Dolphins keep Raiders winless with 38-14 rout


As it turns out, Matt Moore did end up playing.

The good news for the Dolphins was that it was only as a victory cigar.

Led by a sharp performance from under-fire quarterback Ryan Tannehill, the Dolphins pummeled the Raiders 38-14 in London.

Tannehill was 23-of-31 for 278 yards and two touchdowns. An interception was the only thing that knocked his passer rating down to 109.3, and left a mark on an otherwise spotless day.

The Raiders are now 0-4, and if Al Davis were still alive, coach Dennis Allen might need a parachute somewhere over the Atlantic.

After Derek Carr led them to an opening-drive touchdown, all the air came out of their sails, and Carr ended up leaving the game with a knee injury.

Things got no better with Matt McGloin under center, who threw interceptions and watched a snap fly past him and returned for a touchdown.

It was that kind of comedy of errors for the Raiders, and you can’t help but think changes are possible with the bye week in front of them.

44 responses to “Dolphins keep Raiders winless with 38-14 rout

  1. as a Fins fan I would like to draw some hope from this win…but its the Raiders, so I really cant

  2. How bout that Dolphins running game!?! Oh, by the way Moreno is back with fresh legs after the bye week. 2-2 and in the thick of things in the AFCE.


  3. This was pathetic – I know we have injuries – Mark Davis – it’s time -Dennis Allen needs to go. There was absolutely no motivation or life in these players. Something’ is terribly wrong and I can only point to coaching. Ten straight loses – it’s coaching especially after the spark last week. I realize he came to a team that was in disarray – but he was felt a better hand this year. It’s early let’s turn this thing around with a new coach. Not sure who buy anything is better than DA. Enough said. Go Raiders!

  4. Reggie Mckenzie should be ashamed. He took a decent team on the way up after an 8/8 season and completely abolished it to bring in his own guys. This coaching staff if a joke, and have shown no reason why they should be coaching in the NFL. MARK, RID THE NATION FROM THIS MEDIOCRE STAFF AND BRING BACK HUE!

  5. Yeah, it’s the raiders, but at least they had a better showing against them than the pats and jets. After the bye, Moreno, Pouncey, and Rashad Jones will return to the line up.

  6. They should fire the staff and leave them in England with coach tickets (no pun intended) to fly home without the team. Please let CBS be wrong and Olson is not the front runner for interim head coach. I think he is as much to blame as DA. Is AL Saunders still there? Make him OC, Sporanno HC (options are limited) and call Rod Woodson and let him be DC. I think he is a Broncos intern, maybe that is a bad idea based off of DA and Tarver.

  7. Got those Quarterback Blues? 9 out of 10 doctors prescribe the Oakland Raiders for fast, effective relief…

  8. John Gruden is shaking his head cause he for sure would not consider a second stent at this garbage…. Tom Cable is laughing, Hue Jackson, LB McClain, QB T. Pryor, RB Bush, DE Houston, etc., etc, are all laughing because of the three stooges “F’ing up” a team that WAS 8-8 back to back before these clowns (DA, RM & MD) decided to desytroy what was some what of a foundation… Reggie McKenzie to have been a former Raider playing the LB position and old school is shamefull for him to be the mastermind behind all of this garbage that has been produced. And the Likes of Denis Allen (Rookie) of whom has held NO head coaching job or assistant head coaching job at any level who has demonstrated he is not a players coach because he got into it with Relondo McClain who had promise, got into it with T. Pryor who was a FREAK of an Athlete (let go by Seattle because of their tremendous debt.). and then there is Mark Davis of whom has no clue because his father Al (may he try to rest in peace) would not allow him in his office when conducting Raider business. AND SAD FOR ME TO SAY,,,,, I AM THE BIGGEST RAIDER FAN TO GRACE THE EAST COAST, AND I LIVE IN ATLANTA… Plese GET RID OF THE COACHING STAFF AND THE GM… I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANY MORE….

  9. Worst game of football I’ve ever seen; painful to watch. I don’t see how anyone could keep their jobs after this. The way I see it, we’ll be trading Down for Abdullah. I’ll always be a Raiders fan, but I’m tired of this mess.

