No suspension for Baker or Peters, but a “ton of fines” coming

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Despite being ejected during Sunday’s game at Philadelphia following a cheap shot that sparked a melee, Washington defensive lineman Chris Baker and Eagles tackle Jason Peters face no further missed time.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, neither player will be suspended for his actions on Sunday.  However, both face stiff fines.

And it won’t just be those two giving money to the league.  According to the source, a “ton of fines” will be levied on the players who participated in the brouhaha.

Baker sparked the fracas with a hit on Philly quarterback Nick Foles after an apparent interception.  The interception was overturned via replay review.

70 responses to “No suspension for Baker or Peters, but a “ton of fines” coming

  1. It isn’t cheap to throw a block on an interception.

    QB has to keep his head on a swivel. He becomes a defensive player in that circumstance.

  2. If Foles doesn’t want to be hit he needs to run the opposite direction. if he’s able to make the tackle, he’s able to get body rocked.

  3. Foles attempting to get to the ball carrier… If he was a guard, nothing happens. Just sayin’

  4. Peters shouldn’t be fined for sticking up for his QB. He really should be commended for such behavior. He obviously likes Foles and since Foles is a stand-up guy who will never get in trouble there obviously isn’t anything wrong with that. Anyone see Foles run and get the ball after Matthews caught his first TD? Really liked that.

  5. That was a good block. Not a cheap shot. He’s a defensive player at that point. Is there a rule that says you can’t block the qb after he throws an int?

  6. Redskins fans calling Eagles fans “classless”?

    These same fans put on womans’ dresses and PROUDLY call themselves “hawgs”?!?!

    And the name of their team is a racial slur?

    Truly an example of the pot calling the kettle…

  7. Baked SLAMMED Foles and walked away like nothing happened. He did not continue to run towards the play.. which by the way was over even IF it had been an interception as Foles was turning around to look back for other players that might have been between the hash-marks. \

    Anyone who thinks it was a legit hit was not watching the full play or the full playback. It was a cheap hit as many others were with a lot of helmet to helmet and head down “spears” tackles by Washington. I know this is a real rivalry and people love or hate either team…. but that was a cheap shot for sure.

    PLUS when Baker went to duke it out with Peters because Peters smacked Baker for the cheap shot Baker continued the cheap tactics by grabbing Peters by the face mask to man handle him.

    If the hit had happened to your team Quarterback then you would want someone like Peters standing up for him as well. Baker was wrong TWICE.. Peters was only defending his Quarterback as a good lineman should.

  8. Peters did the right thing. You protect your quarterback when someone takes a cheap shot a him. The dirtiest team in the NFL was taking cheap shots all day.

    Enjoy the losing records Redskins fans, it’s not going to change anytime soon.

  9. sweetnlow44 says:
    That was a good block. Not a cheap shot. He’s a defensive player at that point. Is there a rule that says you can’t block the qb after he throws an int?
    Yes there is a rule that describes exactly that play and makes it illegal, NFL brought it in after Hugh Douglas’ hit on the Bears in a play off game.
    Baker’s hit came after the play was done and Foles was standing almost still not making any movement towards the ball. it was a nasty hit from a nasty low class player.

  10. Totally legal hit on Foles. Who cares about the fines and elections. That is a team building moment that will be talked about all season. Go Eagles!

  11. If you actually watched the game, you would have seen that Foles was jogging, not running full speed, after the play. He saw the defender go out of bounds so he did feel the need to chase after him. What Baker did was disgusting. Redskins fans can cry all they want but Baker deserves a huge fine. Good for Peters to defend Foles.


  12. That’s what you do when you can’t get it done during normal play.

    Total cheap shot.

    It wasn’t even a turnover.

  13. Funny how Eagles fans try to claim that their qb was cheap shotted, as he was running towards the play. First, the play was NOT over when he was blocked. Second, he was not blocked in the back. Third, he becomes a defender at the point that their is a change of possession. And Peters took a shot at Baker when he had a ref in between them, and he thought he could bait him into a penalty.

