Bruschi says it’s time for a new Commissioner


So how is Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Friday press conference being received?  Based on a couple of former players who currently work for ESPN, not too good.

On ESPN, Mark Schlereth and Tedy Bruschi made some strong comments in response to Goodell’s remarks.  Bruschi’s remarks were particularly pointed, and strong.

We needed someone to go up there and be a leader,” Bruschi said.  “To be a leader and say something substantial.  To give all of the public out there, all of the fans, all of the former players, all of the current players.  To give them hope that things will be done right, and that wasn’t done because I don’t think Roger Goodell is the guy that can do that anymore.”

Bruschi then was reminded that Goodell has said he hasn’t considered resigning.

“Fixing a mistake is one thing, but he can’t escape this,” Bruschi said.  “He can’t escape this.  Because the NFL, a big thing about them also is image.  How the NFL is portrayed.  And as long as Roger Goodell is leading the NFL and he’s the face behind the shield, you will have the same emotions you had today, watching that press conference, listening to him speak in circles, wondering, ‘Man, what is this guy talking about?’  So as you continue and move forward and Roger Goodell is the Commissioner, you will continue to feel that way every time you see him.

“In my opinion, in my personal opinion, being a former player that spent 13 years in this league trying to do the right thing, I want a new Commissioner to lead my league.  I want a new Commissioner to go out there and say the right things and be that leader, because right now, Roger Goodell is not that.  And I don’t think he can ever be that.  Roger Goodell needs to step down and move on, and we need new leadership.  The big reset button needs to be pressed on the NFL right now, and it starts by Roger Goodell stepping down.”

That won’t happen until owners begin to share Bruschi’s feelings.  Currently, there’s no indication that any do.  After Friday’s events, from a heavily criticized press conference to another bombshell report from ESPN suggesting a full-blown coverup, who knows where this thing is heading?

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  1. I really don’t get why folks are all about having Goodell’s head. He should have given Rice a longer suspension from the jump but other than that, I don’t get it.

  2. With as hard of a push some media outlets are making for godell to be canned it is staring to make me wonder if “certian” media members want the gig. Cough, cough, cough……….cough.

  3. God-Dell may have screwed up some with the rule changes, screwing up the draft date and a few other things but I don’t think he should be fired or step down. There will only be 1 Paul Tagliabue…

  4. Maybe where things should be heading next is for each and every owner to step up and candidly share all of their thoughts and feelings as to what extent they support the Commissioner, as well as what they believe this league presently stands for and what it should stand for in the future? That would surely shed light on what should happen next after that…process.

  5. I have no love for Goodell, but honestly, what could he have possibly said that would have satisfied Bruschi or anyone else?

    Roger Goodell is in a no win situation right now, he could go out and wipe out ISIS and then cure Ebola all in the same day and people would still have a problem with him.

    I was never so much against him being fired as people make mistakes, and let’s face it Goodell’s mistakes did not cause financial or physical injury to anyone, it just ticked off most of the country, but at this point the media (as it has done with anyone it does not like) has made him toxic so he should be replaced for the good of the league moving forward.

    My $.02

  6. Wasn’t Teddy on the Spygate teams? Does he really get to talk about “doing things right”? He seems like a likeable guy and a very smart ex-player. But dammit, the Pats were clearly and intentionally cheating.

    Of course they were a very good team, and might have been able to win without spying. But on the other hand, they haven’t won since Spygate…even though they get a bye to the playoffs every year in that sorry division.

  7. I watch football to be entertained. Pure and simple. Not for social change, moral reform, and to find the ills of the world cured. Thus, beginning this week, I will watch the games, and read the recaps of the games the next day. No more watching shows, or reading articles, giving me opinions that I don’t care about. Just get back to football.

  8. In the 13 years he was a player, did he ever say once to his fellow player “Hey man, you should never have hit that woman.” “Commissioner Tags should resign because he hasn’t stepped up to condemn all the domestic abuse that’s been going on.”

    Or did the domestic abuse of NFL spouses/girlfriends just start?

    I really hate blowhards.