  10. really it’s not fair to name anybody to coach this team. Raiders are almost forced to ride out this possible 0-16 season with Denis Allen. Unless Reggie wants to coach what he has assembled….i mean to go from back to back 8-8 seasons to this…it is an embarrassment….we are getting worse each year…’s really all about Mark Davis now……suggestion don’t ask john Madden this time for advice……be your own man or get out.

  11. – (2) 8-8 seasons doesn’t mean we needed to switch to zone blocking scheme and draft the best zone blocker.

    – also no need to switch to west coast offense under Knapp who failed us before.

    – one week raiders use speed receivers to start the game the next possession receivers to start, do raiders have a system .

    Al Davis Forever! And open Mt. Davis so I can have my seat back on the 50 yard line.

  12. Reggie McKenzie is the guy who makes personnel decisions.

    Can someone here with a straight face and isn’t a complete moron make a legitimate case that the Raiders would be demonstrably better with picking any coach in the league?

    No? So perhaps the attention should be more on Reggie McKenzie, the guy who lets better players leave (some even want to stay) so he can overpay poorer players.

  13. Of course according the Bread Gobbling Nation, they nearly beat the Pats –and today bad calls caused the loss.

    Future Coaches:

    Baby Huey part 2.

    Cable Guy part 2.

    The Outhouse come EBT machines will be working for the next home game.

  14. The worst team in the us and Europe.the Raiders are a dumpster Fire and it only gets worse.How does a team with 60 million in cap space get significantly worse?When you’re the raiders

  15. I am a Dolphins fan and this game was really boring. Our recievers haven’t been able to get open all year except for today. I am happy about the win but won’t get to excited. We play the Packers next and hopefully we can get a win there.
    Raiders are horrible, they will win 2 games at the most.

  16. “No? So perhaps the attention should be more on Reggie McKenzie, the guy who lets better players leave (some even want to stay) so he can overpay poorer players.”

    I will gladly take on this argument. Other than Jennings having 1.5 good games out of 4. The players who left have shown exactly why they did not come back.

    On a team with Jared Allan drawing 2 blockers, Houston has been a no show. With Allen out, the Bears defensive front was non existent. Houston has 0 sacks and 0 tackles for a loss.

    Growing up in Phoenix I was a Raiders fan until we got the Cardinals. Since then I have loved both teams and since AZ is actually entertaining, I watch every one of their games. Veldheer gets smoked every game. He is the sole reason the Chargers game was close. When he isn’t getting beat, he is getting called for a false start or a holding on 3rd and short. Meanwhile, AZ cannot run the ball to his side.

    Pryor gets brought up too. After the Seahawks spent all pre season hyping this guy, they could not find a trade partner and outright released him. He couldn’t even beat out Travers Jackson on a team that wins with defense.

    As far as draft picks, DJ Hayden is everybody’s favorite to criticize. While it was absolutely a mistake, they were taking DJ or Milner in that draft to fill a need. Guess what, they both hardly ever play due to injury.

    Watch a Seahawks game and watch Pete Carroll react on every play.. Then watch DA. He was looking at the sky into nowhere when they showed him today. No expression and looking clueless. On 3rd and 1 with the lead, they put in a back up full back, line up in an obvious run up the middle set, and guess what, they get stuffed. Horrible call. On defense, guys are out of position on every play. 11 starters, and you want to say none of them are good enough to be in the correct position? No. Again, piss poor coaching.

    I watched a Giants game and they talked about how much they missed Tuck, then the same thing was said about Woodley during a Steelers game. Do you think that great Niners defense was so good last year if these corners could not play at all? No.

    There is talent on both sides of the ball. The longer that DA, Olson, and Tarver get with these guys, the more they will regress. You can’t really install new systems during the season anyways, but I put it on the coaching way before I blame Reggie. Nobody wanted to coach this team after Davis went through so many coaches, so he was stuck with what he could get. The few free agents that were available didn’t want to play on this team, but again, he made some decent moves. The only half way decent free agent that was really available was Desean. Obviously he did not land him. remember, he cannot just walk up to a guy and say, “I sign you”. They have to be available for one, and then they have to want to play for a losing organization.. Most guys willing to do that have already won a SB and are on the downside of their career. Woodley, Tuck, and Woodson all fit that description. With a top 2 or 3 draft pick next year and Sio, Mack, Carr, and some other young talent, a legitimate coach might finally want to come to Oakland.

