Chris Harris: Russell Wilson “better than” Andrew Luck


For the second time in calendar year 2014, the Seahawks beat the Broncos on Sunday, and as was the case in Super Bowl XLVIII, Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson was impressive in victory.

And after the Seahawks’ 26-20 overtime win vs. the Broncos, Denver cornerback Chris Harris reportedly suggested Wilson, a third-round pick in 2012, was superior to Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, the top pick in the same draft.

Russell Wilson is better than (Luck). No question,” Harris said after the game, according to Vic Lombardi of CBS 4 in Denver.

On Sunday, Wilson completed 24-of-34 passes for 258 yards with two touchdowns and one interception against a Denver defense improved from a season ago. He also rushed nine times for 40 yards. Wilson was efficient, on-point and in-control in overtime, hitting 4-of-6 passes for 35 yards and racking up 21 yards on four carries on a drive ending in the game-winning touchdown by Marshawn Lynch.

The Broncos have faced the Colts twice in the last calendar year, falling at Indianapolis in 2013 and besting the Colts in Denver two weeks ago. But the Broncos have yet to knock off Seattle in a game of consequence in the last two seasons. And when the game reached extra time on Sunday, Wilson had the Broncos’ number.

And clearly, Wilson has garnered the respect of Harris. The Broncos’ cornerback has, in turn, provided a nice chunk of sports radio programming for Monday, free of charge, for the “Luck or Wilson” debate is one where the ardent on either side can make some compelling arguments.

But we know which side Harris is taking.

143 responses to “Chris Harris: Russell Wilson “better than” Andrew Luck

  1. both are on their way to being great. Too tough to compare. Wilson obviously has a much better team.

  2. oh boy, just wait for this comments section to go wild…

    Guess what world, it’s reasonable to think both sides of this argument! It’s true! And whatever side you support, the other QB doesn’t automatically suck because of it!

    I’m a Wilson > Luck guy btw

  3. Uh oh if you say anything negative about the golden child Luck get ready for the backlash. The only appropriate thing to talk about regarding Luck is: Potential HOFer or greatest QB to play the game?

  4. Luck has to put the team on his back to win. No run game, or defense. Teams know its on Luck to win the game, Richardson scares no one.

  5. Yeah, that 39 yard TD pass hitting a closely covered receiver in stride in the end zone was thrown by a game manager. LOL

  6. When discussing Luck, people always have to use excuses. That says something. If he were an Aaron Rodgers/Peyton Manning type of talent, he’d put up great numbers regardless of supporting cast. But he doesn’t. Btw, are Reggie Wayne, Hilton, Nicks, Fleener and Allen really all that bad? I don’t think so. Richardson/Bradshaw isn’t a bad backfield either, if you sit and look at it.

  7. I don’t care about a defense, but give Luck Lynch and see what happens.

    There was a reason the Seahawks tossed Lynch 1.5 Million in additional money this year, he greatly take the pressure off of Wilsonynch.

  8. What’s more interesting is the value when you factor in what you could have got if you traded that #1 overall pick to the spot where Russell Wilson was drafted. Hypothetically one could have acquired a lot of trade material and financial savings by making that move which just goes to show you that if you can drop down in the draft and pick up value while finding productive players lower in the draft, then even more power to you to field a better overall team. If you are going to select somebody with a high pick or any first round pick, then you need to have confidence that you can’t get more overall value by trading out of that pick for a different path to build your team.

  9. Andrew Luck has no run game, a mediocre WR group, and a mediocre defense. Meanwhile, game-manager Wilson has the best team in football surrounding him. Put Wilson in Indy and the Colts are a 4 win team.

  10. Wilson is proven to be better, hands down: ~ 20 points higher rating (101.5 to 81.8), more TDs (56 to 51), fewer interceptions (19 to 30), higher completion percentage (63.9 vs 57.4). The only place Luck dwarfs him is in attempts (1284 to 853) and yards (8738 to 6868), but Wilson wins in avg. (8.05 to 6.81).

    When you normalize the TD and Int numbers by attempts, there is a huge difference.

  11. Wilson took a playoff-winning and ready team to the Super Bowl.

    Luck took the worst team in the NFL to the playoffs with a new coaching staff that changed head coaches mid-season.

    Put a little talent around Luck and I’d rather have Luck.

    Both are better then RG3 without having to mortgage your future to get him.

  12. First you all said Running Backs are obsolete and passing rules NOW you all say Luck doesn’t have a Running Back? Ok, now I see what’s going on 0n this site. lol You’re right. Luck is the BEST EVER!

  13. The Seahawks are a fun team to watch and there is no doubt in my mind they are heading toward another Lombardi. Having said that, I would say the most EXCITING teams to watch in the NFL right now are the following teams:

    1. Seahawks (Always fun to watch)
    2. Bengals (WOW!)
    3. Eagles (Young scrappy team! Definitely fun to watch)
    4. Browns (Have you seen these guys lately? Always close)
    5. Cardinals ( What??? Yes!!)

