NFL loses a corporate partner for its breast cancer initiative

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The NFL doesn’t seem to be losing any money over the ongoing domestic violence mess, but it is losing plenty of good will.

The latest example of that comes from the folks at Procter & Gamble, who have decided they don’t want their brand to be affiliated with the NFL during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Procter & Gamble had been planning to sponsor an initiative where one player on each team would use a pink mouth guard in October, with the players raising awareness about breast cancer and Procter & Gamble donating money. Now, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS, Procter & Gamble has decided to go ahead with the monetary donation but scrap the plans for the pink mouth guards, because Procter & Gamble isn’t comfortable with playing a part in the NFL’s efforts to appeal to women at a time when the NFL is facing criticism for players abusing women.

There was a time when it would have been unthinkable that any corporate entity wouldn’t want to be associated with a brand as popular as the NFL and a feel-good cause like breast cancer awareness, but that time was before the Ray Rice elevator video became public.

With October just around the corner, the NFL is sure to face withering scrutiny about the fact that it dons pink clothing when it wants to appeal to female fans, but doesn’t act quickly when players commit acts of violence against women.

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  1. WATCH!!!

    This NFL domestic violence problem is gonna EXPLODE in October.

    I will make sure to say ‘I TOLD YA’ …. AGAIN.

  2. “Although .69% of the general population is involved in a domestic violence case each year, we would not like to be associated with a league where .39% of its participants are involved in domestic violence cases”

    This is a classic witch hunt. Yes there are some bad dudes in the NFL, but it’s no more than in the general population. Huge over reaction all caused because we actually got to see what “domestic violence” looks like in that video.

    Terrible video, but this is mainly an image problem in the NFL… The bigger problem should be our general population- our neighbors and co-workers.

  3. I’m not a fan of the new NFL: too many interruptions for video replay, too much protection of offensive players, et al. However, there are a lot of very good people in the NFL. The actions of a few bad apples should not overshadow the tremendous contributions that many players make in their communities and the charity work that they do. Football players did not invent domestic abuse. The NFL needs to crack down hard on this problem, no doubt about it, but society in general needs to crack down even harder.

  4. Because at least a couple of those players would probably end up arrested before the season ended.

  5. bears players get fined for wearing orange shoes which actually match the uniforms, but then the nfl puts players in pink shoes and gloves which matches zero uniforms. just silly.

  6. I think everyone is aware of breast cancer by now.

    Before my wife passed away from it, she chose to look at all of the pink ribbons, pink accessories, pink clothing, etc. not as just an effort to raise awareness to the disease and the cause to eradicate it, but also as a sign of support for people like herself who were literally fighting for their lives and needed anything and everything positive to latch onto to help continue that fight.

    I know some people don’t like seeing all of the pink, especially in such a “manly” sport as football, but I know of at least one woman who appreciated it, and I’ll never have a problem with it.

  7. Didn’t Procter & Gamble have their own scandal some years back?

    Maybe the NFL shouldn’t be associated with that!

  8. When is someone going to just stand up and say where are the parents

    Who taught Ray to hit women who taught AP to beat his kid?

    These are grown men its not Rodger G job or the coach or the team

    The difference between right and wrong is not taught by coaches that is what a parent is for I am sure mom and dad have gotten a house car or more due to the large pay checks yet they did not teach any life values

  9. I think we are all aware of breast cancer, and getting checked etc. This feel good promo has little additional impact—it just makes all the heroes feel better about themselves.

    I think we’d be better off spending our finite resources where we can make a bigger impact. Mental Illness, putting value on a family and education come to mind.

  10. You know what other cause has October as its awareness month? Domestic Violence. So how about instead of working to continue to promote breast cancer awareness by sticking the players in pink, you outfit them with purple (the ribbon color for domestic violence) gloves, shoes, and towels.

    Would it possibly look shallow by the NFL? Sure. But if the NFL is actually serious about being a “leader” in raising awareness of domestic violence and about helping to end it, then this October the NFL should be celebrating Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

  11. bordner says:
    Sep 19, 2014 11:42 AM
    I think everyone is aware of breast cancer by now.

    Before my wife passed away from it,



    I’m sorry for your and your family’s loss.

    Thank you for posting and say what you did.

  12. But I assume P&G will continue to be the official whatever of the NFL for Gillette, Duracell, Head & Shoulders, Old Spice, and Tide right? Sanctimonious hypocrites (which is not surprising given it’s a business, but still).

  13. And how much of that money do they already see? How about something for the guys who make up a larger part of their audience as well?

  14. I can only reiterate what I have said before–I am so sick and tired of the games that these businesses play and if Procter & Gamble were really so concerned with fighting breast cancer they would not be doing this. My Mom passed away from breast cancer in 2005 and she would be the first to say that this is just big business pushing the consumer around.

    Tired of this, tired of all the sports talk show hosts preaching about how wrong AP is, how wrong RR is. Yes they might be wrong but these hosts are not judge and jury. Lets just get on with football.

  15. Funny how people who hate corporate America laud corporations for “taking a stance.” This is a pure business move, and a good one. Instead of paying the NFL for a ampaign that will get a little notice, they get a ton of free and positive publicity for doing this instead. Please stop acting like these corporations are doing things for anything other than business reasons and loyalty to the bottom line.

