Ryan Tannehill on Joe Philbin: “We’re on the same page”

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The Dolphins finally landed in London, and did their best to put out the fire they started back in Miami.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill and coach Joe Philbin addressed the media Friday, and both tried to quell any notion that anything was amiss after this week’s ridiculousness over who the starting quarterback actually was.

“We’ve talked. We’re on the same page. Just getting ready for the game,” Tannehill said, via Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post.

It was apparently a far less emotional press conference than Wednesday, when Tannehill announced that he was the starter, even though Philbin wouldn’t. Tannehill was clearly bothered by the strategy

Philbin, acknowledging the hash he made this week said that in the coming weeks, the depth chart the team releases early in the week will indicate who’s starting, unless he changes his mind.

“That’s one way of answering the question,” he said.

Of course, another ways is not leaving your starting quarterback hanging out to dry, and then having to apologize to the players for creating your own distraction.

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  1. Philbin has taken a 6 – 10 team to 7 – 9 his first year and 8 – 8 his second year. Who cares what you tell the media or the media says if your improving and making your team better who cares how you do it.

  2. “We’ve talked. We’re on the same page. Just getting ready for the game,” Tannehill said, via Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post.
    and by the same page he means “One of them will be gone at the end of the season”

  3. This would have been really easy for Philbin to handle, and instead, he mishandled it royally.

    1) Play the “We haven’t made any changes yet / Ryan is our starting QB ‘Right Now'” card, which gives the aura that nothing has changed, but that the coaches reserve their collective right to change something prior to kickoff.

    2) Refuse to answer the question, talk to Tannehill privately, in some fashion, and then tell Tannehill / the rest of his team that the only acceptable answer to the question of starting is to deflect it – IE: “Hey, it’s coach’s decision, I’ll be ready to play though”.

    By dangling change possibilities out there, and then playing games with his QB and locker room, and THEN on top of that, allowing (or at least, not doing enough to prevent) his starting QB to confirm that yes, he’s the starting QB…yeah.

    Another failure to show leadership or command of the situation by Joe Philbin.

    Last year it was the Offensive Line Scandal. Now it’s Coaching 101 that he appears on the verge of flunking.

    There’s still a lot of season left, but if he can’t demonstrate some actual leadership between now and the conclusion of the season, it will be time to find someone that can.

  4. Seems like they don’t trust each other… Bad combo for the Qb Owners and GM’s normally side with the coach when its time for who stays, who leaves… Tannehill just needs to trust his WR, his Coaches and his-self… really play like Eli Manning… Not afraid to throw pics… Indeed…

  5. These two guys really have something in common. Neither is very good at what they do in the NFL. Moreover I predict that Joe Philbin and Ryan Tannehill will not be with the Dolphins next season. What do you think will happen if the Dolphins lose to the Oakland Raiders?

    Joe Philbin knows Tannehill stinks and he does not even have the guts to make the change. LOL

  6. Tannehill has the 5th highest passing yards in NFL history in his first 2 years. However he has started poorly this season. With all of the decent weapons around him, he should be doing better and he knows it.
    Tannehill was always going to be the starter this week, but Joe’s non comment was a tactical ploy to light a fire up Ryan’s hairy butt. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tannehill plays with more passion this week.
    Old Joe knows precisely what he is doing.

  7. Holy cow this man is stubborn. I don’t see how that’s any different than the answer that he gave before. He’s still refusing to say that Tannehill is the starter for this team.

  8. I tried to give Tanny the benefit of the doubt. The evidence, however, confirms what many have been saying: he’s just not that good of a QB, and the Phins are so mediocre in every area they can’t afford to be average in the most important one.

  9. It sounds as though they had a man to man talk about who was starting. I am assuming that Philbin used this conversation to review Tannehill’s strengths and weaknesses. I do have a problem with a coach even implying that there are changes coming before he has that talk with his starting QB. Whatever happened to one of those man to man conversations in the coach’s office where everyone speaks the truth in a manner that everyone else knows where they stand. I would assume that the Offensive Coordinator and the QB coach would have been previously consulted.

    I have a problem with Tannehill making any comments about who is starting. I would have expressed this to him in our meeting. It is the head coach’s job to name starters and assign positions. Let the coach’s coach and the players play! Ignore the media. Say something like, “Have you spoken with our media people or Coach Philbin?”

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