Whisenhunt: Jake Locker has right wrist injury

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The Titans’ starting quarterback has an injury to his throwing arm.

Quarterback Jake Locker has an injured right wrist, Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt said Monday, according to the club’s official Twitter feed.

Locker had an MRI on the wrist on Monday morning, Whisenhunt said, according to the club. The Titans’ head coach indicated it was not yet known whether Locker would be able to play Sunday at Indianapolis, Jim Wyatt of the Nashville Tennessean reported.

Charlie Whitehurst is the Titans’ backup quarterback.

Locker completed just 17-of-34 passes for 185 yards with no TDs and two interceptions in Sunday’s loss at Cincinnati. He also rushed six times for 50 yards. According to Whisenhunt, Locker was having trouble getting a grip on the ball at game’s end because of the injury, the Tennessean reported.

The Titans (1-2) are one game out of the AFC South lead.

19 responses to “Whisenhunt: Jake Locker has right wrist injury

  1. Now that the league has clamped down on head shots and knee shots, the quarterbacks throwing hand and arm have become the spot marked by the “X” for defensive players. Those injuries are proliferating.

  2. Start Zach Mettenberger for the Titans before the season gets out of hand, he is the star Quarterback of the future, former LSU Tiger.

    I have no idea what Jack Locker’s problem is, but the last two games he can not hit wide open receivers and only completes around 50% of his passes! he overthrows receivers regularly and looks uncomfortable in the pocket like he lost his confidence sometime during the Dallas game before this Bengals loss.

    The bad thing for Locker is he is in a contract year, since they didn’t pick up his 5th year option, so Locker and the Vikings Ponder both drafted in the Top 10 three years ago may be free agents at the end of the year.

    I believe Zach Mettenberger is the answer, he has the arm, and he has the pocket presence and talent to be a star in this league. He is the opposite of Locker. Go Titans Go!
    —signed — Titans Fan Dan

    —-Titans Fan Dan

  3. Jake Locker hope you heal fast hope its nothing serious jake is a fighter and all you wishy washy titans fans make me sick are you the same fans who thinks vy is the goat. Jake this is your time to step up and show your toughness like mcnair did!its time to step it up boys take care of the Colts sunday! TITAN UP!

  4. The refs where a joke in that game so many late hits on locker it was unreal there where two late hits out of bounds no flags! the nfl is getting close to the nba in the refs control who has the advantage from the start!

  5. Also enough with the “were only behind 1 game”, doesn’t matter, watching the games shows just how far the Titans really are from greatness. Even though Colts in my opinion are not a very good Football team, they have enough to easily handle the division. The schedule the rest of the way is a lot harder then people think especially now based on our recent play. Eagles, skins(with cousins),Jets, Colts (Twice), Baltimore, and Steelers are all better teams then us and I’m pretty sure Browns are too. Texans , jags and giants are the only Teams as of now I think we could beat and that’s a stretch.

  6. Y’all get off Locker. It’s not all his fault. Begals D was great, no WRs open, poor pass protection, and even worse play calling from Whiz led to the lose yesterday. Not just Locker.

  7. Cybersqueak , as I agree the play calling was bad yesterday and can also agree the Bengals have one of the best defenses in the League you can’t look passed the fact that Lockers accuracy is beyond terrible. I don’t blame whiz nearly as much as I do Locker, how can you properly call a game when your Quarterback can’t move the chains by hitting his weapons. Yes there were drops yesterday and it was a Team Loss, But you can’t win football games the way he played the last two weeks. I don’t care if we had the Seatle defense , when you don’t score points you can’t win. I stop counted at 5 the amount of passes Locker missed.

    I was a big fan of Locker from his play at Washington, and when the Titans grabbed him I was ecstatic . Four years in today’s NFL is a long time to prove your worth, a lot more then other coaches and players get. Locker has been given every chance possible and although injuries played a part, it’s football and that stuff happens. It’s time we shed the Munchak era and move on.

  8. So who is to blame for that horrid decision to pass at the end of the first half? Can’t blame the wrist being bad on decision making….Also, wouldn’t a sore wrist account for balls being underthrown, not overthrown??

  9. Start Zach Mettenberger ASAP, he is a future star in this league, Mark my words… Go Titans Go!
    —Titans Fan Dan

    P.S. Sorry Jake but the Quarterbacks who become stars in this league….are a rare commodity… Good luck ! You had your chance… Time to move on…

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