49ers shut down Nick Foles, beat the Eagles


In a battle of NFC contenders on Sunday in San Francisco, the 49ers looked like they had a playoff-caliber defense and the Eagles looked like they had a last-place-caliber offense.

The 49ers won 26-21, but that score doesn’t indicate just how bad Philadelphia’s offense was. This game was ugly for Chip Kelly’s offensive attack, and raised big questions about what’s wrong with Nick Foles.

Foles, the Eagles quarterback who had a phenomenal season last year, struggled mightily today. He completed just 21 of his 43 passes for 195 yards, with no touchdowns and two interceptions. He made bad decisions, missed open receivers and generally looked like he didn’t know what he was doing.

The Eagles took an early 21-10 lead despite their offense doing absolutely nothing in the first half: Philadelphia’s first touchdown came when Brad Smith recovered a blocked punt in the end zone, the Eagles’ second touchdown came when Malcolm Jenkins intercepted a pass and ran 53 yards for a touchdown, and Darren Sproles later added an 82-yard touchdown on a punt return.

But those touchdowns on defense and special teams weren’t enough to beat the 49ers. Frank Gore had a sensational game, running for 119 yards and also scoring on a 55-yard reception. Colin Kaepernick picked up 58 yards with his feet and completed 17 of 30 passes for 218 yards, with two touchdowns and one interception.

Several players on both teams missed time with injuries, but the most noteworthy to keep an eye on going forward will be the back injury suffered by 49ers tight end Vernon Davis. If Davis is out for any significant period of time, that would hurt.

But right now, the 2-2 49ers are feeling good about where they stand. The Eagles are 3-1, but after their first loss they can’t feel good about their quarterback. This was a big game, and Foles laid an egg.

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  1. Eagles are pretenders. 0 points on offense. The great Nick Foles with 2 interceptions. This team is horrible. Their luck has run out. It’s back to reality.

  2. Both these teams won’t be playoff teams anyways.

    The Minnesota Vikings will be the undisputed #1 seed in the NFC.

    And the Super Bowl win is inevitable.


  3. Bwah! Good to see the Eggles exposed as usual! Now sit back and watch the best team in the NFC East start to build some separation from the rest of these clowns. Da’ Boyzzz are back and own the East!!!

  4. Yeah missing Jason Kelce, Pro bowl guard Evan Mathis and 1st round pick Lane Johnson. Congratz on shutting down that offense lol. Eagles defense and special teams almost beat the 49ers alone. ha!

  5. Now we read all the haters saying how chip kelly is a fraud when were 3-1 and lost by 5 points with no offensive line to help the run game and pass protection at an away game to a team needing a win. hate on lol. On to next week

  6. As impressive as Nick has played, you start to forget he’s only just started his third year. He’s young and has a lot of areas to improve, but he has TONS of potential. This was a learning experience for him and chip.

  7. Neither team had much to be proud of today, but give the nod to SF for the win.

    That call by Chipper to extend the 49ers drive in the 4th was brilliant. Tell me again how much of a genius he is.

  8. Are we done debating whether Foles is elite or not?

    Every year it happens, one or two players comes off the bench midseason and has a “break out” season before defenses can catch up to what makes them good.

    The following year, defenses catch up, which is exactly what we’re seeing now.

  9. Nick Foles was garbage today, Clipboard Jesus played better.

    This game was a foot-shooting competition from the start, the calls by Chip and the plays by Foles (not to mention the penalties) during that two-minute drill were mind-boggling.

  10. Maybe Santa Clara’s team should transfer to the NFC East so they could have a chance to compete? As it sits they just continue to be overwhelmed by the greatness of the Seahawks Dynasty!

  11. Filthadelphia fans are funny.

    Their great 3 win start was vs teams who now have a combined 3-9 record.

    And stop 49ering about your OLine. Last year when y’all told us jaba kelly was a genius, you were 1 of only 2 teams in the entire NFL with the same starting OLine all year.

    Injuries are normal, as will, I suspect, your losing.

