Bisciotti says no one at Ravens will lose job

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Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti met with the media on Monday, roughly 15 minutes after the Ravens disseminated a thorough, detailed response to the ESPN report accusing the Ravens of mishandling the Ray Rice case.

The press conference would have been a lot more efficient if the release had come earlier.  At one point, Bisciotti reminded someone off camera that Bisciotti had suggested sending it out sooner.

As to the Rice situation, Bisciotti said plenty of things.  Most importantly, he said that no members of the organization will lose their jobs as a result of the Rice investigation.

He also attributed much of the ESPN report to sources with ties to Rice, and the agendas that naturally flow from it.

“The majority of the sources are people who work for Ray,” Bisciotti said.  “It’s Ray’s attorney, it’s Ray’s agents, and Ray’s friends.”

Bisciotti attributed the comments to a simple motivation.

“They are building a case for reinstatement,” Bisciotti said.  “The best way to build a case for reinstatement is to make everyone else make look like they were lying.”

Bisciotti also pointed out that ESPN worked on the report for 11 days, but gave the Ravens only a couple of hours to respond to ESPN’s questions before publication.  He questioned whether ESPN was even concerned about the team’s position, claiming that co-author Kevin Van Valkenburg teased a “bombshell” report on Twitter before the report was published.

Bisciotti also disputed the notion that he offered future employment to Rice as “hush money” aimed at getting Rice to go along with the notion that Rice had lied to the team about what he did.

Bisciotti vowed that changes will be made if/when future situations like this arise in the future, and that he harbors no animosity toward the league for its handling of this situation.  But he said that, if the league handles a similar case in the same way in the future, he’d lose faith in the league’s ability to address such issues.

88 responses to “Bisciotti says no one at Ravens will lose job

  1. Nor should they. This is all ridiculous. I wish the media would focus a fraction of this witch hunt at the state’s prosecution, you know, the ones that are supposed to deliver actual justice.

  2. logicalvoicesays says:
    Sep 22, 2014 4:31 PM
    Stuttering Steve is a a a a a liar liar liar. He’s sttutering every sentence!!!! Thank God I dont have this liar as my team owner! Disgrace to Maryland! #HTTR


    Biscotti make Synder look like a saint, wait on second though both are scum.

  3. How about starting “”? That way this site can get back to talking about things that have to do with the actual game on-the-field.

  4. pft would do itself a favor to report on the entirety of the owners comments – which are still on – before posting it’s “highlights”. the title of this report alone is to invite ridicule. so much for actually listening. way to keep your eye on the ball pft…

  5. The Media should lose their jobs.

    I despite the Ravens when it comes to football, as I am a bengals fan.

    I am sitting here watching this presser and I have become a fan of Stephen Bisciotti.

  6. He clocked his girl … In an elevator, escalator, in his car, on a hot air balloon, on a pony ride, it matters not… He beat up a woman… Simple as that, let your soul wrestle with that fact Bisquits

  7. Is this ever going away?
    He punched her.
    He should be in jail.

    The NFL made a mess of this.

    So did the Criminal Justice system.

    Learn from the mistakes and lets move on.

  8. All this outrage for Biscotti and Goodell does nothing, Take your rage to the legal system that dished out less punishment than Goodell from day 1.

  9. hey logical hows that trade working out for RGIII
    YOUR OWNER IS THE BIGGEST JOKE OF THE LEAGUE. go back to that rock you were under.didn’t miss your #$% one bit.

  10. Whatever happened to the classic cover up?
    You blame one person as completely responsible and fire them. It makes for great office politics and the incident is forgotten as “the problem was solved.”

    This way, saying everyone was responsible, means the whole organization screwed up. Doing that always lays the responsibility on the man at the top.

    It is best not to try and cover it up at all. Just admit they all tried very much to help Ray Rice as much as possible and it almost worked.

  11. The whole Baltimore front office are a bunch of slimy, lying rats. Those guys are the scum of the earth and Bisciotti is the worst of all of them. That guy probably leaves a grease stain wherever he goes.

