torches and gathering their tools to go after the ugly giant who lives in the woods.

    C’mon people, he hasn’t even been charged with the crime. I agree with Cris Collinsworth when he said on SNF that players should still be allowed to play if they haven’t even been charged with a crime of domestic abuse yet.

    Next thing we’ll all be doing is chasing down witches and burning them at the stake.

  17. I am not a 9ers fan…BUT…McDonald has not been charged yet. He should be able to play…Peterson and Hardy have court dates pending…McDonald does not..
    Those calling to have him suspended before a charge is even brough are misguided.

    Imagine if a person got a DWI…and are fired from work before the case is determined…

    This is nothing but mob justice…

  18. Just because someone is charged or isn’t charged, while it doesn’t mean they are guilty of the charges, doesn’t mean that they are innocent. The phrase innocent until proven guilty is a fallacy. Because verdicts are never announce as innocent, its always guilty or not guilty. Not guilty and innocent are completely different things.
    – Oscar Pistorious found not guilty of the crime of murder, but still killed his girlfriend.

    -Ray Rice wasn’t charged with aggravated assualt, but he did beat his girlfriend.

    – Adrian Peterson may or not be indicted or child abuse charges, but he still physically abused his child.

    Just because the courts may rule against charges and deem someone not guilty, doesn’t mean that these incidents that are unquestionably immoral didn’t happen.

  19. Jeez folks….you can’t punish anyone for being ACCUSED. Can’t you imagine the shenanigans that would go on then? False accusations galore…possibly……

    again..under my proposed system. Once CHARGED a player is suspended with pay. IF CONVICTED, the player is banned from the league.

    It’s that simple.

  20. He hasn’t been charged – and he’s certainly in the right for depositing those checks but the Santa Clara team has to live with the consequences and distraction that this causes.
    49er fan and management can’t say we’re all about zero tolerance….because you’re being tolerant on small level.

    I hope the 49ers get grilled every day in the press AND McDonald ends up getting charged. But that’s just me – i dream big.

  21. Quick law lesson…this is probably taking so long because the victim most likely is not cooperating thus making a conviction almost impossible. To McDonald’s arrest…the officers had probable cause to arrest him. That means that they had SPECIFIC FACTS that led them to believe that McDonald put his hands on her. When this happens CA law requirs officers to make an arrest. So what I’m trying to say without saying it is that McDonald put his hands on her when he should’nt have.

  22. NFL teams ARE NOT a court of law!! There is no “due process” required of them. They can (and should) do what is right.

    The 49ers have failed on this front.

  23. I dont think those piling on realize what a dangerous precedent they are supporting here for homer reasons. So anytime there’s a DV accusarion a player must be suspended? No, that will never be abused……

    BRB, on the evening of a conference championship game, a high stakes gambler pays off a woman to get herself alone with a top player from the other team, boom, he gets arrested because in most states a DV complaint requires the arrest of one party, the player is immediately suspended, his team loses, a month later the charges are found to be without merit. Enjoy your vacation.

    An accusation, even an arrest shouldn’t be enough to basically bury somebody, putting them in a situation of assumed guilt. If people dont think this wont be abused and that players won’t be blackmailed or threatened, they are being naive, we’ve swung the pendulum from one extreme to the other now.

  24. OK Jerry – when you buy a team you can suspend your players based on an accusation. I’m sure there will be guys beating down the doors to go to work for you…………not.

  25. It’s what do you want to stand for? You are not saying McDonald is guilty. You are saying we can’t let him take the field while these allegations hang over him. Until he clears his name, he loses the privilege of wearing our uniform and representing our team.

    Minnesota, Carolina and Arizona have integrity. They just proved it. For all Harbaugh’s talk, actions speak much louder than his words.

  26. The league has really taken a turn for the worse these past few years what with the scandals, cheating, constant rule changes, poor officiating and now witchhunts on guys who technically are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Dv is a bad crime but every person deserves their day in court. You can’t keep suspending these guys. Pretty soon you won’t be able to field the punt return team. We’ve had like 4 or 5 of these things pop up in just the last 10 days or so.

  27. I love Jerry and Steve but they need to shut up! Charges have NOT been filed and he is innocent until proven guilty. The NFL needs to take a stand tell critics to shut the hell up. This is a billion dollar company and they should not care what a bunch of liberal jerky think.

