NFL insists it has no evidence it received Ray Rice tape

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It appears it’s going to take Robert Mueller, or either the NFLPA’s investigation, to get to the bottom of this one.

Because even with the Associated Press doubling down on previous reports that the video of Ray Rice punching his wife in the face was delivered to the league offices, the league insists it never saw it.

Via Nancy Armour of USA Today, the league said it had no evidence that the video was delivered to its headquarters.

The AP source said he received a voicemail from an unidentified woman at the league office confirming receipt.

“Our office has found absolutely no evidence to support the claim of the anonymous ‘law enforcement source’ that he sent a video to us or that he received a telephone call to his ‘disposable cell phone’ from an unidentified female using an NFL line,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

As Florio noted this morning, the only way to get to the bottom of this might be Mueller talking to whomever this mysterious source may be.

Absent that, the league has hunkered down on this position.

107 responses to “NFL insists it has no evidence it received Ray Rice tape

  1. Why do they think this is a defense? The real scandal is you had to know it was out there, yet (officially) made no effort to track it down. Instead of getting out ahead of it and defending the shield, you let TMZ take a big dump on it right in the middle of opening week. All Goodell had to do was press a button on a high end speakerphone and shout, “There’s got to be a tape from inside the elevator, now find it!”

  2. Even in the extremely unlikely event the NFL didn’t see the video inside the elevator, the NFL should have understood how people get knocked out cold. Cole.

    They should have also made it a priority to simply obtain the video — a clip that was available with a phone call.

    The more Goodell tries to lie his way out of this, the lamer it gets.

    Goodell should have just come clean initially and stated “Ya know what? I went way too light on Rice. The public has spoken, and I recognize the error of my mistake – and rest assured, it will not be repeated. As humans, all of us continued to grow throughout our lives – and that on me.”

    And he should have tried to sound something like a human being when he said it – instead of an emotionless and detached cyborg programmed to be evasive on each and every single tough question — while continuing to lie straight to our face by stressing how much transparency will be a huge priority to him.

  3. Any rational person would want the source to come forward, and present their evidence. A faceless “source” pointing fingers mean less than crap legally. Unless an independent investigation is done with no ties to the NFL, the players association, or anyone with an axe to grind no one should believe the findings.

  4. This situation reminds me of the Jerry Sandusky case in that if their respective organizations would’ve just done the right thing at the beginning, they would’ve saved a lot of embarrassment. If they had told the truth and handled the situation appropriately, there would’ve been a few bad jokes for a few weeks but ultimately the scandals would’ve been perceived as the horrible acts of a single individual and not an institutional problem. In looking to keep their organization from being embarrassed, they multiplied the embarrassment big time. BTW, I understand that what Ray Rice did was terrible but Sandusky is on a whole different level of evil.

  5. I guess they didn’t see the pics of the wounds that Adrian Peterson caused to his 4 year old son.
    How else can it be explained that he is still on a team and payroll and Ray Rice isn’t?
    With that sense of injustice I don’t believe anything the NFL tells us.
    Goodell says that they are going to get things in order.
    OK then start by suspending AP.
    Sure, he MAY be done in Minny, but have him be done in the NFL period.

  6. The NFL is way too powerful and has way too many fans for a boycott of them to have any effect.
    And they know this. They know that they have the fans hooked in which is why they are being this way. They just don’t care. They will always continue to make billions no matter what they do.

  7. jchipwood, you troll threads about random teams’ injuries, releases, scores, and other subjects, but your posts are always about belichick…you have an obsession, seek help.

  8. You know how Goodell is always claiming that he has the support of all 32 owners of all the NFL teams?
    Um, what about the untold thousands who are so-called owners of the Green Bay Packers?
    If the anger and hatred I see by fans of other teams is any indication of how the majority of Packers owners feel, then an overwhelming majority of NFL team owners may not like him after all.

  9. Goodell: I have conducted my own investigation. I asked myself if I or anyone I know received and viewed the videotape. The answer I gave myself was no.
    I will appeal this investigation to myself, and report to myself with the findings.
    I hope to continue to work with myself to find out why I didn’t see the video.

  10. Why are law enforcement officials having a hard time with this investigation? Someone at the league office admitted they received it and FedEx delivered it so they could make one call to Fedex to confirm if it was signed or not. Jesus, a part-time cop from the smallest po-dunk town in America could figure all this out.

  11. We don’t care if you ever got it, we’re more concerned of why there was allegedly no effort to procure this tape. If they thought it would never see the light of day, they failed to realize THIS HOTEL WAS CLOSING DOWN. WHY WOULDNT AN EMPLOYEE TAKE THE VIDEO TO MAKE A SIZEABLE CHUNK OF THEIR YEARLY SALARY WHEB THEY WERE GOING TO BE OUT OF A JOB ANYWAY?Doesn’t take a genius to figure out he hit her in the elevator if she walks in and is dragged out.