  17. I wouldn’t get too excited about Tannehills performance against that team full of scrubs.

    It was like a power conference team playing an NAIA team out there. This faider team might be the worst the league has seen in the last decade, and that’s being kind. Has more money ever been wasted in a single off-season?

    Wait until the AFCW gets ahold of them.

  18. What exactly does this team practice on all week??? Defense can’t get off the field. The offense is only good for one or two drives per game.

    How do you keep this staff??? The only bright spot so far, Carr, goes down and is in obvious pain and get’s no help off the field until he limps to the sidelines. That right there, says all you need to know about this Raiders team. You don’t even help your QB off the field.

    The only phase of the team holding up is special teams. They have yet to surrender a touchdown. Other than that, total meltdown.

    Their is an obvious “divide” between the coaching staff and players.

    Make the move now Raiders. You can’t play any worse!!!!

  19. I will say this as well about oc olsen….he always knows how to stop his own teams momentum. …. all with one play….3rd and one yard to go, and you give the ball to somebody who hasn’t had a touch all year…

    Really can’t blame Tarver, because you know it’s Dennis Allen, but our D sucks.

  20. Cafetoro dont get excited then. Philbin isnt asking you to cheer for the dolphins but apparently you know a lot maybe you should send him an email cause you knowexactly how to make the dolphins a sb team.

  21. Two weeks to enjoy football, that is until Green Bay goes south, still great to have a win, at the end of the year they count wins and loses, not who you played to get there. Bill

  22. Don’t know what to make of this game. The Raiders looked like they had no legs under them. I don’t know if the long flight had anything to do with it, but they had that glassy look (Derek Carr had mascara around his) in their eyes.

  23. radrntn says: Sep 28, 2014 6:21 PM

    I will say this as well about oc olsen….he always knows how to stop his own teams momentum. …. all with one play….3rd and one yard to go, and you give the ball to somebody who hasn’t had a touch all year…
    They lined up in an obvious run formation and gave the ball to the fullback with no lead block. I kept yelling, “Don’t run the ball, idiots”, but nobody listens to me. Canning Allen probably won’t make a difference, but they need to do something. And they should cut Woodley. There has to be a few guys sitting on their couch that can do better than that slug.

  24. Entire team played well. DL brought the pressure which helped get our first INT’s of the year! OL playing pretty good football. RB’s ran well with high avg/attempt breaking a few. RT17 was more accurate with WR’s catching and blocking well. Give Special Teams an A. Both Coordinators called great games. Big shot out to Lazor for using RT17 more effectively. Even Philbin did a good job of recovering from the distractions and got his team ready to play 60 mins of football.


  25. Take a deep breath, the Dulfins, 1-2 beat an 0-3 team,,,so whats the big deal? Two losers, one has to win. The Raiders looked like a pop warner team.

  26. I am a Dolphins fan and must comment on the atrocity I witnessed from the Raiders. Carr throws a good ball and has very good potential!!! He cannot do it all by himself!!! As bad as the Raiders looked there was one glaring thing that I saw that will keep this so called team from winning anything!!! It was not the penalties or fumbles or interception or lack of running, blocking,tackling or overall poor play it was the fact that the starting qb goes down and the medical staff does not come out to help him. So he gets up limping horribly struggling to get off the field and no one absolutely no one helped him!!!!!!!! WTF???? I gotta say that is the worst thing I have ever witnessed during a football game!!! It just shows that no one has each others back that there is some deep deep trouble with this franchise!! What a shame for RAIDER NATION to witness from this once proud franchise!!!! I miss the Raiders of old that raider mystique that nasty tough mentality misfits that ended up in Oakland and meshed together to give their soul to each other!!! They fought for one another it was them against the world!!! Now its the polar opposite!!! What an embarrassment that moment is!!! Feeling bad for Raider Nation !!!

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