Dennis Allen says he’s not worried, but report says he’s fired


After his team dropped to 0-4 with a blowout loss to the Dolphins in London, Raiders coach Dennis Allen said he’s going to stay the course. Even amid talk that today’s game could be his last.

Allen said after the game that he’s not worried about losing his job and expects to remain the head coach.

But Allen may simply be in the dark about the plans of Raiders owner Mark Davis. In fact, Terry Collins of the Associated Press tweeted on Sunday night that Allen is fired and an announcement could come as soon as Tuesday. There was no elaboration on that report, and it raises some questions — including why the Raiders would wait until Tuesday to make the announcement if the firing has already happened. About 45 minutes after he tweeted the news, Collins deleted the tweet without explanation.

Collins apparently decided not to stand behind his reporting, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Allen does get fired. In fact, it’s been reported for weeks that the Raiders could fire Allen during their bye this week and hand the job over on an interim basis to assistant coach Tony Sparano.

Several Raiders players were asked after the game whether they think Allen’s job is safe, and most of them said they didn’t know. Right now, no one knows, except for maybe Mark Davis. And he isn’t saying anything publicly. At least not yet.

UPDATE: The AP reporter has retracted his report.

63 responses to “Dennis Allen says he’s not worried, but report says he’s fired

  1. they aren’t flying back from London until tomorrow so they wouldn’t have time to make announcement until Tuesday.

  2. Man I can’t imagine how it would feel to continue working a job where there are “reports” I could be fired … That’s gotta be miserable

  3. To be fair, who put the schedule together that had the Raiders on the road to the Jets to open the season then a home game and then back to the east coast to play the Patriots and then a home game in freaking London…..smh…all in the first 4 games of the season…..two trips to the east coast and one to England in the first 4 weeks of the season….

  4. jvw1982 says: Sep 28, 2014 10:17 PM

    To be fair, who put the schedule together that had the Raiders on the road to the Jets to open the season then a home game and then back to the east coast to play the Patriots and then a home game in freaking London…..smh…all in the first 4 games of the season…..two trips to the east coast and one to England in the first 4 weeks of the season….

    It doesn’t matter, the results would have been the same no matter where and when they played. This team is old and without talent.

  5. The best thing that could happen to Dennis is to be fired. The Raiders job was a go nowhere job in the first place. Dennis is a good coach, but not, ready to be a head coach of an organization as screwed up as the Raider Nation.

  6. Good riddance. If anyone saw the game, and saw Carr limp to the sidelines and Dennis Allen wasn’t the first person to approach him. It flat out shows he doesn’t care about the players. The guy is in over his head and he deserves to be fired.

    The team looked absolutely unprepared, but Allen was extremely unprofessional with how he dealt with Carr’s injury. If I was Mark Davis and Reggie McKenzie, I would be irate with seeing that. That’s a big investment out there, and the coach didn’t even bother protecting the guy when he got hurt.

  7. This team doesn’t even know where they’re playing their home opener in 2015. Who in their right mind would ever take this train wreck of a job? Does Mark Davis really think he’ll attract a top tier coach?

  8. I know a lot of football. I mean A LOT of. Football. This is first time that I have seen a GM and Coach get props for “deconstructing” a program. Anybody in the world can destroy a program. A GM is suppose to build a program not destroy it.

  9. ripwarrior says:
    Sep 28, 2014 10:21 PM
    I would hope to be fired in London. Spend some time in the red light district to ease my pain.
    That would be Amsterdam, a couple hundred miles to the East, but the Raiders suck in any country and in any language.

  10. Allen and McKenzie need to go.

    Also, not a Raider fan, but Carr looks like he could be a good player, but he is playing behind an OLine thats as comparable to the one his brother had his rookie year. Dont ruin this kids confidence… and if u are thinking 2015 draft, not even Winston or Mariota would survive back there.

    Just my 2 cents.

  11. You could argue that a Davis has fired head coaches in haste and made a mistake. You can’t say that about this time though. He truly has no clue about being a HC right now. I really have to question his Defensive knowledge as well.

  12. When the Raiders put their starters back in to beat the Lions in a preseason game, I said I thought they had jumped the Shark and were stupid, and got so many thumbs down…

  13. I dont know who could win with that roster…. Its hard to say he is worse that Doug Marrone…. Marrone has a fairly talented roster sans QB…

    At some point, the GM has to take responsibility for putting the roster together right?

  14. Al Davis sold his soul back in the early 70s for 3 rings and the last 30 years have been payback, this misery will never end

  15. the players simply never respected Allen. He’s a nice kid, but not an NFL HC.

    They need a big personality that would command respect. Jon Gruden, you owe us one. Get out of the booth and make us relevant again !

