Police: Jonathan Dwyer head-butted wife and broke her nose


We learned that Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer was arrested on Wednesday on assault charges stemming from an incident with his wife and more details about the arrest came to light on Thursday.

According to police records, via the Arizona Republic, Dwyer and his wife got into an argument on July 21 that segued into Dwyer trying to kiss his wife and remove her clothing. She bit his lip after requests for him to stop were ignored and Dwyer allegedly head-butted her and broke her nose. Neighbors called police, but Dwyer’s wife told officers that only she and the couple’s son was at home. She reportedly left with the child later that night, but returned when Dwyer “sent a text saying he did not want to live anymore along with a picture of a knife.”

The next day, Dwyer allegedly punched his wife during another argument and threw a shoe that hit the child in the stomach. Dwyer’s wife left Arizona that night and, according to police, reported the incidents when she safely arrived in another state.

Dwyer has been deactivated by the Cardinals and the nature of the allegations, to say nothing of the enhanced spotlight on domestic violence issues, make it hard to see that changing anytime soon.

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  1. Cardinals got this one right, right away. Take note, league.

    You deactivate the player, and let the law take its course. Didn’t but him, but sure as hell make a statement that if/when conviction happens, you’re done.

  2. This should be filed as a felony and certain prison time due to the extent of her injuries. With the current public uprising against DV, I would imagine the NFL is done with him as well. Shame. He threw it all away for nothing. Her life was thrown into complete chaos. Hopefully, she is on her way to recovery both physically and emotionally if she can stay away from him. His is about to descend further into more chaos.

  3. My Uncle told me years ago, the ah “p” word makes you crazy. If he did this he should be in jail. If it happened in July why wasn’t he charged then?

  4. Most organizations make it pretty clear that they don’t want an individual representing them when they have these types of accusations hanging over their heads.

    They are sent home with pay.

    If they are cleared, they are welcomed back.

    If they are convicted, they are cut loose.

    Why should it be any different in the NFL and the 49ers?

    If you do enough to earn a mugshot, maybe you should be sent home so that you don’t have to worry about football distracting from your legal defense.

    The 5th Amendment protects against the loss of “Life, liberty, or property” without due process. It doesn’t say anything about football.

    I expect a lot of thumbs down from Niner fans who are more concerned about a silly game this weekend.

  5. This dude needs serious psychiatric help and it should probably happen while he’s in jail. He is clearly a danger to himself and others. From the sounds of things, this is the most serious domestic disturbance reported yet. This goes WAY beyond anything Ray Rice or Greg Hardy has done.

    And “who throws a shoe!? Honestly!”

  6. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but the worst offender of the bunch is the one who is still going to play.

    How Ray Freaking McDonald is not benched is beyond me. He abused a pregnant woman !!!!

    WTH ?

  7. At first I thought he was saying he didn’t like pictures of knives. Then I realized they meant he said “He didn’t want to live anymore” and included a picture of a knife.

  8. I am in no way condoning what this guy did but I have a question. Why can a woman do anything she wants and it isn’t domestic violence until the man strikes back?

  9. Clearly Dwyer is unstable and is a danger to himself and the community. I for one hope he gets the help he needs before he hurts himself or someone else.

    And before we start applauding teams for responding to legal issues once they become public knowledge we have to remember that every NFL team employees security staff who have deep ties to local and state police. The reality is the teams know about these issues long before the public does but in most case wait to act until the media gets a hold of it.

  10. Are players trying to one up each other now when it comes to domestic violence?

    Sure feels like each report of a player arrested in a domestic violence case is uglier than the previous one.

  11. My first reaction is “what an idiot” and “well there goes his career”…

    And then it occurs to me to ask, is what we’re seeing with these domestic abuse cases an anomaly or does it go deeper than that? Why are these men resorting to violence towards women that in most cases are their partners (wives and mothers of children not just girlfriends)?

    The NFL has a role to play in disciplining them but you can’t prevent what you don’t understand. Someone really needs to be looking into the factors at play here because this is clearly not acceptable in our modern society.

  12. I’m beginning to think Godell must be in some sort of witness protection program now nestled away in some rural safe house in Oregon.

  13. Why deactivate with pay? Dwyer’s a crappy running back — and apparently a worse human being.

    They placed him on non-football illness list because police report had references to him threatening suicide.

    Cards also cut Chris Rainey from their PS! So we finally have one organization that gets it!

  14. Does no one care that she bit his lip first? Isn’t that domestic violence too? Why isn’t she charged?

    He could be saying that she was trying to come on to him and that’s why he head-butted her.

    Both parties seem guilty.

  15. Seriously. Why get married if you’ll do this? You’re an NFL player. You can have as many woman as you want. If they annoy you, just move on. I never understood this. Wilson was smart enough to dump his wife before the bucks rolled in. You are THE BIGGEST TARGET in the United States for publicity. Your life is on record. Just enjoy life when you’re rich and famous.

  16. Does no one care that she bit his lip first? Isn’t that domestic violence too? Why isn’t she charged?

    He could be saying that she was trying to come on to him and that’s why he head-butted her.

    Both parties seem guilty.

    Disgusting. He tried to force sex on her. She rebuffed his advances by biting his lip. So he head butted her. She is not at fault at all, unless you think she is obligated to service him whenever he wants.

