Josh Gordon glad he doesn’t have to sell cars much longer


One of today’s winners — other than obfuscation, which is at an all-time high — is Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon.

As a result of the league’s new substance abuse policy, Gordon’s year-long suspension for an amount of marijuana which wouldn’t have triggered a positive test the new guidelines has been shortened to 10 games.

““I’’m happy that the NFLPA and NFL worked hard to agree on a new Substances of Abuse policy,” Gordon said in a statement distributed by the union. “I’’m very thankful to my union for fighting for a significant reduction in my suspension. I’’m glad I can go to the facility during my suspension. I look forward to going to meetings, working out individually, and learning from my coaches and teammates. I can’t wait until game 11 to get back on the field!””

Getting back to the facility might be the biggest part of the news, as it provides Gordon the structure he clearly needs.

29 responses to “Josh Gordon glad he doesn’t have to sell cars much longer

  1. I hope we can keep winning without him. It’s a 50/50 toss up that he stays clean and you hate to be counting on someone that you can’t count on.

    So far we’re looking pretty good without him. We might be scary good with him though.

  2. So his suspension is from the new policy, but the positive test is from the old?

    Why was his last “positive” test not wiped because it wouldn’t have met the new policy’s threshold?

    It seems inconsistent to apply elements of both policies, shouldn’t it be one or the other?

  3. If it’s a ten game suspension why would he be back for week 11?

    10 game suspension, Cleveland has a bye for week four, so that wouldn’t count towards the suspension, which means week 11 would be the 10th game so he’s not back until week 12 right?

  4. You can’t help but see this guy is laughing at the league and the Browns aren’t smart enough to make him an example and cut him.

  5. Free josh gordon. Weed is not the nfls big problem. Not to mention he would have passed the new test. Basically the league is admitting it was second hand smoke! Goodell is illogical and needs to step down.

  6. If he gets caught on drugs again can’t the Commissioner just arrange for Ray Rice to punch him in the face before Adrian Peterson goes to town on his legs with a switch? As least try to take some good from all the bad.

  7. if you buy a car from this guy you may find a bonus….make sure you look under the seat for a bag of weed!

  8. Well I’m happy to be able to see Josh actually play this season. Even if it’s only 6 games. I for one never want to see such an amazing talent not be able to showcase his skills. If this kid could get his head on straight, the sky is the limit!!

    Being able to visit the team facility is definitely inn his best interest and allows coaches, teammates etc to keep an eye on him and be a positive influence! I in no way believe that smoking weed should be considered an addiction problem but Josh definitely needs more positive influence around him!

    Almost reminds me of a young Cris Carter. If he can turn things around and stay on the right track, its scary how good he could be!!

  9. “One of today’s winners — other than obfuscation, which is at an all-time high — is Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon.”

    I see what you did there

  10. Since entering the NFL he got suspended for codeine once & a very low threshold of marijuana once. He may be dumb but he’s not hurting others.

  11. ESPN report says Bisciotti urged good friend Goodell to give Ray Rice a two game suspension. Now I understand why Goodell had such a vendetta against Gordon. I wonder if Bisciotti urged Goodell for a year?

  12. doctorrustbelt says:
    Sep 19, 2014 5:52 PM
    It was ALLLLL Brandon Weeden’s fault.

    Time to let it go.

    Go Josh!

    Go Browns!!!

  13. This cat is gonna have a hard time staying clean until his first test. After that, fire up baby! Smoke the roach!

  14. denverdude7 says:
    Sep 19, 2014 8:38 PM

    Allowing Gordon a reduced suspension is yet another huge mistake by Roger Goodell.

    I say ban them both.

    You got your player back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Why was his last “positive” test not wiped because it wouldn’t have met the new policy’s threshold?

    You’re lucky they didn’t say “ex post facto” and keep him out for the full calendar year. Don’t push it.

  16. @rust

    You’re saying is old and tired. Get a new one…
    Or do you just like to go…tee hee when typing?

  17. I’m happy we all got to make a couple good weed jokes. Except he got flagged for Codiene in college and got busted in the first sample but not the second for secondhand levels of marijuana. Switch those vials around and we’re not even writing these articles the last several months.

    But by all means return to previously scheduled levels of moral superiority and tsk-tsk’ing. I’m sure you’re a much better person than Josh Gordon.

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