Seahawks beat Broncos in Super Bowl rematch


It was a lot more competitive than the Super Bowl, but the end result was the same: The Seahawks beat the Broncos.

In today’s rematch of February’s Super Bowl blowout, the Seahawks once again jumped out to an early lead and were up 17-3 at halftime. But this time around the Broncos were poised and collected, and they worked their way back into the game, forcing overtime with a touchdown and two-point conversion in the final minute of the fourth quarter.

Unfortunately for the Broncos, Russell Wilson, who had a big game, engineered a 13-play, 80-yard drive in overtime, culminating with a Marshawn Lynch touchdown run, and the Seahawks won 26-20. Wilson also threw a beautiful 39-yard touchdown pass to Ricardo Lockette early in the game, used his feet to make plays all day, and even caught a pass on a trick play. It was a big game on a big game for Wilson, a young quarterback who has already led a whole lot of big wins.

But the Broncos’ defense played well, and new additions including Demarcus Ware and T.J. Ward — who weren’t with the Broncos in the Super Bowl — have made Denver better. That’s a positive step for the Broncos.

And it’s also positive that Peyton Manning, even when it appeared he was beaten, found a way to hit Jacob Tamme on a beautiful touchdown pass to send the game into overtime. Manning found holes in the Seahawks’ secondary, it just took him until the fourth quarter to find them.

The Broncos can feel good about the fact that they went to the toughest place to play in the NFL and stood toe-to-toe with the Seahawks, rather than wilting as they did in the Super Bowl. But the Broncos aren’t yet in the Seahawks’ class.

122 responses to “Seahawks beat Broncos in Super Bowl rematch

  1. All the respect to the broncos and manning for that 4th quarter drive.

    We made too many dumbistakes that need to be corrected, however a win is a win!


  2. Great weather. New rules. Way too much room from the Seattle defense, but great drive by denver.

    The greatest REGULAR season QB couldn’t hold up. A little too late.

    Seattles offense played way too conservate in the 4th, but shredded that overrated Broncos D in overtime.

    Good game. Still not sold on denver.

  3. Everytime they show Sherman after a play, his man in coverage is pulling his jersey down with his pads over his head. Yet Sherman hasn’t been called for a penalty this year????? Sherman must be related to someone in the league office to get away with murder. Is Sherman Roders love-child? It would explain a lot.

  4. That was a good game. As a Broncos fan I was very pleased with the improvement on defense. If the Broncos can stay healthy and continue to improve they will have a shot to win it all. Congrats to the Seahawks.

  5. Is Peyton now going to try to have the NFL change the OT rules? Another big game…another big loss for Manning. Same old story.

    PS – Broncos haven’t won a SB since Capgate. Truth hurts.

  6. I think the Broncos could have pulled that out on a neutral field, and I am a Seahawks fan. However, the Legion of Boom is missing a few players so if there is a rematch in the SuperBowl, the holes that Manning found will be harder to find, but the atmosphere will not be as hostile.

  7. Great game Broncos! This is the type of game I expected Super Bowl XLVIII to be. Last team to have possession wins the game.


  8. It was a VERY well played game by both teams. Denver made a hack of a comeback, but my Seahawks prevailed. Great game!!!

    Rip up the AFC Denver and lets see if we can meet again for SB49. Good luck.

  9. What a great game. I am an impartial fan – just enjoyed the quality of the game. A couple observations:

    1. Seattle is still good. Denver is still good.
    2. LOD can be scored on. To the tune of 80 yards in 40 seconds, with key throws going against Thomas and Sherman.
    3. If this game was played 10 times, I have a feeling it would go 5 apiece.

  10. Fire Seahawks OC!! I thought they were going to open up this offense. Sick of this dink and dunk offense.

    Kind of reminds me of the Falcons last OC, Mike Mulurkey.

