Todd Haley missed Steelers’ flight to Baltimore last week

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Here’s an unusual story that would have gotten more attention in recent days if other more serious and unusual stories hadn’t become so usual of late.

Last week, Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley missed the team’s flight to Baltimore for the Week Two Thursday night game against the Ravens.  The Steelers have confirmed the version of events that multiple sources shared with PFT.

Late for the flight, Haley contacted the team to advise that he was stuck in traffic.  He said his wife would be driving to Baltimore anyway, so he rode with her.

Ultimately, Haley missed no meetings and the situation otherwise caused no problems.  But his absence on the flight was noticed, and it was regarded as unusual.

Probably because it is unusual.  Members of the coaching staff ordinarily don’t miss team flights.  In this specific case, Haley was fortunate that the game was fairly close via car.  He also was fortunate that most of the media has been focused on other things.

Snoop Dogg, however, may have something to say.

66 responses to “Todd Haley missed Steelers’ flight to Baltimore last week

  1. Speaking of missing. …
    The Steelers missed the playoffs every year since Tebow beat them in the playoffs

    The Steelers have missed having a winning season since being Tebowed out of the playoffs years ago.

  2. Considering how the offense looked on Thursday, he would have been better off just staying in Pittsburgh

  3. What did he do skip the flight and go eat sandwiches in a car with Nnamdi Asomugha???

    Mr. Rooney and Coach Tomlin, your divisional foe Baltimore fired its OC during the season. Guess what they did??

    Win the Super Bowl. You’re no winner with that jagoff.

  4. Readers believe this is a non-story,however, this situation does
    raise some questions that could confirm the Kansas City front
    office concerns with Haley’s behavior. Haley might be a fine coach
    but he seems to bring controversy where ever he goes. Scott Pioli
    quietly questioned Haley’s behavior and his families constant
    off field issues. These apparently continued in Pittsburgh. It just seems
    where there is smoke there is fire .

  5. It’s not just the players who like to smoke on the way to games!! I-70 provides some nice scenery

  6. The Steelers lost that game because of Todd Haley, it wasn’t because the Steelers are old.

    Yeah, that’ts it. That’s the ticket. Yeah Todd Haley missed the plane.

  7. Wow..I am surprised the Ravens weren’t penalized 15 yards when Todd missed the plane.

    Anytime something happens bad for the Steelers the Ravens are penalized. Like when Upshaw cut Rothlesberger in half…penalize the Ravens.

  8. Our offense has really struggled throughout the entirety of the Haley era. We’ve SQUANDERED prime years of Ben’s career that we’ll never get back, and we’re inexplicably continuing to squander years on Ben, A.B., Pounce, DeCastro, Miller, etc.

    Even our defensive players are growing old (or already have grown old, like Kiesel, Troy, Harrison) as our offense continues to sputter.

    This is such a product of a foolish and misguided overreaction back in the Arians era. I recall the climate back then. Seemingly, every fan was calling for Arians’ head — giving their inane attempts at analysis, which was always the same, “Duhhhh, we need run the ball like we did 40 years ago — we gotta dump Arians. It’s all the fault of Bruce Arians — get Arians out of here!!!”

    It was a completely different era 40 years ago. Different rules, and we had different personnel.

    So this moronic “Let’s try to return to the 70’s” line of thinking prevailed with the Steelers too, and Arians was kicked to the curb – despite working well with Ben, taking us to multiple Super Bowls and the flaws in our offense actually tied to an abysmal OL.

    And then we bring in Haley. Watch out what you ask for, Steeler Fan — you might just get it.

    Steeler Fan who saw this coming 4 years ago (and so did Ron Cook (like Cook or hate him – he also thought people were not properly connecting the dots, and he was right on this one)

  9. How do guys like this – who appear to be completely incompetent – keep these high-profile, big-money jobs? I don’t get it.

  10. At what point do the Steelers cut ties with him?

    There was the refusal to pay the dog kennel — $10K?

    Missing a team flight?

    It is not the football issues — there will always be people that disagree with play calling. This is off the field.

    I don’t like the way he represents the team

  11. too bad for Haley, Big Jen has half the arm strength he had in 5 years ago, and Haley will probably pay the price

  12. Todd’s career is in full plummet…..Another fall out with Big Ben will result in Todd coaching in college next year.

    ……..and playing Carolina’s D is not ideal to cure a team’s ills.

    but the Steeler D will turn over Cam and get the VV

  13. Didn’t they just give this guy an extension! Now they don’t even want him on the plane!

    Man the Steelers suck.

  14. Steelers fans should be ashamed for having a QB with prior sexual assault accusations against him. (On 3 different women that we know of). Where is/was the outrage against sexual assault victims? I demand an explanation from the NFL and it’s blind fans.

  15. Since when is whooping your kid too aggressively considered lifetime-ban-worthy and sexual assault against underage women isn’t?

  16. The key word from reese’s rant is “accusations”. Who is the 3rd woman? Do you want to tell us something?

    BTW, the Steelers have had zero losing seasons since losing to Tebow in the playoffs.

  17. While I am no fan of Haley there are too many issues on both sides of the the ball with this team to think that replacing him will improve their performance. Honestly, they could conceivably be stuck with him until Ben is gone because replacing him with an outsider would cost at least one if not two seasons for transition given Ben’s prima donna demeanor. If there is someone within the organization that could step up and maintain the same basic offensive system that would not force the team to learn an entirely new playbook, then perhaps Haley will be gone at the end of what is looking like a 6-10 campaign in the making for 2014.

    There is also the old school Steelers connection with Haley’s father and Haley-the-ball-boy himself. Family loyalty could be clouding football judgement by the Rooneys.

  18. Yes the keyword was accusations….you don’t think that was on purpose?

    People in the NFL are losing their job over “accusations” before due process even begins. Why wasn’t the same done to him?

  19. swagger52 says: Sep 19, 2014 1:23 AM

    Wow..I am surprised the Ravens weren’t penalized 15 yards when Todd missed the plane.
    Take after your coach? Team and fan base full of whiners.

  20. Gotta laugh every time a Steelers fan laments the firing of Arians and the hiring of Haley. Someone actually said the offense “has really struggled throughout Haley’s tenure.” Too funny.
    Guess that poster was out of the country in 2011 — Arians’ final season as the OC — when the offense ranked 22nd in scoring. Last season, the offense ranked 16th in scoring.
    In 2008, the Steelers reached the Super Bowl with the statistically worst offense in NFL history. In Super Bowl 43, Haley’s offense outscored Arians offense, 21-20.
    Arians was “kicked to the curb” for a reason.

  21. Dear 6superbowls…

    I apologize for having too much fun at the game. I enjoyed when Rothelesberger was cut in two, even though it drew a penalty. I like hard hitting that doesn’t cause concussions james harrison-style. It is even more fun post game to hear funny stories about Haley missing the bus. Haley must be old too, so he is getting forgetful.

    Not whining, but laughing in Baltimore.

  22. I enjoy reading all the comments, both from Steeler fans and haters.My 2 cents is that the Rooneys are caught between a rock and a hard place because of the backlash if they fired a black head coach after having the Rooney Rule named in their honor.I’ve watched pro football for almost 60 years and never heard of a coach missing the team flight.You can’t tell me there isn’t talent on that team,nor can you tell me they are well coached.It all starts with Tomlin, he has the dream job and knows it, same speech every week in his press conference.He has no passion or fire like Cowher had,or Noll who used to glare right through players, he’s a bro to them not a boss .His assistants all but Haley seem to have good credentials but still can’t get the team to execute.The Rooneys have to clean house from Colbert on down.

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