  28. Dwyer was arrested Wednesday for investigation in two altercations that occurred on July 21 and 22 at his Phoenix residence, just days before the Cardinals reported to training camp. His wife left the state after the incidents, but came forward a week ago after Dwyer apparently sent suicidal text messages including a photo of a knife.

    In the first encounter, police say Dwyer attempted to kiss and undress his wife, but she refused. Someone who heard the argument reported the assault to police, who showed up at the apartment but did not make an arrest. Dwyer hid in a bathroom and the wife denied he was in the home because the running back threatened to kill himself in front of her and their child if she told police about the assault, police said.

    The next day, Dwyer punched his wife with a closed fist on the left side of her face, according to police. He also punched walls and threw a shoe at his 17-month-old son, who was not injured.

    As his wife tried to call police, Dwyer grabbed her cellphone and threw it down from the home’s second story. Witnesses told police that Dwyer’s wife said, “I’m calling the police” as she held her swollen face and clutched her son.

    During his police interview, Dwyer acknowledged hiding in the bathroom when police responded to the first argument and sending a photo of a knife with suicidal threats. Dwyer denied committing an assault, though he acknowledged that he punched walls in his home, threw a phone and that his wife bit his lip during the disputes, according to the police report. As he was released from jail Thursday, he said he never hurt his son.

  29. Time for Roger Goodell to man up and salvage some moral authority: make the 49ers sit McDonald whether they want to or not.
    The “enforcer” is looking like nothing but an empty WASP suit.

  30. Other teams have made huge mistakes, and I understand the urgency to act, but when you start taking action based on allegations, you have subscribed to something that is completely un-American. If the guy is charged, you can shelf him until the issues are resolved, and if he is guilty I am all for hanging him by his toes and beating him like a piñata, but for now we need to wait and see.

  31. They sure needed him against the Bears when Cutler tossed 4 td passes & wasn’t sacked once. Oh wait .. he did play for the.500 team & actually made 2 tackles. It’s not like they can’t achieve such mediocrity without him.

  32. The NFL needs to step in, talk to McDonald and do whatever they can to get the truth from McDonald and act accordingly. Otherwise, they run the risk of going through the Rice situation again. Absolutely ridiculous that we don’t here about the NFL getting more involved here. Not saying he needs to be suspended, just saying the NFL needs to take the lead on the investigation yesterday.

  33. All incidents are not created equal.

    There is a video showing exactly what Ray Rice did so it isn’t necessary to wait for charges to be filed. That video makes Ray Rice toxic.

    Ray McDonald is another story.

    We all KNEW Rice knocked out his wife. We don’t really know if McDonald did anything wrong. Hardy has actually been found guilty of Domestic Violence and there’s a ton of evidence against him. McDonald has not been found guilty and the “evidence” against him is paper thin.

    The message the 49ers would send by deactivating Ray McDonald is not the one they want. It would be saying:

    “We’re too weak to stand on our principles and do what’s right.”

    “We care more about public opinion than the truth.”

    “We’ll throw our players under the bus to avoid criticism.”

  34. i said it before i’ll say it again. Any player with any legal issue weather it be 105 mphs in a 55 or beating their spouse or drugs or whatever should be deactivated until their case is closed simple as that. I dont want to hear “oh well the court system is slow and processes take time.” Dont get in trouble its quite easy.

  35. The 49ers have interviewed McDonald, if they didnt feel good about his innocence, I doubt they would open themselves up to further criticism by playing him, especially at one of the deepest spots on their team. What people arent considering is that the 49ers have already done an extensive investigation and that team security personnel have contacts in SJPD. If they truly believed that McDonald was guilty, he’d have already been benched.

  36. Scary that so many of you promote the fallacy that McDonald (and other NFL players) are victims….VICTIMS in these cases where, whether charged YET or not, there is photographic evidence of abuse. Do you Neanderthals truly believe that McDonald’s pregnant GF struck herself in order to have injuries? of that AP”s son’s mother manufactured those pictures?

    the 49ers should not allow him to play but they most likely will continue to do so until the local sponsors, the league, the general public speak up.

