49ers fall under .500 for only second time under Harbaugh


Since Jim Harbaugh became head coach of the 49ers, things have been good.  Far more often than they’ve been bad.

Things have been so good that Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals puts the 49ers under .500 for only the second time since Harbaugh arrived in 2011.

Like last year, the 49ers have lost two in a row after winning the opener.  In 2013, the 49ers responded to adversity by winning five straight.

To do that again, the 49ers will have to beat the Eagles, Chiefs, Rams, Broncos, and Rams.  This team simply may not be good enough to reprise that feat, which could explain what Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News called “[o]ne of the most tense 49ers post-game locker rooms I’ve ever been in, especially for a regular-season game.”

Kawakami also shares the full transcript of Harbaugh’s press conference, which had even less useful content than his usual media availability.  If that’s even possible.

It remains possible that the 49ers will turn things around.  But it won’t be easy, and the margin for error in the top-heavy NFC West already is shrinking.

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  1. Well it would help if he didn’t make more clock management mistakes in the future that are easily avoidable. Every little bit of advantage counts and a HC needs to make sure that he is on top of those things.

  2. So, Jane Harbaugh had her panties in a bunch after the game….poor little girl.
    Her team follows her every move, lack of discipline and a whole lotta crying!

  3. This article says that the Niners are under .500 for the first time since 2011,

    Then it says last year they won their first game then lost the next two.

    Well if that’s true then they were under .500 in 2013, doesn’t make sense…

  4. Kaep completed 78% of his passes for 245 yards, a td and no ints so you can’t blame this one on him. Our secondary was absolutely awful in this game. Got shredded by a career backup, seriously? And then the penalties… ugh.

    Next week’s game is an absolute must win.

  5. Now that the Santa Clara 49’ers window has officially closed can we please move along to something more important? Something like the Seahawks unpreventable march to their repeat SB Championship! #GoHawks

  6. Well maybe Harbaugh isn’t the anointed Head Coach so many think he is. There seems to be this clout that he cannot and will not ever fail and that’s just simply false. Every head coach goes through some losing seasons. He’s fortunate he arrived to the 49ers when he did.

  7. Where’s all the niner fans now. They have to be the biggest loser fan base out there. I love seeing Kaperchoke and Harbaugh lose. It’s almost as fun as watching the Seahawks win. Can’t wait to watch them crumble again next week!!!

  8. So are we just ignoring the fact that half his starting defense is hurt or suspended?

    Not a 9ers fan (obviously, since they always seem to be ready to fire a guy that went to a SB and 2 NFC title games in 3 years), but there is a clear, obvious reason that this team isn’t playing up to past standards.

  9. Anyone else notice a trend here? I mean other than the 2nd half shutouts/meltdowns? This makes the 4th consecutive loss that the 9ers and their fans have blamed the officials. Could be more actually.

  10. All the games today and you guys write a negative article about the Niners. Hey guess what we started the same last year, you know we are missing key personnel on defense, AND you guys know damn well the officiating was terrible. How we go from 18th in penalties last year to number 1 by far this year doesn’t raise any suspicion to you guys???

  11. The fans of the 40 whiners and patriots are the most unbearable in the league. Should give them their own division and championship game against each other each post season to reminisce about the good times. It’s astounding the fans of Santa Clara think their teams lost to the hawks last year in the champ game or today due to the refs only.

  12. Harbaugh’s arrogance is causing the losses. He has lost control over the team in terms of penalties and discipline so unless he rights the ship this team is going no where

  13. People keep saying how last year they started off 1-2 but this year feels different. The defensive side of the ball is not as formidable as it was last year and it shows. They bailed bicep boy out all the time and haven’t been able to this year. Bowman is a huge loss no other way to put it. The leading tackler on the team. One of those two losses last year to start the year was also against the Hawks in Seattle, where they will never win. This year they are 1-2 and lost to the Bears who with all due respect are alright but not a powerhouse or anything from what we’ve seen and then the Cardinals who they beat twice last year. They lost both games cleanly and fair and square. I say the Eagles beat them next week and they go 1-3.

  14. Goldfinger, I have to disagree. The man is an amazing coach; look at what he did with the team he inherited. The man is a winner.

    Having said that, he isn’t perfect. These losses are due to off field distractions, and coaching. The off field distractions are on the players. The coaching issues rest with Harbaugh. The Niners need to get back to a balanced offense; run the ball with Gore and Hyde, the best tandem backs in the league. Fix the defense the best you can while Aldon, Dorsey,and Navarro are out; put Dial in to fill the gap created by Dorsey, add some pass rush by activating Tank, and for Pete’s sake give ward some hel with a safet over the top.

    It’s a long season. Any fan with a brain new the start of the season would be tough with the distractions and the missing players. Everyone also knows Jim is a very good coach and the Niners are heavy with talent.

  15. My question is where will he go next year as I don’t believe he will be back again after Tey start a disastrous losing streak.

    Also the question arises of if Kaep will be the starter for the new coach next year.

  16. If the Niners lose the division race to the Hawks again, Harbaugh will move on. The Niners will then be in for a full rebuild under a new coach.

  17. Our Niners finally scored on drives longer than 65+ yards, on first two drives!!! Unfortunately they only scored on these two drives…looked undisciplined (penalties, play clock, etc.) They once again got shutout in the second half. Now they will go up against the most explosive second half team!!! Once again, I will be rooting for my Niners…but they really need to get it together. And Coach Harb, STOP – COMPLAINING – ABOUT – EVERY – CALL – AND – NON CALL. How I miss the Bill Walsh, George Seifert, even Steve Mariucci sideline demeanor. GO NINERS!!! NINER EMPIRE!!!

