Bengals to donate more than $1 million from Devon Still jersey sales

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Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still’s daughter Leah’s fight against cancer continued this week when she had surgery to remove a tumor and the team’s push to help more children battling cancer is also moving forward.

The Bengals announced that they are closing in on 10,000 orders for Still jerseys and that all of the proceeds from those orders will go to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The team will absorb the cost of the first 10,000 jerseys sold at $100 and any sales beyond 10,000 will go to the hospital after the cost of the jerseys has been accounted for.

As a result, the team plans to present a check in excess of $1 million to the hospital at their November 6 game against the Browns in Cincinnati. Sales of the jerseys, which have come from all 50 states and overseas, will continue through October 20 and the team has also put a link on their website for fans to make direct donations.

“We applaud Devon for his openness in sharing his daughter’s challenging story nationwide through media and social media,” Bengals executive vice president Katie Blackburn said in a release from the team. “We also applaud the response of our fans and many others to the jersey sales. The welfare of Devon and Leah are foremost in our minds, but we are proud and excited to be able to be a part of something that can help advance the cause of fighting childhood cancer.”

We continue to wish the Stills all the best as Leah continues her fight and hope that the support she has engendered allows many other children to thrive in their own battles with the insidious disease.

19 responses to “Bengals to donate more than $1 million from Devon Still jersey sales

  1. Devon Still is a class act and Cincy has really handled this well. Sean Payton ordering 100 jerseys was also a nice move.

  2. For all that people have (often rightfully) knocked the Bengals over the years, and as often as this phrase has been misused in the last couple weeks, *this* is Getting It Right.

  3. This story should be more prevalent in the NFL media than Ray Rice and AP!
    Prayers of healing for Mr. Still and his daughter.
    Its good to see a franchise show loyalty to one of its players and to see an opponent on the field in Coach Payton lending a hand.

  4. If only there were a lot more players in the major leagues that were like this man. Hopefully all is well with his daughter and stays well. Great job man, and great job to all that support this cause!!!

  5. More coaches should follow Sean Payton’s purchase. He is a class act, no matter what ill will many of us hold towards the ‘Aint’s team in general.

    Just think, if the other 31Head Coach’s made the same purchase, over $300,000 would be donated from them alone.

    The bar has been set, lets see others step up!

    BTW, if ALL players did the same (not like they can’t afford it), well OVER $1.5 Million would be donated!

  6. Sean is a great guy and coach. Though I am a Dallas fan. Coach was part of our coaching staff before going to the Saints after that horrible Katrina that hit NO.

  7. This is just a great story to read…

    All fans of the NFL are pitching in on this. Doesn’t matter who your favorite team is, or player. Everyone is pitching in on this! It’s awesome!

  8. Why do we react so overwhelmingly to the 5-second ” pep talk”? Because of Leah’s smile. Why does Leah smile like that? Because the most powerful and loving person in her world is telling her it will be a good day. Love your children! Devon, deliver to her from your power and love, on behalf of all Dads who would do so for their child!

  9. I’m so damn proud of my Bengals right now that I can barely sit still! What a great story! With all of the negativity flowing from the situation in Baltimore, San Fran, and Minnesota, it’s nice to see a CLASS act for a change! Prayers for Leah! She’s MY hero. How anyone can manage a smile like that going thru what she is going thru is amazing to say the least!

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