  14. He should have used Peyton’s name instead of Luck but he would have had to say Russell is better than Peyton! lol I don’t think anyone can argue with that statement when it comes to the playoffs.

  15. Nothing against Wilson because he’s a good guy and smart football player but I’ll take Luck. While I wouldn’t call Wilson a game manager he definitely benefits from being on the better team. Put him on one of the less complete teams in the league and I think he becomes just another guy. Just my two cents.

  16. If you think Russell Wilson is already better than Andrew Luck, you’re nuts.

    If you think Wilson is just a “game manager,” you’re even crazier.

  17. they are the heir apparent to the manning/brady debates. im a colts fan. wilson wouldnt get up after some of the hits luck takes. i think wilson takes pressure better, but id still take luck. i just wish we had that defense and confidence.

  18. If you want to go back to their senior seasons in college when it was Wilson, not Luck, who set the all time NCAA record for passing efficiency, Wilson has been better than Luck for over three seasons now. At some point Luck will actually have to start proving he’s better on the field than Wilson, neh? Because all we have been hearing up to now are abstract excuses why Luck is really better despite the fact that Wilson has been significantly better across the board at everything other than volume stats.

  19. Once again people ignore the fact that lucks throws bad passes and ugly interceptions, which is something russell doesnt do. Also people are gonna disrespect everyone else on the lucks by claiming he has no help, when in reality he has a better supporting cast than brees, rodgers, and newton. Go back to that chiefs game and any game he’s had against the patriots.

  20. Also I love how the seahawks are an overrated team in every other argument, but when it’s Luck vs Wilson people have no problem saying how good they are. Funny.

  21. You can’t argue “put Luck on the Seahawks” and then assume he’s throwing 40 times a game in order to show how superior he is to Wilson.

    Luck would be running the same offense Wilson is, which is to say 25 throws a game if he’s…lucky.

    That said, this is a debate that’s a colossal waste of time unless unprovable speculation is your jam.

  22. Gee, thanks Captain Obvious. A) Luck is a one-trick pony. B) Luck plays in the JV conference. RW may end up as the best of all-time after the next 3 Lombardi’s end up in Seattle!

  23. If wilson is a game manager so is Rodgers, Manning and Brees are game managers. PLEASE! You don’t make the kind of throws Wilson makes and be considered a game manager! All he does is make plays and wins. He’s exeeted on every football team he’s been on. Would Rodgers, Manning or Brees be lesser QB’s on Seattle? Wilson is a fantastic QB IN SPITE of having good players around him.

  24. Luck makes entirely too many mistakes. Yeah, he doesn’t have the supporting cast that Wilson does, but that doesn’t excuse throwing as many bad interceptions as he does early in games. You think it’s a coincidence they always need Luck to bail them out?

    Sorry, Luck is living off the hype of being drafted #1 overall. He’s not a top 5 QB yet.

  25. Give Wilson TY Hilton, Nicks, a couple 1st round TEs and a HOF Reggie Wayne and a ton of excuses and maybe it’s close.

    Harris has it right and I suspect most of the players would agree with him. It’s really not very close. Luck has been kissed by the curse of high expectations that he will never live up to.

    Certain people will always give excuses for him. Fact is, if he was that good, he’d make those around him better. Wilson gets the nod.

  26. Wilson is the only one with a ring, so he has that in his pocket (although that team wins with D, Wilson played great in the SB).

    Stat wise, who cares, neither of them are in Foles’ class

  27. Can’t we just appreciate both of them? I’ll take RW over anyone, because the guy has a work ethic and willpower that can never be measured or matched, but AL is also fantastic. Can’t wait for these 2 to meet in the Super Bowl.

  28. What superstar WRs does Wilson have? He is not a game manager. That 39 Yd TD pass was a perfect throw. Elite stuff almost. He was excellent on that OT drive. Denver had no answer for his mobility.

    Better than Luck? Who knows.

    But he damn sure isn’t a game manager. He’s a tremendous football player. I’d love him on my team. I’m a Bucs fan.

  29. I have Bradshaw on my fantasy team, trust me, Andrew has a running game. Quit making up crap, Wilson is just more poises, with less weapons at WR and a worse line.

  30. Its obvious Luck carries his team more then Russell Wilson has to, but Wilson is not a so called “game manager”. He’s a stud quaterback with a complete game.

    The time will come where the defense and running game will have a bad day and they will need Russell to win the game throwing the football. Im confident he will be up to the task.

  31. Funny EVERYBODY blasts Sherm and coach PC but yet say “if Luck had the coaching staff and defense seattle does….” am I missing something here?

