Dolphins won’t commit to Ryan Tannehill as starter

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Well, this should be a fun trip to London for the Dolphins this week.

During his press conference today, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin refused to commit to former first-rounder Ryan Tannehill for their game against the Raiders at Wembley Stadium.

After some early hedging, Philbin was asked specifically if Tannehill would start against the Raiders.

We’ll decide our game plan before we leave to play Oakland,” Philbin replied, via Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post.

The No. 8 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft — selected by a guy who no longer works there — Tannehill has slumped this season.

Tannehill helped them to a win over the Patriots in the opener, but his numbers this season are well off his previous pace. He’s only completing 56.5 percent of his passes, and his passer rating his declined each week to get him to 74.1 for the year.

The option is Matt Moore, and Philbin did everything he could to provide no clarity. Asked if the two were competing this week for the job, Philbin replied: “we’ll utilize the players the best way we see fit.”

Tannehill has shown flashes of competence, but nothing about him suggests that he’s going to be anything more than an average NFL quarterback, at best. Moore has shown similar flashes, and lighting a fire under the starter can’t hurt at this stage.

71 responses to “Dolphins won’t commit to Ryan Tannehill as starter

  1. Tannehill isn’t playing well, he’s regressing, and he doesn’t look like he’s the answer long-term. That said, Matt Moore has no upside and doesn’t offer much more than Tannehill. If Philbin starts Moore than it’s a desperation move knowing this year is his last shot. Tannehill should start the rest of the season and the team can go from there.

    It looks like the Dolphins are destined for mediocrity again this year. I’m hoping for 1-15 and a top draft pick. Mediocrity only means Philbin will be back next year and he should have been fired at the end of last season.

    I hate being a fan of this team. What a joke.

  2. Coach Philbin is on the hot seat. Tannehill’s regression is beyond concerning.

    Bill Lazor can’t seem to provide the same coaching to Ryan Tannehill that he did to Nick Foles.

    Welcome to Miami, Jameis Winston.

  3. This is not Tannehill’s fault. It is Miami that drafted him at 8th. The guy is a back up QB at best. And if Winston is there, I would hesitate on him. That guy in South Beach would be a disaster. Hopefully somebody else snags him. But yes, Miami needs to drat a QB every year until the hit the right one.

  4. I’m no dolphin fan so I could be off on this but I truly believed Tannahill still has promise. When he is good he is pretty good, and though he was drafted way too high he still would have been a second rounder regardless. Dalton and Kapernick are pretty good second rounders as well… what I think they should do is bring in a good young qb to compete with Tannahill. He had no competition for his job, and one thing I know is competition breeds greatness. Maybe try and grab cousins from the skins instead of blowing another first round pick on one.

  5. Its coaching.

    If Marc Trestman can turn Josh McCown into a serviceable player in this league, that’s where the problem is.

    McCown is crap now of course…

  6. ravens2xworldchamps says:
    Sep 22, 2014 1:55 PM
    EJ Manuel is better than Tannehill

  7. Sometimes a journeyman backup has a good handful of seasons as a starter once he’s older and more mature. I think of a guy like Rich Gannon.

    Sometimes though, a journeyman backup gets his shot as a starter and completely blows it. I think of Josh McCown.

    Which sort is Matt Moore? Unless he’s become more cerebral and less of a gunslinger, he’s more of the McCown variety.

  8. instead of blowing another first round pick on one.

    They have spent one first round pick on a qb since Marino. I gladly blow a few more to try and find the right one. Great qbs rarely come in later rounds

    EJ Manuel is better than Tannehill

    Have you watched either of them play? They are the same qb both of whom will not be starting in the NFL in 2 years. they are equally as bad.

    Welcome to Miami, Jameis Winston.

    I might stop watching football if the dolphins draft that clown. Would be an awful mistake.

  9. I am confused considering the Dolphins fans thought he punched his ticket to Canton in Week 1…

  10. Ive been posting this for years – usually getting modded because of how frank I am.

    Tannehill is terrible…. just terrible.