  37. NO WAY ! I’m a Packer fan so I have no skin in this argument. Until there’s been a charge from the police or DA, how could you possibly suspend the man ? This would be setting a precedent. Can you just imagine this scenario, NFL player hooks up with a female for adult recreation and the next day it’s “I want $10,000 or I’ll call the cops saying you assaulted me. ” Kinda like the neurotic chick trying to charge Kaeppernick last summer.
    You could be opening pandora’s box by suspending before an investigation. And I would say this opens the door to lawsuits on behalf of the players civil rights. This entire subject is getting waaaaay out of control. Where’s the ACLU when they need it ?

  38. Jerry and Stevie aren’t on the field trying to help them win this week. Ray McDonald is.

    So who gives a crap what Rice and Young have to say, right Niners fans?

  39. BETTER law lesson: When s domestic dispute situation requires the police to come investigate, SOMEONE is going to jail…..usually the male, but not always. THAT is the protocol of the police depts in California and most states. Does not mean they turn out to be charged or founded accusations, just the way things happen. IF they have sufficient evidence to file charges they will

  40. This is getting ridiculous. Every accusation will now cost games? We still don’t know the facts in this case. In all the others, there has been an admission or facts established in a court of law. Neither has happened here.

    Mark my words, if an unverified accusation becomes enough to suspend players, it’s only a matter of time before someone plays the system. A false accusation will happen to a star player(s) the day before a major game, only to be rescinded or found false a few days later.

    This is becoming a witch hunt.

  41. I’m torn on this and the other players who were accused, but not charged and/or had zero proof. I hate the idea of punishing someone for an accusation, I could accuse anyone of anything, that doesn’t mean it happened. Innocent until proven guilty is supposed to mean something in this country.

    Ray Rice had clear video evidence as well as the marks on his wife, Adrian Peterson was charged and his son had clear marks on his body. That is proof that they had participated in outrageous behavior.

    Anyone who actually hits a woman or beats a child until they bleed, deserves to be thrown behind bars.

    At this point though, it’s no longer about whether or not someone is guilty, the mere accusation is enough for media and public outcries.

  42. McDonald should have already be arrested. In the state of FLa, where liberalism is not as progressed as in Cali, McDonald would have been arrested the day his pregnant wife reported this incident. Battery on a pregnant female is considered aggravated battery on a spouse and harming an unborn fetes. I think you folks in Cali call retroactive birth control, or partial birth abortion.

  43. Do you truly believe that McDonald’s pregnant GF struck herself in order to have injuries?

    Struck herself on the arms, with marks that even police have said could be consistent with him trying to restrain her? There is no evidence he punched her the way Rice did or anything of that sort so get off your high horse already. You dont know anything more than anyone else.

  44. McDonald should have already be arrested. In the state of FLa, where liberalism is not as progressed as in Cali, McDonald would have been arrested the day his pregnant wife ”

    Uhmmm…he was arrested that same night and then let out. He has yet to face any formal charges however.

  45. For all of you that are supporting the stance that the 49ers have taken with Ray McDonald, you need to stop and listen to yourselves. I guarantee you that the women in your lives, wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, are listening too. Because if you are shouting your beliefs here, then I have to believe that you are voicing them in your lives too. And before you say, “my wife agrees with everything I say”, if I were a woman, married to someone with your attitude about serious domestic abuse allegations, I wouldn’t open my mouth to disagree with you either. For all the ones that are bringing up the argument that people could make up any type of charges, that is a “straw man” argument.

  46. What happens if they deactivate him and he is found innocent? He loses all those Bonuses for games played/started, tackles, sacks, shot at a pro-bowl etc….he could be looking at a nice lawsuit against SF/NFL. It is so easy for people that have no vested gain/lose to say sit him until everything is addressed, which could take a 1 yr! It’s a very slippery slope to just fire/suspend/deactivate every person without any sort of due process, just to please very angry mob that is waiting around the corner.

  47. Most organizations make it pretty clear that they don’t want an individual representing them when they have these types of accusations hanging over their heads.

    They are sent home with pay.

    If they are cleared, they are welcomed back.

    If they are convicted, they are cut loose.

    Why should it be any different in the NFL and the 49ers?