    Now, please explain the late hit on Jackson AFTER he was on the ground? Also, explain the late hit on Cousins AFTER the whistle blew the play dead? By these idiot referees definition, both should have resulted in ejections. And both were done with the clear intent of trying to injure the Redskins players.

    As usual, this is how Classless Eagles fans justify supporting their classless players.

  14. Eagles fans have no right to question the class of anyone associated with the NFL. Part of me is glad they won today. If they had lost, hundreds of Eagle fans would have gone out and committed some felonies on the way home from the game, just to take the edge off.

  15. If the hit had happened to your team Quarterback then you would want someone like Peters standing up for him as well. Baker was wrong TWICE.. Peters was only defending his Quarterback as a good lineman should.
    Anybody who’s ever played sports knows that the second foul always gets the flag. It doesn’t matter what happens beforehand, or how justified you are, if you retaliate, you will get flagged– every time. Players get heated, and things happen, but at the end of the day, you just have to hope the refs saw the first foul, because they will always see the second foul. Peters’ reaction was natural and understandable, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a foul.

  16. The only folks whining about the “illegal” hit are Eagles fans. Any true fan of the game or anyone who’s actually “laced em up” knows and agrees that once the turnover happens the QB is nothing more than another defender and if he’s moving towards the play he’s subject to being blocked.

  17. “Hey idiot Redskin fans go watch the video of the CHEAP shot. Funny how every national media memeber is saying it’s a cheap shot to.”




  18. Breeland intercepted the pass (which was overturned) to the 30 yard line, however he was tackled at the 33. You can freeze the play right there and see that Foles and McCoy both stopped their progression to the ball since he was down. At that time, Carter takes a late hit on Foles who was further away from the play than McCoy. Players like Carter are not wanted in this league. I personally hope Carter gets benched because that was a bonehead penalty.

    If the situation was reversed, and Cousins was standing there, and Fletcher Cox laid into him as the play was over – what then?

    I don’t care who the teams are – If Cox did this to Cousin, I would be pissed at Cox too.

    How moronic are the fans to try and justify such behavior on the field is baffling. This is like defending a car accident where you rear ended someone. You need to have control at all times, If the light is red, STOP.

    Im not happy that Peters was tossed out, but he could have avoided that. Im surprised the Redskins didnt receive a presidental escort out of the City because EVERY fan I know wants a piece of this classless joke of a team, including their fans (Or maybe just Logical). 🙂

  19. This is great! Eagles fans crying about what they claim is a cheap hit! The fans who are known all around the league as being the most obnoxious, rude and belligerent of any fans around the league have suddenly become rule experts.

  20. If it was Brady, Luck, or Peyton …… bet he would suspended.

    But, hey the NFL handing out punishment we all know how that goes.

    What started that fight was only partially the hit on Foles. Washington came out looking like a stay cat fighting its way out of a paper bag.

    Gruden got his team all fired up for this game first by going on talk radio and suggesting there was some beef between Chip and Desean, and then by suggesting he wasn’t appreciated in Philly.

    Desean was an overpaid baby who didn’t think the rules apply to him end of story.

    Hey look I get Gruden wants his team playing with emotion, and that’s fine if they play “UNDER CONTROL” which they didn’t.

    The real problem were the refs, Washington had a horse collar, a facemask, tons of holding, some pass interference calls, late hits, a swing by DJax on a CB all go uncalled. Teams will play right to the line and when dirty shots and play isn’t called they always see what they can get away with.

    That’s OK Washington just made themselves a target.

    Circle Dec 20th I want to put up 60+ points on this garbage team!

  21. Wow what a shock A Eagles fan is happy that D Hall was hurt. I bet if it had been a Eagle who had been hurt they would be screaming about the field being awful.

  22. Hey haansel82 ,
    Cousins was flattened after a play was called dead and there was no call at all. Was that fair? Same thing, D-lineman on a defenseless QB. Nothing was called then, how do you justify that? That play very well could have changed the outcome of the game.

