More fines coming for Washington-Philly brawl


So far, only Washington defensive lineman Chris Baker and Philadelphia tackle Jason Peters have received fines for their role in last Sunday’s rumble at Lincoln Financial Field.  But more fines are coming.

Per a league source, two or three more players will be fined this week as a result of the bench-clearing brouhaha.

The fines weren’t imposed already because the officiating crew didn’t specifically list other responsible parties in the post-game report submitted to the league office.  As one source previously explained it, the absence of a specific recitation of the offense on the post-game report saved Ravens receiver Steve Smith from getting fined after he threw Bengals cornerback Adam Jones to the ground by the facemask in Week One.

Ideally, the league office will separately review film and impose fines, regardless of what does or doesn’t appear on the report.  As to the other Washington and Philadelphia players involved in last week’s fight, that will happen in the coming days.

As to Baker and Peters, both were fined for unnecessary roughness.  The Peters fine arose from Rule 12, Section 2, Article 12(c) of the NFL Official Playing Rules, which prohibits “striking, swinging at, or clubbing the head, neck, or face of an opponent with the wrist(s), arm(s), elbow(s), or hand(s).”  Baker’s fine comes from Rule 12, Section 2, Article 14 of the NFL Official Playing Rules, which states that “[n]o player shall grasp and control, twist, turn, push, or pull the facemask of an opponent in any direction.”

The available footage will be reviewed to determine whether other players engaged in similar or related activities.  And those players will find out on a somewhat delayed basis that they’ll be making a somewhat sizable involuntary donation to the NFL Foundation, which assists former players in need through the NFL Player Care Foundation and the NFLPA’s Player Assistance Trust.

33 responses to “More fines coming for Washington-Philly brawl

  1. Chris Baker is a cheap shot artist who can’t play worth a lick. It’s always the losers and losing teams that try to intimidate their opponents to somehow prove their manhood. Undisciplined football gets rewarded with more losses and continued losing. Have a nice season losers.

  2. Yeah the 175 pound DeSean should have jumped in the “brawl” with the other 300 pound lineman.Hurt his shoulder worse than it is and then people would get to say how stupid it was for him to jump in that.

  3. If Peters did anything else I would be disappointed in him. He was just standing up for his quarterback.

    “That’s my quarterback your talkin bout man”

  4. Trent Cole should have been suspended, along with Peters. The officials said that Baker was sent off for the block. Obviously the officials need to get on board with the NFL office with what Vincent said. Philly fans are still bitter and understandably so….. Its tough being kings of the regular season with NO RINGS!!!!

  5. That first post is great….lol…but I’m not a fan of either team but the hit looked clean from Baker. Thats just old school football we all grew up watching. And lets all be real its hits like that, that keeps us the fans watching. It’s old school hits like that that made football fans out of all of us. I personally loved the brawl too. Jason Peters just earned a lot of credit and respect from the entire eagles fan base and from this guy too. But i still love the hit from Baker. All around great play.

  6. I understand Jason Peters going at Baker because he “wanted to stand up for his QB,” but in the end what did he really do to Baker because of the hit? NOTHING. Peters himself told people after it happened that “I was just looking to protect my QB,” but how exactly was Nick Foles “protected” by Peters’ decision to engage in a shoving match? Other than the fine Baker inevitably received, there was absolutely nothing done to him by anyone because of the hit on Foles.

    After the blindside hit took place, the best way Nick Foles could have been protected by Jason Peters…was for Jason Peters to refrain from getting thrown out of the game, so that he could continue to protect the backside of Nick Foles as he and the offense drove down the field to seal the victory. THAT is how you could have protected your QB, Jason, because a few shoves and half-assed swings at some idiot named Baker only managed to put you in a position where you could no longer protect you QB.

  7. you guys really need to stop saying what Chris Baker did was a cheap shot. First if you don’t realize had Breeland broken the tackle the one person who had an angle was Nick Foles Chris Baker was blocking for breeland that’s not a cheap shot that’s a football move. Nick Foles was taking an angle to catch Breeland period.

  8. Washington fans will say what they will, but they only wish that they had someone who would have come to RGIII’s defense the way that Jason Peters came to Foles’.

  9. DeSean is the only one who did the smart thing and stayed out of it. Like the other Commenter said how smart would it be for him to tangle with 300 lb linemen. If your going to hate at least have some intelligence when you comment

  10. The lawyers really have outdone themselves. They can makeoneyo ut of literally any situation. Just find a specific definition and use it in a strict or loose interpretation if it comes to an arbitrary solution

  11. It does not matter now that Peters didn’t think it through. He would have done better had he stayed in the game and blocked for his guy, as a writer above stated.

    Yet, Peters saw Baker cheap-shot his QB, then saw red and went after him. Peters can play for me any old day (not that I’m a GM, HC or owner). I like his attitude. Not a fan of either team.

  12. to ALL the people claiming Baker Cheap Shot Foles you ALL need to watch it again. it was a TEXTBOOK block! EXACTLY how every line coach in the NFL NCAA and down teach it. Coaches ALSO teach from the pee wee level to KEEP YOUR HEAD ON A SWIVEL. hypothetical: Lets pretend that Breeland DID in fact make the INT, weaves through the O(now D)and all that stands between he and the endzone is Foles BECAUSE Baker didn’t block him??? Foles was pursuing the play, not real wise for an NFL QB in a heated fistfight of a game. Baker Shouldn’t have been penalized OR fined. Whats he supposed to do when Peters comes after him? RUN? as a Man I turn and stand my ground… I bet Foles doesn’t ever pursue an Int again without knowing who is around him on the field.

  13. Never knew Philly had so many whiners. I guess that tough guy image is just an image. You guys need some tissues?

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