Jay Gruden calls DeSean Jackson “a very terrible blocker”


We still don’t know if Washington’s injured receiver DeSean Jackson will play against his old team in Philadelphia on Sunday, but we do know this: Coach Jay Gruden doesn’t see much point in Jackson taking the field if he’s not at full speed.

Gruden said on ESPN 980 that Jackson needs to be close to 100 percent if he’s going to play.

“He did a little bit today,” Gruden said. “I think he’s gonna be a game-day type deal. He wants to go really bad — obviously he’s going back to Philly. But if he’s not 100 percent — if he’s 60-70 percent — he’s really not that good to us.”

When ESPN 980’s Brian Mitchell, the longtime NFL running back and return man, pointed out that NFL players are rarely 100 percent, Gruden made the wise crack about Jackson that everyone has been quoting today.

“I know, but he’s already 160 pounds,” Gruden said. “He’s already a very terrible blocker. We’ll see. I think he wants to play. He’s a tough guy. He is allowed to wear shoulder pads, so he might be all right.”

As Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post notes, Gruden sounded like he was kind of joking when he made the “terrible blocker” comment.

But only kind of: Gruden is right that a player like Jackson provides his value with the ball in his hands. If his injured shoulder makes him struggle to catch the ball or struggle to run full speed with the ball, there’s not much use in having him out there. No matter how much he wants to play in Philadelphia.

47 responses to “Jay Gruden calls DeSean Jackson “a very terrible blocker”

  1. The Coach isn’t saying anything that isn’t true.

    MeSean is a one trick pony, and his trick really isn’t all that good. Pretty much nothing but goose eggs in the playoffs, yet a mouth that runs like he is a SB champ.

  2. Riley Cooper is 6’3″, 230 pounds and can block downfield for a run-first team like Philly. Even if DeSean was in the mood on a particular day, he can’t support the run. Fairly easy decision to make on which guy to sign and which guy to let go.

  3. It sounds like a joke but who knows if Jackson has thick enough skin to take it as one. Still, this really isn’t something a head coach should be saying.

  4. Can still use him as a decoy to run deep and open things underneath for the other skill players. You have to respect that speed.

  5. This is why he got cut from the Eagles.

    Chip Kelly runs very simple plays, but the key is that everyone (except the QB and ball carrier) has to block. On every play. The system is predicated on 9 or 10 guys picking up the block and the ball carrier getting into space and winning a 1-on-1 match up. Once that happens it’s a 15-yard gain minimum.

  6. bettis3636 says:
    Sep 20, 2014 7:20 PM
    He’s terrible at everything that doesnt involve SPEED!

    Actually that’s not true, Desean has extremely good hands. He also has very good fiht for the ball when he’s in the area. He’s not nearly Calvin Johnson but that’s mostly because of size, but pound for pound he is just as good when the balls in the area. And even though he is a horrible blocker he will put himself in between the ball carrier and defender that help spring a teammate especially if it’s Shady. He also runs very crisp routes we he wants too.

    I guess that’s the problem with him in geneeal, the “if he wants too”. He can help blocking, he can catch anything thrown his way, and he can run crisp routes, but he doesnt all the time. If he doesn’t get the ball early and often enough he won’t fight for the 50 50 balls, he won’t run out his routes if the ball isn’t guaranteed to come to him, and he changes his blocking style from kamikaze to matador.

    But yeah he’s only got speed. Thats why all the Olympic sprinters who have tried to make it in the NFL do so great.

  7. Washington REDSKINS, he is small, but he will be fine.
    The Redskins will be tied for the NFC East lead after tomorrow, and actually be ahead because of the win. After the Redskins beat the NY Giants on Thursday they will be in full control.

  8. I bet he knows all the hand signals tho. Seriously look at his rap video. He throws up the crip gang sign. Plain as day. All that money and never matured, hmmm. Not that anybody is concerned about their OWN character nowadays.

  9. dirtydrynn27 says: Sep 20, 2014 8:23 PM

    Eaglesnd18 how would you like your crow served tomorrow?


    Make sure you show up tomorrow after what I’m guessing will be a 31-16 Eagles win

  10. Racist skins suck…RGME is glass and cannot go through progressions. If not for your defense. .you guys would be the door mat of the East. Snyder and Jones are responsible for the weakening of the division.

  11. Mo ne Davis is tougher than Desean Jackson.

    Jackson will probably start the game and exit it shortly thereafter.

    Earlier tonite in Phila I saw an SUV driving up Broad Street with a Eagles # 10 Jackson jersey hanging out of the tailgate and dragging on the street. Freaking hilarious.

  12. Mesean laid down the next play after Griffin did. He doesn’t want to be a part of the team without Bob.They will both be trying to get Gruden fired now.

  13. The ultimate dream WR every coach dreams of having is in this description:

    6′ 3 or taller
    Great hands
    Great Speed
    Great Down field blocking
    Flexible Contract
    Route running
    Stays out of trouble
    Commands double coverage
    Pro Bowler

    Ladies and Gentleman that perfect WR DOES NOT Exist!
    Not even Dez Bryant or Megatron who are the closest. You pick a few of those skills but can’t have them all. Only thing Desean has that no other WR has is incredible SPEED! Desean will dominate as a #2 WR for years to come only if you pair him up with a Blue Chip WR like Dez Bryant, Megatron or Fitzgerald. Washington will NOT be successful with Desean cause Desean is a Sidekick without the Main Super Hero.

    The End

  14. If DeSean is a side kick who was the main attraction last year. Riley? 82 catches 1300 Yds says he was. Have some facts when you hate on a player. I have a fact….none of the present Eagles receivers have ever had a 1000 YD season. Neither are nearly as good as DeSean. Don’t believe me? Look at the stats. While you are dragging jerseys around of former players other teams win Super Bowls…now that’s Freaking Hilarious!

  15. I guess they signed him to run block for Alfred Morris? I really think Gruden was trolling Chip Kelly. Btw the Eagles paid Cooper 25 mil to block because he damn sure wasn’t paid that to catch passes.

  16. Anyone who knows football can see that… but if you’re his coach, I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell the world what you think. That’s between the coach and that player. Or the coach and the locker room AT MOST…

    Way to go Jay

  17. Who’s surprised Desean won’t…er I mean.. can’t block well. Wasn’t his nickname at Philly “MEsean”?

  18. ME-Sean is an eight year old trapped in a grown man’s body. Chip Kelly has no time for divas who put themselves before the team.

  19. Eagles fans don’t think they miss DeSean? Redskins backup TE Niles Paul has 2 more catches than both Cooper and Maclin put together. Imagine how dangerous your offense would have been if you had DeSean stretching the field with Sproles underneath…now that Sproles has had some big games Defenses will key on him and Shady then what do you have left? Foles already doesn’t look like the same QB he was last year…do you think he misses DeSean stretching the field.
    Face it very very bad decision to cut DeSean.

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