  32. Wilson has won everywhere he’s played. He would win in Indy too. The guy is the ultimate competitor and the ultimate leader. He doesn’t have the prototypical tools that people want in a qb, but he’s a winner with a will for greatness that is 2nd to none. Is he better than Luck? Who cares? Seattle fans wouldn’t trade Wilson for Luck and Indy fans wouldn’t trade Luck for Wilson.

  33. Bottom line is both are better than RG3. That’s the real topic. As a Hawks fan I wouldn’t trade RW for the world and I would expect Colts fans feel the same about AL. In the end thier both going to have long carriers as franchise QB’s.

  34. The NFL has great parity. It is hard to have a team as stacked as the Seahawks for too long. 10 years from now, we will have seen both of them play a season or two on teams that are mediocre. Then we can compare.

  35. Strictly talent wise Luck is better, but Wilson isn’t too far behind, he also fell into a perfect spot, a team with a great D, run game, and some athletes at WR.

    I just think if you swapped spots Seattle would be better with a Luck and the colts wouldn’t be as good with Wilson.

    Any fan would be happy with either guy leading their favorite team for the next 5 years.

  36. Heads up: Luck-1 Wilson-0 … With an inferior team… EVERYONE… yes EVERYONE deep down inside knows you put Luck in Seattle and he wins a Super Bowl as well. But I will say this… Wilson is no game manager. He makes plays. Any team in the NFL would love to have either one of these guys.

  37. Ummm. No offense to wilson cause he’s pretty good. But luck is better. Wilson just plays for a very good team. Take luck away from that team and they may win 5 games.

  38. I’m a Hawks fan and completely disagree.

    I think the thing most can agree on is that RG3rd stringer is the worst of the bunch. He was like the rotten banana in that draft year of quarterbacks it seems like.

  39. gatorprof says: Sep 21, 2014 9:56 PM

    Wilson is proven to be better, hands down: ~ 20 points higher rating (101.5 to 81.8), more TDs (56 to 51), fewer interceptions (19 to 30), higher completion percentage (63.9 vs 57.4). The only place Luck dwarfs him is in attempts (1284 to 853) and yards (8738 to 6868), but Wilson wins in avg. (8.05 to 6.81).

    When you normalize the TD and Int numbers by attempts, there is a huge difference.
    Here’s another stat for you Luck 1-0 against Wilson and the Hawks.

  40. I think both are smart, tenacious players. Either would excel with a good team around them. Which one is better will be up to history, but I would note that Marino and a few other greats have never won the Super Bowl. Mr. Wilson is starting out with an early win.

    At the end of the day, we seem to put a bit more than we should on the QB and forget that it’s really a team sport and the quality of the folks around that QB matters a lot. Like don’t bother sticking Peyton/Drew/Russell/Luck/etc out there without the rest of what you need to make a team.

    Getting the greatest QB does you nothing without the support the Seahawk’s, Bronco’s and other elite teams make sure they provide. Not easy and you need to constantly evolve to stay on top, but that’s what winning takes.

    Hats off to the Bronco’s for a good game…

  41. Hmmm. Tough call. Easy to throw in all the “if”s” about support but when you are taken #1 overall you are EXPECTED to overcome all of that and be great. Wilson has exceeded expectations while Luck has met them. You’d be stoked to have either…but advantage Wilson.

  42. Luck forces too many balls with poor judgment. He had 7 in the playoffs last year.

    He shouldnt have tried the TY hilton throw last MNF. Has to be clean. No risk.

    then couldnt complete a pass as Eagles beat Indy.

    Luck is fantastic but needs to cut down on poor throws.

    I will take either.

  43. People, remember Harris is a DB, so his perspective comes from seeing these pinpoint throws and what he really is saying is Russel is better than Andrew in terms of beating you withe ball, timing, tempo Touch, accuracy, pure passing kind of characteristics

  44. You have to love how Wilson is the “game manager” and Luck is the “gunslinger” when Wilson throws the ball 20+ yards on 16% of throws and Luck does it 8% of throws.

    Russell puts up significantly better numbers with a similar-caliber O-Line and Receiving corp. The only complaint against Russell seems to be something he can’t control and which has no relationship to his performance (his defense). Just like it used to be something else he couldn’t control (his height).

    People can keep coming up with irrational reasons to try to criticize Russell. You’re going to have to, because his play on the field is pretty tough to criticize.

  45. Russell Wilson has 50 TD passes in his 1st 2 seasons, tied with Dan Marino and Peyton Manning for the NFL record. Please show me film of which of those 50 touchdowns were actually thrown by the defense or Marshawn Lynch.

  46. What’s being lost is that the Legion of Bums totally CHOKED away the lead, and got spared the embarrassment of Manning beating them in OT by Wilson never allowing him to get the ball back.

  47. Luck is better than Wilson (aka Bob Griese with a tan). Wilson is a good QB. He would be good on most teams. But he is fortunate to play on a very good team. Same argument I think with Kaepernick. Alex Smith got about the same results as Kaepernick under Harbaugh. When you have a good defense and good running attack, it makes throwing the ball much easier. Often times, when Wilson throws his guys are wide open.