  12. Sounds like the NFL needs public relations help from a politician. I can imagine their next statement:

    “Yes, we got a package … but I never unwrapped!!!

  13. @rav3nbav3n. Now that’s funny! Where are the tapes from “Spy Gate”? Oh that’s right. Goodell had them destroyed. Perhaps the NFL’s copy of the Rice tape met with the same fate? Oh dear, the NFL WOULD NEVER DO THAT! Lol

  14. Why lie about it stop already. What does anyone have to gain from saying they sent it when they didn’t but you the nfl and goodell have every reason to lie. Stop pissing on is and telling us it’s rain already and just fess up

  15. I believe them. When Myrtle, the NFL’s long time secretary asked law enforcement if they could send it solid state laser disc format, that kind of took the momentum out of police’s cooperation with the NFL.

  16. If they have a “mail room”, they have receipt of everything they receive.

    If it was sent any way other than mail, their is a tracking number on the package. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the AP source could provide the tracking information to the reporter (in the event that they don’t want to provide it to anyone else) and the reporter could verify that a package was sent from Point A to the NFL office and was signed for by whomever.

  17. It cost about $20 to FedEx overnight. Trking is like 40 cents at the post office or included if you do the flat rate.

    So, I just want to get this straight, the anonymous source sent a tape anonymously to someone he does not know apparently using stamps and not requiring a signature.

    sounds pretty legit

  18. It should also be noted that the AP has bitten on leads before that proved to be incorrect.

    Google AP apologizes incorrect. There are 11,400,000 results.

    Not saying this is the case here but it does seem the receipt would be relatively easy to prove.

  19. Since 2008, Goodell has gotten a 300% raise. Has he really earned that much, anyone? Has the salary cap even gone up that much? The answer to both questions is a resounding NO. He’s the worst commissioner in professional sports.

  20. Don’t get me wrong, the NFL screwed this up badly. But why are we beating up the NFL and letting those that handled the prosecution and judgment of the legal case off the hook here?

    At this point we really don’t know if league officials saw the tape, but we do know that law enforcement saw it, and all Rice got was a very light slap on the wrist from the court system.

    Of course it also wouldn’t surprise me if either the Ravens or the NFL had a hand in obtaining that light punishment.

  21. If they did receive a video with a note that said: ‘Ray Rice elevator video. You have to see it. It’s terrible.’ they probably thought it was the other Ray Rice elevator video. Plus due to the threat of malware and viruses, they probably have a policy not to insert removeable media from unknown (anonymous) sources in their NFL computers. The AP source may have sent the video, but I doubt they actually watched it.

  22. Well they just have to stick to this story now because they have repeated it so often. They must be praying that they are not proven wrong though because if not, there are going to be a lot of “cooked gooses”. And law enforcement isn’t involved because there’s no felony here , unless it can be shown that the NFL entered into a conspiracy with local law enforcement to sweep the Ray Rice thing under the carpet. Based on the very unusual lenient treatment that Rice got though, it is not out of the question that that is exactly what happened. And if it did, it could explain why the source of the story about the tape does not want to come forward for fear of exposing fellow law enforcement personnel.
    It looks to me like “bunker mentality” has set in and there’s a lot of people hoping that if they can just hold out long enough this will blow over.

  23. Of course they don’t have any evidence, they destroyed it like they did the Patriots cheating tapes.

    They didn’t want any evidence to remain.

  24. I’ve learned from experience that I can get along without the following: WalMart, McDonald’s, Burger King and the NBA. The NFL is easily added to that list. Goodell and his propaganda machine are insulting to everyone with a working mind.

    Stop patronizing trash and they’ll eventually have to stop feeding it to you and give you something better, they can certainly afford it.

  25. The Ray Rice tape conspiracy theory has taken the focus off of the actual incident. The sports media has taken this to a whole another level of stupid.

  26. Get 4chan on this. They’ll hack whatever needs to be hacked to get to the bottom of videogate.

  27. “Our office has found absolutely no evidence to support the claim of the anonymous ‘law enforcement source’ that he sent a video to us or that he received a telephone call to his ‘disposable cell phone’ from an unidentified female using an NFL line,”

    Of course you’ll have no evidence if you misplace, misfile, or “accidentally” throw away the evidence. And all these explanations assume that you even looked in the right place to find the evidence to begin with.

