Chiefs earn first win, knock off Miami 34-15

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In a performance highlighted by three TD passes from quarterback Alex Smith and 132 yards rushing from Knile Davis, the Chiefs pulled away for a 34-15 victory on Sunday afternoon in Miami.

Two of Smith’s TD passes went to running back Joe McKnight, who had never scored a regular season offensive touchdown before Sunday. But McKnight, the former celebrated USC recruit and Jets tailback, was a key cog in the Chiefs’ victory, catching six passes for 64 yards, including a four-yard score that extended the Kansas City lead to 27-15 with 4:35 left.

From there, the Chiefs’ defense closed it out, forcing a pair of fourth-down stops. The final points came on tailback Cyrus Gray’s six-yard TD score with 13 seconds left and the outcome no longer in doubt.

Davis, who filled in for the injured Jamaal Charles, handled a heavy workload well, carrying 32 times. He did fumble twice, losing one, though it didn’t cost Kansas City any points.

Smith, meanwhile, was tough and sharp, completing 19-of-25 passes for 186 yards. He was sacked five times, including once on a safety, and the Chiefs’ ability to protect him over the course of the season is something to watch.

But on Sunday, Smith came up big for his team, which notched its first win of the season.

The Dolphins, on the other hand, have now lost two games in a row after a Week One win vs. New England. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill was just 21-of-43 passing for 205 yards and a touchdown on Sunday, and he was sacked four times. The Miami defense has had better days, too; the Chiefs converted 9-of-16 third downs in victory.

The loss drops the Dolphins one game behind the Patriots and Bills in the AFC East. Miami (1-2) plays Oakland (0-3) in London next Sunday. The Chiefs will host the Pats on Monday night.

26 responses to “Chiefs earn first win, knock off Miami 34-15

  1. The Dolphins have an issue. Multiple. Issues.

    An issue at QB; at HC; in the hands of all the WRs.

    Garbage. Today was complete and utter garbage.

    The only bright spot was Jelani Jenkins.

  2. want to see tannehill succeed but i got to say when hes in the pocket he is holding on to the ball way too long. For being such a great athlete(wr in college) why is he not using his legs more.Starting more and more to feel like he just doesnt have that instinct as a qb to know when to run. i find myself numerous times in games this year screaming at the tv to run and instead hes holding on to the ball for a sack. Oline is struggling to in pass protection so heres to hoping pouncey getting back in can clean that up.And before i finish my rant one more thing, can we hire a gdam coach who is actually coaching to win?between last week at the end of the half against buffalo and this week settling for 50 yard fgs instead of making a statement and going on 4th and short ….you guys playyyyyyy to win the gameeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Glad to see Fin fans enjoying their Super Bowl from Week#1 as they begin another rebuilding job from this team.

    Ryan Tannenhill is mediocre at best.

  4. Can Miami please re-sign Don Jones? That kick return coverage is scary bad. Chiefs started right where Miami punted like 4 times. Might as well have gone on 4th down everytime.

  5. Glad to see Fin fans enjoying their Super Bowl from Week#1 as they begin another rebuilding job from this team.

    Ryan Tannenhill is mediocre at best.

    He is. But Tom Brady is worse than mediocre. Enjoy your descent.

  6. We have to play every team with the same intensity and passion as we do with the New England Patriots we won that game and felt like we made it… We have what it takes to make a serious run into the playoffs but we have to treat each team with the respect we give the Patriots and we will be successful… Indeed…

  7. raiderapologist says:
    Sep 21, 2014 9:11 PM
    slick50ks says: Sep 21, 2014 8:53 PM

    I wish we could play a team as terrible as Miami every week.
    Of course you do. It’s your only chance.


    The two gimmies against you scrubs are more appreciated, sure. At least you have a use that way. Is it fun being a minor league team fan?

  8. Of course you do. It’s your only chance.
    Says the fan of the perennial cellar dwellers. SMDH.
    Look at the bright side, you’ll have your only chance to avoid 0-16 next week in London.

  9. Knile Davis continues to look good….A trade of Mr Charles could sure help fill in some gaps for the Chiefs. Let some one else keep JC on their sidelines…

  10. Ireland proved early on (to everyone except his boss) that he was an incompetent boob who could not evaluate talent to save his life. So why would anyone think Tannehill would be any different than any of his other bust picks?

  11. Tanny again showed his stripes:

    – slow second half

    – poor red zone play

    – terrible accuracy on the long ball, in fact it seemed like the OC is starting to avoid long passes now, which is embarrassing

    – poor clock management

    it was terrible… and this is the 3rd year straight with the same things wrong… how many years is Philbin gonna let this go on? Do we really have to wait 3 years for a QB pick to show ANY improvement?

    It’s time to do something loco like put Moore in (he’s gotta be better than Tanny right now, he played well in pre season) or some nutty trade for a name QB. We can’t watch this train wreck for the rest of the year.

  12. We have Matt Moore on staff. He is one of the most talented passers (and highest paid) of backup quarterbacks. Why not let him start against the Raiders and see how he does? Tanny did not look good against either Buffalo or KC- give him a rest.

  13. Chiefs will beat the Pats before the LOUDEST stadium in the WORLD Monday Night, and then go into Faded Jeans Stadium and pounce on the overrated Niners as Alex reminds all SF fans they traded the wrong QB. 3-2 going into the Bye.

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