  11. Broncos will not hold up against teams with an high powered offense, and great defenses with great pass rushes. They barely beat the two hapless defenses in the colts and Chiefs, and lost tonight against a great defense, despite playing a great 4th.

    Sanders bailed them out big time.

  12. Russell Wilson’s ability to remain calm in pressure situations is second to none. He already has a mastery over the mental side of the QB position, and that’s what separates him from guys like griffin and Kaep.

  13. Lil home cookn from the refs. Blown call of off sides and then I’m very surprised they didn’t call hitting a defenseless receiver to call back the pick before OT.

  14. Those Broncos got what they deserved. How does it feel to get mugged and lose by 1 score
    We the colts last season were able to burn sherman with t.y.
    But for now, SEAHAWKS FANS REJOICE!!!!!!!!

  15. Broncos aren’t yet in the Seahawks class is the stupidest comment ever! The Seahawks did what they should have done they won a close game at home. If this game was in Denver, the Broncos might have come away with the W. BTW made a horrendous call by picking up the flag and saying Seattle wasn’t offsides. That play was sooo obvious that all the officials should have thrown their flags!!! I can’t believe that the official that threw the flag allowed Mr. Magoo (the other official) to convince the other ref that the player was not offsides! The offense was in moving the ball well on that drive and whatever Seahawks player it was ( I don’t remember) was so far offsides I am surprised he didn’t interfere with the ball being snapped! I am not saying that they are absolutely going to score on that drive but it is not inconceivable they could have at least setup an opportunity for a field goal.

  16. Nice face mask by Denver on the touchdown at the end of the game. CBS replay showed the offensive lineman’s turn the head of the D-lineman by grabbing his face mask. Denver was lucky on that final drive.

  17. The Super Bowl is history and the Broncos came to play. Lucky coin toss for the Seahawks. Congrats. If we get the ball in OT, you’re not so “unbeatable” at home.

    Looking forward to the rematch in the desert.


  18. “But the Broncos aren’t yet in the Seahawks’ class”

    Wait, what? This was a game in Seattle and the Broncos came back from 14 down in the fourth to send the game to overtime in which they never got possession.

    If taking a team to overtime and losing means that your not in their class then I don’t know how any two teams could be in the same class.

  19. I don’t care about either team, but it’s funny how Cliff Avril would always get flagged for being in the neutral zone in Detroit. He often lines up the same way in Seattle and it doesn’t get called.

  20. I think Denver earned some respect from Seattle and their fans by coming back in the 4th quarter and forcing the OT.

    Russell Wilson wasn’t going to be denied though. He put the team on his shoulders in the extra period.

    Maybe they will meet again on the Super Bowl. Or maybe not. But today was one hell of an entertaining game to watch.

  21. I love you Russell.

    Great game to compensate the SB, gotta give the props to Manning for the drive he pulled right after throwing an INT and to Sanders, he is poised for a breakout season.

  22. bostonian13 says:
    Sep 21, 2014 8:09 PM

    Broncos will not hold up against teams with an high powered offense, and great defenses with great pass rushes. They barely beat the two hapless defenses in the colts and Chiefs, and lost tonight against a great defense, despite playing a great 4th.

    Sanders bailed them out big time.

    Whatever helps Boston. Your boys had an awful tough time with the Hapless Raiders at your House. No worries, you still have the Red Sox, oh wait, no you don’t.

  23. Oh, let me lick your salty tears of pain Broncos fans! All that money, all those new players and you still can’t beat the Seahawks!!!!!

  24. Of all the recievers we have are 6th string WR (Walters) is out there. He should never see the field except to fair catch punts he’s not even a good returner….

  25. A win is a win but if the hawks want to repeat they will have to wake up. The defense is not close to as dominant as they were last year. But then again, they played against three good qbs so far to start the year. I remember last year they started off a bit slow and ended poorly too.