  16. As the owner, how could you justify cutting checks to the HC, OC, and DC going forward. Ok, he has to pay them anyway because of the contract, but he shouldn’t allow them to continue making his team the joke of all professional sports.

  17. I was all for giving DA & his staff a chance over the long term for turning things around given the salary cap/personnel issues.
    However the predictable offensive/vanilla defense combined with the complete lack of fundamentals on both sides of the ball, points to a complete failure on the coaching staff of paying attention to details and a lack of preparation. They all need to go!

  18. Oakland needs to land the number 1 pick then get a haul like the rams got from wash . Reggie m has to be held accountable for this mess he did the grocery shopping tuck Woodly smith Rodgers t brown penn Howard only Rodgers has performed . Alan is in way over his head he looks lost on the sidelines? Can somebody tell me why 90% of all the people Reggie let go are on the other nfl rosters and we have the least depth and overall talent of any team . He screwed this up big time the so called purge took 2 years should have taken 1 that set them back big time then his drafting and free agent pick ups suck . Gruden. H Jackson Darrel bevile all would be huge upgrades raider nation deserves better I miss mr a Davis so much everybody jumped on him and blamed him for so much. We have stuck with the same head coach for too long look where that is getting us anybody who thinks this is a team that looks like it is getting better is nuts for that reason alone d Alan must go he sucks . Tom cable and h Jackson look like great coaches after this so called transition to the status que nfl . Hire GM. GM hires coach BS RIP A DAVIS you were the best ..

  19. dfwhawkguy says:
    Sep 28, 2014 10:20 PM
    What’s the big deal? It’s the Raiders. All they do is suck, year after year. Not his fault

    This guy’s trolling aside, he is correct. The raiders need to clean house. Hire proven winners. I’m talking coordinators and front office guys from teams that have been consistently good. Go hire guys from stable teams like Baltimore, Seattle, New Orleans (not NE, bad track record) and the like. They need to change the attitude and culture and that doesn’t just apply to the coaching staff but to players and front office people.

  20. Harbaugh will be the Raiders coach in 2015. MARK IT! He will get a big-money contract to be both coach and GM, and will thumb his nose at Santa Clara. And probably field a better team than them by 2016.

  21. well he earned the right to be fired, but in all reality there is nobody on staff to take over…that is how bad it is with Reggie……

    as I said befor welcome to the Mark Davis era….obvious he is not his dad….8-28……..Al would have never waited this long.

  22. isphet71 says:
    Sep 28, 2014 10:36 PM

    When the Raiders put their starters back in to beat the Lions in a preseason game, I said I thought they had jumped the Shark and were stupid, and got so many thumbs down…


    Abject lie. They did not do this.

  23. I don’t get why people are calling for McKenzie’s head. Sure he hired Allen, but lets face it Allen was a stop gap coach while McKenzie eliminated bad contracts. You can say he signed over the hill players, but again going into next season we have 70m in cap space again. I do think he realizes you can’t build by free agency. You can add key pieces.

    If anything look for Suh to end up with the Raiders. But going back to McKenzie he’s done a decent job, the guys he’s drafted has been legit. He’s had some misses, but Mack, Carr, Jackson and Ellis are all future starters or potential pro-bowlers. Then you look at the offensive line, Carr has had some nice pockets and a lot of the hits are due to play calling and Carr making rookie mistakes.

  24. danpatrickisatool says:
    Sep 28, 2014 10:42 PM

    Send Woodson out the door too, he’s a turd who only came back because no other team was dumb enough to pay him. The guy is done.


    Actually he is one of the only ones giving it his all and playing ok on D.

    Maybe WATCH the game instead of peddling your bias unfiltered.

  25. Wasn’t sure of RM when Mark hired him. Then Reginald hired DA. Didn’t know much about him except his took the Donkey’s D from 32nd to 21st in 1 year. I lost all faith in this regime the second DA hired Knapp Time.

    Mark get rid of these clowns now. Or else lose more fans and see your tix be sent back…………

  26. That’s how bad this coaching staff is. If DA gets
    Fired there’s nobody worthy enough to Serve as interim coach.

    Bring in Singletary. Let this be a 8 game interview for him. Let Tarver and Olsen do their thing while Singletary sets the tone for the franchise. He’ll do it without a 2nd thought.nothing to lose and everything to gain.LBs the weak spot of the team, it won’t be if Singletary’s here.

  27. I say Hire Romanoski as the head coach; Ice Cube as the asst coach….at lease we would have some passion on the side-line and the games would be much more fun to watch. hahahaha

  28. jaybe05 says: Sep 29, 2014 7:31 AM

    can we beg hue jackson to come back
    According to Hubris Jackson, Al Davis offered him the GM job, but he turned it down to be the OC.

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