So there’s one: Michael Vick says Roger Goodell “doing a great job”


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has come under fire for the last two weeks, from his initial bungling of the Ray Rice case to his disappearing act at a time when the league needs leadership.

But he’s now got more than a few influential owners in his corner.

I think he’s doing a great job,” Jets quarterback Michael Vick said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “I think some situations are more complicated than others. You’re not going to get it right all the time the first time. These situations that [have arisen] are situations that we never dealt with before. I feel from a PR standpoint, just from a situational standpoint, it’s kind of new to everybody.”

That opinion puts Vick at odds with many, who think the commissioner has screwed things up at every turn lately.

But Vick’s view is colored by his personal experience, as Goodell was helpful to his comeback from federal dogfighting charges.

“Nobody’s perfect,” Vick said. “Nobody can make the correct decisions right then and there on the spot when faced with all forms of adversity. So, you got to give the man a chance. You got to give him a chance. You got to give everybody a chance to get it right. And you see that the other teams that are dealing with it now are making the right decisions based on what’s happened in weeks prior. So you got to give people a chance, man. You’re not going to get it right on the first time.”

That much is evident. And Goodell can only hope he handles his next chance as well as Vick has his.

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  1. I think Vick shares the majority of football fans, actually. The people who are so upset over everything are pretty much just the media and casual fans. At the end of the day, the only decision he got wrong was the Ray Rice suspension, one he corrected as soon as he could. He hasn’t made any other decisions on any of the other player situations going on around the league and he doesn’t have to. I am willing to wager if we didn’t live in a 24 hour news cycle, most people would’ve moved on by now but the media consistently puts this idea in our head that we have to hate Goodell despite the undeniable fact that he hasn’t had to do a single thing about other accusations to other players that have yet to play out in court.

    I get it, we all love to root against “the man” but it’s getting tired here. Recent polls show 90% of the country doesn’t even care about this issue and still loves football. I think that is a strong sign that it’s time to move on.

  2. I am starting to imagine that Goodell now looks like Tom Hanks in Cast Away with the long hair and beard.

  3. I’m not as certain as the media that Goodell bungled the Ray Rice situation as they would like us to believe.

    Sure everyone is up in arms about it but Goodell admitted that the his original suspension was to short and sentanced him to a longer one. The media still crucified him. What else would you have like him to have done?

    Everything else that happened is unverified rumors from anonymous sources that has not yet been verified.

    What i am certain of is that most people in the media would sell their souls for a juicy story, and i believe they have.

  4. I wasnt a huge fan of Vick in Philly, but I certainly respect the 180 he has pulled in his life.

    And I agree with him here.

    That Rice situation is tough. (If he didnt see the video, that is) The NFL, or professional sports had never seen an issue like that. I was one of the ones thinking 2 games was soft, but 4 or 6 would have been appropriate.

    After seeing the video, I was all on board the 1 year train.

    So yeah, I may be the only one agreeing with Vick and Goodell, but thats one tough job. 200 million screaming fans, most of which dont know what the heck theyre talking about. I say youve got to give Goodell the benefit of the error.

    And for those wanting him to step down, why? Nobody gives a frog that you think he did the wrong thing. He is still making the owners money. Theyve lost 1 sponsor…and 5 will jump in to take their place. Goodell aint going anywhere. He represents the owners, and takes the bullets for them, and he does a damn fine job of it.

  5. What else do you want him to say? Considering what happened with him and the second chance he has gotten he knows he has to be a yes man until he is done playing football. Like him or hate him I think Vick has gotten his life straightened out. Godell on the other hand…..

  6. I find it a sad commentary that you post this as the headline while a news conference by Brandon Marshall refuting the domestic violence claims quietly scrolls off the page in the middle of the night.

    Brandon Marshall had affidavits showing the woman was pressured by her family to accuse him for money.

    Yet it quietly get’s posted late at night and off the front page by 8am.

    Proof that not players do get accused sometimes for the money.

    If it was Gloria Allred accusing the league and Marshall of a cover up, that would be a headliner all day though.