  26. Hopefully this is a wake up call to Bevell and Carroll. You can’t take your foot off the gas pedal at half time just because you’re up by 2 scores. Years of watching the Mike Holmgren coached Seahawks have taught us that. You especially can’t do it when playing against an offense like Denver’s who can put up points in a hurry. This game shouldn’t have been close. Poor coaching by the Seahawks and Wilson being off his game most of the day kept the Bronco’s in it. Good job by the Bronco’s for hanging in there. If the coin flip goes the other way, I think the Bronco’s win that game.

  27. Respect for the Broncos for bringing it today. They didn’t let getting down get to them and ratcheted up their defense for some great plays to force overtime. I don’t think either team is clicking the way they want to be at the end of the season, but they gave the Seahawks a hell of a battle. Good luck to the Broncos the rest of the season and fingers crossed for a rematch in AZ.

    Go Hawks!

  28. Dynasty? Let me get this straight. Seahawks lost to the Chargers last week, and then required OT and a coin toss to win today at home.

    They are a very good team, but I’d say one of the top 5-6 in the NFL. Hardly a dynasty.

  29. footballfan825 says:Sep 18, 2014 5:58 PM

    Broncos will win easy. Seahawks are overrated.


    Nice predictions bud

  30. hazelmn says:
    Sep 21, 2014 8:26 PM
    Dynasty? Let me get this straight. Seahawks lost to the Chargers last week, and then required OT and a coin toss to win today at home.

    They are a very good team, but I’d say one of the top 5-6 in the NFL. Hardly a dynasty.

    So, dynasty teams never lose a road game against a playoff team in the regular season? They’re supposed to go undefeated, otherwise they’re not a dynasty team?

    Not saying I think the Seahawks are a dynasty though. You have to win multiple Superbowls to be considered a dynasty. But losing a regular season game and winning a game in OT against the 2nd best team in football doesn’t disqualify a team from being considered a dynasty either.

  31. Weird observations:

    Talib with the WWE cheap shot. Should get a big fine for that.

    Don’t know why Denver fans are complaining about Simms trash-talking the Broncos…I thought he was going to run down on the field and kiss Manning. Had to mute the TV for large chunks of the game.

  32. I don’t have a dog in this hunt, but like many am not a fan of Richard “Big Talker” Sherman. Love that the 2-point conversion, a true thing of beauty, went straight at #25.

    Old Man Manning beat Motormouth Sherman. And it really wasn’t close.

    If my team can’t be in the Superbowl, and I doubt they will be, I’d really love to see this rematch. Yes, I realize that Seattle won today’s game in OT… at home…. with the coin toss win…… But if I’m Pete Carroll I’d really prefer not to play Denver a 2nd time this year.

  33. Nice win. To say that the Broncos are not in Seahawks class is pretty unfair. If that game was played in Denver or on a neural field, Denver would have won. We have a lot of improvements to make.

  34. SEA Defense wins ballgames. Russell Wilson wins ballgames. Marshawn Lynch is the best RB in the NFL.

  35. “SEA Defense wins ballgames. Russell Wilson wins ballgames. Marshawn Lynch is the best RB in the NFL.”

    Seattle’s offense won today’s ballgame. As evidenced by winning the coin toss and than having one winning drive in a sudden death overtime.

    Seattle’s defense actually got scored on twice — in the 4th quarter — with their best players on the field. Oh, and they got beat last week.

    You can beat the LOD. They peaked last January. Now that guys like Sherman and Thomas are getting paid, it is a little easier to sleep at night after getting scored on.

  36. Excellent game. Drama, drama, drama. Peyton found a way to tie it up but then Russell Wilson took matters into hi sown hands and won the game.

    If only Super Bowls were this exciting!

    Go Hawks!

  37. If this game showed anything its that Denver is CLEARLY in the same class as the Seahawks. Im big Seahawks fan here and that game could have gone either way. Denver definitely has improved since last year and if they stay healthy should roll the rest of the AFC. Honestly hoping for another rematch in the Super Bowl cause the game today was awesome! Go Hawks!