  12. Bad news for Eagles. Your real quarterback just arrived and it ain’t pretty. His 15 minutes of fame and luck are over and the Eagles are in trouble. He looked awful. I almos thought maybe he had a concussion and didn’t know he was in a game. Horrible decision making, horrible throws.\

    He throws to a guy covered by three defensemen? Someone would have been open ya think? Eagle fans should be worried, very very very worried.

  13. Good win boys,i was pretty frustrated in the first half with greg roman not feeding the tank, we finally made the proper adjustments. How bout the defense !!!

  14. Eagles Defense was Impressive given the time on the field. Offence? Did not exist. You cant win a game against 49ers on Special Teams points alone. Disappointing showing for Philly who has had a great offence up until today. Surprising thing how close this game was in points with such an awful Eagles Offence today.

  15. Credit to the 9ers defense as they made the Eagles offense look like a pathetic scout team. Absolutely pathetic.

    Every throw that Foles attempted that was in the air longer than 15 yards was either overthrown, sometimes badly, or intercepted. Cooper, as he does every week, also drops a sure TD pass at the end of the game as it hits him in the elbow because he’s not even looking at the ball while attempting to catch it. Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher are absolutely useless (like Riley Cooper). The O-line was terrible which made McCoy terrible.

    I felt bad for the Eagles’ defense as they were on the field all day and even then, if the offense had been able to kick 2 field goals or if Cooper could catch, this game would’ve been won. Sickeningly terrible. At least this is our first loss, but feels so much worse. Also, terrible on Chip for accepting the penalty to make it 3rd and 13 instead of declining to make it 4th and 3 when they were leading and in field goal range. Good job, 49ers.

  16. So the Eagles are 3-1 and the 49rs are what?

    Excuses Excuses!!!

    Ray Macdonald sure came in handy!

    So did the fire drill last night!

    Of course the fact we are missing half of our O-Line and Kendricks, but hey you won! You cheated, but in a day and age where no one wants to win just on talent yeah you won.

  17. Let’s see: The last four seasons our identity has been molded around a stout run game and punishing defense. Why in the hell Greg Roman attempts to deviate from that is beyond me, having explosive weapons in the pass game is meant to COMPLIMENT our attack.

    In any event this victory solely lies on our defense and Frank The Tank!

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  18. A win is a win, but niners fans can’t be too happy with their offense these days. Kap just seems kinda suspect as a franchise qb. Also a little…dumb maybe?

  19. Foles doesn’t have most of his O-line + he had 1 bad game on the road against a good team, and suddenly he’s horrible and the Eagles are now the worst team in the league.

    Of course as we all know, good QBs never have bad games…. ever.

  20. Bobonmycob don’t make excuses about the Eagles missing a few players. Let’s not get into all the stars my Niners were missing. Novarro Bowman, Aldon Smith, Glen Dorsey and then Vernon was out most of the game. And I thought everyone called our team the “Whiners.” Foles looked scared back there.

  21. Excuses from Eagles fans. No one wants to hear it. Injuries are a part of the game. Eli doesn’t throw interceptions when he has a good OLine either…
    How does it feel?

    Harbaugh almost handed you the game, and you still couldn’t capitalize. Your luck is running out.

  22. The Eagles are a run first team. Everyone knew coming into this game without a healthy OLine it was going to be tough. I point my finger at the front office for not trying to bring outside help in last week. The only runner to EVER be effective without an OLine was Barry Sanders. FACT.

    I applaud the special teams. This is who the eagles are going to be until they get their guys up front back. NO blocking, no pass protection = losses. Every coach and fan in this league knows games are won and lost in the trenches. The 49ers are playing bad enough that the Eagles almost beat them without any offensive production – that speaks volumes.

  23. I wouldn’t worry too much about Foles. 4/5 O-line starters out. Mccoy running for 1.2 YPC. I think when that situation gets fixed he’ll bounce back. We always want to point at the QB but the problem lies deeper here. Hard to make plays when teams dont have to worry about the run and you’re running(Slowly) for your life.

  24. The play calling was atrocious. You have one of the best backs in the league, 2 tries from the 1 yard line and you pass both times? You don’t trust mccoy to pick up ONE yard? C’mon now.

