Jerry Jones: Morris Claiborne isn’t what we hoped for


In the 2012 NFL draft, Cowboys General Manager Jerry Jones traded both his first-round pick and his second-round pick to St. Louis to move up and draft cornerback Morris Claiborne with the sixth overall pick. So far that’s not looking like a great move.

Jones says he still has hopes that Claiborne is going to turn out to be a very good player in Dallas, but he admits that through two-plus seasons, Claiborne hasn’t been the player the Cowboys believed he was when they pulled the trigger on that trade.

“Is he what we had hoped for at this point when we drafted him with the sixth overall pick, giving up the [second-round] pick to go up to the sixth pick to get him? No,” Jones said on KRLD-FM, via the Dallas Morning News. “But he’s going to be a good player.”

Claiborne had a late interception on Sunday against the Rams, but St. Louis quarterback Austin Davis was also picking on Claiborne all day until that point. Claiborne has to play better than he did on Sunday.

The two picks the Cowboys traded away turned out to be Michael Brockers, who is now starting for the Rams at defensive tackle, and Alshon Jeffery, whom the Bears drafted after a trade with the Rams and who has become one of the best young receivers in the NFL. Jones probably wishes he had stayed put and used those picks on the same two players, rather than using both picks to get Claiborne.

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  1. He probably would have used those picks on draft busts knowing his track record.. No assurance that he would have drafted Brockers or Alshon…

  2. bbbhaaaaaahahahahhaha

    maybe you should fire your lead scout and the GM that jumped up to the top 5 in order to select the guy..

    what a jerk to spout off about a player who he picked, a player who he put the spotlight on by drafting him so high..

    well played.

  3. Man, Jerry Jones should be pissed at whoever made the stupid decision to trade up and draft that guy.

  4. Well Mo, the only thing you can do is go out and disprove him. You’re not what ANY Boys fan hoped for.

  5. Taking defensive backs at the top of the draft is risky / foolhardy. The league is full of these choices who turned out to be just guys.

  6. Jerrah talk to the Vikes, we can give you a deal on a slightly used RB.

    Cough*with some off field issues*cough.

  7. In 02 and 03 they drafted Williams at 8 and Newman at 5….since then they’ve drafted 21 DB’s. I’ll let the jury be out on the last 2 drafts so that takes out 4 from the 21, 17. Scandrick, drafted in the 5th in 2008, is the only one worthy of note and it’s not exactly a great note. That means he’s whiffed on 16 DB’s over 9 years and the one “hit” isn’t anything special.

    Maybe Jerry just isn’t a good evaluator of DB’s?

  8. I remember when the Vikings had the first pick that wasn’t going to be a QB and the whole debacle of Kalil, Blackmon or Claiborne. It looks like none of those guys have been great. Preferably I wanted us (Vikings) to trade down and collect picks for the rebuilding project and take Michael Brockers and maybe take a gamble of Cordy Glenn in the 2nd round. I guess we did get a great safety in Harrison Smith, but still if Kalil doesn’t show up, we wasted a great pick.

  9. Is there a CB plying well this year? Supposedly every star (potential or otherwise) CB in the league is playing poorly. Might the NFL have tied secondary’s hands a little too tightly the last couple of seasons n the hopes of generating more scoring and more entertainment?

  10. Trading top picks and selecting a CB to play in a defense that he isn’t suited for. Good call.

    It isn’t like the Cowboys would be lighting up the league with Dez Bryant on one side and Jeffery on the other.

    The good news is that instead of making those picks he would have traded up to grab Stephen Hill and drafted Brandon Weeden. LOL, it would suck to have Weeden on your team, Dallas fans.

    …wait a second.

  11. so easy to second guess trades, etc two years later. Everyone agreed Claiborne was a top 10 pick and if Dallas didn’t trade up to 6 to get him, someone else would have taken him around the same spot. Guy was a beast in college just hasn’t turned out well due to skill and injuries.

    Many other draft picks have worked out really well for JJ but lets throw mud at him for making a pretty minor risk on a high draft talent…

    oh, and I bet the Rams didn’t wish they drafted Bradford #1 a few years before and gave him about $50M guaranteed. that was an even bigger mistake, but lets pile on the Cowboys.

  12. That’s something JJ did and Claiborne didn’t have anything to do with that process but to call the dude out like that because JJ made that call isn’t legit at all.

  13. How could saying that help his team. Don’t embarrass players in the public. Cut them or tell them they need to take less money, try to correct them in practice and in the office. All fair game. Saying something negative publicly about an individual can’t help the Cowboys.

    I’m sure Claiborne will be unhappy and start thinking about a trade.

