Anquan Boldin fined for head butt

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49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin complained about the officiating in last Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals, saying “that crap” cost the team another game.

Boldin’s comments got some support when the league chose not to fine linebackers Dan Skuta and Patrick Willis for hits on Arizona quarterback Drew Stanton that were flagged during the game. But the 49ers committed a slew of penalties during the game and some of them did run afoul of the league.

PFT has confirmed with the league that Boldin’s head butt on Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson was one of them. Boldin has been fined $8,268 for the infraction, which helped force the 49ers into a field goal attempt that Cardinals defensive tackle Tommy Kelly blocked on the way to a comeback win for Arizona.

That drive, which straddled the third and fourth quarters, also saw right tackle Jonathan Martin get flagged for clipping. Martin was fined the same amount as Boldin. Safety Eric Reid rounded out the fine recipients in Santa Clara as he drew additional discipline from the league for a facemask penalty in the first quarter.

Penalties have been a big problem for the 49ers early this season. We’ll see if the financial slaps on the wrist slow them down.

25 responses to “Anquan Boldin fined for head butt

  1. Well, he deserves this after not getting flagged or fined for doing the same thing in Carolina. This was one of the few legitimate flags thrown in the whole game. The refs are proving their point. Whatever point that may be.

  2. I couldn’t care less about the niners, but that was a pretty weak headbutt. I think it should’ve been let go.

    We expect these guys to crush each other skulls on every play…yet not too much or they get flagged. Go all out, but then stop your emotions on a dime. Also no fun or that gets a taunting or excessive celebration call. Be an insane hitting machine during the play, but a saint when the whistle blows….

    It’s by choice so I don’t pity them, but these guys destroy their brains for a living and then we’re surprised that they aren’t perfect saints on or off the field. 20 mild, not noticeable concussions per game don’t leave you in a state of well being after your playing days are over as we can see by the suicide rates.

  3. I won’t swear by the math, but just off the top of my head it looks like the standard league fine for using your head to deliver a late hit while wearing red socks and subsequently grabbing the football and flinging it into the stands is somewhere north of $33,000. Although no one has tested that rule yet.

  4. I said it last year watching him in multiple games after Boldin made a routine catch he would right up in other players faces time and time again.

    I still think he is tough as nails but he needs to control his emotions. 49ers better defend home against undefeated Philly this weekend or its 1-3 with 2 home losses to open that stadium.

  5. Does it surprise anyone that a Harbaugh coached player would have anger issues and was a complainer?? We’ve all heard the stories about that blow hard. They actually both fit right in with the whiner faithful.

  6. I will never understand how the NFL comes up with these silly fine amounts. Legarrette Blount was fine $5,512 for throwing a ball into the stands. The NFL apparently thinks a HEADBUTT is one and a half times as bad as throwing a ball into the stands after a touchdown.

    And another thing, Boldin’s fine is approximately 1/50th of what the rookie league minimum pay is ($420,000). Anquan’s headbutt was very minimal in the grand scheme of things and I think it should not have gone past the penalty flag stage. But the league should really re-evaluate these fine amounts. If you headbutt a referee you’d probably be suspended indefinitely. But Headbutt another player (who is also wearing a helmet) and you get a relatively tiny fine. It doesn’t make sense. Either fine them a lot or don’t fine them at all. These paltry fines are ridiculous.

  7. boldin is one of my favorite NFL players but why he has such a huge chip on his shoulder and is angry every time he faces his old team the cardinals is a mystery to me. the first time, he didn’t even greet his former teammates and left the field early. wassup with that, quan??

  8. I am surprised it took Boldin this long for his true colors to shine..the day Ravens got rid of him they got rid of a over paid head case…i said that 2 years ago…the guy has proven to be a cancer in a locker room..Boldin was all butt hurt when the cardinals were winning without him and Fitz was the go to guy…so he cryed he wants more money…then with ravens as they won he was crying he wasnt gettig enough touches he crying about his own stupid penalties…bonehead

  9. Why that shady deal that sent Bolden from the Ravens to the 49ers wasn’t investigated is beyond me. Come on he gets traded from one brother to another for a 6th round pick…please.

  10. Forty-Whiner Boldin is axting up more and more because he feels the pull from Father Time as his formerly immense skills are showing visible signs of erosion. The acting up is merely his smokescreen to try to divert attention from his falling numbers.

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