  9. Congrats to Tedy for having the courage to come out and saying what he honestly believes. Bruschi will probably get ostrasized by sections of the NFL for doing this and the Commish is probably on the phone to the CEO of ESPN demanding Tedy gets fired immediately.

  10. Hey, Tedy, how many times did YOU look the other way during your career when you knew something was amiss with a teammate? Did you bring indiscretions you witnessed to the coach or owner? Or were you more worried about yourself and what it might do to your career?

  11. Hey Teddy, how about some blame for the idiots that are commiting these stupid acts! All I hear from you is its Goodells fault. Thats funny, I didn’t know He has mind control over these guys and made them beat their girlfriends, wives, and children. Sure you are getting enough blood flow to that thick head you have?

  12. Damn it Tedy don’t antagonize Rodger, let the ex-bronco do that 😉

    I hope Goodel hasn’t been pissing away the 44M a year on purple drank and running with a big posse, because he might be living on his savings soon.

  13. Bruschi’s the commissioner expert? How about we do a story when someone of higher ilk has an opinion instead of Teddy freaking Bruschi. And after that story do one on our trigger happy society who fire anyone and everyone at the drop of a hat.

  14. Personally, I think we’d be better off if Goodell and Tedy Bruschi both went away.

    Pretty sure both of them spend a lot of time telling the man in the mirror how great he is.

  15. I listened to that whole presser live, and the simple fact that Rachel Nichols ripped Goodell a new one twice backs up Bruschi’s sentiment. A veteran sports reporter like her shouldn’t have a better handle on the situation than the commissioner.

  16. I’ll wager Bruschi thought Goodell was a terrific executive when Goodell destroyed the Spygate evidence and let NE off the hook for cheating (admitted to by Ted Johnson, former Patriots LB).

    Yea, we need a new commissioner, but Bruschi’s opinion means nothing.

  17. Teddy is correct. Goodell is a hypocrite. He knew or should have known what happened in the elevator. Either way he has to go to restore any credibility in the NFL. NFL players are fined or suspended based on decisions made in a split second at game speed. Goodell has had months not mere seconds. All he had to do is ask Ray Rice and his attorney for a copy of the video. Look at it and make a decision. To say that he could not get the video means that he did not want to look at the video. If he stood for what has espoused for all these years at the very least he would have offered to resign or at least suspend himself as he did Sean Payton.

  18. Goodell will be exposed & so will his 3 stooges: Bisciotti, Rooney & Mara. These inside favors need to end, they have tarnished the shield!

  19. i really hope they find what they need to bury this guy. whatever it is, its gotta ve potebt eniugh to leave 32 billionaires wit their laundry on the pole.

  20. Who cares what a Bellacheat disciple has to say…strip the patsies for their cheating ways. Goodell has actually cleaned up the league and made players accountable for their actions; he even suspended an owner for that matter, which doesn’t even effect games. Goodell has done a good jb and al these talking heads that are former players eh cheated are taking pot shots now…shame on them.

  21. as long as the owners keep making millions in profits there will be no change. the only way to affect the owners is to not sponsor the sponsors (and let them know about it)

  22. He’ll be gone as soon as a the league’s sponsors cave to public pressure and stop buying tv ads during the games. With any luck this will happen before Goodell completely ruins the league with a 18 game schedule, expanded playoffs, teams in London and pass interference calls on every play!

  23. These people are all idiots. Just what the Hell is Goodell supposed to do? He’s not an elected official, not a judge and he certainly can’t control everyone under the NFL umbrella’s personal behavior.
    Everyone makes mistakes, and cleaning up mistakes have a way of making a mess bigger! The damned media is simply making the NFL (Goodell) a pariah for the nation’s social ills.
    I’m certain, in good time, the league will get it right and probably do a better job of it than our feeble lawmakers.
    Not all these cases are plain black and white, and regardless what the rabid media proclaims, women are sometimes guilty to0, or at the very least, complicit.

  24. I agree with Bruschi.
    Goodell needs to go.
    He clearly wanted to do his golfing bud the Ravens owner a favor and it has exposed Goodell for what he is.

