Buccaneers sign WR Louis Murphy


The Buccaneers are bringing back a wide receiver whom they released just before the start of the regular season.

The club has re-signed receiver Louis Murphy, a sixth-year pro from Florida, the team’s website said Tuesday. Murphy, 27, spent the preseason with the Bucs, but the club released him one day before the opener vs. Carolina.

Murphy (6-2, 200) has hauled in 121 passes for 1,744 yards and eight touchdowns in regular season stints with the Raiders (2009-2011), Panthers (2012) and Giants (2013).

To make room for Murphy, the Buccaneers waived wideout Chris Owusu, a third-year pro from Stanford. Owusu appeared in the Buccaneers’ first three regular season games, catching two passes for 20 yards.

14 responses to “Buccaneers sign WR Louis Murphy

  1. As long as Lovie Smith is in charge, it doesn’t matter who you bring in to catch passes. I tried telling you in the preseason, Lovie Sucks… As evidenced by Thursday nights beat down. Pathetic head coach. But at least you’ll have the #1 pick in next yrs draft.

  2. Mike Glennon is just so much a Better option at QB.

    But because Lovie brought in his own guy. Going to him will seem like a failure on his part.

    Ego has been the downfall of many men greater than lovie.

  3. Going to Glennon would not look like a failure on Lovies part considerin he has repeatedly refered to him as his QB of the Future. That statement in itself says he would end up going with Glennon eventually.

  4. So the Louis Murphy era begins in Tampa. Hit the road with your underachieving, lackluster 2 catches and 30 yards per game, VJax–there’s a NEW sheriff in town.

  5. The Steelers are favored at home against the Bucs by 7.5. Take the Bucs and the points.

    Last week against the Panthers was the perfect storm for the Steelers that will not be repeated all season.

    The Steelers will not get seven points on an opponent’s fumbled punt or have Bell run for an 80 yard gain and Blount for a 50 yard gain in the same game or have an opponent’s offsides penalty on a field goal attempt turn three points into seven.

    Plus the Panther defense played Big Ben all wrong. You DO NOT play top heavy and prevent the deep ball. You jam 15 in the box and STOP THE RUN and make Big Ben beat you with his arm. He WILL NOT do it. He will throw for some yardage but his missed throws and sacks are absolute drive killers. Big Ben DOES NOT put points on the scoreboard. Big Ben cannot throw deep. Witness DHB against the Panthers open by a good 20 yards until Big Ben crazily underthrew him and to the inside. DHB got the pass interference penalty but it should have been a super easy touchdown.

    If the opposing team wants to win all they have to do is put the ball in Big Ben’s hands.

  6. If Lovie would have slipped Bill Walsh a mickey and gotten him to trade Jerry Rice in his prime, it wouldn’t have made a damn bit of difference. WR is not the problem. The O line could go to the HOF for turnstiles, the backup RB has butterfingers, QB job should have been a COMPETITION from the beginning but I’m not sure anyone on the team knows the meaning of that word and somewhere Greg Schiano smoking cigars that he got in Tampa and will be for years. Perhaps I should be grateful, they say time goes by more quickly the older you get. I think it’s gonna be a long year for Buc’s fans.

  7. citizen, Ben can’t read your comments, blinded from the shine coming from his 2 SB rings.

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