    If you do enough to earn a mugshot, maybe you should be sent home so that you don’t have to worry about football distracting from your legal defense.

    The 5th Amendment protects against the loss of “Life, liberty, or property” without due process. It doesn’t say anything about football.

  48. When you here of stuff like that you always think suspend him now but that’s wrong. If he can play with this hanging over him he should play until he is charged and enough evidence present to then suspend him. At the end of the day if he is found guilty it’s over for him as far as football is concerned and the world knows he is a beater of women which will stay with him for life, everybody will know because he is well known. Hitting a women who is pregnant is unbelievable and should carry a long spell in the slammer were I am sure he might be on the receiving end of some harsh treatment himself.

  49. Deactivate him with pay – same as Peterson until the legal part plays out. The “due” process argument should be applied only if he has denied physically assaulting his girlfriend. He knows for damn sure whether or not he’s guilty and his coach should know as well from his honest admission if in fact he did assault the woman. All the due process card does is delay the process thereby allowing him to play in the interim. If folks who work normal jobs were caught red-handed breaking a company rule
    (such as theft, etc. that could also be considered a felony), they would be immediately terminated.

    So if he’s claiming innocence to Harbaugh, then let him play and let the legal process run its course. If not, then Harbaugh is full of crap in regards to his stance on violence towards women.

  50. Most criminals who commit crimes know for damn sure whether or not they are guilty or innocent. Due process only allows for additional time to reveal a legal technicality which may lessen the punishment. If Ray McDonald has indicated to the 49’ers that he is innocent, then so be. If he hasn’t, then he should be suspended.

  51. A bit hypocritical. When rice was busted at a massage/brothel he himself was not deactivated. When it came out he did nothing wrong no one said a word…

  52. the SF 49ers have become a classless organization above reproach, and entitled
    hmmm, oh wait, that describes the whole NFL from the top to the bottom!
    the SHIELD is such a JOKE!
    just like Pat Haden and USC!!!

  53. @Chris I have had friends & co-works that have been involved in DUI’s and fights that resulted in being arrested that have not lost their jobs, they are good people just did some dumb things….I think your way wrong in saying that due process shouldn’t exist in football. Your basically allowing any person to accuse these “famous” people of doing horrible things, which in turn they lose there jobs until the legal system proves they are innocent.

    Why should McDonald not be allowed to do his job when he hasn’t even be charged of anything? This isn’t the same as the Hardy case (all ready found guilty) and Rice (video proof)….I have no problem with deactivating/suspending him once or if he is even charged….but where do you draw the line? What happens if a player gets in a fight at a bar? Do you suspend him until he is charged and the case is over? What about DWI’s? Do you apply no due process for that either?

  54. I don’t think those complaining about a “dangerous precedent” are fully comprehending the ramifications of their request. You will be incentivizing DA’s (who are elected and raise funds to be elected from powerful people in the community like team owners) to not charge star players even when the evidence supports a charge.

    These issues should be out of the hands of the teams. Players should not get full pay while suspended (also a bad incentive – “hey man, I know you beat your wife, but play out the remainder of your $15M contract on the suspended with pay list because the trial is going to take 18 months”). They should get their pay put in a custodial account and given a fraction (max 10%) of their pay until the situation is resolved. After resolution, the NFL can deduct the appropriate amount of game checks to equate to the suspension that would’ve been handed out, call it “sentence served” and pay the man the rest of the funds in the account.

    The NFL spends, collectively, tens of millions of dollars a year investigating potential draft picks. They have former FBI, CIA, law enforcement at both the team and league level. They have the rsources to investigate.

    Compelling these young men to come before the commish and spill their guts is a terrible idea that no good lawyer on the face of the earth should ever agree to. If Ray Rice admitted to Goodell that he beat his wife violently, Goodell can be forced to testify as the commissioner of pro football isn’t subject to any form of immunity.

    If Target corp security and TMZ can get cops on the payroll to give them info, certainly the NFL can do the same…

  55. I am a diehard Bengals fan. Jerry is an unnatural force that destroyed my Sundays and evenings on many occasions. As a player I couldn’t stand him, jealous of him really, but I respect him and he is a class act and if he says McDonald should sit, then he should sit. Jerry is respected on and off the field and I can not believe the 49ers wouldn’t listen to someone like him.

