Bell still has time to resolve DUI charge and avoid two-game suspension


Last week, Browns receiver Josh Gordon pleaded guilty to pending DUI charges in order to avoid the mandatory two-game suspension under the new substance-abuse policy.  (Gordon may still be suspended, based on his history of substance-abuse policy violations.)

But Gordon apparently didn’t need to move so quickly.  Per multiple league sources, the new substance-abuse policy contains a grace period that allows players with pending DUI charges to resolve them under the terms of the old policy.

Bell has until November 1 to resolve the charge.

Most prominently, that includes Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell, who was cited both for marijuana possession and DUI in August.  While the marijuana possession charge could result in a one-game suspension, the mandatory two-game suspension for the DUI charge could be avoided — if Bell gets the case resolved ASAP.

6 responses to “Bell still has time to resolve DUI charge and avoid two-game suspension

  1. Sweet.

    A grace period for DUIs, but no grace period for Josh Gordon, who (barely) tested positive 5 days before the new league year and thus, the new rules don’t apply, because that test was in the “old” league year..

    Way to go, NFL. Again.

  2. @Maestro1899,

    it was Gordon’s 4th strike (plus being kicked off of 2 college teams), it is Bell’s 1st strike

  3. @gadgetking

    It wasn’t his 4th violation in the NFL, but that is irrelevant.

    The point is under the new rules, he wouldn’t have had a violation, but because the failed test was reportedly 5 days before the new league year, the new rules don’t apply.

    And in top of that, which “crime” do you think effects the public more? Someone driving on the roads under the influence or someone using recreational drugs.

  4. Waiting for that swift punishment Tomlin said he would deal out weeks ago… Oh and don’t forget the steelers have o winning seasons and o playoff appearances since being tebowed out of the playoffs! Ha

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