Panthers add another body at running back

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With Mike Tolbert going on injured reserve/designated for return this week and Jonathan Stewart unlikely to play, the Panthers had to make a roster move Saturday.

The team announced they promoted Tauren Poole from the practice squad. To make room for him on the roster, tackle Garry Williams was placed on injured reserve, thinning them out at another position. Williams was their swing tackle, meaning their only reserve at the position is now Canadian undrafted rookie David Foucault.

Poole was in camp with the Panthers last year and on their practice squad, but went to camp with the Steelers this year.

The Panthers plan to have DeAngelo Williams back this week, but he missed the previous two with a hamstring strain.

5 responses to “Panthers add another body at running back

  1. I kno he was a bust with the Jets… But I’m ready for us to promote Stephen Hill to the roster… After the Steelers game I’ve seen enough of Philly Brown

  2. huh??? Philly made one mistake on special teams but other than that he was a good addition to the receiving core during the Pittsburgh debacle!!

  3. I’m not saying cut him I’m saying demote him… If Stephen hill can reach his potential and pair that KB it can be a killer one two punch i believe in Cam/ and I receiver coach I can’t not spell his name

  4. I know things look like we are down and out with all the negactive things being said and done. But it aint what it look like a word for our team it aint over look beyond the brink look at the posdible forget about the bad all things that is happening is working for our good man up keep the faith keep beliving pull together its where your strengh is believe the supernatural believe the promises of God is always there every where its right there in front of you as a team according to your faith no matter how hard it seem grab hold of it you know what it is its like a mystery, count your loss as gain it’s molden you as a team the victory is looking at you just like the air so be strong I’m praying fo you all mix things up till the formular is just right my daughter is about to go crazy every time cam get hit do tighten up the ropes cam is the key to unlock the door my grand son loves the hands up in the air touch down to bengi KB I call him megs herzs keep it deep bring in swollen bones mix with Bersin stir it up trick it look beyond u tighten up safety give carson help or do what

  5. you do best coach ron just like you did with M White call in deep to help score also in a hurry to keep the lead on our oppent excellent coaching River rock the boat!!! I miss my cracken Hardy # 1 player l for our big D but just keep launging out among you go a little further if u hsve to kuechly is awesome my daughter bought his shirt he’s her #1 D player and she would yell out loud when you dont help him bring it in and she would get mad if u mess with him and Big popeye #1 TDavis and u know my grandson Isaiah would be stsnding thete smiling and laughing is why I call him happy jack like he saying yesh that’s it so hold fast keep pounding and if I believe you believe the chang is coming it’s alteady their So Let’s Go Forth make it happen!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets get the Stepping and take it by force. Let’s do it big Yall Selah!!!

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