  38. As a Seahawks fan I can disagree with the last sentence. I think it’s obvious Denver has made a lot of positive additions, to their roster, especially on defense, and both teams are neck and neck. If they’re both in AZ in February, it may come down to 1 or 2 plays, or the war of attrition.

  39. Thoughts about the game…

    1) The two best teams in the NFL put on a show in Seattle. Clearly, these are the two best teams in the NFL.

    2) Russell Wilson is an elite qb. No question here. The guy knows what to do when he has to do what he needs to do.

    3) Seattle has a bullseye on their backs. Enough said.

    4) Denver is a much improved team, especially on defense, from a year ago.

    5) The best regular season game is years witnessed by the Denver/Seattle game.

  40. The non-call of the obvious neutral zone infraction changed the game … no question about it.

    Also, since when is reaching across a receivers body, grabbing his shoulder pads and dragging him to the ground NOT pass interference?


    GET THE MAN THE RING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bronco Nation

  41. As an unbiased observer I will tell you this, Seattle fans need to get used to the fact that their defensive line is going to get massively held every game and it will never be called. I am sorry but wrapping your arms around a player does not constitute a block NFL. After watching Denver hold all almost every down it is very easy why there has not been a repeat supperbowl champ for so long. I happened to catch a little of the greenbay game as well and the same thing was going on. Remember when the refs were not a major storyline when an NFL game was played? Me neither. Been about 20 years.


  42. RegisHawk says:
    Sep 21, 2014 8:04 PM
    I hope that idiot who writes for the Denver Post will let us know if that was the A-Team 😛

    I am a Bronco fan and I need to ask you to narrow that down some because all of the writers at the Denver Post would have to improve greatly to be called idiots.

  43. I’m not sure that Denver is in Seattle’s class for this reason: they stumbled on the play to beat Cover 3 when there was just 5 minutes left in the game, and required the Hawks to shoot themselves in the foot to have a shot. They tries to be physical early, and it did nothing. Is Denver more physical than they were last year? Yes, but to say they can play a physical game on par with Seattle, San Fran, etc., is not accurate. Mental mistakes let Denver back into the game (Turbin, Harvin, I’m looking at you for whiffing in pass pro worse than a rookie, and for taking a return out after straddling the side of the end zone). From a tactical standpoint, Seattle’s offense looks like it can, for the most part, do whatever it wants against anyone (though we haven’t seen the newfangled offense against one of the best defenses yet, ie, San Fran, Zona, Carolina, etc). Talib is a very good player, and you can’t really do anything about him peeling off his man as the pass is being released. Very boom or bust. He was caught a few times but also made a great play.

  44. The most amazing thing about this result is that TJ Ward didn’t appear to throw a cheap shot the entire game. Seems like he’s gotten a little gun shy since the dirty hit on Gronk.

  45. Whatever helps Boston. Your boys had an awful tough time with the Hapless Raiders at your House. No worries, you still have the Red Sox, oh wait, no you don’t.

    Yeah, but they won!

  46. bostonian13 says:
    Sep 21, 2014 8:09 PM
    Broncos will not hold up against teams with an high powered offense, and great defenses with great pass rushes. They barely beat the two hapless defenses in the colts and Chiefs, and lost tonight against a great defense, despite playing a great 4th.

    Sanders bailed them out big time.

    18 33

    It’s not like the Defense has new players except for Talib, Roby, Ward, Ware, and Miller and Harris returning off ACL injuries or anything.

    But you’re probably mad bostonian13, because a Defense without those 6 ate you and your Pats in the AFC Championship last year.

  47. Manning’s going to be haggard by week 17. The noodle is not what it used to be. Some poor passes from him today… Great game and would love to see a rematch in AZ.

  48. “From a tactical standpoint, Seattle’s offense looks like it can, for the most part, do whatever it wants against anyone”
    Hilarious. You are only one week past being completely dominated by SD and were last in third down conversion in the NFL coming into this game.