    But really, we will have to look at this 5 years from now. If Wilson’s team gets weaker and he has to carry the team, then we will know more. Right now, I think there are probably 8-10 QBs who would play on Seattle and they would still be good.

  48. I like Wilson. I just don’t think he is as big of a playmaker as Andrew Luck. Don’t give the win statistics. Wilson is not 8-0 against these elite qbs. The Seahawks are 8-0 against the teams. Period.

  49. I’m sorry but Wilson IS better than Luck. Anyone saying Luck has inferior players at the skills positions are straight homers. This dude has a QBs dream at WR, he has solid Rbs and decent TE. Wilson has subpar skills players outside of Lynch who is a bruiser. I dont even think anyone can name Seattle WR core.

  50. Some of you are silly. You say Wilson has a great defense around him but in the same breath state Sherman is a fraud.

    So what is it? Is Sherman and the LOB a fraud and Wilson is a great QB or is Wilson a game manager and Sherman, LOB, and the rest of the defense a great defense?

    Maybe Seattle is just a great all around TEAM led by a GREAT coach?

  51. luck will throw ints and sail passes. but i still love that man. he brings potential to every game. even when down 30pts. wilson never has to drag his team back. he makes almost no mistakes. they are both great. i like both guys but luck better get that lombardi.

  52. This is compatible to the Brady/Manning argument. People say Brady is better because he won 3 SBs. But odd that once his defense got old, he hasn’t won since then. So is Brady a better QB now then he was early on? Yes. So why can’t they win SBs? The team isn’t as good. Seattle has a very, very good team. Very good defense. When that defense isn’t so good, lets see what Wilson can do then.

    I will say this. Wilson runs their offense perfectly!

  53. Forget Andrew Luck. Russell Wilson was better than Peyton Manning today and last February. He is not game manager but he manages the game as well as any QB playing today. Not bad, for a too short 3rd round pick.

  54. Wilson doesn’t have to carry the team on his back the way Luck does with the weak running game in Indy. I like things about both,but Luck is my choice. He also doesn’t play with the “twelvth man” and the canned crowd noise.

  55. They are both very good. They both also seem to have good character, which is especially important for the game right now.

    I guess I’d give an edge to Luck, but frankly I’d love to see either on my team right now.

  56. Yeah, so, um, what were you saying, Panthers fans? You are the bottom feeders of the league. You make us laugh. Cam was going to burn us? Your defense was “elite.” Please spare us the extra tears of laughter. Just think about it. You do nothing right. Please, notice that for a moment. You are just something for the rest of the league to laugh at, and we thank you for that. You are pathetic. Go back in your hole where you belong. Bye-bye.

  57. A starting DB who has played against both says Wilson is better. I’ll take his opinion over a bunch of college students and insurance salesmen that comment on this site.

  58. There are some crazy people on this site.

    Luck is clearly a better player. The only thing holding him back are the Colts. They don’t put money into the interior line. They don’t run an offensive scheme that highlight what he can do.
    That being said, Wilson is not a game manager. He makes great throws and is very talented, but he is not Luck nor will he ever be. That’s not a knock on him, either.

    Luck took a 2-14 team to the playoffs and did it again last year. Yep, the AFC South sucks but outside of going 6-0 in that division the Colts also beat Denver, San Fran and Seattle.

    Does Luck float balls and make mistakes? Heck yeah, but he is not the reason they have to climb back into games, that is on the coaching.

    It’s also worth noting that this is a pointless debate because it will never end.

  59. LOL

    So Luck beat Wilson, but Wilson didn’t win the SB, the Seattle team won the SB.


    Seems like the point of QB is completions, yards per throw, points and avoiding ints.

    Wilson wins every stat.

  60. People talk in so many circles here….

    Seattles D has NO impact on Russells TD’s, Int’s, Yds, Comp pct., or qb rating. THose are the measurables, and Russell beats Luck in each.

    Little known fact about our “game manager” Russell:

    He led the NFL in comp pct. of throws over 15 yds last season.

    Higher pct than Brees, Manning, Luck, Brady, Rodgers or anyone else.

    It’s not even close. Wilson. Harris is right.

    As for Luck… and people saying he doesn’t have a supporting cast… I would say to you that Percy and Lynch are the ONLY skill positions on the Hawks offense (besides Wilson) that would be in the regular rotation in Indy. Luck has MORE wespons. And that’s not even talking about how TERRIBLE the Hawks OLine is. And, it’s BAD!

  61. I am happy as a hawks fan. We are extremely lucky to have RW.

    I like luck but it seems like the only reason he has so many comeback wins is because he alone digs them a huge hole because of interceptions on bad decisions.

    I was kind of shocked when Russell threw that pick today. So rare that he hurts his team like that.