  12. To all the morons/hates who are calling for people’s jobs. I am sure you never made any mistakes where you worked. B/c they should fire you if you did and disregard years of loyal service.

  13. Nor should they. This is all ridiculous. I wish the media would focus a fraction of this witch hunt at the state’s prosecution, you know, the ones that are supposed to deliver actual justice.
    I guess you missed the part of the initial report that it was the Ravens management who talked the AC prosecutor into going easy on Rice.

  14. I love how Ravens’ fans are now crowing (pun intended) that ESPN is wrong because Biscotti says they’re wrong…uh-huh…interesting.

  15. Dick Cass was the top NFL attorney (he handled the sale of the Redskins to Snyder) before he was appointed Ravens President. He is the brains behind burying the elevator video for months, just as he has been the brains behind protecting all current and former Ravens who got into snafus. Dick’s knowledge of the legal process and his relationships with key persons of influence in Baltimore is the real story. Bisciotti knows he must protect him.

  16. Bisciotti reminded someone off camera that Bisciotti had suggested sending it out sooner.
    Oh BS, the guy owns the team. Owners don’t suggest things, they order it done. If all you’re gonna to bring out is some “he said/she said,” if you and yours hadn’t already been caught lying multiple times by multiple different sources already maybe you’d have the credibility to get the benifit of the doubt. You and the NFL haven’t had any credibility in this case since the original suspension.

    Sorry but most of us have this rule about not believing liars.

  17. Don’t know what Rice is trying to do with the agressive defense for his actions. It certainly isn’t going to get him “back in the league sooner”. More likely the opposite effect. He’ll become Radioactive Ray Rice around the NFL.

  18. Hmm, still lying after all this seems not too smart. The sham continues with Goodell and Bisciotti carefully getting their stories in order on the links.

  19. The issue here is that the media is offended that the Ravens & NFL were not offended enough when they saw the tape. The Ravens would obviously have a biased opinion given Ray was a good employee & friend for many years. Huh, weren’t offended enough….this is ridiculous.
    Where does it end for the #offendedmafia ???

  20. Oh look at all the raven fans who want this to just go away…..they won’t let Bountygate or Spygate go away and it’s been a decade, but they want this to disappear….”let’s move on” for them, but for nobody else. When the owner said “If I have to sell the team,then I sell it, I don’t work much anyway.” What a POS.

  21. As no one should. The media wants another head besides Rice’s but sorry, they’re not giving into media bullying.

  22. As a Ravens fan, I can tell you that I was much more offended at the lie that Ozzie told us when he drafted Kyle Boiler and said that he was going to be a franchise QB.

  23. Here is how we can find out what Goodell is made of.

    He should take the team away from Bisciotti — just like the NBA did to Sterling.

    The entire Raven organization needs to be held accountable. The owner Bisciotti, the president Cass and GM Newsome have to be fired. Clean house

    Only Harbaugh can stay.

    If the Ravens had done the right thing, this never would have gotten to Goodell for him to screw up.

  24. Time to boycott ESPN and their sponsors. Tired of the media whipping the uneducated masses into a frenzy just for ratings. No consequences for the media when they are wrong, they just move on to the next victim. Every NFL fan should be worried about the power the media hold. It could be your team next. As Biscotti said, how many people do you think will start using false accusations as extortion knowing the media will run with it before due process. Dangerous world we are living in when the media becomes the judge, jury, and executioner.

  25. The best part is when Biscotti shows verbatim his texts with Ray. Not the version reported in the article.

    E – Exaggerated
    S – Spin
    P – Pretend
    N – News

  26. ray rice should have decency and go to jail in the first place as supposed to drag everyone else along with him. what a pathetic woman beater!

  27. I think the Ravens and the NFL have handled things horribly. But what is with the media’s bloodlust for people to lose their jobs? And did’t Ray Rice lose his job already?

  28. Good. I hope people apply this entire fiasco to their line of work. Imagine if some dude working in a different part of the business than you did this and you heard something about it. All you did was talk about it, but hey apparently you knew and thus must be fired. It’s a sad day when employer policies carry more judicial weight than the laws of the land because of public opinion. Voice that opinion during your local elections and get new prosecutors, DAs and judges. Protest when a sleazy or lazy gavel banger gets appointed.