  28. They’re lying. If you never received the tape, why didn’t you issue a statement when multiple reporters reported that you had reviewed the tape in applying the initial two-game suspension? The NFL was content to let everyone know they had seen the tape when they thought it would never see the light of day. Shame on the reporters who backtracked from their initial reporting instead of calling out the NFL.

  29. It appears to me, going back to NFLPA contract negotiations and before, that the NFL continues to act from about an eight grade level of consciousness. That’s with all the arrogance, self absorption, false bravado and other qualities that implies.

    I can’t remember when they’ve had the right balance in the crew that works there.

  30. Not saying it happened, but stuff gets lost in the mail more than you’d think. Not that I think it matters that much in the first place.

  31. thegreatgabbert says:
    Sep 26, 2014 5:17 PM
    Anonymous source with a disposable telephone with a female voice message on it. Jesus, what more proof do you need?
    Hahahaa! It sounds rock solid! How can anyone doubt it? Again, how about something with a signature showing it was received? No? Don’t have it? Hmmm, sounds completely made up if you ask me.

  32. wasnt the purpose of the mueller investigation to answer this very question?

    and if so, how does the nfl already have the answer to it?

    and if they do, how did they get it and why haven’t they released it yet?

    something stinks in the state of park avenue…

  33. The horse is already dead….stop beating media…the majority of nfl fans don’t care…they want to watch football. …if we wanted to watch a soap opera we would do that…stop trying to make it more….

  34. I can see an anonymous ‘law enforcement source’ sending the data to the NFL offices…
    being a good samaritan or good citizen but I don’t get the burner phone angle…I mean send a note explaining the source and the purpose and be done with it.How does this person know that the NFL hasn’t received a copy of the data from another source,this person seems to know way too much.

  35. Stop. The. Madness.
    FIRST – Roger Goodell didn’t beat a woman, Ray Rice did. Direct your anger towards Rice. Or the NFLPA who is fighting to PREVENT increasing Rice’s punishment. Or the New Jersey DA’s office who had the responsibility to legally prosecute Rice but didn’t. At least GOODELL PUNISHED RICE and is now trying to increase the punishment. Who else is lifting a finger to actually take action to hold the perp accountable? Not the NFLPA. Not the law enforcement community. Not the Ravens who simply washed their hands of the situation. So because the prevailing opinion is Goodell didn’t hammer him enough initially we think Goodell is the one who should be held accountable as the villain in this mess? Seriously?
    SECOND. (Stop and think about this for minute) If you have never been THAT GUY where the buck stops in administering punitive discipline to adult employees in your organization, and by that I mean taking money from and/or denying the right to work of another adult who has to support themselves, their children and their spouse, then stop and think about that responsibility and those implications for a minute. Speaking from experience having been THAT GUY I am here to tell you it is complex, difficult and, as much as we wish it wasn’t, an imperfect process. The truth is not always crystal clear, and even when it is there are extenuating circumstances and mitigating factors that must be considered if your goal is to reach a fair and just decision. Have an opinion all you want, but recognize you and I weren’t in the room when Goodell spoke with the Mr. & Mrs. Rice and do not know what she told him that may have influenced his punishment decision, nor do we know everything Goodell knew (and did not know) at the time he rendered his initial punishment.
    THIRD – Regarding these latest allegations of the elevator tape being delivered to NFL headquarters…speaking again from professional experience let me point out not one, not two, but three glaring (did I say GLARING?) warning signs that scream “this information is HIGHLY questionable”: (1) anonymous, (2) no supporting evidence whatsoever, (3) questionable excuses for inability to provide evidence (the old “disposable cell phone” excuse).

  36. This harder than finding WMD. Let’s just invade Canada and Americans will forget all about the issue.

    Show a new shiny object or just blow something up. It always works on kids and pets.

  37. Goodell and NFL get over on this easy. What source? Sounds like a HOAX to me. Where is the proof of a real Law enforcement source, delivery, NFL receipt?

  38. Our Justice system didn’t so much as fine Ray Rice, but that’s ok because it’s the NFLs job to eliminate domestic violence from society. That’s why Roger Goodell was hired. Everybody knows that…

  39. If the “law enforcement source” was forwarding the tape to the league as a matter of due process or as standard practice, why is the source hiding their identity? If it happened at all they must not had the authority to do so in the first place. In fact it may have been against the law. If the league office did receive a tape maybe the source should face criminal charges.

  40. It happened in a casino, people!! Everyone knows EVERYTHING is under video surveillance IN A CASINO!!!

    If they didn’t see the video they were trying extremely hard to not see it.

    They should have known. They should have known.

  41. They had it along time ago. It just happens to be currently sitting in the same pile of ashes as the patriots spy gate videos. The nfl has mastered disposing evidence at this point

  42. Oh wait, maybe the anonymous source sent the footage to NFL Films not NFL Headquarters? Just wait because this will be the next excuse from the league.