  23. “And why was Baker allowed to have his butt crack showing the entire game?”

    Why were you looking at butt crack?

    Nevermind. You’re a Eagles fan. We know what you’re about. We know you’d rather not watch real football.

  24. bbbmf says: Sep 21, 2014 6:48 PM

    “The only folks whining about the “illegal” hit are Eagles fans. Any true fan of the game or anyone who’s actually “laced em up” knows and agrees that once the turnover happens the QB is nothing more than another defender and if he’s moving towards the play he’s subject to being blocked.”

    Please. The only thing you’ve ever laced up is a bag of Doritos.

    Go back to fantasy football

  25. The cheap shots that Eagles fans need to be most concerned with eliminating are the assaults they unleash on defenseless fans from other teams who accidentally cross their paths on game day.

  26. As of the 2012 revision of the NFL rule book:

    Rule 12, Section 2, Article 7: Players in a Defenseless Posture says, “It is a foul if a player initiates unnecessary contact against a player who is in a defenseless posture. Players in a defenseless posture are… (as defined within (a.7) A quarterback at any time after a change of possession.”

    defined within (a.8), “A player who receives a “blindside” block when the blocker is moving toward or parallel to his own end line and approaches the opponent from behind or from the side.”

    There’s a note to see article 8(f) for additional restrictions against a quarterback after a change of possession. That says, “A passer who is standing still or fading backwards after the ball has left his hand is obviously out of the play and must not be unnecessarily contacted by the defense through the end of the player or until the passer becomes a blocker or until he becomes a runner…”

    I’m sure most of the whiners are trolls who are simply very very sore after losing such a hard-fought, dirty game against the Eagles.

    The remaining Washington fans can no longer assume ignorance.

    The silver lining is your backup QB probably just won the starting role. That is, of course, unless Daniel Snyder gets in the way of winning… yet again.

    Jerry Jones, Tony Romo & Daniel Snyder make being an Eagles fan so very satisfying.

  27. Not a cheap shot. Foles was running into the play. Therefore eligible to be hit. If you don’t want to be hit, stay out of the play. I also don’t fault Peters for coming to his defense. It was a poorly officiated game. That crew flags everything. It’s called football, not ballet.

  28. thereisnogodbiblethumpersaregutlessturds says:

    “Please. The only thing you’ve ever laced up is a bag of Doritos.”


    Doritos have laces?

  29. Hey Eagles Fans Stop whining about the Baker hit and just be grateful for the win, you were lucky to escape with a 37-34 win over a supposedly bad team. Maybe you should focus on worrying about that horrible defense.

  30. People seem to miss that Celek was hit helmet to helmet just prior to the non interception too.

    Carter took a cheap shot everyone knows it. The play was over. No one was still trying to tackle anyone because three yards earlier, he was already down.

    Jackson took a cheap shot too. Im sure Jenkins will be dealt with too, regardless of his game performance.

    And back to the Carter incident, Carter knew after the hit that what he did was wrong, watch the tape, he looks around to see who saw it and to see if he was going to be flagged. Zoom out even further and he targeted Foles. If he was reacting to the play, he would have tried to get to the pileup immediately after the hit instead of his celebration, Since Lesean was just a few feet away too, standing there because the play was OVER. When Peters confronted Carter, he immediately tried to take him down by his facemask too.

    There will be no love lost in the next rematch. I fully expect multiple fights, penalties, and another Redskins loss.

    Maybe Desean will have another excuse or fathom injury then too.

  31. The Eagles needed some touch football rules to squeak out a win at home today over a first year coach and a 2nd string QB.

    They are the most overrated 3-0 team in the league right now.

    They’ll be out of the playoff hunt by November.

  32. These are the most entertaining comments. So much bitterness which really should be directed at the refs for their inconsistency.

    I am an Arizona Wildcat which makes me a Nick Foles fan. Say what you want to knock him but the kid just seems to win and win. It kind of reminds me of my LA Kings.