  7. With all that he has been through, Vick is proving to be one of the wisest men in the entire sport. Truly shocking…

  8. Obviously you missed the Brandon Marshall press conference from yesterday, who kind of stood up for Roger and said he had a lot of respect for him. I’m not saying I agree, or like, everything he’s done, because I don’t, but it has to be tough to balance and manage everything your employers (the owners) want, and catering to and being responsible for the players. Could he have handled things differently? yes, but it’s easy for us to sit back and judge from a distance.

  9. sign me up too…he has been trying to deal with these issues, but the line has shifted and he has to find out where that line is now that the media will be happy with. what other institution has to deal with issue? has Hollywood dealt with this effectively? how about the media? nope they haven’t either. let’s be real, this is a very important societal topic, but it has been exploited for political reasons. the NOW has no right to weigh in this topic because they don’t represent all women. they are a liberal political action group that has never come to the support of a conservative women. I ask you why are we discussing this issue now in the fall of 2014? is it because of the up coming election? this made up war on women? hmm
    how about honest dialog for once without all the hate speech from the left, it really interferes with progress

  10. Goodell makes 40 some odd million a year as the CEO of a billion dollar corporation.. He’s paid to get it right, the first time and every time, and simply put … He hasn’t

  11. No one would have allowed Goodell to come down hard on these abusers up until a few weeks ago. I’m am positive he would have thrown the book at all of them, but there was so much media scrutiny about players getting penalized too severely. Especially following Irsay’s arrest. I’m positive he will have no problem adjusting back to his previous style.

  12. It’s interesting that Vick came to the support of Riley Cooper when everyone was ready to drum him out of the league. And now Goddell.

    Vick has the perspective of a man who indeed was given a second chance and has made the most of it. If the “mob” had its way Vick never would have seen the light of day again and the taxpayers would still paying for his room and board in prison. I’m not saying what Vick did was ok — it was horrific. But for him AND for society, it’s clearly better he was given a second chance.

    Most of us in the “mob” would like to just cut everyone’s head off for their mistakes. What Vick is saying does have some merit, in the sense that either way, all Goddell, Condoleeza Rice, or anyone else can do is impact things from this point going forward.

    Now for Vick to turn his life around, he really had to be rependent and make changes in his behavior. To be fair, Goddell woudl need to do that to be worthy of a second chance.

  13. I have said it before and I will say it again: anyone who thinks Roger Goodell has unilateral control over anything related to his job as commissior, including but not limited to player disipline, is naive at best.

    Goodell runs all of his decisions by the NFL’s power trust of owners including discipline for players. The issues the NFL is dealing with do not go away if Goodell is fired because ultimately the responsibility falls on the owners not with Goodell.

    And before anyone brings up “conflict of interest” in regards to Goodell’s perceived control over player discipline you need to remember that the owners hand pick the commissioner, the process is a conflict of interest from the beginning.

  14. What would you expect Mike Vick to say?

    Sorry to disagree with Mr Vick, but Roger is having a very last few weeks.

  15. I would not ask a neutered man the time of day or the weather, n or trust the answers he gave if he offered them. Vick is lucky to be in the league who STILL years after he served his time holds against him the crime that he wasn’t convicted for – dog fighting (he got knocked for interstate gambling NOT dog fighting). Mike Vick is a much better QB than Ryan Fitzpatrick, or Matt Schaub, Josh McCown, Jake Locker to just name a few, but he had to accept a back-up spot in NY when no other team offered him a deal.

  16. I think the guy is right, we are giving the employees’ boss a harder time than the employee who did the wrong actions and law enforcement has gotten an almost complete pass on these situations. It is easier to pick on one guy, than all of the system, so direct the hate at him instead of where it should be going.

  17. Anyone that thinks Goodell should stay are either Pats fans (Kraft and Goodell best friends benefits) or fans of teams that Goodell hasn’t tried to destroy entire seasons with unjustifiable and unwarranted discipline……….TRUTH

  18. Goddell is hardly doing a “great job”. His overzealous policies have been stuck in the mud since he took over from Paul Tagliabue….who actually was a great commissioner. For the NFL to weather this storm, Goddell needs to quietly take a leave of absence and then just as quietly retire…floating softly back to earth under his golden parachute. Tagliabue should take over for the rest of this season and restore some confidence in the direction of the NFL, as the NFL will never be able to rejuvenate Goddell as the man in charge without major misgivings on the part of sponsors and fans. Every one of Goddell’s upcoming decisions will be sifted through with a fine tooth comb, and every transgression will be blown out of proportion. Get rid of Goddell already..and let’s get back to football!