  49. It’s remarkable how Seattle can turn on their offense when they need to win a game. Today they did it in overtime. They did it in the Super Bowl the entire game. The nf champ game. Several games last year. It’s amazing. They lull you to sleep sometimes and look pretty inert. But Wilson is like Tom Brady: he generates game winning drives when the team needs them. It’s not flashy but it’s effective. And also, marshawn lynch is amazing.

  50. The Seahawks scored a touchdown before the Broncos even touched the ball. Seattle continues to cheat…

  51. That last drive by Peyton in regulation was epic Peyton. Signed, Pats fan.

    PS – How on earth where those receivers running free with no coverage when Seattle was rushing only 3? LOB…what the heck?

  52. If the Broncos didn’t get that free timeout when Chancellor nearly broke Buerle’s arm, the game would have never went to overtime.

    Don’t get too confident Bronco’s fans. A safety, interception, and a missed field goal in the second half, and you STILL lost.

  53. That Wilson is something else. Pretty hard to watch highlights that don’t even show the winning QB doing his thing.

    He threw his first INT this season and literally willed his team to a win today, but all I hear is Peyton threw his first INT in September since the Ice Age.

    They do anything to avoid giving Russell THE COMMANDER Wilson, his just deserts. Frankly, it’s a little sickening. We hear all year about the legend of comebacks by Luck and never wonder how he got behind in the first place.

    Wilson takes his team for an 80 TD drive in OT and you get crickets …

  54. waiting for all the idiots saying this was manning’s fault even though he never got to touch the ball in OT….great game, wish this was the SB.

    btw, glad to see a majority of seahawk fans are still classy & gracious in victory *sarcasm mode off*

  55. College football is still waiting for you to own up to your cheating corrupt program, Pete Carroll. You ran away from USC letting them hold the bag, but it doesn’t erase what happened.

    Every time Pete wins it sends the message that, unlike the proverb claims, cheaters DO prosper. Every time the cameras show that big cheesy grin, it reinforces that fact for our young people.

  56. Hey Broncos apologists making tons of excuses, do you honestly feel good about them? No really, go ahead and think about it. Just own it, you lost, again. The Seahawks were favored by 4, and won by 6, so it went worse than expected for you. Move on, and quit whining like a niner fan.

  57. I’ve been watching the seahawks play since 1976. the bronco fans now know how i felt when elway would start running after a play broke down. (frustrating isn’t it?)

  58. I’ll lay a bet all day, every day that the OT rules get changed by the halfway point of the season.

    Nice game, Seattle. You WON it, not megahead this and megahead that.

    “43 – 8”

  59. Broncos weren’t in the Seahawks class in February, but today they were an absolute class opponent and every bit in the same class as our Hawks!!
    Much respect Denver!!

  60. Ain’t really any power teams in AFC. Last year Donkeys thought they were best with easiest schedule. This year the Dolts have easiest schesule. Just another AFC team needing some schooling in foorball 101.

  61. Congrats to the Hawks and their fans once again. Spirited effort by the Broncos in a very tough place to play. Gonna sting for a couple of weeks with a bye next week. Wilson, Harvin, and Lynch almost untouchable in overtime drive. Much better effort/passion than in February. Next five include Arizona, San Fran, Sand Diego, and New England; better rebound quick!

  62. As a broncos fan I tip my hat to the hawks. I have much respect for that team. I had this as a loss on my schedule from day one as I couldn’t see Denver or any team going into Seattle and winning especially with Seattle coming off a loss. I am proud of the fight they put up and we have nothing to hang our heads about. Would love to see a rematch again on neutral field with these 2 teams. Clearly the top teams in their conferences. Again great game to the Hawks hope to see again. And to the Hawks fans it’s nice to see intelligent fans actually come on and show respect to the opposing team instead of the bronco and Manning haters trying to bash after a loss that wasn’t to their team. Stay classy hawks fans a good luck and good health for the remainder of the season

  63. Let’s not forget that game was 17-3 and sort of swung on a missed chip shot field goal and a safety. I saw Rodney Harrison say on the halftime show tonight that the Broncos should view this as a moral victory, but if not for 2 blown coverages on the final drive of regulation, the best offense in football would have followed up their 8 point Super Bowl performance with a whopping 12 point performance (which included a safety and a pick deep in Seattle territory to setup a short field).