    I think his performance in OT in one of the clutchest games of his career more than makes up for that one single mistake.

    Manning gets the ball and you never know! Russ couldn’t let manning have it back…and he didn’t. So clutch.

  62. To say Russell Wilson is a game manager is downright crazy. Yea, he does have a good defense, but he’s developed into a good quarterback and the term game manager should be in the past. Andrew Luck has more weapons than most and he too is a good quarterback, I’d have to give the nod to Wilson tho, just cause he plays his best in big games and that’s a hard to find quality

  63. It appears most of these posters don’t realize that Pete and Bevvell want a balance offense attack, which means Wilson isn’t going to put up the kind of stats that Manning, Rogers or Luck put up. But Wilson is a much more poised QB, he doesn’t get rattled emotional like Patton did in the the 1 Qtr because the game wasn’t going the way he expected to go. This is what separates Wilson from all the other quarter backs today. Wilson has great poise under pressure.

    Go Hawks !!

  64. Wait…didn’t we hear all last year (and going into this year with the loss of Rice and Tate) about how unimpressive the Hawks WR were? A bunch mid-talent nobodies. Yet now Luck fans are saying he would be better with the Hawks WRs? The O-line is suspect on pass protection and Luck would have been destroyed many times over last year and this year but Wilson frequently slips the rush and is willing to throw it away and fight another play.

    Luck took over a team that wasn’t as bad as their record…seriously, Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky as QBs ? They intentionally Sucked for Luck. Wilson came in as a third round draft pick expected to maybe be 3rd string QB and won the QB job in camp.

    Both are very good. A great time to be a fan with Wilson, Luck, Dalton, Newton, Cousins, Foles, and Bortles(maybe) and Carr(maybe) all young and improving. A lot ’83 era..we’ll see if they turn out anywhere nearly as good

  65. Russell Wilson took over a team with back to back 7-9 seasons and led them to 11-5 and the play-offs his rookie season. Why do people think the Seahawks would still be great if Russell Wilson wasn’t their QB? The might be still be good but the greatness comes from having Wilson as their leader.

  66. Career Stats

    RW- 8.03Y/A 58 TDs 20 Ints 64% 7126 Yards 101.4 QBR 1115 Rushing Yards 5 Rushing TDs

    AL- 6.8 Y/A 55 TDs 30 Ints 58% 9108 Yards 83.6 QBR 686 Rushing yds 10 TDs

    As a Broncos fan, If i had to pick between the two it’d be Wilson. Granted, his supporting cast is much better be he ALWAYS seems to make the right choice at the right time. Cant say the same about Luck. Luck might be asked to do more but thats not a good argument when you consider that Luck only ‘does more’ because he’s asked to do more.

    I took todays loss hard as hell but I respect Wilson and his game.

  67. When you compare these two, you can’t forget that Seattle plays against better defenses in the NFC as well. Wilson has put up better numbers, is 4-1 in the playoffs and has a ring. What else matters? I’d take either guy, but potential means that you haven’t proven anything. Luck has potential. Wilson has proof. Argument over.

  68. Luck took over a playoff team with great WRs. just because the Colts tanked the year to get Luck doesn’t erase their playoff year the year before with Manning.
    Wilson throws are preventing teams from stacking the box against Lynch.
    Luck’s throws prevent the team from stacking the box against his RBs and they had a RB (Brown) but hey keep giving it to T-Rich.
    I think both are excellent and it is ridiculous to try to say one is better but since it was a football player who played against both, I think he has more credence than I do.

  69. Seahawks fans always knew this, it’s just taken the media a little over 2 years to catch up.

    2012 – All the talk is about Luck & RG3…oh and this Wilson guy. I believe there were a total of 5 QBs taken before him, but the other 3 (Tannehill, ?1, ?2) dropped off the map quickly.

    2013 – All the talk is about Luck…oh and this Wilson guy who won the SB

  70. I’m definitely not a Seahawk fan, but I have to admit, when the pressure is on, Wilson is money. But I’d take Luck in a heartbeat as my QB too. Maybe its time to pass the torch from Payton Manning and Tom Brady.

  71. Is choice of facial hair part of the “makes good decisions” criteria?

    Because I know who has the edge on that one.

  72. Whah…Whahhh! If Montana..didn’t have Rice….If Big Head (Elway didn’t have Terrell Davis)…all noise. Put a sock in it!…You trolls! You work with what you have. Russell is a terrific QB and the fact he was taken in the 3rd Round says everything. These pundits and (Mike Mayonaise…yes I said it right!)….didn’t see him coming! NC State was so eager to hand over the reigns to Glennon…they couldn’t see it either! Sometimes, you get blinded by your expectations and not what’s real. Case in of my classmates was drafted by the BULLs the same draft MJ was in…and after the summer camp…he came back and said..MJs is greater than anything you read in the paper!….Was he WRONG! Russell is Special and folks need to recognize! BTW….Luck is a wonderful QB!….just not in Russell’s classs…as of yet!…Maybe!