  43. thegreatgabbert says:
    Sep 26, 2014 5:17 PM
    Anonymous source with a disposable telephone with a female voice message on it. Jesus, what more proof do you need?

    62 5
    Report comment


    Many sources are anonymous. For OBVIOUS reasons. the voice mail is dated and stamped with a caller id from an NFL office number.

    But don’t let reality get in the way of your bluster!

  44. Goodell just can’t win in the public’s opinion. If he suspends Rice for a year off the bat, the same people who are tearing into him for only two games would be up in arms about his abuse of power and over punishment. The AP and NFLPA would be making it a big story but vice versa.

    What type of case can anyone have when the “victim” not only won’t testify but defends and marries the assaulter. He was her gravy train, you would be a dumb sheep not to think that when the league questioned her she was well rehearsed on what to say to defend Ray at all costs!

    Investigator: “Mrs. Rice, please tell me your side.”

    Mrs. Rice: “Well we get a little heated at times, I hit him, he hits me; then we go upstairs and go wild…”

    Investigator: “Did Ray not use excessive force and aggression?”

    Mrs. Rice: “No, I hit him and spit on him first, I called him a sissy, he was defending himself.”

    Investigator: “Well I see this is going nowhere.”

    Outside of cases involving minors, you will find very few convictions or even prosecutions when the “victim” is the defense’s strongest witness. How do you go forward with that?

  45. Now its the NFL’s fault that Ray Rice is a wife beater…..?

    He should be locked up just like anyone else would be!

    Do the crime, do the time Ray Rice!

  46. Mike, as an attorney, would you send a piece of evidence in the mail with out a return receipt?
    Would you send a piece of evidence through the mail,,period? Would a law enforcement officer hand deliver evidence to anyone without receiving a receipt? Answer NO……

  47. Want to get to the bottom of this? Goodell and head of NFL security to be suspended until a TRULY independent reviewer appointed by Congress reports back on the facts. Congressional involvement justified by NFL’s tax free status. No review board appointed by Goodell will ever be seen by anyone with a brain cell as independent, and the NFL’s version of Don Draper is now just trying to hire oilier, more convincing spinners from DC. Owners should be concerned: in an attempt to save his skin, Goodell could blow the league’s tax free status, which is worth BILLIONS to them.

  48. Talking to this mysterious source won’t clear this up. Because, guess what, the “mysterious source” could be lying.

    It’s going to come down to who do you believe?

    This may shock Florio and others here, but I’m going to believe the NFL on this.

  49. The NFL knows about the tape. They just tried to cover their own a”” by blowing up the situations with Hardy, MacDonald, Peterson and Upshaw to distract everyone. Been saying it since the start of this fiasco!

  50. I guess Roger is squirming since his behind the scenes support of the ESPN article to blame the Ravens quickly unraveled. Nice try throwing them overboard when the league office determines all punishment

  51. Mueller is as dirty as they come. He spied on the American people and was not truthful to congress, illegally. Put pressure on the joint inquiry into 9/11, by order of Bush, and has links to the NFL through his law firm.

    Earth to NFL fans…is this the type of ‘honorable’ person you want to trust giving you the truth.

    I mean gee, this investigation is literally the smallest thing he’s been involved in, so MAYBE he’ll be honest with it. But given his track record, nah, he’ll probably be corrupt and hide something like he did every other time.

    If you want a coverup, Mueller is your man.

    Wake up people. It’s like hiring Jerry Sandusky to oversee your children. Or hiring a drunk to be your driver. Why anyone would think that someone who has the balls to be untruthful to Congress would give two hoots about lying to you about a sports game, well that person is being a moron.

    Why anyone would think that someone who would have the balls to pressure the most important inquiry we’ve had in half a century in order to alter it wouldn’t think twice to alter this investigation so that the outcome is favorable to the NFL, the people that hired him and who his firm has links to… a person who doesn’t really that is a moron.

    Absolutely sickened that yesterday Kornhole and Wilbon’s stand-in said Mueller was the ex-head of the FBI and an honorable man. What does a guy have to do to be noticed as a fraud and a scumbag?

    Yeah, because all the ways he’s screwed the American people time and time again and lied through his teeth is honorable. This guy is the epitome of dishonorable. He should be disbarred and in jail. Not being unquestioning believed as he runs an investigation for the people that hired him.

    Use some critical thinking skills and apply them to this man with the checkered past.

  52. Does it matter…do we punish worse if we see the act? Without a tape 2 games… With a tape indefinitely. ..

    Here’s a rule NFL players…If your gonna commit domestic violence, do not allow it to be on tape.

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