    To me, Broncos fans should be disheartened by the loss given that this offense runs laps around everyone in the league but found themselves with single digit points late in the 4th.

  64. Denver Broncos still not in the class of the Seahawks?
    O come on. Broncos are the class of the AFC. Period. End of story.

    Now, just step back and take a look at the big picture.

    The game was perhaps the best regular season played in years.
    The Seahawks won because they are still the champs.
    The Broncos played close because they are still the second best team in the NFL.

    Manning is still Manning, the Legion of Boom is still the Legion of Boom, the Broncos are an improved team on defense, and Seattle is still a tough place to play.

    But Russell Wilson just emerged as an elite quarterback in the NFL.

  65. Says the Patriots fan whose team barely pulled out a win at home against a winless team with a rookie at the helm. A winning td run called back. And a rookie who went after your shutdown Revis island corner and beat him on many occasions. Oh yeah and your offensive powerhouse scored how many points at home against that team. Again pats fans coming to knock cause it makes them feel better after the game they pulled out.

  66. I don’t know what game you Seahawks and Broncos fans were watching, but I can assure you (except for the last 1/2 of 4th) that game was horribly played game! It should have been a blow out, but Seattle kept shooting themselves in the foot and I have never seen Peyton miss so many open receivers (at least in the regular season). This was not a moral victory for Denver. They played like crap…and it wasn’t always because of Seattle’s defense.

  67. Great fame! I will be interested to see how the Seahawks play on the road. They are 2-1 with two home games so far.

  68. I am a Bronco fan but it is clear that theBroncos had a bad day. The WR should have caught the ball from Peyton so although I am no fan of Peyton, the pick was not his fault. The Denver offense was off today.

  69. Hate the words Super bowl rematch. Since they are not in the superbowl then why call it that.

    That being said it would have been a more exciting SB had it been like this game.

    Just remember all you people talking trash either way, it’s not how you start, but how you finish in this game. And that was just game #3.

    I’m a Seattle fan, but glad to see Denver do some stuff.

    Good game (esp since my team won:)

  70. Anybody here who claims the Broncos defense is overrated or overspent clearly did not watch this game.

    The Denver defense single-handedly kept them in the game forcing punt after punt, an INT, and a safety in key moments. Plus they were on the field for 40 minutes.

    Yep, the defense did their part winning the turnover battle, but it was the DEN offense that couldn’t capitalize on opportunity after opportunity.

    SEA is damn good no doubt about it but the game was there for the taking for Denver. The Broncos coaching staff/game planning have a lot to answer for.

  71. Was it just me or were the refs biased for the Hawks? There were some horrible calls, most of which landed on Denver. Even Nantz and Simms commented on it.

  72. THANK YOU, THANK YOU PEYTON MANNING for that 80 yard touchdown in 59 seconds. You made my weekend so much better. I don’t care if the Broncos lost the game, the NFL really needed to see that play!

  73. All this time I thought “The 12th Man” was the moniker given to the home crowd; I had no idea it was meant for the refs…

  74. I’m a Denver fan, but Hawks are still a better team. They have a great defense that can make all QB’s work really hard. Go Denver good try.

  75. Congrats to the Packers for still being one of just 2 teams in the past 2 years to go in front of the Since ’12 Man and beat the Seahawks. Seattle didn’t beat us in 2012, the refs did.