  56. There are many cases that go before a DA for review and are thrown out so to speak. The DA looks at the case and determines if there is a signicant chance they will win the case if it goes to trial. A major factor is victim cooperation. If there is no victim to testify, then there is little chance charges will be filed. The DA is looking to keep that high conviction rate to look good. So, many cases are not charged, but the crime did happen.

  57. While abuse of a Woman or child is despicable and can not be tolerated whatsoever, the 49ers are taking the right stance here, if he is charged, he’ll be released, flat out. But before we start the precedent of act first, then ask questions later we need to think of the potentail consequences, accusations will run rampant if this precedent is set that suspensions/deactivation will occur if you are merely accused of wrongdoing.

  58. God bless Jerry Rice. I hated him when he was killing my Giants. But he turned out to be an A#1 person after he took off that uniform.

  59. “Until there’s been a charge from the police or DA, how could you possibly suspend the man ? ”

    Doesn’t there have to be at least some evidence if he’s been arrested? If there’s nothing there, there’s no arrest.

  60. mvp43 says: Sep 18, 2014 12:31 PM

    The longer they wait- the more foolish they look. I thought Harbaugh had a “no tolerance” stance regarding Ray Rice? what happened to that.

    Yeah, but he is foolish, even moreso now so I guess it balances out.

  61. To anyone asking what the 40 whiners say

    this case is different, and I’d say the same thing if he was a Raider or a Cowboy.

    you can’t just sit a guy based on what one women says, or Kaepernick would have missed a few games because of some whack job this summer in Miami.

    Ray denies this happened, and no charges have been filed.
    He was arrested, but IMO if you sit him because of that, now the responding cop has this kind of authority? And any women can now threaten their NFL BF by saying “I’ll call the cops, lie by telling them you hit me, and you are sitting out for 4 weeks minimum.”

    Grand jury says he is guilty is enough for me, not this.

    Hardy is on appeal,
    AP has not denied he hit his kids,
    this case is different.

  62. If players were benched on allegations, teams would run sting operations and star players would be sitting for every important game. How easy is it to claim allegations on an NFL player!?! EASY

  63. It is not about the legal system, it is about public perception. Where I work if there is a reasonable allegation of abuse, neglect or exploitation, a person is suspended from work until an investigation is completed. Not because they are guilty until proven innocent, but because the perception of potential abuse must be eliminated.

  64. Harbaawww/York: b-but this case is different!

    Difference : no tape.

    That’s fine and dandy, but don’t complain about the public outcry as your brand and reputation get urinated on.

  65. And of course Mark Davis defends these guys, because 90 percent of his fan base has been charged with the same crime.

    It amazes Raider owners and players never come and make a stand against abusers, so their silence speaks for them, as they condone and revel in this type of behavior.

    EBT/Tarp Nation at it’s finest.

    Go 49ers!

  66. This is absolutely ridiculous. The 49ers are the only ones taking the appropriate action. What if Kaep and Patton were deactivated for the last games of the season last year because of that stupid and undeserved “scandal” that their names were dragged through.

    Didn’t anyone watch Brandon Marshall’s press conference? We need a balance between man’s ability to intimidate and control finances and a woman’s ability to get communities and police riled up with false or exaggerated police reports; That balance is called the U.S. legal system and it works.

  67. leatherface2012 writes: “that whole innocent until proven guilty thing is hogwash. if you’re brought up on charges, do they bring you up because you’re innocent? nope.”

    who said McDonald was brought up on charges? When did that happen?

  68. I agree with the 49ers stance, McDonald hasn’t even been charged, he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.
    If and when charges are filed and McDonald goes to trial and is found guilty, then the 49ers should act, not before!
    Does that mean that if Jerry Rice or Steve Young is accused of any crime and are arrested, should they be fired or suspended from their job(s) before there’s even a trial???
    It’s called DUE PROCESS for a reason and the 49ers are correct in allowing it to proceed and I hope they don’t fall under the pressure of the people who want to forget that we are in America and that we have processes to deal with crime.

  69. First you need to change the status in your article of Hardy to Convicted abuser not accused. He was convicted in July and should not have played a single game after that conviction. Ray McDonald should be sidelined just like the others till he is cleared.

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