    He has no feel for the position, probably because he didnt play it until mid college. The whole organization from top to bottom has been fired just to deflect from how bad the QB is. His 20% completion on balls thrown over 20 yards makes signings like Wallace moot. Ive always loved the Phins but since Ryan got there, I dont even care anymore.

    Oh yeah… bad woner too. 20+ years of being a Phins fan… not anymore

  11. Oh how far the mighty have fallen. Tannehill was going to be the next great QB just a few minutes ago. Hate the fish but even I don’t wish Philbin on your fans – hopefully this is the last year you will need to endure this pain.

  12. That loss is on the coaching staff not Tannehill. Lazor was supposed to be committed to the run and it work in game one again New England. then when Moreno went down they gave up on the run. Miller was averaging 7.7 yards a carry until his last fourth down carry yesterday and yet they still had Tannehill throw the ball 43 times. I don’t understand it. it was a six point game I’m the fourth quarter with about seven minutes left and they just gave up on the run. no one deserves the blame more than the coaching staff

  13. Talking about yanking your starting QB three weeks into the season, without any injuries, is very rarely a good sign.

    I haven’t had much chance to watch Miami play this season, so I’ll leave it up to the homers to hash out if it is Tannehill not getting it, if it is the O-line not taking care of him (like last season), or if it is the receivers not getting the job done.

  14. Tannehill was terrible yesterday. He overthrew, fumbled, got sacked and when you cannot get 1 yd 4 times, that’s tragic. The coaching sucked at times too, so put Philbin right on the hot seat also. It doesn’t matter if Matt Moore plays in London, after watching yesterday there is no way he could be worse. That was the worst game at Dolphin stadium we have ever seen, and there have been some bad ones. Tannehill is NOT the answer to this now. He’s into his 3rd year, dreadful.

  15. p8riotdynastylives says:
    Sep 22, 2014 2:40 PM
    but there gonna win the division….haha

    You can laugh all you want but the patriots got spanked by a below average team and had trouble beating the Raiders at home. So enjoy the slow path back down to mediocrity that the patriots have enjoyed for the majority of their existence.

  16. For a college WR, he’s a decent QB. At least the Dolphins can fall back on their Dion Jordan pick.

  17. Luckily they traded up in the draft to pick a superstar and the anchor of their defense for years to come, Dion Jordan. So the Dolphins aren’t a COMPLETE trainwreck!

  18. well, it helps if the dolphins know how to protect their qb better. even if tom brady in there with that protection, it’s likely going to be same result.
    how about dolphins probably won’t commit to philbin?

  19. The Dolphins would be better off if he sucked every week. But, he keeps showing flashes of brilliance which only confounds the situation.

  20. This is the same answer Philbin gives to every question about the roster. They’ll have the best 46 guys out there – how many times have i heard that?

    This week it just happened that Armando Salguero decided to promote himself further as “(self described) world’s greatest dolphins reporter” by trying to make it look like a QB controversy.

    Why replace a young, seemingly average QB with a veteran, unquestionably average QB?

    Let Tannehill play. If he face-plants, they will clean house at the end of the year. Putting in Moore resolves nothing.

  21. No jchipwood, look above at all the Dolphin fans quitting on the season hoping for another opportunity at the top pick in the draft. Miami fans have gotten used to mediocrity that has been a part of your franchise since Dan Marino retired.

  22. Well, it’s 3 games in and I was laughed at and called crazy when I said that this year will be the year for determining the fate of both Tannehill and Locker.

    I didn’t say they would fail, only that both teams should have drafted QBs this year, just in case. Now both are wavering. Now for sure both teams will draft QBs next draft regardless of how this plays out.

  23. Tannehill folds too easy under heat. When he has time, he can make all the throws. Dolphins receivers lead the league in drops … Let’s not forget that either. My prediction – He will start this week and play well. Pouncey also returns soon which helps him even more.