  25. It’s time for Goodell to say,

    “The NFL has nothing to do with what the people it let’s play football do in their private lives.”

    “We don’t condone some of what was done but we are a sport that has a majority of great players that do great things and are a great example to the fans of the NFL.”

    “The law is currently investigating a very small number of our players for activities they did away from the playing field and on their own in their private lives.”

    ” Until the law says these few players have done wrong and are convicted,the NFL stands by them as players and welcomes them on the field of play to compete against their rivals.”

    “To do anything else would be UnAmerican.”

    “In America,you are innocent until PROVEN guilty.”

  26. Boycott games for a change instead of being spineless and whining about it on message boards.

    Want this idiot gone and to show owners that their league and corrupt businesses practices won’t be tolerated? Speak with your wallet.

    This is the fans league. Without us spending money, there is nothing.

    Or cry about it instead and show up Sunday in your gear.

    Stand for something. All you have to do is quit going to games.

  27. who cares ….. people in power do what they want regardless of consequences or destruction they cause. Whether its govt. or big business we just lay in the wake created by those in power. you are either a puppeteer or a puppet regardless the show still goes on.

  28. It’s almost amusing at this point to see these guys at the Worldwide Bottom Feeder of Sports stumble all over themselves to show the world their outrage at domestic violence, Roger Goodell, and the NFL.

    It doesn’t come off as phony at all. Not at all….

    “I care what Bruschi has to say” said nobody ever.

  29. There is a difference between being incompetent and being criminal. Bruschi is an incompetent ESPN commentator, but that doesn’t make him a criminal.

    You were expecting a Goodell dig, weren’t you?

  30. Heck of a way to talk about the man that made sure no one really ever knew to what extent your old team disgraced the game of football.

  31. It’s way past time for this joke of a commissioner to leave. I just can not understand how he was able to do the damage he did to two franchises that did not break the rules with the salary cap but a player beats his fiancé and at first gives him only a two game suspension. Only after he realized he made a horrendous mistake did he change and now has lied constantly since. I just don’t understand it.

  32. I dislike Bruschi…

    With that said, I really don’t know anyone who wants Goodell to stay.

    Time to move on….for the league…I don’t know anyone who wants him to stay….I really don’t know why the NFL just won’t move on.

  33. I don’t recall Bruschi being as vocal when Goodell was helping his Patriots cover up the extent of their cheating by destroying the evidence.

  34. Something about goodells conference pissed me off. He just seems so phony and bloody arrogant. I mean people didn’t like david stern but at least he embraced it. Same with Gary Bettman in the nhl. He just does one lie after the next and of course he won’t resign, he’s content with his ridiculous salary. You can tell he politicked his way through the ranks.

  35. Whatever Bruschi. You could fire Goodell tomorrow and the rubes will feel pleased, but will it stop off the field violence? No. It won’t alter the dude down the street’s behavior when he’s smacking his wife up or the mom who decides to starve her kids. Just like burning down Frankenstein’s castle…the monster eventually came back, but for a while people celebrated their achievement. Holding the commissioner accountable for off the field actions is ridiculous. If he punishes too harshly the fans moan, if he goes too light the fans moan. How about these guys who every Sunday spout how manly they are actually stand up like you want a 15 year old boy to do and admit to their foul ups. You think a new head of the NFL is going to suddenly be worshipped by the players? No, they’ll butt heads with him too and do what they want at home. Bruschi and Schlereth continue to live in the fantasy world of sports. Time to see the world for what it really is, screwed up.

  36. The NORMAL thing to do is… Fire the head coach, the President of the company, or the General of the of failed operations.

    You can’t fire all of the players. You can’t fire all of the Head Coaches. You can’t fire the Owners.

    Someone has to go… Buh bye Roger!

  37. As slimy as a politician – paid handsomely and gives answers without really answering anything. Goodell ruined this game already I just hope it can go back to what it used to be.

  38. The first thing a real commissioner would do would be to pluck those SpyGate rings from your fingers, Tedy.

    Second thing he would do would be to wipe your co-worker Ray Lewis’s contributions from the books.

