Poll finds NFL still has strong support across America


The NFL has had two weeks of terrible news about players behaving badly and the league failing to take sufficient action. But Americans still love football.

A new NBC News/Marist poll finds that while most Americans disapprove of the way the NFL has handled domestic violence cases, the vast majority of fans haven’t turned away from the league: 86 percent of fans say domestic violence news hasn’t changed the amount of professional football they watch, compared will 11 percent who are now less likely to watch and 3 percent who are more likely to watch.

The poll shows that 53 percent of Americans disapprove of the way the NFL has handled recent domestic violence cases. Football fans are slightly more likely to disapprove than non-fans, with 57 percent of football fans disapproving of the NFL’s handling of the matter. Men (55 percent) are also slightly more likely than women (50 percent) to disapprove of the NFL’s handling of the recent cases.

There’s also good news in the poll for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, as just 29 percent of Americans think he should be forced out of his job. The owners have been steadfast in their support of Goodell, and that’s unlikely to change unless the paying customers demand it. It appears that the customers love football enough that they’ll tolerate a lot of malfeasance from the league and its players.

21 responses to “Poll finds NFL still has strong support across America

  1. Americans love football. A couple of guys making bad decisions aren’t going to change that.

    While, media outlets bring attention to some of these crimes by players, most people get annoyed with over coverage and “rumors” that end up being false.

    Football is a game and the NFL is a business. 99% of fans love the game and probably couldn’t care less about the off the field and business part of it.

  2. What kind of person is it that domestic violence makes them want to watch more football??

    I can see ‘less’ or ‘no change’, but ‘more’? Huh?

  3. Just shows that all the talk about the doom and gloom that was about to fall on the NFL and it having cooked the golden goose was a giant media fabrication.

  4. thegreatgabbert says: Sep 18, 2014 7:34 PM

    Goodell is the best thing that has happened to the NFL in the past 50 years. He doesn’t have 32 satisfied bosses for no good reason.


    Doesnt matter in this day & age with social media and PC police. Who ever in charge now days will have tons of hate. Heck No matter the thread or comment online has people hating people. Its a sad society we live in.

  5. Football is the greates game in the world

    Bad apples everywhere even in pro sports, look at all the celebs. Money and fame doesn’t help them stay out of trouble

    Not saying its right

  6. In light of everything going on lately, I will continue to support the NFL. For a few hours on Sunday I like to just veg and watch football

  7. Seems that the non-stop over saturation of coverage of domestic violence of NFL players speak to a hidden agenda. Surely, there are both male and females that commit this crime daily. Offenders in other entertainment areas aren’t subjected to the same scrutiny.

  8. A few bad apples don’t spoil the whole bushel. The NFL is the greatest team sport in the world. I was born watching the game and will die watching the game.

  9. Goodell has no worries. After all, no less than Mike (the dog killer) Vick) thinks the commissioner is going a great job. What else is he going to say.

  10. There’s no such thing as bad publicity in the NFL.

    I personally think that Roger Goodell secretly likes bad publicity because it doesn’t lead to sponsorship drops and it sets up a bogus and narcissistic platform for him to be viewed as the one with the solutions to all the problems.

    Plus, the flack from bad news is only there because average civilians have profession envy towards athletes and are under the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

  11. Comical. 30% of fans want Goodell fired, more than 3x the number of people who think the Redskins should change thier name…which this same network considers to be a significant number of people. Funny how things are spun depending on whose side of the argument you are on.

  12. I love football and always will but I don’t have to like women and child beaters,Rodger Goodell or the present day owners that I never really liked but now have zero respect for. Not one of them had the spine to stand up and condemn this crap until they started losing sponsors. We’ll always have football because there are more than enough good kids out there that want to play ball.

  13. I would guess because of the fantasy football leagues. These groups only are after stats, they could care less what is going on in the NFL turmoil. On each team site there is a lot of unrest among fans on lost interest to watch only their team to stop supporting the NFL brand with buying just stuff.

  14. I think some of this abuse might be a result of how Goodell has been legislating violence out of the game itself. It’s almost like the players aren’t getting their weekly fill of violence on the field because now they get penalties and fines for it, so they have to get their violence fix off the field.

    Good job there Roger-Dodger Goodell, fix one perceived problem and create a whole new one.

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