  25. Andy Ried got run out of phylly for not running the ball enough. Chip Kelly runs the ball alot less. Chip Kelly is Andy Ried 2.0

  26. Waaaaaa. My OLine was hurt so it doesn’t really count. Waaaaaaaaaaa.

    Your game style is predicated on running around like a team on crack – crazy tempo, and now coordinators are figuring you out, along with people getting hurt by week 4.

    The Eagles are in trouble. How long until Shady implodes and becomes a distraction?

  27. It was a good defensive game; however, I do not understand using the Eagles “missing three o-line men” excuse. Presumably the Niners were missing defensive starters. During the game, both teams lost key players (for parts of the game or the whole game). Injuries are part of the dynamic that separates good teams from the pack because it shows which is the deeper team or which can scheme better to cover weaknesses.

  28. Chip Kelly is Andy Ried 2.0

    Are you pointing out physique similarities?

    So this is the “scary” offense that the Hawks were supposedly worried about facing in last year’s playoffs?



  29. Eagles not ready for prime time. They pretty much got dominated and that sequence on the goal line is pretty indicative of the gulf between the physicality the NFC West teams play with versus what they do. The Giants will win that division if the offensive output is not a mirage. They are the only one that plays defense, and they’ve given the 49ers fits in the past.

  30. Foles and the offense never got into a groove, no doubt. But the stats are a little misleading due to the fact that after the 3 defensive/special teams td’s, the 49er’s got the ball right back. The 9’ers offense was on the field the whole first quarter and it wasn’t just because their defense was dominating.

    Looking forward to a rematch in the playoffs.

  31. If you take out 4/5 starters on ANY TEAM they are going to in trouble. 9ers/ Hawks/ Broncos – you win in the trenches.

    To all of your idiots out there – the eagles are a run first team. You are using the internet – FFS look it up before you make a comment.

    The 49ers played TERRIBLE. This game should have not even been close – this is from an Eagles fan. For now, worry about making the playoffs – with the way you’ve played these past few weeks, you might be lucky to sniff 8-8.

  32. If you take out 4/5 starters on ANY TEAM they are going to in trouble. 9ers/ Hawks/ Broncos – you win in the trenches

    Last season Hawks had four of five offensive linemen miss a combined 18 games.

    Filthadelphia had no offensive linemen miss any games; one of only two teams in all the NFL to be so fortunate.

    Yet y’all claimed last year that injuries were part of the game.

    At least you made the playoffs one year.

  33. Yup people are figuring out the eagles offence. The same offence that coming into week four of year two was the best in the league. They played bad. It happens, it’s the nfl. Guess it takes time to teach Seahawks fans football since they just started following a year or two ago

  34. As a 9ers fan, I would hardly write off Foles and the Eagles after 1 bad game. Christ, they’re 3-1 with 12 games to go. It’s not like the cowboys, redskins and giants are suddenly contenders for that division.

  35. “Last season Hawks had four of five offensive linemen miss a combined 18 games.

    Filthadelphia had no offensive linemen miss any games; one of only two teams in all the NFL to be so fortunate.

    Yet y’all claimed last year that injuries were part of the game.

    At least you made the playoffs one year”

    In the same game? We are not talking about over the course of a year. Don’t forget the Hawks got SPANKED by the Chargers just 2 weeks ago too.

  36. When you run for like 20 yards total in 2 games no QB will do well. Foles is taking too many hits in an offensive line that is missing Kelce, Mathis, and Lane Johnson, and their 6th man Allen Barbre….

  37. The eagles finished the first month of Football 3-1…..I didn’t imagine they were going to go 16-0…Was a tough loss but relax with all the “exposed” talk whenever they or any team has a bad game. Weird how all this parrots come out of hiding to say as much if and when they lose…get a life and worry about your own squad.

  38. So Foles came in leading the NFL in passing yards, the Eagles scored 30+ all three games, but naturally all the trolls come out after one bad game.

  39. Somebody ought to get Shady McCoy on dancing with the Stars because he could win it all.Everytime he gets the ball he sits in the back field dancing too much.