    Careful what you wish for.

  39. Bruschi is a bonehead…when Godell was judge jury and executioner Bruschi said he was doing good job..but now that he admitted he made mistakes and trying to correct them and was basically between a rock and a hard place and you know Bruschi dont know all the details he has to open his fat mouth and say time for a new Commissioner ?? its a little late to jump the fence im pretty sure he just wants to see his name in the headlines like this article…what a blockhead

  40. As a Pats fan i might be a little biased, but Tedy brings up some good points, especially now that it looks like this was a big cover up by the NFL and Goodell from the beginning. Plus the fact that i don’t really like Goodell because of his major overreaction to spygate and bountygate and major UNDERreaction to the things that actually matter, like wife beating and killing people while driving drunk. Roger has messed up priorities.

  41. I’ve gotta agree with Bruschi!!! There’s no way the Ravens or Goodell had no knowledge of that video and if they truly didn’t then well that really shows how much the incident actually meant at the time!!!

    It’s definitely time for a new Commissioner and it’s been time since way before all of these recent incidents!!!

  42. It would never happen, but I think having an ex-player or coach with a good public opinion would do a lot for the perception of the league. Get a guy like Joe Montana and the culture changes immediately.

  43. Amen, Bruschi is right. Goodell has become a joke, arbitrarily handing down punishment. Does he like your owner or your ownerhelped him in the past? Great, less punishment for you. Everyone else? Different rules. Resign Goodell. For the good of the game we love so much.

  44. Media created firestorm. You guys can keep harping on things but Congress has a worse record right now in terms of domestic abuse with far fewer people employed by that austere group.

  45. He’s dead on. Time to move on Roger. You had your chance to lead and you’ve failed miserably. Owners need to make this happen despite their fondness for the man.

  46. Glass houses, Tedy. What happened to those spygate videos? That’s right. Your boy Rog “destroyed” them and swept the whole thing under the rug.

  47. many fans don’t agree with Bruschzi … and also, he isn’t exactly the intelingemcia of the NFL… to say the least

    Goodell was asleep at the switch on the Rice thing

  48. Calling for Goodell’s resignation is a wonderful rallying cry right now, but I’d rather see him right the ship before leaving it. We have no guarantee that whoever succeeds him will do any better, but it will certainly cause delay and confusion while a new regime takes over.

    As for these semi-media types, I’m getting a little fed up with the ones trying to promote themselves out of this incident. Bruschi isn’t *as* bad as the ones pointing out their expertise (as though maybe you might want to hire them to help clean up this mess), but by the same token, his opinion has as much meaning as anyone else’s and therefore shouldn’t be promoted over any others.

  49. Former and current players (sans Mike Vick) really don’t seem to like Goodell. Not only the current events, but his hypocrisy about players health – if he wants to protect players, Goodell should stop this 18 game season talk and Thursday night games where guys don’t have enough time to recover. But that’s probably the last thing on his mind now.

  50. I don’t think they were ever seriously considering it before, but now that Bruschi has sounded off…

  51. I agree with Teddy. And once this domestic violence garbage is straightened out the new commissioner should look into the pats ‘SHAM’pionships. With any luck Teddy will be forfeiting his rings. #spygate #dynastymyarse

  52. Condoleeza Rice has called NFL commissioner her “dream job” since 2002. She wouldn’t be part of the ol’ boy network and she’d be passionate about the job and clean things up.

    Option #2: Amy Trask

  53. I can’t believe that Bruschi did not add “The Patriots would never have done this, they are God’s spawn.” Can’t stand the guy as an analyst.

  54. He’s not going to resign. He makes over 40 million a year. No one is walking away from that. Goodell cares about the owners. The players are just the pawns. Money or image. Money wins every time. Sidenote: I still hate the Seahawks!