  73. Give Seattle Oakland D and see how many games Wilson would hake won.

    Like other folks have said, it is impossible to compare the 2 players because of many factors. Wilson is lucky he ended up in Seattle. He relies heavily on the talent around him and that is why he is good. Put Wilson under center in Tampa Bay and how many wins does he have as a starter?

    Wilson does a good job in Seattle, but don’t fit him for his gold jacket just yet. Wait to see what happens there when the salary cap dries up and the talent dries up with it.

  74. I’m a big fan of Andrew Luck, but I am not going to disagree with Harris here. I’m interested in seeing how Russel Wilson’s career plays out because right now the guy is selfless and clutch. If he can parlay that into a couple of championships he deserves the recognition. Plenty of QBs have played quarterback for the best defensive teams in the league and although we remember the greatest ones, these teams have lost more than they have won. Don’t discount what Wilson is doing is all I’m saying. Winnings rings aren’t easy.

  75. Here’s what I know: nada…but come back in about seven years and I can give you a realistic opinion…coach of the year may go to Bruce Arians…I’d worry about winning the division first, Seattle fans…it’s not like you’re a dynasty…

  76. PREDICTION: Andrew Luck will NOT win a Super Bowl as long as Russell Wilson plays in this league.

    I just don’t see it happening. One number to examine is YPA. Luck relied on run after the catch at Standford and he does now. He does not throw the long ball very well. His velocity has improved, but 7 post season INTs show that his ball is in the air too long, which gives DBs time to break on it.

    Luck will be an also ran, career runner up, who just came along at the wrong time.

  77. Yesterday Luck threw for 4 TDs. 7, 6, 1, 1 yards. No TD over 7 yards? Two @ 1 yd. Hardly a flamethrower down field.

    Dink and dunk. They still count, but act like he’s throwing strikes downfield. The numbers tell a different story.

  78. Here’s the problem with “if Luck had Seattle’s supporting cast” arguments: they assume Luck and Wilson are on equal statistical footing now, but Wilson has easily outpaced Luck statistically through 35 games. Luck supposedly is surrounded by lesser talent, but it’s not like that isn’t reflected in his performance — he throws twice as many interceptions, completes a lower percentage of his passes, throws proportionately fewer touchdowns, and doesn’t throw down the field as effectively.

    So, sure, Luck has to “do more” to help his team, but he also does worse than Wilson…

    One more thing: Seattle’s pass protection isn’t actually good. They routinely put Wilson in bad positions, but Wilson is probably the most elusive passer in the league.

  79. You all have your “expert” opinions, but the article is from a Denver Safety who has played both.

    I know one thing. We would not trade Russell even up for Luck right now.

    Years from now, it will be like Manning vs Brady. They are both going to have long, successful careers.

    Go Hawks!

  80. Cliff harris is entitlted to his opinion, but if Luck and wilson keep their current pace..their final stats will be
    Luck-4900 yards, 53 total TD, 16 INt, 68%
    Wilson-3500 yards, 32 total TD, 5 INT, 68%

    Obviously you never know how they will fare in the future, but based on these stats who would you want to start a team with?

  81. Wilson doesnt get enough credit. I mean look what he has done. In 2+ seasons he has taken a below average 7-9 team and turned them into one of the best defensive teams of all time.

  82. I also cannot stand how people use rookie stats to back up their argument(for any player). Players struggle as rookies and then improve. Their first season is rarely indicative of the future.

    So, based on the past two years
    Luck-37 total TDs, 12 INTs, 5165 tot yards, 64%
    Wilson-27 total TDs, 4631 total yards, 10 INts, 66%

    Obviously as a colts fan I’m bias, but I tried to keep it statistical rather than the “If luck were on wilsons team” argument

  83. They are both great. They are both smart. They are both winners. Neither shirks from pressure situations, and both have shown late game heroics.

    My only complaint is that neither gives up on plays which causes both to take some hard hits. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching both of them do their Houdini acts where they turn nothing into something.

    My hope is that both will have long careers. As long as they can avoid injuries, they will both get better because they are intelligent, hard working, and humble. You really could not ask for two better representatives of the NFL. I wish the NFL had more players like them.

  84. Luck vs. Wilson is the new version of Manning vs Brady. These kinds of arguments are what sets apart people who believe stats show how good a player is while others believe carrying a team on your shoulders and still contending proves greatness.

    My QB Rank:
    1. Peyton Manning
    2. Tom Brady
    3. Aaron Rodgers
    4. Philip Rivers
    5. Drew Brees
    6. Andrew Luck
    7. Ben Roethlisberger
    8. Russel Wilson
    9. Eli Manning
    10. Matt Ryan

  85. As a Seattle resident there’s 2 glaring facts, that for the life of me, I can’t understand how they’re not often mentioned.

