Joe Philbin again declines to name Ryan Tannehill the starter for Week Four

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On Monday, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin declined to say that Ryan Tannehill would start at quarterback against the Raiders in London this weekend and that guaranteed he’d be asked about it again on Tuesday.

Philbin didn’t change course when the inevitable question came. Philbin said, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, that the team would play the “best 46” against Oakland and that the team’s coaches would take this week’s practices into account before making the call between Tannehill and Matt Moore.

Dolphins players don’t seem to be buying into the uncertainty at quarterback. Salguero reports that it “seems obvious” to several members of the team that Tannehill will remain the starter this week.

That does seem to be the likeliest outcome. Making a move to Moore at this point would strap Philbin’s future as the team’s coach to Moore’s performance, which is at least as risky a proposition as moving forward with Tannehill and comes with the added demerit that Tannehill hasn’t progressed nearly as much as the team would have hoped under Philbin’s tutelage.

That said, Tannehill hasn’t played well enough to have the job on lockdown and there’s no reason for Philbin to try to make him feel otherwise going into a game that would deal a serious blow to both men if the Dolphins fall to 1-3.

45 responses to “Joe Philbin again declines to name Ryan Tannehill the starter for Week Four

  1. Hope the Phin Phans enjoyed their week one Super Bowl win. Problem is, the hangover has lasted at least two weeks.

  2. I don’t really care who the Dolphins start….but this brings up the London game which makes me wonder why in the heck they have a game there.

    Have there been any Brit NFL players? How could there even be any?

  3. Philbin isn’t a NFL head coach. The owner blew it bad hiring that loser. He belongs in HS some where in the midwest. Maybe there they would listen to this clown.

  4. Going to Matt Moore is a huge mistake, you stick with Tannehill for the rest of the season and see what you have. I’m a long time Dolphins fan but even I know this team is not a Super Bowl contender right now, not saying we’re not going in the right direction bc I think we are. We are one season away from one of the worst GM’s Ive seen in a while ( well maybe Raiders are wost). It’s not like Tannehill is getting a lot of help out there, we lead the league in drops and our O-line is still a work in progress although they have been much better than last year. Tannehill does miss some passes and does have some accuracy issues but at least he seems to know where to go with ball and thats much better than I can say about Moore. He also doesn’t turn the ball over like Matt Moore does so I think Ryan gives us the best chance of winning right now, I do believe we are a playoff team but WR’s, RB’s and TE’s need to CATCH THE DAM BALL.

  5. Hey philbin… Maybe we as fans decline to name you the coach for next weeks game! Quit coaching scared!

  6. Groganshero Yea us Fins are pretty pathetic,hard to believe the Patsies couldnt even handle a team thats been blown out by KC & Bills. If we ever get a QB we can compete again

  7. I’m honestly shocked that this is even a discussion. Tannehill is, or at least will shortly be, an excellent quarterback. Granted, I’ve only ever seen two or three Dolphins games, but from what I could see he’s got every ability to be a successful franchise quarterback. Benching him would break the back of his entire career.

    Benching a young guy because he has no line or receiving targets is absurd. Give the kid ten halfway-decent guys around him then judge his ability to lead an NFL franchise. Throwing away the no. 6 overall pick so that Joe Philbin can keep his job for another year or two is unfair to the franchise, fan base and most of all, the kid himself.

  8. Maybe fix all the other problems first and that will sort itself out. I think Tannehill has it, the rest of the team, not so much.

  9. I think there have been 3 Brit players- Okoye for the 49ers; John Smith who was a kicker for the Patriots in the 1980s; and Owen Gill who was drafted by the Seahawks in the 2nd round in the 80s. The last 2 were born in UK but grew up in US.

    About as much success as US soccer players in the UK but that didn’t stop you getting a World Cup.

  10. Tannehill has been off to say the least but still good enough to beat Tom Brady and his Patriots.

  11. I feel for Tannehill. The kid has never had a decent pass protecting o-line. The RB’s and TE’s are horrible in pass protection and his receivers are leading the league in drops. How can any quarterback be evaluated fairly in that situation. As far as “ball location” give me a break. NFL wide receivers are supposed to be the best in the world. If they can’t catch a ball thats a little behind them or a little high they don’t belong in the league. If it hits you in the hands and you drop it its on you not the qb.

  12. This team played very well for most of last season. This year , however , they look lost , like they forgot how to play the game.

  13. I am still loving the fact that NE ate a giant fish turd in week 1. So we lost two games in a row. At least I get to see my favorite team play every week. I enjoyed the game this past weekend. Great seats, great fans, great team history, and the hottest cheerleaders in the professional sport arena. Best feeling so far this year was walking out week 1 watching those cry baby pats fans hang their heads while still making excuses as to why their team choked after halftime.

  14. Tannehill is mediocre and probably destined to be a career backup, but less is Moore. If Philbin benches Tannehill for a journeyman with arguably even less talent, he’s finished in Miami and he has to know it.

    The Dolphins aren’t that far away from being a solid team. QB play and coaching are their biggest obstacles right now.

  15. Wasnt this article posted yesterday? And keep him the starter until moreno comes back and see how it goes from then on out.Also why is their a pats fan bashing philbin when clearly he out coached Billichick in week 1 with the 3 dts?

  16. I am loving the fact that fans of other teams ( mostly AFCE) tout their greatest win for their franchise was beating the Patriots in a regular season game. Guess when making the playoffs happens less than hurricanes in your town you take what you can get.

    At least the Jets fans can point to a playoff win in January 2011 in Foxborough.

  17. Might be a good offseason to move on from Tannehill and Philbin. I think the GM should be given a pass, he just inherited this mess for one off season.