  55. Brewski might have a screw or two loose, but he’s right…NFL needs a reset button with its fearless leader. Goodell should hit the road. He’s hard on disipline with the players and should be held to the same standard

  56. not that i am against replacing rog but for different reasons besides how he is handling all the abusers.
    players are responsible for how the NFL looks today as a bunch of wife and children beaters. good ole rog didn’t make them do it. rog is not a babysitter! but as a business manager he is destroying the greatest game on the planet.

  57. Nice…..the owners are ruthless and very soon they will blame everything on Goodell and throw him under the bus… guess it will happen within 10 days….

  58. What some of you fail to realize here is that Goodell is directing all the blame to himself when it’s pretty clear that others screwed up royally (Ravens and other team owners and execs). He’s taking the big hit and so there’s no way that owners will fire him for putting himself in front of the firing squad for them.

    When people like Bruschi ask for Goodell’s resignation, we need to ask what their biases and potential motivations are because it likely goes beyond the events of the past few weeks.

  59. Well said Teddy and he’s 100% correct. Anyone that supports Goodell at this point either doesn’t know the facts or is just an NFL minion. Fact is that he lied and continues to do so. The video was seen by the NFL in April (fact). Several reports early in the year detailed Rice knocking out his GF ( Chris Mortensen for one) in the elevator just how the video shows(fact). Goodell stumbled all over the subject again yesterday because he is covering it up, LYING!! in other words. It least Nixon was man enough to resign. Goodell is a clown and so long as he is the face of the NFL then anything coming out of that office is a joke at the circus. Why the owners don’t see it makes no sense. I hope ESPN,TMZ Social media and PFT keep on this story and expose it. My guess is this is just the start of it because it if there wasn’t more to cover up Goodell would have been gone by now. My guess is the owners are protecting this guy worried if they let him go then they will exposed. At this point they are letting this guy hang himself. Goodell is puppet and doesn’t even know it. TOTAL JOKE!!

  60. I love Bruschi but his words are pointless. Since it’s the owners who can fire him, I’d like to hear these words coming from Kraft, Jones and other “power” owners in the league. I’d also like to see one of them come down on Bisciotti for manipulating Rice’s suspension, too

  61. I get the feeling that all these anti Goodell comments are agenda driven or stemming from bad blood they have with the commissioner from his previous dealings.

  62. Teddy, you are right BUT then you’re a joke.
    Espn needs to replace you because you are a lazy analyst. You don’t study ALL NFL teams well enough that most of the time your reporting is way off. You need to go. The fans deserve better

  63. How long before Teddy is suspended by the NFL partner? What’s that saying about biting the hand that feeds you?

    I applaud Teddy for his principled stand.

  64. What fans seem to be missing is that Goodell is just the messenger and until the Owners grow a backbone and institute changes, killing the messenger or just changing mouthpieces will end in the same results. It’s corporate America people! The fat cats want to continue to enjoy the cream without having to face the unpleasantries when it sours. A start would be for fans to start applying pressure on their individual franchises! They could send a strong message to their current employee by giving him a negative performance review in the form of a pay cut and then make him actually earn his fat salary while on probation. Domestic abuse etc, has been going on since before Goodell only now is the league being exposed. It’s very much like politics!

  65. In all honesty, I have the ideal replacement for Roger. They have to wait 2+ years, but hire Barack Obama. Think about it, the media WOULD NEVER investigate any NFL allegation again…just like they turn the other cheek now with Obama…the NFL would be above the law!

  66. Clippers owner says something racist and is booted. Ravens owner facilitates domestic abuse and tries to cover it up.

    NFL owners need to ban Bisciotti. Not Goodell.

    Bruschi is just a pawn, a tool, “hey fans look over here. Don’t mind the man behind the curtain.”

  67. What he said is absolute fact and they got it right. Goodell just needs to go. Everything is too dirty and muddied for him to proceed going forward. NFL will always make money, he is not the reason for it. Install someone new by the super bowl.

  68. As many have already said, what about the players who are committing these crimes Tedy? You have no credibility on this subject and you are just awful as a so called NFL analyst, go away Tedy!!

