Falcons forced to use Levine Toilolo at right tackle


The Falcons have grabbed the lead in Minnesota, but they may have to protect it with a skeleton crew on their offensive line.

Center Joe Hawley has been carted off the field with what looked like a potential right knee injury, forcing the Falcons to make more changes on the fly to an offensive line that already saw guard Justin Blalock and right tackle Lamar Holmes go out with injuries.

Those injuries had already forced reserves Peter Konz and Gabe Carimi into the lineup, but Hawley’s injury left them without another offensive lineman to turn to for the fourth quarter of the game. Tight end Levine Toilolo is now lining up at right tackle for Atlanta, which is likely to have some impact on their play calling the rest of the way.

Blalock hurt his back and Holmes hurt his foot. Both returns were deemed questionable, but it seems closer to doubtful if the team is going with four offensive linemen at this juncture of the contest.

15 responses to “Falcons forced to use Levine Toilolo at right tackle

  1. cue the GB trolls to use this as the reason that the Vikings (should) win this game.

    They will totally discount the play of BH2O, Wright, Asiata, McKinnen, etc

  2. Teddy Bridgewater is the best QB in the NFL.

    …And it’s not even close.

    I called it since the beginning of the draft.

    That we would draft the growing legend in Teddy Bridgewater.

    The next Joe Montana.

    I was correct.

    The Minnesota Vikings Dynasty has finally begun.

    I’ve said it from the beginning.

    We are winning the Super Bowl this year.

    No questions asked.

    Skol Vikings!

    The Most Historic Team in all of Sports.

    The Best Franchise in sports.

    The Minnesota Vikings.

    Bow down to us, peasants.


  3. The Vikings are playing great and they may pull it out, Bridgewater has played a great game but is now in the locker room with an injury.

    So the Vikings turn to Ponder… because for whatever reason he is still on the roster…

  4. Does anyone wonder if the new rules that limit contact in preseason and the fact that most of the starting players don’t play in the preseason has anything to do with all of the injuries, players are dropping like flies this year and it ain’t slowing down. Pretty soon my Mom will be a RB in the league

  5. I don’t know if Mike Zimmer is running for “NFL Sportsman of the Year” or what, but you would have had a hard time convincing me to not attack the right side of Atlanta’s O-Line if I had been coaching the Vikes yesterday…even the announcers were wondering why they weren’t overloading that side on D….

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