  18. Ampats is obviously still not over that giant choking that the pats had in week 1. Maybe next year you can get a win in Miami. And don’t plan on your Pats getting a win in the playoffs. But then again you have much to be proud of: losing to a sub par team week 1 and squeaking by an Oakland team. Looks like the Pats are SB bound!!!!

    Phins 1-Pats 0.

  19. If the Miami Dolphins want to get a good draft position to pick a QB in the first round go with Ryan Tannehill as QB for the rest of the season. However if the Dolphins want to possibly make the play offs they will go with Matt Moore who was the 12th rated passer in the NFL for the 2011 season. Moore did not lose his job; Tannehill was anointed as the starting QB by his former College HC who became the Dolphins Offensive Coordinator.

    Chad Henne is a higher rated QB than Tannehill for this season. Tannehill Suxs big time!

  20. Another case of a bad coach and staff wrecking the career of a talented QB. Tannehill could have easily been a second tier QB if not for Ireland’s incompetence when it came to putting good players around him and Philbin’s inability to develop quarterbacks. If Miami is determined to waste talent then at least trade him to a team run by people who know what they’re doing.

  21. fmc651 says:

    Philbin isn’t a NFL head coach. The owner blew it bad hiring that loser.

    Yeah because we know Philbin inherited an all star roster. They were Super Bowl ready.

  22. Let’s take a look at the long story:

    1. Inept owner decides not to do the intelligent thing by going to see Harbaugh without firing both GM Ireland and HC Sparano. Lose out on Harbaugh.

    2. After giving Sparano a one year gift, he fires him, but not GM Ireland. As thus, we can’t get Fisher, and settle for the Green Bay OC who doesn’t call the plays.

    3. Then, the new head coach hires a guy just fired from Texas A&M who was the new coach’s mentor. Poor move.

    4. Then, they draft a QB who was playing for the mentor who had one year of starting at a D-I school. Too green.

    5. They start the rookie, who is ok, but if David Gerrard was healthy, he would have sat on the bench.

    6. Finally the GM is fired after proving how crap he was, but we don’t fire the HC. Just the inept OC. After two crap years.

    7. We are stuck with the QB leftover, with a HC who didn’t call plays as an OC, and a new OC who was promised complete autonomy over the offense (who has never been an OC).

    What the hell is going on here you ask? If the owner did the right thing in step 1, the Phins wouldn’t be in this awful position. Sure, the defense has sucked the last two games. But Tannehill is worse now than last year. One more game, then the bye. Then Moore comes in to go 6-10.

    Hopefully they will can Philbin and Tannehill at the end of the year.

  23. Does it really matter who they start at QB? This team is a train wreck. An average Chiefs team destroyed them. Even what was supposed to be a decent defense is a joke. No head coach could manage to squeeze much out of this group. They’re just not very talented on either side of the ball. Still rebuilding after all these years.

  24. I’ve been saying for three years that the Dolphins problem is it’s owner.

    This past weekend’s events of Wall of Fame choices further prove this buffoon owners priorities. Not the actual choices just a really nonsense event.

    Continue Mr. Ross with such great fan building events. The hel with the football team and your clone head coach.

  25. Joe Philbin is a terrible head coach for this generation of players. Not to say that you have to be a players coach, but you can’t rule with an iron fist, especially with a young team.

    He’s destroyed Tannehill so far. Tannehill has a lot of talent, but its pretty difficult for him to be relaxed and play when he’s threatened weekly with being benched…and has been since he was drafted. I understand pushing players to compete, but Philbin has never shown confidence in Tannehill, and its showing. Soon enough, Joe must Go will be all over Miami.

    Tannehill will have a good career in the NFL…as soon as he leaves the Dolphins, or the Dolphins remove Philbin.

  26. They’re playing the Raiders Sunday.Which means he will throw for 5 touchdown passes and 480 yards.

  27. I find it funny that you all buy into Tannehill not being the Starter. I will bet any of you $1000 if he is not! Stop wasting your time on a Reporter’s Deductive Reasoning from a no answer… Nonsense.

    Now on to you foolish Patriots Fans who keep insulting yourselves. Not one Miami fan mentioned a Super Bowl when we trounced your Team in Week 1, but you all keep bring it up. Well, this means as usual you STILL CAN’T win another Super Bowl ( by your own reasoning) and that you suck even more being the only hapless team to lose to our sorry team. Go ahead and Troll, you beat an injury riddled Vikings Team and barely escaped the Raiders.. You are shaking in your Boots that the terrible Dolphins beat your superior team the last 2 outings. No other excuse for you to come to stories 3 weeks later. You are scared of the Dolphins. Period. The Bills got our number and the Fins have yours. Everyone will have the Jets because Geno Smith wouldnt make the High School Team here.

  28. Philbin is done, he has lost the players

    That’s what we’ll play the best 46 means

    I wonder what Tannehill will do through the coaching change….he’s not good…he has no brain for NFL QB

    if you recall Hardknocks, he didn’t know the divisions at all and laughed about that like it didn’t reflect like he was at least ignorant

    Philbin is a non-inspiring coach, his demeanor won’t suit NFL players for long at all, he expired quick – coaching takes personality too

  29. The Dolphins are a joke. Apparently, Dolphin fans are still really, really excited about beating a mediocre Pats team at home in week 1 though. I guess when you haven’t won a playoff game in 15 years, you have to take pride in the little things.

  30. Philbum will be toast before the end of the season. I think he is trying to make Tannehill fail because he had to chit can Sherman. Get over it Philbum. Your a nice guy but you just need to resign and move on.

  31. Tanny needs to go… 3rd year and he isn’t even close to being a franchise guy… how can it be more obvious?

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