  69. trollingforjusticesays:Sep 20, 2014 9:06 AM

    Mark Cuban would make a good commissioner………

    Your idea will make the whole NFL world lose their minds

  70. People are so idiotic.
    First they were upset at the length of the suspension. Now they are talking about coverup. Some people are talking about inconsistencies.
    Really? The NFL is not responsible for Domestic violence. Am sure not one of their sponsors have terminated an employee because he got arrested for domestic violence.
    Goodell did not beat his wife. Goodell did what every employer does in these situations. Protect the business by not making a spectacle of the infraction to draw unnecessary attention.
    To the people claiming he is inconsistent. …the man stuck to the policy of 2 games for a first offense instead of being the moral judge and trying to go beyond the parameters.
    All those who are crying out for them to simply cut bait with players after one offense fail to realize that once all this dies down the NFL has to deal with the backlash of the courts when the NFL PA and individual players begin to sue.
    Then everyone will start pointing at the NFL saying they rushed to judgement and did not think this through.
    At the end of the day we all know that you all are just jealous of the man or the NFL success or both at the least. Or just puppets falling for the media circus as they continue to whip up frenzy to generate business.

    Like Rachel Nichols. The most robotic of robot reporters I have ever seen, all of a sudden playing hardball to raise her stature and try and make CNN sports reporting relevant.

  71. How about the Media gets fired instead… anyone ever think they are the ones throwing gasoline on the fire? It’s called biting off the hand that feeds you. Which makes zero sense. Without the NFL half of the media would need to find a new job.

    BTW most polls show people are in favor of Goodell keeping his job.

    Most polls cannot say the same when it comes to trusting the media. In fact over 60% people believe it is the MEDIA that lies and is corrupt.

  72. How is it Teddy Bruschi’s league any more? He’s retired. DONE. An afterthought. FINISHED. great 13 years, Teddy but your time has come and gone, You’re an EX-player now. Deal with it. Let those that play the game enjoy your time.

  73. Roger will continue to be the commissioner until he gets fired by his 32 billionaire bosses. Think of roger as a CEO of any large corporation as long as the stock holders keep getting their big divined checks, the CEO’s job is secure.

    The NFL is a monster that we as fans all feed, because we love football. So impart we as fans should be held accountable too. If we keep feeding the beast, nothing will really change.

    The only thing the owners understand is the bottom line, if the bottom line is threatened then maybe we will see a new commissioner.

    But come tomorrow, even with all the controversy we will be at the games or in front of the TV’s wearing our NFL licensed merchandise, eating and drinking Coke,Pepsi,Bud,Bud lite,Miller, Miller lite Doritos, McDonald’s and Papa Johns( which is the worse pizza on the planet anyway) the list goes on and on.

    Lets not forget to check our fantasy football scores on CBS sportsline, yahoo and the NFL.

    Owners don’t care about public support they care about corporate support.

  74. For all of Czar Roger’s supporters on here, I’ll provide you a few simple reasons for why he should be fired or step down:

    1. On his watch the off-field developments of the league have garnered as much media and public attention as on-field developments — and this never happened under Tagliabue or Rozelle. In nearly every one of these, (Ray Rice and before that Spygate, Replacement Refs, Player Concussions, Bountygate — where the ex-Commissioner had to come in and clean up his mess — the perception in many quarters is that Goodell made poor decisions handling these situations/crises.

    2. The Public, media and players at large do not trust, like or support Goodell; and while you may say “so what?” if you were an NFL owner, with one of the most powerful brands in American society, why would you want the public head of your organization to be so widely disliked and disrespected?? I mean even before the current situations, this guy was booed unmercifully wherever he shows his face (the NFL Draft, stadiums, the Super Bowl, etc.). I was at a game two years ago that the Commissioner attended, and they put his face on the JumboTron and the boos cascaded — and this was way before Ray Rice. Again, if you were an owner why would you want your organization represented by someone who is so universally disliked? Keeping him makes it seem to your customers that you don’t care what they think.

