Brandon Boykin frustrated by lack of playing time


When the Eagles are on defense, Brandon Boykin spends more than twice as much time on the sideline as on the field. He’s not happy about that.

Boykin, the slot cornerback who has played 32 percent of the Eagles’ defensive snaps through three games, says he wishes he were a starter and doesn’t like having to sit out so often.

“I’m not going to lie and sit here and say that I’m OK with that. I want to play more,” Boykin said, via Jeff McLane of “I want to be on the field. And I’m not playing as much because of the situation and that situation is frustrating to me.”

Eagles defensive coordinator Bill Davis says Boykin is good, but for Philadelphia’s defensive scheme, Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams are better on the outside, which means Boykin only takes the field when the opposing offensive personnel dictates that they put a third corner in the slot.

“I can’t say this enough: I love the guy and I love what he brings and I love him in the nickel spot. There’s only 11 spots on the field. If there were 12 he’d be out there,” Davis said. “If you want to start him at corner, then you say he’s better than Fletch and Cary out there. Obviously we start who we think are the best players at those positions.”

Boykin obviously believes he’s good enough to be one of the 11. And he won’t be satisfied until he is.

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  1. Wasn’t this the guy who was talking all that nonsense about being the best? And now he can’t even get on the field with this scrub defense?? Par for the course with philly. Talk and do nothing

  2. Whats with the cry baby Eagle secondary players? First Cary Williams whines about being overworked and this guy complains about playing time. Good grief. Fitting they play the Whiners tomorrow.

  3. I’m an Eagles fan… But anyone on this defense should just shut up and thank God for the offense… This defense stinks

  4. just because chip and co. have a size requirement for their prototype outside corner, they should understand that there are corners the size of boykin that play way better than either fletcher or williams; so that should not be the deciding factor. i know they think fletcher is better against the run and maybe so, but on most downs i think boykin can hardly play worse. why they didn’t upgrade this secondary more than they did is surprising to me..

  5. I’m an Eagles fan… But anyone on this defense should just shut up and thank God for the offense… This defense stinks


    Although the D did come through in crunch time against the Colts and R-words.

  6. The problem is he is an Excellent slot corner, but he’s not really built to play the outside and you don’t always need a slot corner in. It’s a reality of the position.

  7. anyone that has a clue about the Eagles, knows Boykin is the best CB they have.

    It doesn’t even make sense to me that they can’t get him out there more.

  8. justintuckrule says: Sep 27, 2014 5:27 PM

    Wasn’t this the guy who was talking all that nonsense about being the best? And now he can’t even get on the field with this scrub defense?? Par for the course with philly. Talk and do nothing

    No that was actually Cary Williams…

    Its a shame because if you watch the games he is the best corner out there by far! He lead the team in ints last year but they only wanna play him in the slot… I don’t get it

  9. Yea Davis and Chip want tall corners to defend the big wrs the league has on the outside. What they dont understand is height only matters if your right next to the guy. Cary and Fletcher are always 3 to 4 feet away from a wr when he catches the ball. On the other hand Boykin is always right on the guys hip.

    So even though cary and fletcher are bigger then boykin the fact that they dont get nearly as close as him negates what ever height advantage they had. So much so that it makes it seem like Boykin is the one with the significant edge in size because he can make plays on balls that the other two couldnt even attempt.

    For people who are perceived as being so smart they sure lack the grasp of basic geometry.

  10. It wouldn’t be hard for Boykin to be better than either Williams or Fletcher on the outside. Billy Davis saying that he isn’t as good as them is really an insult.

  11. The Eagles defense actually stops the run pretty darn well and they held Luck to a really low YPA when they won in Indy. They’re not world beaters by any means but don’t let one lousy game overshadow all of the good things they’ve done.

    Boykin absolutely belongs on the field more. Especially over Fletcher. He at least deserves a chance on the outside.

  12. People here commenting obviously know nothing about the Eagles. Boykin is prolly the best player on defense. I don’t see how they can The other CBs are better considering how many points we’ve given up.

  13. @stygiansteel

    Brandon Boykin- 5 ft. 10 inches
    Joe Haden- 5 ft. 11 inches

    I’m pretty sure anyone can play on the outside if they are good enough and size doesn’t matter….unless they go against Calvin Johnson, but no corner can handle that beast.

  14. Every time people mention boykins size they they say he can’t cover megatron, which I believe is true but no one can cover megatron. I think eagle fans would be happier with Davis’ assessment of him being too small if he actually gave him a shot.