  29. Bisciotti, Newsome, Harbaugh and all the suits were all meeting about damage control…then a light bulb went off.
    “Let’s blame everything on Ray. He’s already in trouble, so no one will believe him”.
    (Meeting adjourned)

  30. Of course no one isgoing to lose their job because if they did they would be the “scapegoat” get angry and start spilling the beans on what really probably went on behind the curtain. This way, everyone keeps their job , hunkers down and waits for this to blow over. Then it’s business as usual again.

  31. This guy thinks because his fans will believe anything he says that the rest of the country is dumb enough to buy it. Fine him and take away a few draft picks, then maybe he will understand that he’s not invincible.

  32. The video from inside the elevator was not meant to go public. Many of the so called reporters have seen it yet they chose not to talk about it on TV. Thank you TMZ for outstanding efforts of actual reporting. It is sad we are relying on a gossip website for real information in this day and age.

  33. as a browns fan its hard to say this… steve nailed it! its about time someone calls out the agents. and to cris carter, what makes you think the owners owe the players rehab? did goodel teach rice how to beat up women? these men need to take responsibility for their actions. the nfl is not kiddie daycare.

  34. Bisciotti lobbied the NFL for a light punishment just like he successfully lobbied for favorable schedules (plenty if home prime time games) and favorable travel schedules.

  35. No one in the Ravens’ organization should lose his job for this situation. It’s been messy, and in some ways, it’s been mishandled. But the bottom line is that an individual employee abused his wife. That’s not his coach’s fault, his GM’s fault, or the business owner’s fault. It’s his fault.

    These things happen in companies across the country every day. The only reason it’s making news is because the employee is an NFL star, and the incident was splattered across television and computer screens nationwide. If the NFL can implement policies to help their players become better people on and off the field, that’s great. If the NFL recognizes from this that the Commissioner should not have unilateral power to enforce the personal conduct policy–or other player-related policies–that’s awesome. But in the end, this is still about a few players among many who’ve done bad things in their personal lives.

  36. I have never searched for video of this incident. Never clicked on a link. Only saw it because the demons at ESPN realized it’s money making potential.
    They do not show 911 footage anymore…but show this personal event as part of news. Really.

  37. Ray Lewis and his posse would like to have a word with those key parties involved in the cover up.

  38. Most of the rebuttal is about shades of gray. But there’s one clear point that, to me, undoes either the reporters or the Ravens: John Harbaugh claims he never said Rice should be released when the initial video surfaced. ESPN claims 4 sources corroborating this fact.

    How could Harbugh possibly think he could deny saying Rice should be released after the first video? Answer, he couldn’t. But those “witnesses” ESPN claims had knowledge sounds like their knowledge was second-hand. Which is called ‘hearsay’ in court and disallowed in even rudimentary investigations. ESPN’s got some ‘splainen’ to do here.

  39. The Ravens organization has always had a hard time practicing culpability. They did build a statue for Ray Lewis, after all.

  40. Steve Bisciotti is a total scumbag, complete liar. On his best day…he is a used car sales manager. This whole fiasco is a joke. The other owners are a bunch of scumbags if they don’t stand up and bounce Rodger the Dodger, and the entire group of clowns running the Ravens. All a bunch of bumbling idiots that make the league, the game and all the good people involved look like idiots.

  41. Its the coverup that always bites you in the a$$ when you weren’t the one that actually committed the crime, just ask Richard Nixon. They all knew, the Ravens and the NFL right from jumpstreet. Didn’t need ESPN making crap up to know this either. 13 million is a lot of money to lose, hence lets play hide n seek. I don’t think firing anybody else at this point is going to make anything better. Ray Rice WILL beat on either his wife or some other woman in the near future unless he gets serious help. The next day “gee I’m sorry honey, I’ll never hit you again” story every abused woman has heard before is always a lie. Move on Ravens.

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