    A) Who does Wilson have to throw to? Baldwin, and Kearse. Combined they’ve not had a dozen catches in the first 3 games.

    B) Seattle’s offensive line is very inconsistent. Last year over half of the offensive line was injured for the majority of the year. That’s the line Wilson had to protect him all year.

    If I’m Luck, or Wilson, clearly you’d choose Luck’s receivers over Wilson’s. Lockette shows promise at times, but he doesn’t even start. Luck is a great thrower, but makes bone headed choices by throwing interceptions at the worst time…that surprises me for a Stanford grad…..still, I’m like everyone else, and see potential greatness in Luck.

    But Wilson, he has no star receivers anywhere on his offense…Harvin is not a receiver….heck, for he life of me, I can’t understand why he’s not thrown a simple 10 yard out when Seattle is 3rd and 10 as often as their offense is. If Wilson didn’t have legs to avoid the rush as often as he has to, Seattle would likely be 0-3 as their offense is flat out anemic, aside from beast breaking the occasional 5-6 yarder.

  86. I like both AL and RW. But if I have to choose, I’d take RW. Why? because he’s the most clutched QB and also he plays the the best when the game is on the line. I guess I just trust RW more to win me games (from a Bronco fan)

  87. This is a completely ridiculous comparison. Wilson plays with one of the best defenses in the league. Luck knows that his team cannot win unless he wins it for them. Wilson has a superior offensive line and a great running back. We have a running back who averaged 2.8 yards/carry and he is a STARTER! Luck is hit more than any other quarterback in the league and he still manages to make throws. Does he make mistakes….yes, he does. But, so would Russell if he had to face a defense that knew that he had to throw most of the game just for his team to have a chance at winning. Russell is a really good, soon to be great quarterback, but let’s get real, Luck has never had a top 10 defense to help him out.

  88. “Andrew Luck has no run game,…” – Some Colts fan

    Ahmad Bradshaw = ‘No Run Game’?!

    “… a mediocre WR group,…” – Some Colts fan

    Reggie Wayne, T.Y. Hilton = “Medioocre”?!

    “… and a mediocre defense.” – Some Colts fan

    Oh come on! Hyperbole much?! Not having the #1 defense does not = “Mediocre”.

    “Meanwhile, game-manager Wilson has the best team in football surrounding him.” – Some Colts fan

    Wish you guys would make up your minds. You guys seem to waffle between:

    “Seattle SUX!11 If not for a conspiracy of refs and NFL executives Seattle would not win a single game!”


    “Seattle is the best team in the NFL so Luck should be rated higher!”.

    You guys decide on something and get back to us.

    “Put Wilson in Indy and the Colts are a 4 win team” – Some Colts fan

    Or they are an 8-8 team or they go undefeated and win the SB…etc. etc. There are logical reasons why the future cannot possibly be predicted by anyone kiddo and even more so when you are tossing in all manner of ‘What if?’ scenarios.

  89. I find it interesting that all the Wilson supporters use facts and stats of games that actually happened to back their argument…while the Luck supporters are all about “what ifs” and hypothetical situations.

    Volume stats(attempts, completions, yards) don’t necessarily mean a good qb. They can mean your running game is terrible and you have a gunslinger OC.

    “What if Russell was the Tampa qb?” Really…you can do better. Or maybe you can’t?

    Russell Wilson is reminding me of Joe Montana more and more. The kid has a football IQ off the charts and ice in his veins.

  90. Luck is asked to do more but Wilson does everything better than Luck.

    Luck would be worse than he is if he had to play behind the Seattle O line. Wilson would love a pass blocking line as good as Indy has.

  91. Seahawks fan here…

    Comparing both of these great, young talents doesn’t make sense to me. “If Luck had that Seattle D, then…” Well, he doesn’t. “If Wilson was asked to throw for more yardage, then he could…” Well, he’s not asked to do that. These arguments are hypothetical and ridiculous.
    Harris saying, “Wilson is better than Luck”, seems like nothing more than a convenient statement following his team’s loss. Sure, it’s okay for him to have this opinion, but if the Broncos had lost to Colts, and beaten the Seahawks, I honestly believe he’d be flipping this statement in favor of Luck.
    What’s crazy to me is how “cool” it’s become to call Wilson a Game Manager. I mean, isn’t that what QB’s do, is manage games? In the NBA, aren’t point guards asked to do the same? And when a team like the Seahawks are fortunate enough to have a rabid beast in the backfield, shouldn’t they balance their attack and use said beast, versus trying to prove Wilson is capable of putting up Luck-type numbers? For the record, I’m inclined to believe Wilson could, in fact, put up those types of numbers IF his team needed him to. But they don’t, and unless you watch every Seahawks game, as opposed to only reading the stats sheet, you’re likely to have the wrong impression of just how good Wilson truly is.
    But hey, how about this… Instead of listening to me, or other arm-chair “experts” argue this point, how about we listen to the real voices of reason – seasoned ESPN and NFL Network writers and reporters, all who think the label of game manager is nonsense… or even better, literally every head coach around the league who’d be thrilled to have the Seahawks’ “game manager” as a part of their organization tell you what they think about Wilson… that’s he’s a winner, and something very special. To suggest anything different proves you simply haven’t watched enough of his performances, rather you’re following the cool club and labeling him, ironically, what he’s asked to do each Sunday.