  16. Proctor & Gamble could be called a “good neighbor,” here in Ohio. They do a lot for a variety of causes.

    On the other hand, the “new” NFL is so political and phony that I can’t take any stock in anything they say. Roger God-dell is about the sleeziest lawyer I’ve ever seen. The guy and his phony smile makes me want to wash my hands….and mind you, I’m retired Army and currently a truck driver.

    Just like many of our politicians in Washington, they think it’s okay to wage war on the women in our lives, and then treat the wounds with speeches and pink ribbons.

    Goodell HAS to go!

  17. The whole thing is RIDICULOUS! This is nothing but the MEDIA HYPE MACHINE. No one and I mean no one is talking about the NFL with a Domestic Violence problem if it wasn’t for the Ray Rice video. That said we have Rice and Hardy whom have had their day in court. Then you have AP, McDonald, and now Dwyer who have yet to have their day in court, but have already been convicted in the eyes of the media which in turn has pushed their narrative onto the public. Im not saying any of these guys are innocent BUT, shouldn’t they at least be presumed so until they are convicted? The NFL owners are caving to media pressure and in turn Goodell is made to look like the goat when in the end he is doing the owners bidding, why doesn’t the media go back and look at Tagliabue’s record of punishment on Domestic violence or any other issue… he was weak on everything. That is why players want Goodell gone because he has come down hard on the players. Granted Goodell and the NFL have not handled this the best but in the past this would have blown over in one mdi a cycle. In terms of Ray Rice he got screwed, he lost his job and all his endorsement deals and millions of dollars. Lets revisit the chain of events. Ray Rice video surfaces of him dragging his Fiance (who is out cold) out of a hotel elevator. He strikes a deal the DA and gets off with a Diversion program, he and his Fiance reconcile and get married. The NFL after reviewing the info suspends Rice for 2 games. (sponsorships and contract still intact). Outrage over the lenient punishment rings out from the media and fans this goes on for a week or so. All the while the NFL is supporting their decision for a 2 game punishment. The Ravens organization is standing behind Rice and making it a point to publicly come out and support him. He gets a standing O at training camp. All the while the media keeps hammering away until finally then NFL announces a new policy where a first time Domestic Violence offense will get you an automatic 6 game suspension, and a second domestic violence offense will get you a lifetime ban. Then TMZ releases a video that shows Rice spitting on his Fiance twice then she comes after him and he lays her out with one shot. The outrage reaches a fevered pitch and the NFL fold like a lawn chair. Rice is cut by the Ravens then the league suspends him indefinitely and then he is dropped by all of his sponsors. The Ravens are just trying to save face after supporting Rice so steadfastly. The NFL doesn’t know what the hell they are doing as they abandon the “NEW Domestic Violence policy” that they had just unveiled a day earlier. This policy of corse was instituted after Rice had already received his punishment. At worst being a first time offender Rice should have just received a 6 game suspension, and truthfully he should have had to only serve 2 games as the policy didn’t exist until after he had been punished. It isn’t okay to spit on another Person much less knock them out, this is especially true when it comes to women and children. Ray Rice is a P.O.C in my opinion but he made mistake, was punished for it and then the media dropped a tanker truck of gas on it and now we have a Fire the likes of have not been seen in the NFL. The lesson here is the NFL needs to have clear Rules, clear punishments and quick and concise reaction to these issues. You have players in this league that have killed people but yet Rice is suspended indefinitely am I the only one that can see the inconsistency here?

  18. Seems like all this backlash against the NFL has happened since they were asking artists to pay for the privilege of playing the halftime show at the Super Bowl. There’s always 1 event that shifts people away from the “it” thing. That may have been the NFL’s “it”.

  19. P & G are no prize with their products. My wife had breast cancer last year and we got rid of all P & G products as their toothpaste has a cancer causing chemical in it. So the one good thing they were doing, they are bowing out. Good riddance!

    I’ve been upset with all this media focus on DV with NFL players. Politicians demanding the players be suspended, cut, etc. Demanding Goodell step down or be fired. Apparently, they don’t look closely at Congress and their band of convicted law breakers. The league can’t or shouldn’t do anything until the legal system has dealt with the players. Then they have to deal with the NFLPA on what’s been agreed to in their CBA on penalties and punishments. The league will make adjustments to get it right and have to get the NFLPA on board with the penalties handed down. The outside world fails to realize that the union has a big say and its not merely up to Goodell and the league offices on the punishment.

  20. It’s pretty obvious this isn’t about cancer as much as it is about “getting women to watch football”.

    I’m sure there’s plenty of good that comes from the promotion, but don’t confuse the real motivation.

  21. P&G is over reacting to this and throwing away a strong commercial partnership that makes a lot of money for a very good cause. I am willing to bet there are more domestic violence issues in other companies they deal with each year than has so far sufaced in the NFL. If they want to take that sort of stand, then lets see you drop association with every company that has these issues within…..including themselves.

  22. If you break down how little the NFL actually donates to the cause but publicity gains… you’d be shocked. Oh wait, maybe you wouldn’t.

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