  40. To the eagles and their fans. Youre just not that good. Probably should be 1-3. Things fell right in a few games and you lucked out to 3-1. That being said eagle hate aside, that game set quarterbacking back decades. You had two guys without a clue how to read a def. It was a complete disgrace. They both stink. This is the new nfl. It takes spread option qbs that have no clue how to read complex def and asks them to do just that and they cannot. Manzel, rgiii, newton , foles,kap etc… they all stink. Just terrible football being played weekly in the nfl. Add a league that allows no def to be played and you have a league that is turning into a complete joke. I miss hard nosed real football.

  41. Nick Foles is the most unathletic player in the league. That was painfully pathetic to watch. Chip Kelly is also an idiot. Taking the penalty when your defense holds them on 3rd down? Completely stupid.

    And enough with the injured o-line excuse. The Seahawks o-line was decimated by injuries last year too and they never looked that bad on offense.

    Congrats to the 49ers for having the fortitude to overcome its own incompetence at the qb position and hang on for the win. Kaepernick will be the reason the 49ers will never get over the hump and will likely miss the playoffs this year. Dude’s horrible.

  42. Weird, you finally play a team with a defense and y’all have to make excuses about how barely beating Jacksonville was the real Filthadelphia.

    Remember when you thought Foles was better than R. Wilson? That was a good laugh.

    Who is the top rated QB in the NFL? Yes, Mr. Wilson.

  43. ihttrforever says:
    Sep 28, 2014 7:58 PM
    The eagles are pathetic and no rings.skins will destroy in the second match up.HTTR

    That’s rich….a Redslurs fan….your team has ZERO chance of winning the division. None. No one picked the Eagles to win this game, and they almost pulled it off. But they will rebound and go into their bye no worse than 4-2, possibly 5-1. Wanna guess what your dumpster fire of a team will be after week 6?

  44. It was a rough game for the O for sure, but I know they’ll be back. Last year was no fluke. Foles just needs to get his O line back and they’ll be better off. Until they they could struggle.

  45. In what could have been a classic game between NFC powers turns out to be a just an average game between two average teams.
    Nothing like the game last week between the Broncos and Seahawks.
    Eagles look lost at offense despite no Bowman or Smith.
    49ers look lost everytime Kaepernick has the ball.
    Seattle is clearly the class of this league.

  46. Riley Cooper holds that ball at the ending of the first half Eagles kick FG and another at end of game for one point win .

    San Fran was the better team today and won at home. Those left coast trips, first time center and middle of the night fire alarms don’t help.

    Over the last five league games Riley Cooper has dropped far to many passes that are hitting his hands. McCoy still has not recovered from his pre-season toe/foot injury.

    We didn’t think philly was going 16-0.

  47. No #1 wr and no OL and you look like, well, the 2013 giants. Just like we said you would. Hahaha

  48. It’s funny reading all of these overreactions to one game. Before the season started any Eagles fan would have been thrilled with a 3 and 1 record. They lost to a championship contender on the other side of the country with a fraction of a healthy offensive line and their best defender out. In the overall picture as long as they beat St. Louis and New York with Lane Johnson back the Chip Ship will be back on track. But by all means, keep those typical weekly over reactions coming….

  49. Oh HELL I don’t like the Eagles or the 49ers but this was a really good ball game. Lots of hard hitting and nobody gave up anything.
    The 49ers won.
    So what?
    This game came down to the end and the best team won.

  50. Typical Eagles mirage. Look up Reid’s record against winning teams during their “successful” years. Look up the strength of defenses faced by Foles last year. And this year, they almost lost to Jax, had the officials give them the Indy game, and barely beat Washington. Today they play a halfway decent team and genius Chip’s offense can’t run a play in 49er territory until late in the 4th quarter. Yet Eagles fans are now talking about injuries. Haha. I think Washington had a few injuries too when they barely beat them.

    And one more thing, that Riley Cooper deal was real smart. You just paid a ton for James Thrash with long hair.

