Chip Kelly not concerned about LeSean McCoy’s struggles

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Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is off to a slow start this year.  But that’s not yet a cause for concern for the team’s head coach.

“No, we haven’t had any conversations about it,” Kelly told reporters on Wednesday regarding McCoy’s potential frustration level.  “One thing I know about LeSean and everybody loves is he wants to win.  I know he knows we’re 3‑0.  He’s had more carries this year in the first three games than he had last year.  But obviously the same five guys blocking for him is part of it to do with it.  We’ve got to do a better job in the run game just overall, but I think he’s excited that we’re 3‑0.  Sometimes they come in bunches and you can string a couple games back‑to‑back.

Kelly doesn’t see McCoy pressing or doing anything differently.

“I don’t see anything in terms of how LeSean has approached things,” Kelly said.  “There are a lot of times that there wasn’t a lot of movement on Sunday, and that’s kind of what we’re dealing with.”

They’re dealing with plenty.  This year, McCoy has 60 carries for 175 yards through three games.  Last year through three games, he had 62 carries for 395 yards.  (Contrary to Kelly, he hasn’t had more this year; he’s had two fewer.)

This year, McCoy has gained 2.9 yards per carry.  Last year, he gained 6.3.

It could all change as soon as Sunday against the 49ers.  For now, though, the trend is troubling.

46 responses to “Chip Kelly not concerned about LeSean McCoy’s struggles

  1. I wonder since he didn’t tip well to the waiter he gave 30 cents or whatever it was I am curious to see if he is having discussions with the Eagles about returning some of his salary.

  2. But he was taken out of the game last week – So if hes played about 2 and a half games as compared to 3, hes had more carries if you prorate it.

  3. I tend to think the yardage has more to do with the condition of the offensive line than anything else. I’m not sure how good the running game can be with the offensive line in it’s current condition.

  4. Yeah lose two all-pros in the interior of the offensive line and one very good right tackle in Lane Johnson and yeah, you’re running game won’t be as effective.

  5. That’s why the running back is the 22nd player on the starting team . They are all insignificant and their play is determined by the other 10 guys on the offense there is very little difference between the very best and 50th rank running back in the league.

  6. Opposing defenses are keying on LeSean and the run game in general by loading the box. This opens up play action and allows for big gains for guys like Maclin and Matthews. Additionally, I’d like to take a moment to point out that any Eagles article on PFT is littered with comments by people who aren’t Eagles fans. It seems like people see articles written about Philadelphia as an opportunity to bash the organization for whatever reason. It’s kind of amazing! The Eagles are truly a polarizing team. People either love them to death or hate them with a passion.

  7. “Right now Marshawn Lynch is the best RB in football.”

    Not even close.
    Let’s look at his numbers:
    Total number of rushing yards, he’s in 6th place.
    Total number of carries, he’s in 9th place.
    Average carries per games, he’s in 10th place.
    Average yards per carry, he’s in 66th place. (That is not a typo).
    Average yards per game, he’s in 6th place.
    Longest run from scrimmage, he’s tied for 37th place with 3 other guys.
    Number of rushing TD’s he is in first place. Along with 5 other guys.
    Number of 1st downs, he’s tied for 4th place along with 2 other guys.
    1st down percentage, he’s tied for 67th place along with 8 other guys.
    Number of runs over 20 yards, he’s in 12th place along with 33 other guys.

  8. slbasegame257 says:
    Sep 24, 2014 1:18 PM

    Right now Marshawn Lynch is the best RB in football. GO HAWKS


    Another reason everyone hates the since 2012th man. Let me guess, Angry Doug is the best receiver in football and game manager Wilson is the best qb in football?

  9. I don’t think LeSean will really care how many yards he has if they keep winning and get further in the playoffs and hopefully end this Super Bowl drout by winning one finally. GO EAGLES!!

  10. Everytime a runnign back starts flapping their gums about a 2,000 yard season, they implode. See Frank Gore. See Chris Johnson. Best just not to mention the 2K

  11. McCoy hasn’t run well, but the real reason is the Eagles have lost 4/5 of their offensive line at some point. It’s a miracle the Eagles are 3-0 with what they have dealt with.

  12. McCoy is going to be fine. Once their offensive line gets a little more chemistry, he’ll be breaking games wide open again. His week three numbers make a lot of sense because he couldn’t have been any more clearly concussed. I can’t believe he was allowed back on the field.

    The puzzling thing is why he isn’t being thrown more screens. The line being in the shape that it is, and opposing teams getting up the field quickly on a pass rush would make you think they’d toss the rock to Shady a little more to keep defenses from pinning their ears back.

  13. If three and oh is struggling. I hope my team starts to struggle. Le’Veon Bell may be in the “who the greatest running back is” convo very soon. Shady is fine and says he feels great.

  14. The Redskins are not stout in anything but losing and complaining after every call against them. They are stout in celebrating any tackle they make.

    McCoy will dominate once the weather turns cold.

  15. One more thing on the Redskin subject. Philadelphia is looking forward to their last game of the regular season at Washington.

    Hope number 92 is still playing.

  16. Let’s get to what’s really important here. He is supposed to be the linchpin of my fantasy football team and his struggles are killing me!! That is the only real reason for this story. I don’t think Kelly or LeSean care how many yards he has as long as they’re winning.

  17. Eagles fan here. Marshawn is a beast. One player doesn’t have to be terrible for another to be great. I’d still prefer McCoy, but I wouldn’t complain if Marshawn was an Eagle too.

  18. Eagles are gonna throw alot until their line is back, and successfully. Then late in the year they are gonna run over people when they get their center and guards back in place. Lane comes back next week to start. And I for one can’t wait to see it all.

  19. Isn’t it ironic that both McCoy & Cooper are suddenly struggling without DJax?

    I wonder why that is Chip.

    Are you even watching Eagles games? Cooper has been quiet yes but Maclin>Jackson bottomline. Matthews will come into his own and the eagles will be just fine without that one trick pony Jackson

  20. Well of course McCoy has been struggling – because everybody is shoving eight and nine guys in the box to stop him, and let the Eagles’ slow receivers, post-DeSean, beat them. True, this strategy has just barely been failing so far, but then again the Eagles’ first three opponents were a combined 18-30 in 2013. Watch what happens as their schedule toughens – which it will in a big way starting this Sunday in Santa Clara.

  21. Darren Sproles is taking away quite a bit of McCoys touches. Therefore, if McCoy struggles again this week (today Vs. 49er’s), I will be attempting to trade him for Marshawn Lynch in my fantasy league.

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