    3. In this and other situations, he has shown himself to be inconsistent and indeed a hypocrite. He and his supporters have still failed to answer or reconcile his reaction to this incident compared to his posturing during “Bountygate” when he suspended Sean Payton for a year and said “Ignorance of a situation is not an excuse, so you must pay.” Can those supporting him on here please explain why that shouldn’t apply to him or Ravens management, coaches and ownership in this case? If you can’t explain it, then he’s a hypocrite and inconsistent in his actions and rulings, case closed !!!

    4. In his public utterances Goodell has consistently shown himself to be not exactly truthful (best spin) or a flat-out liar (worst spin). This was evidenced in Spygate, Bountygate, some of his ridiculous comments about the efficiency or the replacement refs, his comments that the league didn’t know the risk or concussions and had been fully transparent with the players about this issue (since proven in litigation to be untrue, hence the settlement), and in the most current cases as well. It’s now readily obvious to all but the most blatant or oblivious Goodell supporters that his comment that the evidence of what happened with Ray Rice in that elevator was “ambigouis” was anything but. As ESPN reported yesterday the Ravens knew…therefore Goodell should have known unless — he didn’t want to know.

    As an owner, why would you want the public face of your organization to be someone that your partners (the media, advertisers) and your audience doesn’t think shows good decision making or is not trustworthy or seen as very honest?

    Or, I know that they’ve made a bunch of money on his watch, but do you really think that is because of Goodell’s skills or talents??? As popular as football is in this country, an untrained ape could negotiate a television deal or line up big sponsors because everyone wants in. And they want in because of the product, not Roger Goodell. But now the product is being overshadowed — which is precisely why he should go!!!

    Again, compare the public perception of pro football now compared to when Pete Rozelle or Tagliabue was commissioner??? Is it better to have the focus on the games or all the scandals and perceived mishandling of said scandals?? If your answer to the above is that the focus should be on football, then that is exactly why Roger Goodell must go.

  75. Goodell should not be the fall guy because players don’t know how to act. I wonder how many of these people calling for his head were also speaking out against him for punishing players too severely. If he tried suspending players without due process last year he would have been CRUCIFIED!

  76. The “Only” way Rodger is going any ware is if the owners decide Enough is enough…. He sure as hell isn’t going to resign from a 40mil a year job. And if he does get somehow forced out, you can bet your booty that a 2 to 3 hundred million dollar buy out would occur.. No Way. Looks like we are stuck with “Pink” uniforms the whole month of Oct.. Even though all the profits mostly go to the NFL, not Breast Cancer.. Oh , yea, lets not forget player safety and “Heads Up”.. Enough is Enough. Time to go Rodger Dodger…

  77. Just as people are calling for AP head with the so called “child abuse”. What Godell did is worse than AP’s case. He should resign or be fired by the owners.

  78. It’s not that Bruschi said anything wrong, but where was his outrage when his outrage when his own team got caught for Spygate?

    As far as Roger, he admits making a series of serious blunders and wants to make amends, but those amends do not include any kind of financial penalty on his part. While he did not commit a crime like Ray Rice, he pretty much slapped all victims of spousal abuse on a national scale with his insensitive blunders. And being in such a high paying, morality enforcing position filled position, his saying “Uh, sorry” is not enough punishment.
    I think if Roger was suspended without pay, or donated a portion of his extravagant salary to an appropriate abused women’s charity (without the tax writeoff), that might reduce calls for his termination. Roger, its time to step up to the plate and really accept responsibility.

  79. It is too bad we don’t hold our polititions to the same standard that we apprently hold the commissioner of the NFL to. Not saying that he should keep his job by any means.

  80. I have a hard time keeping my own kid under control, and somehow this guy is supposed to keep 2000 wild millionaires in line?

    He should be fired for all the rule changes. How many penalty records have been broken so far this year? Games are getting very tough to watch with multiple flags seemingly on every play. At this rate it will only be a matter of time before they eliminate the secondary all together and make the game 11-on-7.

  81. I finally agree with Teddy Bruschi; never saw that happening.

    Goddell is a lib, PC, lawyer who is destroying this league. Everything this guy does opens a new can of worms, he’s brought on the destruction of the NFL.