  19. Goodell is a first rate clown. Hardly a surprise he’s a Jets fan. Talk about two things that go together…

  20. If Goodell was doing a good job he would have stepped to the plate (sorry for the baseball metaphor) on Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson.

    Instead he hid in his bathroom.

    Meanwhile two of HIS employers were left to placate the pitchfork and torches mobs while attempting to protect their bottom lines.

    Heckuva job Brownie (or in this case Goodell)!

  21. It’s not that he need to go (entirely).. It’s that he needs (the league needs) an independent panel to decide the punishments much like the other leagues have. I would think Goodell would welcome this given all the scrutiny he’s received (and rightfully so). It’s not like the Rice situation was the first time. He’s mishandled these situations for years (Spygate, Bounytgate, Big Ben, Rice, etc).. If he’s not willing to let that go, maybe he is on some kind of power trip? Of course Vick supports him, Pacman Jones should be saying the same thing.

  22. While everyone makes mistakes Goodell has made a long string of horrible, greed based decisions with the only concern being dollars. Not the players. Not the fans. Not anyone but the owners and his own bank account.

    Goodell must go.

  23. you forgot to mention all of the team owners aka the only people whose opinions matter in this conversation

  24. Goodell’s problems are rooted in his arrogance and his acting as judge, jury and executioner. These problems prceeded the Rice situation, but the Rice situation was the spark that ignited the explosive mixture. Goodell himself admitted he got it “wrong” on the first try, but it was only after the firestorm that erupted, so it looks from the outside like a late reaction as opposed to an honest attempt to get it right. Add to that the unlikely story that all the evidence was not seen (or was not avaialable) and it looks like a rush to judgment followed by a hasty retreat under duress.

  25. Why is this Goodell’s fault??????
    Where is the outrage at the “real life” problems????
    We as people are responsible for our laws and punishments. We allowed Ray Rice to escape criminal charges as a citizen first. Now we want to condemn his boss for following the punishments and policies that were in place?????
    Goodell doesn’t make the rules…..the players union AND the NFL owners make them.
    Wake up People!!!!

  26. What else can Vick say? I give Vick credit for having paid for his transgressions, but the fact is, had Vick not been caught, he’d probably still be doing what he was doing. So his credibility is always suspect.

  27. So that’s Vick and little Danny Snyder coming to his defense,
    Tyson should be making a statement soon….

    He has not done a good job, this issue wouldn’t be nearly as bad if he would have taken the hit for the light punishment, instead he tried to act like he didn’t see the video with his bold face lying in that interview…..the players don’t like him, the owners don’t respect him and the fans don’t trust him….time for a new commissioner….unfortunately I think he weathered the storm and will make it….which will help the players in future appeals against the league….

  28. For years, we heard complaints about how hard Goodell was on the players. In the span of a few weeks, we’ve seen a complete 180. Now he’s too light. I’m not a Goodell cheerleader, but I don’t think he’ll ever be able to make the media happy. They just hate the guy and have been unable to contain their glee lately.

  29. Shocking that a guy who is treading on thin ice would say this…..but I have to agree with him about Goodell.

    Even courtroom judges can’t give every case the exact same punishment.

    No matter who the commissioner is, everyone will complain and gripe about his decisions.

  30. sec328onroute1 says:
    Sep 19, 2014 9:47 AM
    Goodell is a first rate clown. Hardly a surprise he’s a Jets fan. Talk about two things that go together…
    It would be absolutely AWESOME if the NFL commish didn’t have ‘favorite’ teams….SMH

  31. It’s called dancing with the one who brung ya. Vick is back due to the commish so why is anyone surprised about this?

  32. This is no surprise.

    Anyone under conduct policy sanctions always praises Goodell.

    Maybe it’s natural because having the game taken away makes you more appreciative of people whom you may have once disliked.

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