  14. goooooobrowns says:
    Sep 23, 2014 11:42 AM
    Is there a CB plying well this year? Supposedly every star (potential or otherwise) CB in the league is playing poorly. Might the NFL have tied secondary’s hands a little too tightly the last couple of seasons n the hopes of generating more scoring and more entertainment?


    Such a good point.

  15. Well, pretty much all the draft analysts thought Claiborne was going to be a star. It’s not like this was some wild pick out of left field, like taking a guy in the first who almost died on the field the previous year in college, and who most analysts had somewhere between the 4th and 7th round.

    So far, Claiborne hasn’t worked out, but half the first round never works out in any given year, sometimes more. In that draft, after Luck at 1 and before Kuechly at 9, you can make a case that each of the selections was WORSE than Claiborne at 6. A few of them are no-brainers.

  16. I don’t care if you’re the owner or GM you don’t make comments like that about your players. Excelling is so much much about confidence and Jones took a shot a the guy he drafted still early in his career.

    You can’t just throw a man CB in a cover 2 zone scheme and expect him to excel. Revis is one of the best Cbs in football but look how bad he looked at times in the wrong scheme.

  17. After Luck, the top of that draft turned out to be mostly terrible.

    2. RGIII – Worse than the guy they got in the 4th round.
    3. Trent Richardson – Almost as bad as Eddie Lacy.
    4. Matt Kalil – Went from Pro Bowl to turnstile in 2 short years.
    5. Justin Blackmon – Out of the league
    6. Morris Claiborne – Not what we hoped for
    7. Mark Barron – Pretty good so far
    8. Ryan Tannehill – About to lose his starting spot

  18. Yoda’s evil twin Jerry is back to using his version of the Jedi mind trick. Easier to say Claireborne is not the player they hoped he would be than to admit responsibility for another bad pick.

    Anyone watching Claireborne’s first two or three games knew or at least suspected he would be shakeup. It took Jerry three years.

  19. This is what happens when you use a high draft pick on a guy who was an absolute mess in college and who was a one year wonder surrounded by NFL players playing against college kids. He never proved himself over a few years.

  20. Speaking with less inhibition than in the past is a side effect of strokes and mini-strokes. I don’t remember Jerry being as off the wall in the more distant past as he has been the last couple of years. I seriously wonder if age is getting to him.

  21. Sounds more like an excuse for why you are such a lousy team. What excuse will be next? It starts at the top!!

  22. This guy is simply amazing. Only Jerrah can crush the spirit of one of his own players while simultaneously doing essentially the same thing to any potential future trade value of that player…

  23. by the way in todays NFL, you hope your first rounders are pro bowl guys. Out of that entire first round there have been only 6. But yea, its Dallas.And even some of those pro bowlers are going bust ( RG-RIP and Doug Martin.)

    But yea…. Dallas.

  24. ‘The two picks the Cowboys traded away turned out to be Michael Brockers, who is now starting for the Rams at defensive tackle, and Alshon Jeffery, whom the Bears drafted after a trade with the Rams and who has become one of the best young receivers in the NFL. Jones probably wishes he had stayed put and used those picks on the same two players, rather than using both picks to get Claiborne.’

    Yeah. I bet he wishes. Cowboys are going nowhere again in a bad division that barely plays defense.

  25. Its tough picking a CB from college that will translate to Pro bowler in the first round of the draft.

    Have you guys checked out rookie CB Kyle Fuller for the Bears. That kid is impressive so far. 3 INTs and 2 forced fumbles. He’s done that in less than three games. (ps Im not a Bears fan) That kid seems to get “it”.

  26. @skawh- it want a future first, they swapped first rounders and jerry traded the second round pick in that draft. Funny thing is everyone in the draft had this kid rated to be a stud. Unfortunately for Dallas he turned out to be a bust. Sick of hearing about jerry and draft day bust- Dez Bryant stud, tyron smith stud, Mo Claiborne bust, Travis Frederick and Zach Martin leading the number 1 running game in the NFL. Jerry is an idiot but the last 5 picks despite Mo have been money.

  27. ESPN predicted the Bucs would take him at #5. Everyone predicted he would be in the top 10. But let’s not let facts get in the way.

  28. How much of Jerry’s comment has to do with the fact that it’s a contract year for Clayborn? Bet he’s just trying to drive the price down. Why else would he say something like that about one of his own players, even if he felt that way? I smell a rat.

