Jeff Tedford given indefinite leave of absence from Bucs


The Buccaneers were hoping offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford was close to a return.

Instead, there’s no way to know when he’ll be back.

Via Pat Yasinskas of, the team has given Tedford an indefinite leave of absence.

Tedford had a heart procedure before the start of the season, but had returned to work on a limited basis. He’s been around the team, but quarterbacks coach Marcus Arroyo had called the plays the first three games.

Coach Lovie Smith had said that Tedford hadn’t experienced any setbacks, but he clearly needs more time to get himself well.

35 responses to “Jeff Tedford given indefinite leave of absence from Bucs

  1. Wow. There are a couple teams this year that just seem to be under curse. The Bucs are definitely one, and the Vikings being another. Hope things work out for Tedford.

  2. willycents, Lovie isn’t calling the plays. Their QB coach has been filling in as offensive play caller while Tedford is out.

  3. So another mysterious situation in Tampa and not being honest with with the media.

    Who is going to be hung out incorrectly for this one like they hung out Schiano, incorrectly for the Freeman fiasco.

    Did anyone ever figure out what happened about the MRSA and did Nicks have a serious toe problem when he was signed and that the kicker was infected when he arrived in Tampa.

  4. As a Chicago Bears fan and a Cal Golden Bears fan, Tampa is an interesting team to me because it is coached by the two former coaches of my two favorite teams. I was always more of a Tedford fan, though, for the way he turned around the Cal program after he inherited a team that had just gone 1-10 and turned it into a nationally recognized team that churned out some of the best NFL players in the league today.

    He should get his health in order 100% and forget about the Bucs for now.

  5. Clearly there is a coverup going on here. Where is the outraged, angry mob? Are they coming for Lovie or is this Goodall’s fault, too?

  6. anybody who thinks Lovie is not behind the game plan and plain calling is clearly living in dream land. just look at how many oc’s he had with the bears and you will see it they all were the same except for martz who’s offense just sucked since it wasn’t 1999 and the bears did not play on turf. my point is it was always run the ball and throw short passes no matter who was the oc. it is going to be a long year for you buc fans just accept it as he will not change.

  7. Get better, coach!

    Unrelated, I’m starting to think the Glazers sold the team’s collective soul to the devil when dealing with Al Davis and the Raiders to acquire Gruden. This team is truly cursed.

  8. Something’s are are more important than football …..

    Like getting Mariota …0-16 here we come !

  9. Caoch Tedford, get well soon so that you can spend quality time with your family. Football will always be there…….thank you for all the great work you did at Oregon!

  10. Cursed isn’t the word. Frankly, I can’t think of one other NFL team in their history that has had such a complete absence of a dynamic player at QB. And I don’t just mean athletic QBs, I mean lack of upper tier QBs, whethering athletically, passing or otherwise. I defy anyone on this page to come up with the name of a NFL who has fewer quality QBs in their history than the Bucs. Its a shocking collection of underwhelming QB play, aside from Doug Williams, and obviously Brad Johnson in the SB season and his play was by no means dynamic that season.

    Bucs cannot draft offensive players well. They can’t identify talent on offense and that problem crosses multiple regimes.

  11. Goodell’s reputation repair goon squad getting so desperate to expunge the sins of their dear leader by bringing into a discussion about a coach that just had major heart surgery is about as low class as it gets.

    Hope Tedford comes through with a full recovery. Being away from a hyper-high stress gig like coaching in pro football is the right decision. Lovie Smith needs to stop living in 2006 and adapt his game to 2014.

  12. Q: Why is there a team in Tampa?

    A: The fact that football in Florida that is played on any level, be it Pop Warner, High School or college by Florida citizens is far superior to football played in Pennsylvania is why we have football in Tampa, Florida. There are 186 Florida boys playing in the NFL vs. 58 boys from Pennsylvania playing in the NFL. That is more than 3 times greater, and thus proving that Florida is superior to the inferior Pennsylvania football. That’s not my opinion, that’s the opinion of the NFL. USA Football and Sporting News are the sources of that info.By the way, the NFL goes back to the early 1900’s and Pittsburg stunk and didn’t win anything until the 70’s. Pittsburgh wasn’t even a part of the original league of football. They didn’t help create anything. They are imitators, not originators.

  13. Lovie is going to fire him before he even gets to really be part of the teams losing. I will bet that Lovie is not enamored with the system and will come out in the near future saying they are going in a different direction.

  14. “I defy anyone on this page to come up with the name of a NFL who has fewer quality QBs in their history than the Bucs.”

    Allow me to introduce to you the Baltimore Ravens QB history:

    1996-1997: Vinny Testeverde 8-20-1
    1996-1998: Eric Zeier 3-4
    1998: Jim Harbaugh: 5-7
    1999-2000: Tony Banks 11-7 (thanks to running game and defense, but he never passed for more than 2200 yards)
    1999: Stoney Case 2-2
    2000: Trent Dilfer (7-1, but because he DIDN’T pass that much and handed the ball off all the time and the defense.)
    2000-2003: Chris Redman 3-3
    2001: Elvis Grbac (8-6 but threw more INT than TD)
    2002: Jeff Blake (4-6)
    2003-2007: Kyle Boller 20-22
    2003, 2005: Anthony Wright: 7-7
    2006-2007: Steve McNair 15-7, but was clearly done at this stage of the game. Couldn’t throw the ball 20 yards down the field.
    2008-present: Joe Flacco.

    Wasn’t until Flacco got here that we had some stability and talent under center.

  15. man if i had a heart procedure and saw the bucs played on Thursday, i wouldn’t want to go back either. the Bucs already throw in the towel man.

  16. You can try to defend Pennsylvania football all you want. I have heard numerous college football recruiters and analyst say that they want players from Florida, Texas or California. I have NEVER, EVER heard a college football analyst or recruiter on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC or ESPN say that college football programs are seeking out a pipeline into the talent pool known as the high school football players from Pennsylvania. The reason why is because the citizens of Pennsylvania are inferior players and coaches when compared to Florida. Don’t take my word for it. Take the NFL’s word for it. There are 186 Florida boys playing in the NFL vs. 58 boys from Pennsylvania playing in the NFL. You want to call that a wash? Don’t make me laugh. I am talking about the citizens knowledge of the sport of football and citizens ability to play the sport. When is the last time a team from Pennsylvania won the National Championship in either high school or college? From 2000 – 2013 the state of Florida has won the National Championship in high school football six times and Pennsylvania has won it zero times. From 2000 – 2013 the state of Florida has won the National Championship in college football four times and Pennsylvania has won it zero times. The high school players are all residents of the state. The college teams in Florida have a vast majority of their players from the state of Florida. Obviously the state of Florida has great football knowledge, ability and passion. Professional teams are not representative of the populations knowledge, ability and passion about the sport. High school and college are. Pennsylvania isn’t even in Florida’s class when it comes to football. Put a product that we Floridians can respect and we will go. Otherwise we will continue doing what the state of Pennsylvania can’t. Producing awesome football players with our residents who are players and coaches. Florida = Football. Only Texas and California can say that as well.

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