  82. I agree that Goddell is NOT protecting the NFL here. He is protecting the NFL’s product (the players), like the league has done for years now.

    What he should have done is said:

    The majority of players in the NFL (95%) never have any issues with breaking the law. Our players have a LOWER level of arrest than the general male population in the US.


    we do have a minority of player that do break the law. That will no longer be tolerated by this league. It IS a privilege to play in the NFL or to be a part of it.

    So to keep the high standards of this league and to protect the integrity of the majority of our players we will have a new simple policy installed immediately.

    any person involved in the NFL in any, from MY office on down will have a no tolerance policy for criminal activity.

    any persons arrested or charged with a crime (excluding ticketed activity’s) will be immediately suspended without pay.

    The suspension will stay in effect until the case is settled.

    If the person is found innocent or the case dropped, the suspension will be lifted and all back pay recovered.

    any person found guilty or pleading to a misdemeanor will be suspended for an entire year, retroactive to the original date of suspension .

    any person convicted ot pleading to any felony will be banned for LIFE from the NFL.

    we feel this help to ensure that our league continues to be filled will law abiding citizens (as we are now) and will no longer be drugged down by a few high profile persons who commit crimes.

  83. You gotta love the media’s lynch-mob mentality. Once they think it’s cool to go on the attack – no matter who is the target – they froth at the mouth with their venom. Now that the media is interviewing each other to echo their own org’s editorial opinions, you have to wonder if the NFL is getting payback for its arrogance over the years. Nevertheless, Goodell better be gone, ‘cos he is gonna have a hitlist of various writers and organizations that will never see another interview.

  84. …but he said he was sorry. Doesn’t that count for something?

    Seriously, did anyone else find it amazingly hypocritical that Sean Payton got suspended for a year for lack off oversight i.e. not knowing yet this clown thinks a mea culpa should allow him to keep his job?

    Definition of an empty suit.

  85. I forgot Bruschi thinks he’s better than everybody. Tired of seeing his block head on ESPN. If anyone needs to be replaced its him. He can’t even be a play by play game announcer. Only a comment guy. Useless!

  86. These guys get it! I mean, that video of the Commissioner knocking out Ray Rice’s wife and the photos of him beating Adrian Peterson’s kid with a switch and the fact that he dragged Little Lord Elway’s girlfriend out of a car and tore her hair out…. And all the DUIs he’s gotten…. and all the gun charges… And the 3 or 4 people he’s killed while driving under the influence… And those two gangbangers he shot… And how he sexually assaulted Jerry Jones’ lady friends… And when he got pulled over with hundreds of prescription drugs and tens of thousands of dollars in cash in the car while driving under the influence… And whatever he did to that thing under Gloria Allred’s chin… etc, etc, etc… Yeah, I think he deserves a second chance?!

  87. Two Hypocrites in Stink and Bruschi. Why did Brushi not ask for Bellichek to be fired for his handling of the Hernandez situation. Why doesn’t Stink ask for Elway to resign for the way he raised his son. Goodell messed up but for all the players and media to call for his job is uncalled for.

  88. De Smith? Why is HE not being ripped to shreds? They are HIS players who are committing these crimes. Last I checked, Goodell worked for the owners and De Smith protects the players.

    Why doesn’t PFT point out that Bruschi is BIASED b/c he is a player!

    Ok so IF Goodell is forced to resign, or is fired, then will children be then allowed to commit crimes and have their parents jailed?

    DO not let the inmates run the asylum!

  89. Bruschi is just looking for attention… Just like the rest of the Patriot players, former and current. Goodell has taken this league and made them more money than they know what to do with… So he made a few mistakes… who hasn’t? There is no need for a change at the most important position in power for the NFL… Not now or anytime soon… Give Roger a chance to fix the few problems that are plaguing the league, because overall he’s done what was expected.

  90. Wow, going after a guy that went light on the spygate penalty seems a little much. Just think if that happened today! Tmz would not be destroying the tapes.

  91. Until the owners believe he is costing them money, Goodell’s job is safe.
    He’s their puppet, oops–employee, and has done a great job making them richer.

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