Pep Hamilton: Criticism is “the nature of the beast”

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The Colts are 0-2 and starting the season that way always leads to criticism of players and coaches.

Offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton has been one of the leading targets of that criticism with his game plan on Monday night getting dinged for relying heavily on the run right up until the fourth quarter when he called a third down pass to T.Y. Hilton with the Colts in range for a field goal that would give them a 10-point lead. The pass was intercepted, the Eagles tied the game and the Colts went three and out to hand the ball back to Philly for the game-winning drive.

On Thursday, Hamilton said the emphasis on the run was designed to play the game at a pace that suited the Colts and admitted that there were some calls he’d like to have back. He also said that he understands criticism comes with his position.

“That is the nature of the beast,” Hamilton said, via the Indianapolis Star. “I understand that and embrace that challenge of making sure that, on a weekly basis, we put our players in the best position to be successful. We played a really physical football game up front. Trent [Richardson] ran the ball well and Ahmad [Bradshaw] ran the ball well. We made some plays in the passing game. But at the end of the day in this league, you guys know it always comes down to one or two or three plays that makes the difference in the game.”

There were similar criticisms of Hamilton’s reliance on the run last year as some believe the Colts aren’t putting enough of their offense on the shoulders of quarterback Andrew Luck. The approach wound up being good enough to get the Colts a division title, but anything less this year will lead to even more detractors and perhaps a hot seat under Hamilton.

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  1. No problem with the play calling right up to the last drive. Pep, you cannot take the ball out of our best players hands. Luck has 11 4th quarter comebacks in 2 years!! Give him the damn ball and let’s win the damn game!! The Bulls NEVER gave the ball to Pippen when the game was on the line… why you giving it to Bradshaw or TRich?? So. Damn. Frustrating.

  2. .
    Pep Hamilton is 0-3 since accusing the Patriots of cheating prior to the Colts playoff implosion last year.

  3. How quickly we forget. This summer it was stated that the Colts would change their passing scheme and start throwing downfield, instead of the usual dink and dunk brought from Stanford.

    At the time, I stated here that changing to a longer passing offense could hurt Luck because his longer passing would result in more ints. So far he has 3 and on pace for 20+. It’s pretty clear that Pep knows Luck better than anybody and he did not allow the chosen one to throw for a reason.

    If he was as great as everyone seems to think he is, Pep would give the greenlight to throw it all over the field and he doesn’t. Instead he runs or throws screens and 5 yard routes, with all those weapons.

    Soon people will look at the game and stop with the hype. Stop with the excuses. If he is so good, shouldn’t he elevate the players around him or will we always say he doesn’t have enough help?

  4. Hmmm.. the Colts Defense gives up 30 pts in the first two games, the 2nd game they were up 17-6. Sounds like the DC’s fault more than the OC’s fault. Scored 24, and 27 points. Just sayin’–Eagles Fan

  5. Pep deserves the criticism. Last game against the Eagles should have been won. He has the best young QB in the game but was over-reliant on running the ball with Trent Richardson who couldn’t make the yardage when needed.
    Don’t try to be too smart and try to make the Colts a running team. Let Luck throw it.

  6. With a name like Pep, one might think he would show a bit more imagination in the offensive play calling. Predictable, boring and not getting it done. Colts wont be the de facto AFC South champs again being down 2 games to the Texans already.

  7. Luck escapes the blame again. It’s always someone else when the Colts lose, but it’s always Luck when they win. I’m sure every other QB, would love that luxury. It was a poor decision to call a passing play in that situation, but even with the questionable no call, it was a questionable decision to throw the ball into traffic. Luck could have just thrown the ball away, if it wasn’t a safe throw. Both the QB and O coordinator should be blamed here. Situational football.

  8. Hard to stick with a power running game with a mediocre RB (Richardson) backed up by a fragile finesse runner (Bradshaw). Why you would insist on sticking with this plan when you have a very good/great QB is hard to understand.

  9. The Colt’s fortunes certainly can’t be the fault of the Anointed One who has won nothing. He’s just so dreamy. All NFL announcers are required to mention him no matter what game they’re calling.

  10. Replace Pep and you still have one HOF WR, Hilton, Nicks, Allen and Luck.

    You also have a team that went 11-5 two consecutive years.(I think that’s right) If Luck can’t get it done with all those weapons, what OC will change that?

    The facts show that Luck has never averaged more than 7 ypa in college or the pros. He’s a dink/dunk QB who relies on yards after the catch and that’s why he is not throwing the ball in crucial times.

    They tried that twice in the playoffs, resulting in 7 ints. Andrew is good, but far from great. Imagine Russell Wilson with those weapons.

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