    That should piss off everyone.

  33. It was called an interception on the field during play. Then replay overturns it and the hit changes and the penalty is called. Crazy. Glad Baker cleaned his clock. All you Eagle fans with your head in the clouds…come back down to earth. Were you not supposed to win this game by double digits? They didn’t even cover the spread. When you face Saints, Seahawks, Packers…you won’t come back from double digit deficits. The cream of the NFC Least. Hahaha! Chip Kelly is a fat joke that thinks his team is going somewhere.

  34. Peters did what any offensive lineman should do, he protected his quarterback. If Peters is suspended, the Eagles should move Heremanns to left tackle and sign Incognito to pay right tackle, then they will also have depth once lane Johnson does come back.

  35. Dec 20th we will be back!

    Back, with a Gregg Williams game plan.

    What Washington doesn’t understand is when we play you it’s (JAG), just another game! We can beat you when we don’t care………..but when we do care we will bring something special!

    Hall isn’t enough!

  36. Mad propps to Keenan Robinson for being the only one on that team to check on Foles after that ridiculous dirty hit. He is too good for that franchise

  37. Here’s my thoughts:
    Yes it was a cheap shot
    Yes there is a rule against it (ironically it was added after an Eagles defensive lineman delivered a vicious shot to Bears QB Miller I think 03 or 04)
    Yes there will be plenty of fines I saw a few fists thrown from the Washington side and slightly fewer from Philly
    Yes it was unnecessary as the person with the ball was down and Foles wasn’t moving towards the play at all, just watching it

    I would have loved to have seen Baker blindsided by Peters though…that’s a lot of biggun like Sumo wrestling

  38. Worth the fines. Worth the suspensions. Philly knows now they are not dealing with a weak Redskin team now. Squeaked out a 3 point win and the Skins royally beat down your quarterback. He gets to experience it all over again at FedEx. Win…loss…it is a young season and a point was made in Philly’s house.

  39. tralfaz10 ,
    Philly knows now they are not dealing with a weak Redskin team now.

    No we know we are dealing with cheap shot punks. No sacks is hardly a Beat down. He stood in and took it when he had to because he’s Tough.
    We will be ready for you next time , and You might get to experience a healthy Eagles team.

    the point I took from yesterday is that we keep pounding and don’t give up we win!!

  40. PS: props to Cousins, he is a good QB and will only get better. I hope RGIII is back for the dec. game.

  41. It was the definition of a cheap shot. The play was virtually over, and if you look, not only Foles but the players around him were all standing around. Foles was not making a play at the ball and this was an attempt to injure. Not only that, but the Skins players were aggressively spearing the Eagles with their helmets throughout the game…too much leading with their helmets. McCoy got drilled in the back while laying on the ground on another dirty hit.

  42. One more thing. ON the Cousins play, that was not a dirty hit by Cox. NO ONE heard the whistle. Did you see anyone stop playing on that play? The crowd was loud. Cousins could have simply thrown the ball into the turf. At least Cousins saw the hit coming…Foles was blindsided illegally.

  43. “Baker didn’t do anything wrong with that hit,” Troy Vincent, the NFL’s executive vice president of football operations told the Washington Post. “When you look at the rule, he didn’t do anything illegal. People can say it’s a cheap shot and you can talk about whether it might fall under unsportsmanlike conduct. But when you know the rule and you look at the play, he didn’t hit him in the head. He didn’t hit him in the neck. We looked at it. I looked at it very closely. He’s not going to be fined for that.”

    Case closed for you crybaby Eagle fans

  44. The NFL just ruled the Foles hit was legal, which is crap. Had that been Peyton Manthing or Tom “Like My Hat” Brady, they’d have thrown Baker in jail and held a prayer vigil for Manning and Brady.

  45. The NFL ruled it legal. Well then, looks like people citing the rules don’t know the rules. Then again it wasn’t on Brees, Peyton, Brady or Rogers either.

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