Goodell: “Everything on the table” in terms of his role


Among the most glaring errors of the NFL over the last two weeks has been the problem of unilateral power.

But during his press conference, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell seemed willing to cede some ground.

“Everything is on the table,” Goodell replied when asked if he was willing to yield some of the decision-making power.

Announcing that he planned to remake the personal conduct policy in conjunction with the union (with a stated goal of having it done by the Super Bowl) is a solid first step.

But the idea that he has to include more voices in the process seems apparent.

32 responses to “Goodell: “Everything on the table” in terms of his role

  1. The first thing on the table should be Goodell’s resignation. He is an inept coward, the symbol of the enabling of domestic violence, and is unfit to lead the NFL.

  2. Now he’s repeating the lie about not seeing the tape, and that Ray Rice lied to him. Fire this inept coward of a commissioner.

  3. He doesn’t believe a single thing he’s saying. Look at him constantly reaching back to his carefully prepared talking points.

    The insincerity of this press conference is astounding.

  4. Incognito- 1 charge of sexual assault. Still has thousands of supporters.

    Roethlisberger – 3 separate accusations of sexual assault. Had suspension reduced. Still has a job.

    Ray Rice – 1 punch, suspended indefinitely.

    AD – Too hard of a whooping for today’s society, suspended indefinitely

  5. At some point, hopefully in the not to distant future, people are going to come to the realization that it only encourages them, to thumbs down such patently ridiculous flotsam and jetsam.

  6. i know i may sound crazy here but i think that the press is acting like roger goodel was the one who hit ray rices wife and that he beat adrian petersons kid
    dont get me wrong he should have come down hard on ray rice in the first place but he didnt do anything wrong he did’nt beat his wife or kids in the off season or take steroids or speed or hgh hes a company commissioner not a cop or a district attorney he has admitted to making mistakes god forbid anyone of us regular everyday people were to undergo this kind of scrutiny and he may be a public figure but this feels very much like a lynch mob trying to tear someone down and i couldnt disagree more with the public tone

  7. kneelbeforesod says:
    Sep 19, 2014 3:39 PM
    He doesn’t believe a single thing he’s saying. Look at him constantly reaching back to his carefully prepared talking points.

    The insincerity of this press conference is astounding.
    He is sincere but he is also very wary. Over the last couple weeks, the media has been calling for his head. Combine that with the loaded questions he is fielding and it is no surprise he falls back on carefully thought out prepared remarks. I find some of these “gotcha” type questions just as moronic as the screaming idiot they just dragged out of the room

  8. Somebody just got tasered and dragged off while all the media prostitutes reading their scripted NFL approved questions laughed about it.

    The world would be a much better place with the taser turned on Goodell and the rest of these bloated parasites.

    re: raidernation

    Everybody there asking questions has been approved by the NFL, is reading questions approved by the NFL, and are being called by name to ask them.

    The purpose is to make it look like he’s being “taken to task” for his “bad job” (not caring about anything other than money).

    Did you see what happened to the person who wasn’t hand picked to be there? They got tasered while all the media prostitutes laughed.

  9. THAT was an UNMITIGATED DISASTER for GODell. He shows up LATE then proceeds to dodge EVERYTHING.

    He MUST BE FIRED after that disaster of a press conference!!

  10. I don’t think Goodell walks on water but you need to first recognize who is boss is, its the 32 owners of the NFL teams. He does their bidding for them, takes the heat and is the face of the front office.

    So if you disagree with him, its probably best to aim your critisism at ownership for Goodell doesn’t wipe his butt without their express approval.

  11. So a player can be fined for doing things on the field even if it’s not intentional or a reflexive reaction but yet nothing happens to Bad-hell? Seems like there should be potential consequences to keep him in line. When he screws up he just throws up his hands and says, “My bad!” and moves on. Its good to be the king.

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