After loss, Jaguars name Blake Bortles their starter

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The Jaguars have switched starting quarterbacks.

Blake Bortles has been named the team’s starter, head coach Gus Bradley said after Jacksonville’s 44-17 loss to Indianapolis on Sunday, according to the Jaguars’ official Twitter feed.

Bortles relieved Henne at halftime and showed promise in his first NFL regular season action, completing 14-of-24 passes for 223 yards with a pair of touchdowns. He also rushed twice for 30 yards. Moreover, Bortles was sacked just once, and he handled pass rush pressure quite well.  On the other side of the ledger, Bortles was intercepted twice, with one pick returned for a score.

Nevertheless, the Jaguars’ offense showed life with Bortles, who wasn’t at all overmatched. These factors made it an easy call for the Jaguars, now 0-3, to make the switch.

While the Jaguars made a major long-term decision Sunday, the Colts (1-2) regained their footing in the short term, racking up 529 yards against Jacksonville’s porous defense. Quarterback Andrew Luck was outstanding, completing 31-of-39 passes for 370 yards and four touchdowns.

With the Texans’ loss to the Giants, Indianapolis moved within one game of the AFC South lead. The Colts host the struggling Titans next Sunday.

23 responses to “After loss, Jaguars name Blake Bortles their starter

  1. I was so miserable at the half as this was like the worst team in the NFL but after that when Bortles entered, it was like a new ball game. The future does look promising in a way. No rb and the defense is highly suspect but the quarterback looks set.

  2. Yeah those playoff bound Jags just wanted to give everyone a head start before they unleash he’ll.

  3. Can’t judge a performance on garbage time play. Down 30-0 in the second half was usually when Henne and Shorts piled up their stats. Game is over and the other team just wants to get it over without getting hurt.

  4. So much for the redshirt. This season has gotten away from them since that first half in Philly. Bradley and his staff are fighting not to lose this team and thus their jobs now because 8410 in the last two weeks isn’t exactly going to go over well if that continues.

  5. i remember the del rio era always being nail biters against the colts. bortles is the best qb the jags have ever had. i expect a good game next time the colts play jax.

  6. Gabbert’s first game he had 83% comp rate and 103 passer rating in relief of Luke McCown. He was a year younger than Beef at the time, and had no pre season to speak of. So shaddup.

  7. This should have been the decision a the time of the draft. I’m glad they didn’t have to wait another game and took care of this issue during the game so the kid can get some snaps in. The offense was flowing nicely with Bortles under center. The kid put up over 220 yards of offense in a half. Although he threw 2 pics but he picked up 2 TDs also. Some running lanes started to open up also. The defense started to play a lot better only giving up 10 points in the 2nd half while getting a rest in between series due to the offense moving the ball and picking up 1st downs. Jags have a long way to go but at least the arrow is pointed up with Bortles under center.

  8. One half of football with two picks and Jags fans think they have the next Brett Favre.

    This kid is going to get destroyed this year with that horrible line.

  9. TGG, I respect that you feel like you’ve got to defend Gabbert (although, really, it’s easy – stand near him and he’ll just wobble into a sack), but give it up. Bortles’ stats in a *half* of football today would have tied BG’s career high in TD passes for a game and been the third-highest yardage total for his career. It’s still early in BB’s career, but it is nice to see a quarterback who doesn’t resemble dryer fluff in the pocket.

  10. I didn’t want the Raiders starting Carr and letting the line get him killed, but he’s been protected fairly well, and is getting valuable experience in yet another losing season for Oakland. Bortles needs that experience as well.

  11. TheGreatGabbert really ought to change his name to something more believable like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster.

  12. These coaches are such two-faced liars and hypocrites. They don’t keep their word and then look like complete fools when they go back on it. They said the guy wasn’t going to play this season. Now he’s starting? Bradley has no credibility whatsoever and should be fired immediately. How can you trust anything he says from this point forward?

  13. Bortles is about to have the Carr treatment.

    I’m not saying he’s not talented – but there’s so much more wrong with this Jaguars team than just QB (like the Raiders) and a switch at QB isn’t likely to help.

    I mean, the kid threw 2 picks in garbage time. What happens when folk are trying to win the game? They might regret this move and it reeks of a coach trying to keep his team from bailing on the season (too late I think) and a staff trying to keep their jobs.

  14. jacobslatter says:

    Any one else out there that think “Blake” is a really weird 1st name?

    Not as weird as HaHa or all these made up names that start with LaXYZ and DeXYZ

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