Jason Peters gets bigger fine than Chris Baker for fracas


As it turns out, protecting your own is more expensive than starting a fight.

According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Eagles tackle Jason Peters was fined $10,000 for striking an opponent in the head area after a play.

Meanwhile, Washington defensive lineman Chris Baker was fined $8,268 for grabbing an opponent by facemask.

Baker’s hit on Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was a legal one, as noted by league vice president of football operations Troy Vincent. It might not have been sporting, but it was legal.

The melee it triggered was not, and Peters getting fined more than Baker is going to rub a lot of people, especially those wearing green, the wrong way.

28 responses to “Jason Peters gets bigger fine than Chris Baker for fracas

  1. If Foles wasn’t making less than 20 times what Peters makes I am sure I would gladly pay that fine for him. But no doubt that he will make it up to him when he signs his first big contract this next offseason after a deep run in the playoffs 🙂

  2. One more time: it was a dirty hit – a play doesn’t have to be illegal to be a dirty one. That was a total cheapshot to the QB – yes QBs are football players but are you seriously going to tell me you’d be ok if that happened to the QB of your team?

    I’m not even an Eagles fan but I’d be mad

  3. Totally worth it, if it was legal or allowed I would donate to a fund and help pay this for Jason Peters on behalf of the fans. I actually ordered his jersey right after the game. I really appreciate what he did sticking up for Nick with No hesitation.

  4. What I don’t understand is how anyone can call this a clean hit. I personally don’t care about so called “cheap shots” because its football. You must always be alert on the field.

    But how could anyone argue that this is not a defenseless player penalty? Guys who catch passes and then get hit are labeled defenseless. When going over the middle, you understand there is a high probability of contact. Its expected. Yet that is a hit that is deemed illegal.

    Then you have a quarterback, with all the soft penalties being called now a days, get blindsided, and its not a penalty? Did anyone see the Washington game last night? Hatcher got called for a 15 yard penalty because his hand TOUCHED Eli’s helmet. It had zero impact on Eli’s throw, or overall health. He wasn’t knocked over. He wasn’t phased. He didn’t turn to the official and ask for a penalty. I’m not sure he realized he was even touched. Yet that is illegal, but it’s legal to absolutely blindside an unsuspecting quarterback? There’s no consistency or logic in any of these rulings.

    I’m not saying I have an issue with Baker hitting Foles on a change of possession. But if you watch football consistently, the way it is currently officiated, precedent would seem to indicate that this hit in modern football is without a doubt illegal.

  5. Foles was walking towards the play. When RG3 was getting nailed the NFL said if you are a quarterback and do not want to get hit then you should walk away from the play with your hands up. Non of which Foles did. Baker did not go helmet to helmet. Foles was going towards the ball carrier. If the NFL wants people not to touch the QB’s than they should say DO NOT TOUCH THE QB.

  6. PFT Says:

    “Baker’s hit on Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was a legal one, as noted by league vice president of football operations Troy Vincent. It might not have been sporting, but it was legal.

    The melee it triggered was not, and Peters getting fined more than Baker is going to rub a lot of people, especially those wearing green, the wrong way.”

    So if according to the NFL Baker’s hit was legal…. why would he be fined for starting a fight?
    Are you telling me now that what is done within confines of the rules can be acted upon outside of the rules and it’s ok?
    Seriously…wow. Great work sir.
    I guess if i ever get hit by another car i can get out and start a melee because that person started it.

  7. foles was 5 yards downfield and 8 yards to the side of the play. the blow was delivered slightly after the knee of the returner was down. this is shown on the video.

    the player came from behind or the side and was moving toward his end line. this constitutes a blind side hit and is indeed illegal.

    troy vincent is a power hungry idiot.

  8. If it was a legal hit then ok, but then so was the hit Warren Sapp laid on Chad Clifton years ago. And what about the block a Seahawks player landed on Sean Lee a few years back, that would be legal too.

  9. I love how Foles got up and kept right on playing. Dude got knocked around that game and kept on fighting and winning.

  10. Turns out Chris Baker is just a piece of Garbage. #1 He was kicked off his Penn St. Football team for running around with a bunch of punks picking fights with innocent people. #2 last night against the Giants he clearly laid a late hit on the ball carrier and no flag was thrown. Then you look at how much he was running his mouth after the league said it was a clean hit. It all adds up to this guy being DIRTY!

  11. Peters should be suspended for starting a fight. The NFL said the hit was legal. What Peters did was not!!! He started a fight because of a LEGAL hit. Suspend him 2 games.

  12. Baker ought to be real proud of himself. Took a lot of balls to blindside a player then claim afterward that he didn’t even know it was the QB. CHUMP!

  13. “Figures. Goodell would screw up a one car funeral.”

    Everybody’s hate for Goodell is demonstrated perfectly in this sentiment.

    Especially since he has nothing to do whatsoever with fines for on field infractions.

    Facts are funny things.

  14. Two things:

    1. It never would have happened if the ref called it a dead ball (it was not an interception). Play over, no hard feelings, no false change of possession, and no dubious hit.

    2. Runner was down when Foles was hit. Or it was damn close, 10 yards away, and off the ball.

  15. Eagle fans forget that a late hit was put on Cousins the series before. I love how fans of philly teams cry all week about this…. Emery tries to behead our goal tender last year, and all of philly is screaming what a bunch of whiners caps fans are….. Foles takes a perfectly legal hit (and does a great job of embellishing) and you whiners cry for a week straight. You can’t have it both ways. Stop whining. Baker could have really messed foles up and didn’t. Be glad he isn’t as dirty as Peters.

  16. It was a legal block where Foles got jacked.

    Regardless of position if you are running around on the field with a helmet and pads, you are game to get hit. Even a QB.

    This idea of don’t touch our precious quarterback is ridiculous and Peters actions of deliberately starting a fight should get him suspended if the NFL is serious about player safety and sportsmanship.

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