  51. …”This is why I watch the NFL…”.
    Sure, and it’s the reason why we all watched the NFL games that ended closely such as the TB/Pitt game, or the Buffalo/Houston.
    Both the Eagles/49ers game was a bland as you get. Just nothing stands out.
    And this was supposed to be the game of the week.
    Sorry, but Aaron Rodgers and Packers stole today’s headlines.
    SF/Philly – just an average game.

  52. Its really amusing to hear Eagles fans crying about injuries. 49ers are missing their Pro Bowl RT, lost Vernon Davis during the game, are missing two of the best LB’s in the NFL, a starting cornerback, their starting NT, lost their Pro Bowl LT for a portion of the game, please go elsewhere for sympathy.

  53. I enjoy people making the comments about other scores the eagles could have made but if you look at the replay of Sproles punt return touchdown, his knee was down when the miners player grabbed his facemask. Should have never counted because he was down by contact.

  54. pfromvv you sound very silly and have no valid point. When a GROUP of 3-4 players are missing from an offensive line it’s A LOT harder to mesh then random players at different positions being hurt. It screws up up the game plan, flow and sync of the game when you cant run the ball and pass protect. A loss is a loss no excuses it’s still sad the eagles special teams and defense almost won that game alone. It just amuses me sitting at 3-1 how much trash people can talk.

  55. Face it Eagles fans as shown in your game against the Redskins you are at the same level as the Redskins. The similarities are there, a QB who had one great year then struggles to live up to the hype, a terrible D, and a offense that everyone says is unstoppable one year then gets studied and figured out the next year. At least Alfred is still rolling and isn’t imploding like Shady. Don’t worry Eagle nation we will save a spot on the couch for you in Jan.

  56. Calm down folks. Philly played a great team on the road and only lost by five points. Santa Clara played a great team at home and pulled out a win with the helpful of their well-known defense. Today’s game had an outcome that wasn’t that hard to imagine happening. Not sure why everybody has their panties up in a bunch.

  57. the Santa Clara 49ers fans still don’t know when to get loud or when to be quiet. (I guess they better study the instructions that the team sent them with their season tickets)

  58. Wow, that offense was so innovative. Chip Kelly is clearly getting his HOF jacket measured for a bust next to lesser-minded Bill Walsh…

    Please, media…it’s time to be over this Chip Kelly love fest. Run N Shoot never won a championship. Ever. Except in Canada. So there is Kelly’s future. Multiple Grey Cup winner.

  59. Over the past three years the 49ers have had no trouble with high powered finesse offenses. Glad to see they got back to that and remembered to give the ball to the best back they have ever had.
    Glad they got the win but I was believing this would be Kap’s break out year, and that is not whats happening. He still has time to get better but its beginning to look like this is who he is and all he will be. Not sure its good enough over the long run. Luckily with historically subpar teams like sea and to a lesser extent Arizona in our division, its just a matter of time before they suck again. Then I guess all you sad “hawk” fanboys can go back to commenting on starbucks blogs.

  60. -Corrected-
    Funny to see Skins fans on here mouthing off about how bad the Eagles are, and not winning a SB ring.. After last weeks performance, which no one could find their way out of a paper bag, you skins fans should be quiet for the rest of the season.. Eagles Defense scored more points than your offense.

  61. That crowd is god awful. And you can’t even blame it on the new fans because basically all 49er fans are new fans. The only time they really got loud was when their rapist CB got that easy pick.

  62. Honestly, as a Niner fan, I’d blame Chip before Foles. There are some bad misses, but the second interception was a desperation throw, and Chip called a horrible game. One thing Harbaugh is great at is giving his QBs comfortable play calls. Notice how after Kap takes a big hit, usually Harbaugh calls a shotgun pass or run next. In one instance, Foles got laid out hard after making a throw, then the next play call, on second down, had multiple deep routes.

    Nick Foles could be great in the future, and he’s shown some greatness already. Let’s not take one road game where he’s going against a top five defense, and a team that’s been on the verge of a Super Bowl for three straight years and say he’s a failure all of the sudden.

