Dan Marino says he’s not evaluating Joe Philbin or Ryan Tannehill

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The Miami Dolphins hired Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino as a special advisor to owner Stephen Ross back in August.

Unlike his previous stint with the Dolphins were he was expected to be involved in football-related decisions, Marino’s position this time wasn’t expected to include football operations.

However, a report by Jason Cole of Bleacher Report claimed that Marino had been evaluating both quarterback Ryan Tannehill and head coach Joe Philbin at the request of Ross. The report claimed that Marino had “done a lot to develop a relationship with Tannehill. Had worked out with him, spent a lot of time with him” and was evaluating his progress.

Marino says otherwise.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Marino disputes the claims in the report.

“This whole thing with the thing [Bleacher Report] said, there’s not once in this whole situation where Mr. Ross has asked me, ‘Hey you have to sit down and evaluate Joe Philbin or Ryan Tannehill,'” Marino said.

Marino restated that his role is to work more on the community relations side of the organization and not as a liaison to provide football evaluations for Ross. He also said he has only had dinner once with Tannehill and hasn’t worked out or coached Tannehill in any way.

“That’s not my role,” Marino said. “I’m going to be around and be supportive. I’m just happy to be back and be part of the organization. But none of that other stuff.”

It is an important year to evaluate both Tannehill and Philbin. Both are in their third year with the team and will have had ample opportunity to show their merits by the end of the year.

However, it doesn’t appear as though Marino will be the one making those evaluations.

15 responses to “Dan Marino says he’s not evaluating Joe Philbin or Ryan Tannehill

  1. Marino could care less all he wants is his free paycheck…if he cared he would of whispered in the owners ear about what he thinks but he is clueless…plus he dont want to take blame for Tannehill rough start…why would he even want to put his stamp of approval on Tannehill for ?? all that does is make Marino look like a bad judge of talent

  2. This simply has to be true because only the Miami Dolphins would be stupid enough to hire Dan Marino and make sure that his job responsibilities DID NOT include coaching, mentoring or evaluating their quarterbacks. You know, the only things he would actually be qualified to do……

  3. Evaluation? It doesn’t take Dan Marino to evaluate this steaming mess. Here’s an evaluation:

    2012: 7-9 and did not make the playoffs

    2013: 8-8 and did not make the playoffs, blew the last two games, turmoil in locker room because of bully gate

    2014: 1-2 so far, quarterback controversy, defensive players blaming defensive coordinator for poor defensive play, Philbin losing the locker room

    Evaluation: This whole thing sucks, time to clean house

  4. I’ll evaluate them for you Dan.

    Philbin is terrible and should’ve been out after last year.
    Tannehill- jury is still out. Seems like he’s an adequate starter but having 2 OC’s in 3 years isn’t good for young Qb’s.

  5. Those evaluations fall under the scope of the GM’s job, so it would be interesting to know if Marino is evaluating the GM. That way he would only be indirectly and unofficially thinking about Philbin and Tannehill while not directly producing an official evaluation.

  6. Ross needs to clean house and hire a GM from a winning organization and coach that can get the job done enough of firing the coach keeping the GM then firing the GM and keeping the coach Miami Fans are sick and tired of mediocre!

  7. Marino, one of the NFLs most prolific passers is not coaching Tannehill in any way, shape, form or fashion. If you were Philbin and your, third yr, first rd draft pick QB was floundering in his attempt to be a prolific NFL QB, would you not want Marino to school him,,,just a little? No wonder Philbin is in the last yr of his head coaching career, if he makes it to the end of this yr,,,,morons…

  8. A lot of laughable comments here. Being a great player means very little in terms of coaching. If anything, some elite players can’t coach because they can’t understand house others can’t do what they did.

    Add to that he was not a very good analyst on CBS and I don’t want him giving any real input km football operations for the Dolphins.

    And this is from someone who idolized Marino and remembers his entire football career vividly…

  9. Dan never says anything bad about anyone. He was horrible on tv and that’s why he is out of a job. He gets paid to chill at Davie. Ross is a clueless clown and I hope he sells after he fixes the stadium.

  10. Dan Marino, the special advisor who does not give advice, the CBS football analyst who gives no analysis, and the NFL quarterback who does not win Super Bowls!

  11. Marino is not exactly a rocket scientist having gotten one of the worst scores ever on the wonderlic

    Him saying he’s not going to evaluate talent should encourage Phins fans as he’s lost… I guess the Phins are giving him a paycheck as a PR thing after Dan got canned from CBS because he was a terrible commentator.

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