Dion Jordan gets another suspension, this one for drugs


Not only did Dion Jordan not get his suspension shortened, it went the other direction.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins announced that the second-year outside linebacker has been suspended again.

His previous four-game suspension for violating the PED policy was lifted after two games, but was then superseded by a new four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

He will be eligible to return Oct. 20, the day after they play the Bears.

“I am currently undergoing treatment to address my situation,” Jordan said in a statement provided by the team. “I am working hard to become a better man and to make better choices in the future. I am especially looking forward to returning to the team. I also want to thank my family, Coach [Joe] Philbin and the Miami Dolphins organization for their support.”

The short version is he’ll miss six games this year, instead of four, and is looking more and more like a failed use of the third overall choice in the 2013 NFL Draft.

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  1. Dion Jordan you sir are a terrible disappointment. Not worth the money i spend on DirecTV to watch football.
    Olivier Vernon is 10 times the football player you will ever be.

  2. Jaguar fans were all over this guy’s jock in 2013, and I got all sorts of abuse for saying he would be a mistake. Same with Justin Blackmon in 2012. Guess what guys, I hated the Bortles pick as well.

  3. Hard to be upset, though. That whole draft was full of losers and broken parts. It’s not like most of the players who went later turned out to be gold.

  4. 1. Dion Jordan is billed as a DE, not an OLB.
    2. Dion Jordan is stupid.
    3. Despite this, you can’t call him a bust yet. Philbin barely played him last year because Joe Philbin is stupid and the Dolphins already had a strong DL. When Dion Jordan did see the field last year he was solid.
    4. Dion Jordan is stupid.

  5. I am so disgusted with this guy it is so hard to make it to the NFL and after all the blood sweat and tears that goes into getting there you just throw it all away what a shame.

  6. @dionj95 Gerald McCoy, Barry Sanders, Larry Fitzgerald, Steve McNair, Simeon Rice, Marcel Dareus, Andre Johnson – all quality #3 picks #getyouracttogetherman #bust

  7. Not just Ireland, folks. All the TV heads, experts of all kinds and almost all of commenters had this bird as a superman waiting to play. Of course, if you noticed, as I did, that on the college “tape” there was never a blocker in his path, maybe you would have been the one other commenter to predict much less than stardom, or even nothing. And, nothing is where he is now!

  8. Everyone involved in picking this guy should be fired, including Goodell who read his name at the draft. He should have intervened when he saw the silliness of moving up to take this guy at #3.

  9. Scouts get so star struck by these workout wonders. Anybody who watched Oregon play knows that Kiko Alonso was head and shoulders better than Jordan and the leader on defense, but he was too slow, too little so he drops to the 2nd round and Jordon, despite a good but mostly average College career moves to number 3?

  10. Just one more step to climb from the depths of “Bust-dom”

    C’mon Dion, I want to see you play, but why do you, the NFL, and the Fin’s coaching staff make that so difficult? Starts with you, dude. Get it together and come out strong against the Bears.

  11. 1. What is the difference between the NFL PED policy and the NFL substance abuse policy.
    2. If he has one violation, then why this double penalty. Why not the two games already served and then two more. 3. And how is it that others violated the substance abuse policy and are having their suspensions lifted instead of serving 4 games. Can anybody answer that. Just asking. And yes, happy Ireland is gone too.

  12. This kid has talent but he is as dumb as a box of rocks. I was not upset when they moved up to draft him but I am very disappointed in his poor character, and his lack of intelligence. Guys like this are selfish and have no concept of team.

  13. So while he is serving a suspension for PED use, probably peeing in a cup every week, he goes out partying with illicit drugs?
    What a team player this guy is, SMH!

  14. How many chances and the same results. Time for owners, players union and league office to set a meeting and make it clear these players they don’t need. Clean up the NFL or become the NBA and MLB.

  15. Said it when they drafted him, this guy’s a bust. Jeff Ireland fleeced one of the only GMs dumb as he was in the league in Reggie McKenzie, and then proceeded to prove why he was the worst GM in football with that pick.

  16. hanspard says: Sep 19, 2014 5:08 PM

    Hard to be upset, though. That whole draft was full of losers and broken parts. It’s not like most of the players who went later turned out to be gold.


    I’m pretty sure Miami Dolphins fans would rather have Sheldon Richardson or Kiko Alonso instead of their division rivals.

  17. You mean the same Sheldon Richardson that just called an (illegal) timeout to negate a game-tying touchdown?

    At least Jordan isn’t actively losing games for the Dolphins.

  18. Dolphin players need to walk a straight line. Goodell is looking for anything since they whooped his favorite team in week 1. And i imagine the refs will be worse as the watkins td proved than they were already.

  19. Okay,..wow what do i say and how do I say this..first off,I wasn’t too upset with the first suspension..he is young and dumb and I give him one mistAke..but now hearing this just floors me. Are u kidding sir,, really? MistAke after mistake is not acceptable. I’m so pissed I can’t take it.

  20. Wait if I’m correct his first suspension not lifted? There was a headline on this site a few days ago saying the suspensions lifted would not include Dion Jordan specifically. Why the sketchy specifics of who’s suspensions were lifted and who’s weren’t? When it is all said and done Welker was basically at the forefront of this right? Manning the NFL golden boy had to have his lil guy back for the seahawks game

  21. So he lied about the stimulant being the reason for the 1st four game suspension. O.k. he’s liar. The 2nd suspension is for drug use. O.k. he’s a drug user. What stands out most is that he has never done ANYTHING as a professional football player. His salary should be restructured and based on performance. That might be the only way to get his head out of his butt.

  22. Florio and Gantt are likely drooling on this considering they can no longer crucify the Fins over BullyGate…I wonder if both spit out their beers when they clobbered the Pats week one. Who gives a crap about Jordan? Not me folks, not me…Ireland is gone. Hickey is GM. Get over it! As for Jets and Bills fans gloating, when was the last time your crappy teams beat New England? Kiko was a fine player, but what will he be like returning from this serious injury? And Sheldon better keep it up since him and Wilkerson are the only good players on Jets defense. Again, who gives a crap about Jordan? He can be suspended all year for all I care with OV and Wake as well as Fede and Shelby.

  23. Trolls,

    He was the top rated defensive player in the draft and you would have been elated had you time had the chance to draft at the time.

    The trade up to get him was a world class bargain.

    Obviously he’s made some stupid decisions and it’s cost valuable playing time; on the other hand, just how much time would he get considering Vernon is a beast.

    All things considered, right now he’s not all that critical to the Dolphins level of success; however, there will come a time when he is, and he has the talent to be something special. So for the Fins, no big loss now, but the future is bright for him as he’s got something many young players don’t have, an opportunity to mature, gain wisdom, and make the most of his opportunity.

    I am certain the trolls will soon lament the time when he gets to that point, and shows that talent against their favorite loser team. I look forward to seeing the lack of comments from them then.

  24. The biggest mistake the Miami Dolphins ever made was bringing in Bill Parcells. His divorce cost him a ton of money, so he used his reputation to fleece Wayne Huizenga and brought in Jeff Ireland so that the destruction of the franchise could continue. They only won that one division title because Chad Pennington fell into their laps and they had one of the easiest schedules that year.

  25. Glad that he will back be in uniform for both Jets games, this guy is HORRIBLE and it only helps opposition when he is IN the lineup.

    Not to pile on…well….oh okay, AWFUL WASTE OF A HIGH DRAFT PICK FISH!!!!!!!!!

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