  92. All you have to do is look at their career numbers. Passing Pct. Luck 58.0, Wilson 64.0 , TD’s/Int’s, Luck 55/30, Wilson 58/20. Yards per: Luck 6.9, Wilson 8.0, Q. Rating: Luck 83.6, Wilson 101.4
    P.S.: Watch Luck’s Int’s and then Wilson All of them! When Luck throws them, you say, how the hell did he not see that guy, or right into triple coverage!, Out of Wilson’s 20, there may not be more than 2 where you say that, he’s also had multiple Int’s where he throws the bomb at the end of the half and it gets picked off in a jump ball, and the others where it’s tipped downfield or it bounces off a receiver for a pick. I’ve watched all their games with Directv and that’s REALITY!

    Wilson is a flat out killer, when they let him go, he’s just like you saw in the O.T. against Happy Feet! He lives for the moment. The Montana’s, Bradshaws, Brady’s, Rodgers, the Great ONe’s, they had great teams behind them, so if Wilson is only as good as his team, Montana was only a reg. QB!

  93. A few thoughts: Wilson went so low in the draft only because of his height, if he were taller he’d have gone sooner. Luck didn’t turn around Indiana – in 2011, the year before Luck Indiana had the third hardest schedule in the NFL. In 2012 Seattle had the 11th toughest, Indiana the 14th toughest which with all the tying records was about middle of the pack. In 2013 Seattle had the 11th toughest schedule, Indiana the 30th (out of 32). And this year Indiana has the easiest schedule – 32nd – while Seattle has the 6th toughest and already who has the better record. Despite the tougher schedules Wilson has more wins and better stats as have been repeated ad naseum. Both are good, there shouldn’t be a need to declare one better, but I’ll take Wilson any day.

  94. AL has to carry that Colts team that has no running game or D; before he got there – when Peyton sat out – they were 2-14 and played like it. RW shined in the SB but I’d still take the guy that drop back, read defenses, and throw darts year after year.

  95. It’s completely idiotic to think that any QB on the Seahawk team will do just as well as RW because of the D and Lynch. Russell proved in the OT last Sunday that he was elite because he was the only one who could move the 80 yards either by rushing or passing by himself (in less than 1 minute) before Lynch can take over to win. In fact that superior Seahawk D was the one that gave up 17 points in the last 41sec. Wilson saved his team

  96. This is a great debate. To me there’s no question Russel Wilson is better right now. It’s the Tom vs Peyton thing all over again. Russell wins more but Luck puts up flashier (notice i did not say better) but look at how much more efficient Russell is. Just like Tom he never turns the ball over. TD/INT ratio is the most underrated stat in all of sports. The worst thing a QB can do is turn it over. Luck threw 7 INTs in the playoffs last year. Luck may get there, but for now, as many games as he wins by himself, there are just as many as he loses by himself. Everyone should realize how fortunate we are to see the Tom/Peyton era give way to the Russell/Luck era.

  97. i could care less about either QB but outside of Seattle fans you are kidding yourself if you compare Russell to Luck and currently neither is Brady or Manning so lets not even go there.

    Luck is handed the ball and told every game since his rookie year to go win the game. Russel is told not to loose the game. Russel can obviously improve and get better but I would take Luck as my next QB and so would 31 other organizations.

  98. The fact that you think, for whatever reason it may be, that Wilson “is handed the ball and told not to lose”, makes your entire comment ridiculous. I’m not taking anything away from Luck… He’s great, there’s no doubt, but make no mistake, Wilson is fiercely prepared, just as motivated and instinctually built to lead his team to win.
    And 31 other teams would take Luck over Wilson? It must be fun believing the crap you’re “making up” is true. Wow.

  99. Difficult to say. I’ve heard the reference over and over that if you put Luck in Seattle, he has even better numbers. Uh, No, actually, he has worse numbers. How hard is that to figure out? Less attempts, more running game.
    I’ve also heard it said that Seattle has a better overall team. Now that’s debatable but there is no question that Seattle has been able to acquire an hold some expensive talent because of Wilson and the Colts haven’t because of Luck. Compare the price tags of the pay of the two. Even being able to make this comparison between the two makes Seattle the winner in the deal. We are here comparing a 3rd round vs a #1 draft pick. Here’s a good question. Knowing what you know now, would you take Luck or even RGIII at their price tag or Wilson+Harvin+Lynch

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