Lovie Smith: “Good chance” Mike Glennon starts this week

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There must be something in the air in Florida.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin has refused to name Ryan Tannehill his starting quarterback for this week’s game, although Tannehill decided he wasn’t going to play along in the charade on Wednesday. Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith isn’t being quite as circumspect when it comes to his quarterback, but he also isn’t willing to go ahead and say that Mike Glennon will start against the Steelers even though Josh McCown isn’t practicing with an injured thumb and wasn’t playing well enough for it to make much sense for the team to play him at less than 100 percent.

“Which quarterback will we start this week? There’s a good chance it will be Mike Glennon,” Smith said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “Josh is improving. I like to stay with my standard way of doing things and not talk about starting lineups for the opponent. But Mike took the reps today. How’s that?”

The lack of certainty about the identity of the starter probably isn’t going to be much of a concern for the Steelers. They have enough to sort out after losing three starters to injury last weekend and there aren’t the kind of major differences between the two choices that make you think the offense will be doing anything markedly different this week.

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  1. Glennon has much more upside in that offense than McCown.

    It’s a close call but the Bucs may be almost as poorly coached as the Dolphins. Bad as the Jags are, there is a future for that team and coaching staff. The other two Florida teams are going nowhere under the current leadership.

  2. Lovie Smith made 10,000 boneheaded offensive decisions as Bears coach. Then he went to Tampa and immediately made another.

    There is a reason McCown is a 35 year old career backup, tiny 5 game sample size notwithstanding.

    This team needs to start Glennon for the rest of the season and find out what they have in him, and restore McCown to his natural role- competent back up.

  3. Lovie Smith is starting to piss me off. You stand by McCown after he plays extremely poorly in the first 3 games? stop being so stubborn admit you were wrong about him. ” Good chance ” at Glennon playing? are you hoping that McCown can play so he can throw some more horrible interceptions? Lovie runs the cover 2 when we have no pass rush at all. This guy is getting on my nerves, us buc fans deserve better

  4. Did Lovie figure that out all by himself or did he get help from Tedford (he’s the OC)-well not really.

    Give you any hint about how bad things are in Tampa with Lovie at the helm?

    Feel sorry for the fans-what few are left.

  5. Everyone ragging on Lovie but who does he have down there? The D has been injured and he doesn’t have the pieces to fit his Defense. McCown was the only option in Free Agency to bridge the tide for two years until they find the QB of the future which is NOT Mike Glennon.

  6. The Steelers are Marching. 7 rings. SFL 2015: restoring the game we created. says: Sep 24, 2014 5:02 PM

    Who’s starting at head coach?


    Better question – Who’s starting at OC? Ooops he’s on medical and hasn’t contributed for over 4 weeks.

    What a screwed up organization!

  7. remember Mike it’s hand the ball off on first and second down then throw a wide receiver screen on third down. this is the Lovie Smith offense Bears fans warned bucs fans about but you refused to believe. how is it working for you know? all Bears fans can say is we told you so!

  8. …scary…incompetence seems to be running rampant in the NFL…but then, NFL stands for No Freaking Logic so I guess Lovie is being logical if you know what I mean…

  9. Why is this guy still coaching? That Thursday game was the worst performance I’ve ever seen by a professional football team. He should have been fired before the plane took off for home.

    Go Hawks!


  10. Unless Lovie’s fallen in love with the Wildcat, it would seem a given that Glennon will start. Why not just say that? Lovie’s well on his way to being eaten alive, not just over legitimate mistakes he’s making but by going out of his way to be confrontational about silly things like this.

  11. I thought Schiano was the problem? He was just holding back future stars like Josh Freeman and all that.

    Tampa is going to be a mess for years and it’s too bad that Glennon, the quarterback of the past and future but not the present, is going to suffer for it.

  12. Hey, Bucs OC out with heart problems from the start, 50% of the starters out with injuries, rebuilding year. Yup, it’s stinks to be 0-3. But Lovie…three Division Titles and an NFC Title in 8 years. Some, but FEW teams take their divisons 38% of the time. That’s good track record, particularly when you add his successful runs at St Louis and Tampa Bay before that. Only a loser thinks a coaching change is order after 3 games, especially giving adversity out of a team’s control.

    Take your terrible towels to the game Steelers fans…you are going to be crying tears of sorrow in them afterward. I advise against the known Steelers RBs having a pre-game pot party too. They will need it all for after the game.

  13. I’m SO GLAD Lovie is no longer coaching here in Chicago. He’s a TERRIBLE head coach and terribly frustrating as a fan. Good riddance! I almost feel sorry for the fans in Tampa…almost. Soon enough they’ll know exactly where I’m coming from.

  14. Well, I am a Bucs fan and I m not ashamed to say it. The Bucs are 0 for 4 against the Steelers. We are going to go into their house with a banged up defense and a backup QB. But miracles do happen! Right?…..anyway….
    GO BUCS!

  15. If there’s such a thing as a good week to lose a few defensive starters, Steelers picked a good one.

  16. Lovie Smith declares there is a good chance he will stamp out whatever promise there is in Mike Glennon’s career.

    Is it too late to put in a waiver claim for whatever team Glennon ends up with 3 years from now when he puts together a scrappy playoff run with another team energized by not having Smith around to sabotage him anymore?

  17. New team, new coordinators, new starters everywhere. OC who brought in a scheme is on medical leave. Injuries everywhere. We are where we should be. It will turn around in a season or two. And all the bears fans will say “ya, well, you may win 10 games, but Lovie will never get you a championship. ” Go complain about your own dumpster fire. And in case you forgot with all the concern you guys have over our QB situation, Cutler is garbage. He may be better than what we have… but thats not saying much.

  18. The Bucs missed their chance to acquire QB Josh Johnson (the 49ers just re-signed him), but take heart, Tebow who has a NFL winning record and a playoff win is still a free agent.

    I bet the Bucs are too dumb to sign him.

  19. Rex is our quarterback, rinse and repeat.

    How’s that Tampa Two looking? Just wait till Brees gets to light them up.

  20. Another stubborn / hard headed coach that won’t admit that he is wrong. It always takes an injury for them to be proven wrong. Glennon is really going to have to play lights out to stay on the field since there is clearly not a fair competition going on between him and the 35 year old turnover machine.

  21. I remember a few people here claiming that the Bears were fools for letting this turd go.

    Pretty much the same people that claimed the Bears should resign 35 year old journeyman McCown and let Cutler walk.

  22. Lovie use to play this stupid game in Chicago….Rex or Orton? IT DOESN’T MATTER, THEY’RE THE SAME PLAYER!!!!

  23. Another stubborn / hard headed coach that won’t admit that he is wrong. It always takes an injury for them to be proven wrong. Glennon is really going to have to play lights out to stay on the field since there is clearly not a fair competition going on between him and the 35 year old turnover machine.

  24. Give Glennon a chance. Last year he had 19 TDs vs. 9 picks, with at least as bad a team around him. It is clear we will not be in the playoffs this year, so the Bucs should just get crazy and let the kid sling it around. Let’s see the no-huddle; go for it on 4th down; Riverboat Ron and all that. With a little more aggressiveness we could and should have won the 1st 2 games, despite how bad we looked. Even if we went 8-8 it would be a big improvement and maybe put some people in the stands.

  25. Glennon nearly beat “us” on our home turf last year.
    Bucs, start Glennon and never look back.

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