  15. shadymccoymvp says:

    The Eagles defense actually stops the run pretty darn well

    The allow over 100 yards a game on average. That’s not darn well.

  16. If he keeps moaning and groaning and crying about not playing, Chip can release him and he will be welcome in Buffalo.

  17. I don’t see how one categorizes this as “complaining.” He wants to play more. You can’t fault him for saying he’s frustrated and believes in his abilities. It’s not like he criticized the coaches.

    As for Williams and Fletcher, I think both are overrated. Williams is pretty good, but Fletcher is a bum. Cousins and Luck made him their girfriend all game.

  18. As an Eagles fan, I can say without so much as a sliver of a doubt in my mind, that Brandon Boykin is the very best CB on the entire Eagles team. Both Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher are over 6’0″ tall, and in today’s NFL we are seeing an increasing number of WRs with heights resemblant of NBA players, so I understand the willingness to want to keep taller CBs on the outside against the Megatrons of the league. That being said, I guarantee that if Boykin were 6’0″ or above than he would already be starting. Boykin has a lot of things going for him, but the one thing that stands out above all else is his freakish leaping ability. He undoubtedly has the very best vertical leap on the entire team, and this thoroughly makes up for his lack of height. Boykin is flat-out jacked for a CB, he’s exceptionally fast, led our team in INTs even despite not being a starter, and he plays with a ferocity that is unmatched by any other DB on Philly’s team.

    I hope Boykin doesn’t bring it upon himself to become a distraction for the Eagles, but with Cary Williams constantly disappointing both on and off the field…I’d really like to see what Boykin can do as one of our starters on the outside. I guarantee 100% that BB would outplay the likes of Cary “I can’t shut the hell up” Williams.

  19. I am a huge Eagles, I am also frustrated that he isn’t a starter. Its a fact that when he is on the field he makes great plays. Size isn’t everything! Instinct of the game is more important. If he was on any other team he would be on the field. Fletcher and Williams are mediocre at best and its not like they are much taller.

  20. Why not have Boykin on the outside for base defense n on the inside for nickel? I’m also a lifetime diehard: Chip preaches common sense but all Eagles fans can see right thru this head-scratcher of a move to keep him out of base defense.

  21. People just LOVE to come on this site posting complete crap. Boykin is the best nickle corner in the NFL. He played 35% of the D snaps last year and was one of the top interception leaders in the NFL not to mention he makes HUGE plays like the INT vs. Dallas last year in the “win and youre in the playoffs” when Dallas was down 2 in the 4th.

    But people will keep ripping studs cause if they dont play on their fantasy football team and they’ve never heard of them.

    He is absolutely perfect in his role and there are many Philly fans curious how he’d do on the outside. He is short but man is he a player.

  22. When I clicked on this I thought it was referring to the Packers #3 receiver. If he wants more playing time he needs to stop dropping Aaron Rodgers’ passes.

  23. Fletcher is a significant liability. Gruden and Cousins torchd his butt all game long last week. I think Williams’s brain is ahead of his physical ability but it is certainly not ahead of his mouth.

  24. Somebody please tell me what Billy Davis has ever done to warrant any merit about anything he says, as far as what would be best for the team???

  25. You don’t like what people comment a little hint…don’t click on the ” view comments” at the bottom of the article…it’s not rocket science. I enjoy reading the comments whether I agree or not its fun to read other people’s feelings and point of view also jokes. Quit looking to far into it it’s just what it says people’s ” comments”…

  26. Now that we all know beyond any doubt that the Eagles locker room is infected with the deadly, team-killing Me-First virus, we can begin the countdown to where the team falls apart so much that even the Giants, Cowboys and Redskins catch and pass them in the standings.

  27. Boykin is a good player but even in college at Georgia he had a difficult time with physical play for an extended period of time. That’s not a knock on the guy, just a fact. He’s a hell of an athlete to be sure.

  28. I think their is a chemistry problem in the Philadelphia Eagles locker room. First Williams complains about the practice, and now Boykin is complaining about not getting enough playing time.

  29. justintuckrule, you realize Boykin is one of the best slot corners in the league right? Him standing on the sideline is probably one of the reasons this defense stinks so much.

  30. He should be annoyed he’s not playing more. Bradley Fletcher and Carey Williams are garbage. The Eagles staff needs to drop the notion Boykin is too small to play on the outside and give him a chance. He can’t do worse then the 2 guys they have starting now.

  31. For all of you who say Boykin is a bad player, last year he had 16 defenses passes, 6 picks (one pick six), and 3 forced fumbles. All as a slot corner. Suck on it, haters!!

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