  29. you win some you lose some.. He also traded out of the first round to get extra picks 2 years ago and ended up getting Travis Frederick late in the first round (damn good center) and Terrance Williams (pretty good #2 WR). So you cant say that he is that bad at draft day decisions. He also got a 3rd round pick out of that but I cant remember who it is

  30. Dallas, Ft Worth, and Arlington deserve JJ and his mastery of football.

    I wonder what the odds are that the Cowboys wind up with famous Jameis next year. He should fit right in with that circus.

  31. It’s the trading up part that should get the GM fired in this case.

    The back story here is that Claiborne is a whiner as well. It’s been tough love all pre-season. They’re building their talking points to fire him or trade him for very little.

    One more tweaky injury and he’ll be gone. It’s a Bobby Carpenter sized draft mistake, frankly much worse given the costs. I would still rank the trade to Detroit for Roy Williams as the worst JJ move ever. If Claiborne wasn’t so frail he could be a better player where as Carpenter and Williams were DOA. The pressures of Dallas, lost confidence are big contributors. Teams will definitely go after him for a second chance just as JJ went for R. McClain.

  32. Claiborne looked very average at LSU his last season before being drafted. It is weird Jerral Wayne Jones is calling out a player. Usually he is praising players and coaches he shouldnt i.e. Romo & Garrett

  33. Reports were that Claiborne hadn’t even talked with anyone from the Cowboys organization up until that phone call.

    Claiborne is one of those people (like Jameis Winston), whom you can pretty much sum up by listening to him for 2 minutes.

    Good thing Jones made up for that by picking the steal of the draft, Gavin Escobar. He was on nobodies radar and didn’t even believe his agent when he got the call.

    Jerry Jones as GM….not even once.

  34. This makes the pick of Brandon Boykin all look so much better. Best CB in that draft and he was drafted 4 rounds after claibust. Go Birds!

  35. It’s rather silly to even begin to suggest that Dallas would have taken Jeffrey with its 2nd rounder, given that Jones admitted between days DURING the draft whom he would have taken instead: Bobby Wagner.

    It’s also rather silly to play the hindsight card here. Caliborne was universally regarded as one of the 5-10 top players in the draft, and by taking him Dallas seemingly filled what had been a major trouble spot. When it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out…even the most talented players get injured, and sometimes a player isn’t what he profiles to be.

    Meanwhile, why does everyone overlook that Jones said he would have taken Wagner? LB wasn’t seen as a need (though it turned out that it was soon set to be) and Wagner wasn’t especially highly regarded, so you can trust that Jones would have been ripped pretty hard had he actually taken Wagner. But just as Jones had Navarro Bowman rated higher than just about any other team in the NFL did, he had the right idea there too. Remember that next time you want to declare Jones to be “the new Al Davis”; Dallas is well over .500 over the past 9 seasons, and has plenty of talented players, but it always manages to fall short…i.e., it’s a solid, but flawed, franchise (but still better than a large number of the rest out there). He makes plenty of good decisions, but tends to then undo them with poor ones.

  36. The last 18 seasons were not what we had hoped for Jerry–please shut up. –lifelong Cowboys fans

  37. The 4 he got on the wonderlich test should have been evidence enough of that, Jerry.

    How does Jones not realize what a buffoon he is? Everybody else in Cowboys nation does!

  38. I just want to point out that Morris Claiborne scored 4 out of a possible 50 points on the Wonderlic test.

  39. I hate the Cowboys and laugh when Jerry makes a mistake but I gotta admit I thought Claiborne was gonna be a stud. Idk if it was just bc he played across from Patrick Peterson and had Mathieu in the same secondary, but I really liked him at LSU. I’d like to see him get a chance on another team but yeah, up to this point it’s been a big waste of a top 10 pick.

  40. I say a majority of these deals where teams trade away their best draft picks for a couple years for the marquee star player don’t work out…look at the REDSKINS do you think they are happy with trading all their picks for RGIII at this point? Most deals when you mortgage your future ….for a Star…blow up in the teams face later

  41. Raiderfans know how bad our team has been for a dozen years, but we also know our GM and know our plan: clear bad contracts off the books, fix the dead money, build thru the draft, will take time and patience (and probably a new coach), but we know the plan. Dallas has no plan, just more bad contracts, more dead money, and more bad drafts – we already know where that leads.

  42. Damn. That is a bad trade and draft when you put it that way. Not to mention the kiss of death from the man himself, “But he’s going to be a good player.” Claiborne is surely doomed now.

  43. Funny, he was awesome at LSU. Could it be that the cowboys suck? Let’s blame one player for the whole suckage of a team. Yeah, Jerrah, that works!

  44. Come to NOLA Mo. We’ll give you some good gumbo to get that nasty Texas taste out of your system!

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