  17. Why are all these posting here using this as an excuse to pile on Roger Goddell? I don’t get it.

    The police arrested him, and his team cut him. Do you expect Roger to come out and kick him in the nuts?

    Look, I as much as anyone have to laugh at Roger – he decided that the NFL was no longer about football but about the media’s version of social justice, and now he’s realizing that once you let the social justice warriors in you can never get them out.

    But in this instance, what’s he supposed to do?

  18. I wonder what must have been going on in his head during all this firestorm. I am sure he was counting down the days till he was exposed. Must have been arkward when the topic came up in the locker room…”fellas i got to go eat”…

  19. Did she seek medical attention for the broken nose? She then lied to the police protecting him. He should have gone to jail for breaking her nose the day before so the second beating wouldn’t have happened nor would the child had been injured. He was not going to use the knife on himself was just a ploy to get her to come home and she fell for it.

  20. oh everyone is looking for roger bad-dell??? He’s too busy pushing through new rules to allow welker to play, rather than address what’s really important. Peyton’s stuff comes first, then if he has time, other stuff, like the Ray Rice Rule, and other players beating their wives and kids.

  21. How long was stuff like this swept under the rug and hidden from the public’s eyes?

    I find it easier to forgive a guy who pays his dues to society for his bad behavior, than to forgive the ones who covered up the behavior to protect their profits.

  22. The only reason he threatened suicide is to manipulate the woman into taking pity, get her back and then possibly kill her then himself. He should have not threatened suicide and just did it and save us a Jevon Belcher situation. Any human that cannot appreciate what they have in life and inflict their pain and suffering on others has my vote to go right ahead and pull the trigger on yourself. There are limited resources on this planet and far too many people, we could use one less unappreciative, disturbed human being.

  23. I’m sorry I don’t think this is worst than Rice or Hardy and we don’t have the details on that piece of crap in san fran yet so we will have to wait on his story…..Ray Rice spit in his wife face twice trying to get her to respond, when she did he knock her out cold with a left hook and then dragged her around like a dead dog….smh….Hardy pointed guns to his girlfriends head while choking her until she almost passed out and then smack her around…..this guy is no saint but he isn’t worse than the other two imo…..but I do like the wife though she got to a safe place with her child and then called the cops on him….good for her

  24. AP is still the biggest scumbag.
    ….and to the several posters that wonder “why women can do what ever they want to men, and the men aren’t allowed to hit back?”….well, that is just part of being a man. I think that we must have been raised in different places or something.

  25. Clearly this is all Roger Goodell and the NFL’s fault. They should have security detail following every player 24/7. Or maybe, bad people exist everywhere and it’s not an NFL only problem but a societal issue. The Cardinals are not responsible for the protection of any significant other of one of their players. All they can do is mete out punishment as swiftly as possible which is exactly what has taken place.

    The Cardinals had a player do something terrible and they suspended him immediately for it. Yet people are still complaining. Even when a team gets it right they still get chastised. You can’t make this stuff up.

  26. These anger issues from Dwyer and Rainey likely stem from the fact they were cut from the greatest franchise in the nfl. I’d be mad too.

  27. I’m gonna suspect something possibly from the schizoid personality disorder spectrum (pathological abusive narcissism profile being symptomatic) here & want to know a lot more about this player’s ‘family’ environment growing up … SHINE THE LIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE & understand where this kind of behavior comes from, as it doesn’t just exist in a vacuum …

  28. What evidence do they have that supports these allegations?

    Does no one wonder why this is all just being reported now-in the midst of a divorce- though it allegedly happened 3 months ago?

    Dwyer hasn’t been indicted yet has been arrested and only on the word of one person.

    Sure- this kind of thing is wrong- but what about due process of law?

    What if he were innocent?

    And why are so many posters so complacent about men’s lives being ruined by the mere accusation of a woman?

    Are they all guilty as soon as they’re accused?

    If he were tried and convicted i’d not question any of this; but he’s only been *accused* yet is already guilty via media/public opinion verdict.

    This isn’t the way the system is supposed to work.

  29. Look, I as much as anyone have to laugh at Roger – he decided that the NFL was no longer about football but about the media’s version of social justice, and now he’s realizing that once you let the social justice warriors in you can never get them out.

    Well done indeed sir.

  30. ” And then it occurs to me to ask, is what we’re seeing with these domestic abuse cases an anomaly ..”


    No…not in the sense that you mean it. The rate of arrests of NFL players is a fraction of what general society is….if you factor in race/gender/location, etc. stats, it’s even tinier. Filter that further by violent offenses (excluding DUI, mj possession, etc.) and it’s even tinier.

    Say what you want about Goodell (and I’m no fan…), but 2014 is on pace to be the lowest number arrests in decades. USA today has an excellent tracker of every NFL arrest since 2000 if you care to look it up.

    1 in 3 women in this country are victims of violence at some point in their lives. The NFL is taking a lot of heat for the cause du jour, but compared to your own neighborhood, the NFL has made much larger strides than the rest of society has. But what happens in your neighborhood isn’t a TMZ story, and perception is more important than reality.

  31. Meanwhile, Roger is curled up somewhere in a dark corner of a NYC crack house still wearing the suit he wore to work last week, mumbling only, “The horror, the horror!”

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