  63. It’s really sad how all of these people are calling Nick Foles a “fraud” and “terrible” after one bad game. An injured O-Line + a good defense makes a deadly combination against any QB, especially when his #2 WR isn’t catching the ball.

    Look at his stats. He has a better career QBR than Drew Brees, Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Brett Farve… the list goes on. He’s been around long enough for that to mean something (it means he can play the game). Ever heard of the saying, “the numbers don’t lie?” He’s had a rough start to the season. Who cares? Every great QB has been there. He has been hit more than anyone this season through 4 games without any protection. Despite the O-line, he has lead his team to 3-1, making huge plays in the 4th quarter when it mattered the most after getting hit time and time again. Tough kid, blows my mind how bad people rip a QB after one bad game… sad.

  64. P. Manning on a bye so I had to start Foles on my FF team. 5 points, quite the stud. That’s 12 less than my kicker got.

    Broke my own rule. Never have filthy Eagles on my team. He is dropped the minute the free agents come off waivers. Lucky for me Steve Smith and Larry Donnell picked up the slack.

  65. …and all they had to do was pull the fire alarm at the Eagles’ hotel. Who knew that was the missing key?

  66. Can we put this “vaunted” offense story to bed now and admit that the Eagles have a regular NFL offense? 34-17, 30-27, 37-34, 21-26…the scores from all of their games. Apparently everyone else except Jacksonville is just as prolific offensively.

  67. theaints says:
    Sep 28, 2014 8:27 PM
    Great performance by the SF D.

    Exactly. No free releases – they pressed the WRs and jamme the TEs.

  68. “That being said eagle hate aside, that game set quarterbacking back decades. You had two guys without a clue how to read a def. It was a complete disgrace. They both stink. This is the new nfl. It takes spread option qbs that have no clue how to read complex def and asks them to do just that and they cannot. Manzel, rgiii, newton , foles,kap etc… they all stink. Just terrible football being played weekly in the nfl. Add a league that allows no def to be played and you have a league that is turning into a complete joke. I miss hard nosed real football.”


    Couldn’t agree more.

  69. No offensive line excuse by Philly is tiresome. 9ers still beat Eagles even without their injured players — you can say that too. Can we get some complaint about the fire alarm going off too? This is the NFL, every team is injured and hurt. Deal with it.

  70. 3:05 left, 3rd and goal, Two pass plays fail. Really? Three timeouts left? Run one play, kick the FG, hold them on downs, take over on your own 40 and now you need only about 30 yds, with 3 t.o. and 1:40 left. Plenty of time to get in range.
    Foles looked bad. Kaepernick didn’t call his best game. Lousy game mgt by both coaches. Fillies shoulda/coulda. UHHH-ggg-LLL-EEEEE.

  71. And when the Eagles pick apart the Rams next week, all the haters will go back into hiding.

    No mention of the fact that Shady ran for like 19 yards on ten carries, or that pretty much the whole offensive line is second stringers. Nope, all Foles. What a joke. Are people really that insecure that Foles freaks them out this much? Lol…love it.

    Foles was the NFL’s leading passer before this week, probably is still top five. After week one Eli Manning was garbage, now after week four he’s a God. Sometimes I wonder if most of you even watch football, and if you do, if you watch it like it’s a soap opera.

    Eagles had a horrible game this past Sunday. Terrible. They did everything wrong in every aspect of the game. Receivers dropped touchdown passes (again), line couldn’t run block, Shady couldn’t break tackles, Foles over threw some open guys, and Kelly made some HORRIBLE decisions in both play calling and penalty decline/accept decisions…and you know what? After all that, they lost by five points. FIVE.

    Worst game they could possibly have had, and they still almost won it in the last seconds, getting stuffed by SF at the one yard line. Yeah, I’m real worried.

    I don’t think there will be a dark enough corner for you guys to hide in come playoff time when the Eagles are there.

  72. /\

    Foles was the leading passer playing the Jags and Redskins. You’re touting stats from September…
    Eli should be considered a god to you – he’s twice completed what your entire franchise hasn’t done in 60 years.

    Hide in the corner? No team in the NFC East needs to hide in the corner from any Eagles fan – are you serious?


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