  76. LOL @ the Manning apologists and a few Bronco fans complaining about the overtime rules and Peyton not getting the ball.

    Of course when Tebow benefitted from the very same OT rules to beat the Steelers the rules were fine.

    Funny how that works.

  77. The fact that the Broncos were in the game even with the offence stinking till the 4th quarter proves that they are in Seattle’s class, to say nothing of the fact that Seattle won in OT at home. Anyone who comes away from that game thinking that Denver is not in Seattle’s class, or that the Broncos cannot beat them, was not paying attention.

    The other factor was that every poor call went Seattle’s way, and they were huge calls: the non-call for offsides, after one of the officials actually did call it, was the most obvious head-scratcher, and was big because it would have allowed a drive to continue. Also, on Peyton’s INT, Earl Thomas flattened a receiver who was nowhere near the ball, and that went uncalled. It obviously would have negated the interception and allowed THAT drive to continue.

    Again, the Broncos need to execute much better on offence than they did in the first three quarters, but when you consider the tight result in the wake of such glaring mistakes by the officials in Seattle’s favour, Denver is definitely in the Seahawks’ class.

  78. A Hawks fan observations of y’day’s game:

    Seattle had one QB sack all day. The defensive line pass rush this year has been, at best, weak. Clearly the D-line is weaker than last year.

    Seattle’s O-coordinator is flat out predictable to defend against. How many times did Seattle have a 1st and 10, and on 1st down they attempted to run the ball up the gut? Every time in the 2nd half the result was no gain, or the offense lost yardage. Seattle threw on first down 1 time. If you as a Defense know for a fact that the Offense runs the ball on first down virtually every series it’s only downs 2 and 3 you have to prepare for. So much for a newfangled offense from Seattle this year. Who by now doesn’t know the Harvin jet sweep isn’t coming? Seattle’s OC needs to go imo.

    Seattle’s right side DB’s, the nickel back and Maxwell simply can’t cover premiere receivers. They got ripped by SD, and now Denver. All teams know where to attack the Seattle Defense…that will be the script all season long.

    Spare me the talk of dynasty….last year was just that. Seattle needs to get an offense, and quick, for in the 2nd half, Seattle’s offense was non existent…and if Seattle thinks that type of non-productivity will win them games, that OC and Carroll or deluding themselves.

    Final question? Speaking of the Refs…How does a passing power house like the Broncos, who had virtually no run game y’day, throw that many times in a game and not ONCE are they flagged for a hold?

    Answer that question haters….

    I’m not convinced Seattle has a superior team this year….Seattle has a very long way to go and holes to fill before I’d rate them as a superior team. That’s reality.

  79. Very interesting game for both sides. As Seahawks fan, I feel pretty good about a few things:

    1. Defense held Manning and Co. to 3 points until Darrell Bevell tried to be cute in the 4th quarter and gave up a safety and a very short field on a pick. The Defense was lights out for 3.5 quarters (Arguably as dominant as they were in the Superbowl).

    2. Denver is improved on defense. However, they should get better as Von Miller gets healthy (he’s obviously not 100%).

    3. Not seeing the dominant pass rush from Ware yet.

    4. For all the Sherman haters, the extra point catch by Thomas was against zone coverage. Sherman was right there but it took a miraculous catch by an All Pro WR. They throw that play 10 times and it’s incomplete on nine of them. The dude is extremely good, deal with it.

    5. The Seahawks would be lost without Marshawn Lynch. The front office is undervaluing him big time.

    6. Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett are getting held at times (has happened in all three games). Difference between this year and last is that the other interior lineman are not getting home against 1:1 matchups like last season thus far.

    7. Seattle’s secondary needs to seriously put in some work against the stick route. Gates and now the Broncos have shown that it works against Seattle’s Cover 3.

    8. Russell Wilson is an ELITE QB. He put the offense on his shoulders in OT and won the game as he has shown he can do multiple times in the past (playoffs as well as regular season).

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