  24. Tannehill is not a bad QB. He is just playing like he is afraid to make a mistake. I’m sure part of that is due to the pressure of the coach’s job (and his own job) being on the line. Let the kid go out and play. He needs to take some calculated risks but he won’t as long as the coaches demand their system be executed their own way regardless of what the defense shows or does. He has the ability. He has the personality to lead. The system is not good if it does not take into account the players’ individual talents. Philbin’s style is very similar to Jim Mora’s when he was with the Saints. He never wants to go out and win the game. He is more concerned with a mistake that loses it. Get rid of the unnecessary conservative mentality and go full out to win the games. There is the possibility that you get blown out due to mistakes, but there is just as much chance of scoring big. Before you bail on Tannehill, take off the training wheels and let him go after it. If he fails then, so be it. I like Moore but he is not the answer. He is a fine backup but he won’t be any better than Tannehill has been so far this year. If Philbin benches Tannehill now, he should not remain as coach after this year.

  25. Wouldn’t had to draft Tannehill if they drafted Ryan. Wouldn’t had to draft Ryan if we signed Brees. And the story goes on and on.

  26. Two things I question is what was the purpose of hiring Dan Marino if he’s not going to coach or give more of his time to this kid and two if the kid is this bad how did he get named team captain?

  27. EJ Manuel played his 11th professional game yesterday and was 18 yards off Rivers mark. The O and D line didn’t play very well yesterday for Buffalo. All young teams drop an egg at least once a year. To compare EJ to Tannehill at this point shows who knows nothing about football. EJ will be a star. He’s already showing acceleration in his game. In 3 years, EJ will be the best QB in the AFC East. Tannehill will be on his 4th team…….maybe. Philbin will be a trivia question. EJ is already the 2nd best in the East.

  28. Next headline: Dolphins won’t commit to Joe Philbin next year.

    He shouldn’t even have a job this year. The clueless buffoon should have been fired after the bullying scandal.

  29. It would be ridiculous to bench Tannehill. First of all, what is the upside of starting Moore???

    Furthermore, let’s not forget that, 1. Tannehill is learning a new offensive system for the first time since high school, so there were bound to be some growing pains, despite the fact that he has shown flashes of brilliance in the past 2. The Dolphins lead the NFL in dropped passes. 3. Miami once again abandons the run despite the fact that it’s working. 4. While improved, the O-line is still without its best player. 5. Where the hell has Charles Clay been?

    All I’m saying is that there are bigger problems beyond Tannehill, and Philbin benching him for a career back-up gunslinger would be akin to admitting that he has no real answer on how to fix his team. It’s an unnecessary panic move. Miami still has a pretty good chance to turn this around. 1-2 is not the end of the world.

  30. haywoodjablomee says:
    Sep 22, 2014 3:42 PM
    Wouldn’t had to draft Tannehill if they drafted Ryan. Wouldn’t had to draft Ryan if we signed Brees. And the story goes on and on.
    It’s not hard to have 20/20 hindsight. The best QBs in the league are all in a good system that highlights their strengths. Brees is a prime example. The Chargers thought he reached his ceiling (and his injury was concerning) and they wanted a new QB. In NO he is great in Payton’s system. If he were to play in the system in Miami, there is a good chance that he would have sucked. Belichik’s system is great for Brady but if he were Miami’s QB last year (behind that o-line) he would have been far worse than Tannehill. The key is to adjust the system to the talent of the players but way too many coaches try to adjust the players to their system. Look at how many college QBs are awesome (Heisman winners) but stink like hot garbage in the NFL. They didn’t all of a sudden suck. They sucked in the system they were ordered to execute.

  31. This is very unfortunate news. As a bills fan, it was nice to finally have a qb in the division who the bills destroyed every year

  32. finsbooyah says: Sep 22, 2014 3:55 PM

    It would be ridiculous to bench Tannehill. First of all, what is the upside of starting Moore???

