Maurice Jones-Drew says he’s part Wolverine


Hand surgery would knock some running backs out for a considerable time.

But Raiders veteran Maurice Jones-Drew said he heals faster than most, and wanted to play a week ago.

I’m part Wolverine, man,” Jones-Drew said, via Scott Bair of “I would’ve played two weeks ago if it was up to me. I don’t have the final say, but I would like to go. I’m ready to roll.”

Jones-Drew had surgery on Sept. 8, but despite his lobbying, didn’t play last week.

“He’s in a better spot than he was two weeks ago, or even last week,” Raiders head coach Dennis Allen said. “Signs are pointing to him being able to give it a go this weekend.”

Jones-Drew said he had to convince coaches he was able to hold onto the ball and pass-protect with the recovering hand, hopes he’s done that this week.