Gronk ready for more playing time

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The Patriots have taken things slowly with tight end Rob Gronkowski in the first three weeks of the season.

Gronkowski is returning from the torn ACL he suffered last year and the Patriots have played him on 48.5 percent of the snaps so far this year. They ramped things up a bit against the Raiders last week and Gronkowski says he’d like to see things go up from there. Gronkowski says he doesn’t feel limited at all physically, so there’s no reason not to be in the lineup more often.

“I’ve been in about three games deep now,” Gronkowski said, via the Boston Herald. “So basically, it’s just progressing every week but it’s getting to the point where we can start rolling more and more. … I don’t want to go out to the game and be limited, so I always want to play as much as I can because I like being out there. So it’s up to the coaches and when my number is called, I’m going to go out there.”

Gronkowski may not be playing as many snaps as he’d find ideal, but he’s definitely still a big part of the offense. Only Julian Edelman has been targeted more often by Tom Brady and his role in the offense will only grow as his playing time does.

15 responses to “Gronk ready for more playing time

  1. Take the bubble wrap off Gronk already, for god’s sake–the guy is the best weapon you have, and right now you have an offense that couldn’t move the ball across the street without having to punt.

  2. Just from watching a few clips of the games, he does not look remotely back to full health.

    He looks slow and lethargic.

    Graham > Gronk right now and it is not close.

  3. Two points –

    1. If the Patriots are “struggling” because of the limited playing time of ONE player, that speaks volumes to how bad they really are.

    2. Mr. Glass better be careful; falling wrong on a blade of grass may give him another season-ending injury.

  4. If Gronk is so good why isn’t he out on the field more? Better yet maybe he is good and Billichick doesn’t know how to use his good players. I wonder which one it is.

  5. Why would anyone slam Gronkowski or even Belichick for that matter. Gronk is a joy to watch and Belichick is the most respected coach in the league according to Brandon Marshall who certainly was not fond of Belichick’s disciple, Josh McDaniels. Could it be that Marshall has more respect for the game than many fans? I believe that’s true.

  6. The team will be better all around with Rob back at a higher level of playing time. Teams will be redeploying defenses to cover him which will open other avenues for the offense. Maybe even Amendola will make a catch or two with Rob back and take some pressure off Edelman to be the entire offensive output, helps the run too and keeps TB off his behind on most evey play due to porous line and Solder being turnstyle.

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