  18. Niners lose a couple more early and it may be too late.

    It’ll be interesting to watch the train wreck in SC if they’re essentially eliminated from the playoffs mid season.

  19. patriots123456 says:
    Sep 21, 2014 10:09 PM
    This article says that the Niners are under .500 for the first time since 2011,

    Then it says last year they won their first game then lost the next two.

    Well if that’s true then they were under .500 in 2013, doesn’t make sense…


  20. Why is this posted at the top of the news? We all knew my Niners were going to have issues this year. I’m not that surprised. This is the second week in a row we completely abandoned the run game. Our players and coaches need to step it up. Take some notes from the Cardinals, they aren’t playing with all their starters either.

  21. Well..I guess you can’t have a winning team every year. But having said that we have only had 3 games and there are 12 to go.

  22. One of the most blatantly fixed games I’ve seen in a while. Which is saying a lot. Watching football all my life I remember the feeling of not knowing how things will play out. … But being drawn to that UNSCRIPTED drama this game used to be. Now it’s WWF. It’s a joke.

    Would love to see what the nfl comes up to explain the back-to-back personal fouls on skuta and especially on Willis the next play, where he hits Stanton in the midsection right as the ball is released.

  23. After the meltdown this year, after Harbs bolts for Ann Arbor, they can bring back the O-coordinator for their last Super Bowl winning team as HC. He’s available, after all. Who would that be? None other than the Shanarat himself! He can bring his kid along too and finish off what’s left of Kap’s career in short order. That kid is a master at that.

  24. Harbaugh inherited a loaded team that didn’t know how to win. He turned that around but it seems as if his crybaby schtick is starting to wear thin. Has there ever been a more petulant, immature coach in the league? BUT, don’t count them out after only 3 games.

  25. What the hell is everyone drinking,smoking, and eating in that locker room at halftime. I though the first half of the year was going to be on the offense to win games till we got some help on the defense. But playing half of each game and folding at half time has to stop. Here is a great idea……run the Damn ball! #FrankTheTank

  26. Harbaugh’s path and style similar to Jimmy Johnson’s. Takes a lot of sustained energy to turn around a college program for 4 years, then slingshot into an Nfl franchise on the same wave of energy. Both guys were obviously successful, but the end can come suddenly once burnout takes control.

  27. Last year when I pointed out the 49ers barely squeaked a playoff win over a depleted Packers team all I heard was the rabble telling me injuries are part of the game.
    Your turn now Santa Clara. Without Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers we’re the NFC North Champions. Without Bowman and pssh do you guys even have any injuries to offensive players?
    Remember all those times you said to shut up about the “Fail Mary?” Come eat crow whiners fans. No complaining about injuries or refs.

  28. A couple of suggestions to Niners fans from a Cardinals fan:
    There’s no reason to panic. You need get back to playing your kind of football, and cut down on the undisciplined penalties and you’ll be fine.
    Quit following your coaches lead and bitching about calls every week. Sure, there’s a brutal call once or twice a game you can’t help but going after. That’s ok. It’s the generalization that the majority of the calls are going against you. That’s where the whining is most evident. If want to hammer a call, pick one that had an impact and go after it. Then walk away from the issue.
    Harbaugh has to get his team under control. You can’t kill drives by getting multiple unsportsmanlike calls against good teams. It’s going to cost them games if they don’t get a grip on it.
    Finally, you’re the Niners. Quit play finesse football. It worked in the first half against the Cardinals who weren’t looking for that kind of scheme. Once the Cards made adjustments, the Niners look baffled as to what to do. How about doing what you’re known to do…run the damn ball. Gore 6 carries, Hyde 3. I know the Cards have a great rush defense, but you have not give up on the run.

  29. I said it at the beginning of the season that whiners will go 1-6 the first seven games. LOL dont fell me now you’re on you’re way there.

  30. I think the Niners should feature Hyde and put Gore out to pasture. It seems like Hyde has a younger first step. Dont get me wrong – Frank Gore has been a perrenial bellcow for (barring injury) his entire career – but I think that the time has come to pass the reigns. Hyde looks quicker out of the hole. I think Frank’s time is done. Go Hawks.

  31. Frisco can’t get it done. Will go down as a good team/era that never closed the deal. Time to fold up shop on Harbaugh and start fresh.

  32. I’d love to see another team lose as many CORE pieces and still be in games. Last season, after a week one win, the niners were BLOWN out in the next two, and we never in any of those games. The last two weeks, the niners failed to close out against two good teams.

    It’s 3 weeks in, we’ve got 5 more divisional games and game changing reinforcements coming back mid season. No one looks forward to having the 49ers on thier schedule. Let’s not kid ourselves here.

    Good win Cards, kudos to Seattle as well. See you guys soon.

  33. Hairball to team> Who has it better than us?

    Teams Response> Pretty much everybody!


  34. Harbaugh’s a front-runner. He’ll be gone soon. The defense that Singletary built is going FA or retiring. The contract they gave to “Hey, who wants this ball?” Kaepernick will prevent them from keeping the good ones. Harbaugh will not stick around once it becomes real work.

  35. Funny how it wasn’t so long ago the 49’r fans were yucking it up how the Packer fans were whining about the refs in the Seattle game not long ago. Funny how that comes around and bites them in the rear!!!

  36. So, Hairball shows up in 2011 and now they have two seasons with under .50? This year and the first year….so he has .50 overall?

    Wow! That’s so underwhelming. So, he’s an average, cry baby! LOL We have all known that for a LONG time 🙂

    Go LIONS!

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