    One of the best written comments I’ve seen in a long time. I especially liked No. 5. Where the HELL is Charles Clay???

    I would add 6. If Kevin Croyle’s defensive scheme of putting the league’s best pass rusher into coverage wouldn’t have been attempted then they might not have had to 3. abandon the run even while it was working and averaging 7.0 yards per attempt.

  33. I love all of the Patriots fans crowing like they didn’t almost lose to a terrible Raiders squad and did lose to a terrible Dolphins team.

    Your team is mediocre as the rest of the AFC East.

  34. What trips me out about my phins, is these guys say they practice so hard and are all about the team, then game time comes and they play like a high school subpar football team. And they practice?????… What is it these guys are practicing, Seattle must be practicing much harder or perhaps these players are just coached better. PHILBIN, who I happen to like as an individual, definitely is so mono tone and unenergized that I’m guessing he’s not the motivator that Ross envisioned. The Philbin mystique and power seems about gone and it stinks cause, like the guy, but we need Hans and Fran’s ……

  35. What an overreaction by the Dolphins.

    No wonder a playoff berth has become like a Super Bowl for them. Are you not Marino? Benched!

    And I’m far from a Tannehill fan, he is average, has his moments but has a problem at underthrowing receivers.

  36. TheDPR says: Sep 22, 2014 2:16 PM

    Sometimes a journeyman backup has a good handful of seasons as a starter once he’s older and more mature. I think of a guy like Rich Gannon.

    Sometimes though, a journeyman backup gets his shot as a starter and completely blows it. I think of Josh McCown.
    Gannon and McCown both had Trestman coaching them.

  37. Obviously pats fans are still butt hurt after getting their butts kicked by Tannehill and the Fins. Hahaha. There is a better likelihood the Fins will improve rather than not, so don’t write them off just yet. That said, it was a very poor showing offensively, and the defense gave up to many third downs at critical times.

  38. catquick says:
    Sep 22, 2014 3:49 PM
    EJ Manuel played his 11th professional game yesterday and was 18 yards off Rivers mark. The O and D line didn’t play very well yesterday for Buffalo. All young teams drop an egg at least once a year. To compare EJ to Tannehill at this point shows who knows nothing about football. EJ will be a star.

    You my friend are a typical delusional Bills fan. EJ has been playing qb his entire life. Tannehill was a reciever up until 3 years ago. If you watched the Bills game yesterday and saw a star in the making I want some of what you are smoking. Neither one has any accuracy, pocket presence, or the ability to manage a game. The only difference right now is Dolphin fans are starting to realize it when they should have last year. The bills have started to see it this year and will be looking for a qb next year as well. 2nd in the afc east is nothing to hang your hat at. You are comparing your qb to a bunch of future back ups/out of the league in 4 years guys. So good luck with that.

  39. This is not difficult to figure; Joe Philbin knows he has to win this season. Tannehill was a stretch due to his former college coach Mike Sherman, who became the Dolphins OC anointing the QB to his starter status. Matt Moore will replace Ryan and win for the Dolphins it’s that simple. Sherman is no longer with the Dolphins after being fired during the off season.

  40. I have been frustrated by Tannehill but he isn’t getting much help to improve his confidence either. The o-line is still giving up too much pressure and the offensive scheme doesn’t seem to be moving the pocket or rolling him out to buy time and take advantage of his athleticism. But his pocket presence is still horrible and his deep ball isn’t improving. But if they bench him and say that he isn’t the long term answer then this team goes back to square one, Moore isn’t the answer either which means they have to find another QB in the draft and is there another QB in this years draft that doesn’t have just as many issues as Tannehill???

  41. I think Tannehill gets 1-2 more games before they switch to Moore.
    Benching Tanne would do him some good — even though he’s very aware he needs to get better, he’s always been given the keys every year, every game. It’s time for him to fight for the right to start, it might make him see the bigger picture with his flaws.

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