LeSean McCoy “embarrassed” by 17-yard performance

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After gaining only 22 yards on 19 carries against Washington last Sunday, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy scoffed at the notion that he’s struggling.  After gaining only 17 on 10 carries against the 49ers on Sunday, McCoy was singing a different tune.

“I’m embarrassed,” McCoy said after the game, via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

For the year, McCoy has 192 yards on 70 carries, for an average of 2.7 yards per carry.  It puts him on pace for 768 yards — well below his stated goal of 2,000 yards.

Injuries to the offensive line surely have made it harder for McCoy to find openings.  Even then, he doesn’t seem to be the guy he used to be.

If he doesn’t turn things around, we may all be saying next year at this time that McCoy used to be an Eagle.

75 responses to “LeSean McCoy “embarrassed” by 17-yard performance

  1. What you should really be embarrassed about is your blitz pickup in the 4th Quarter. You whiffed on several blocks.

  2. The said I was crazy for playing Doug Martin over McCoy this week. Easy matchup against Pitt or a tough 49er defense, choice was easy. McCoy will bounce back though, he just needs the OL to get healthy

  3. And bad offense in the first half finally caught up with the Eagles.

    Chip – you better start worrying about that 1st half thing… might be a good idea.


  5. He went #1 overall in a lot of fantasy drafts.

    That’s why it’s not good practice to draft a RB in the first round. RBs are a dime a dozen.

    QBs over everything.

  6. Forget about football, McCoy is a terrible person…he makes millions a yr and was proud of the fact he left a .20 tip for his server who makes less than minimum wage…..you showed her Mccoy

  7. 10 carries. Few RBs get on track with just 10 carries, especially against a solid defense.

    He should have been given the ball at the 1 yard line at the end until he scored. They’d have won the game. I’d trust Shady with the ball at the 1 yard line over Nick Foles every day of the week.

  8. thetroofishere says:
    Sep 28, 2014 9:23 PM
    He went #1 overall in a lot of fantasy drafts.

    That’s why it’s not good practice to draft a RB in the first round. RBs are a dime a dozen.

    QBs over everything.

    I’m willing to bet you don’t win fantasy football very often

  9. I will never understand why people post things here that are TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to the topic of the post.

    And While I am at it. I am baffled by PFT letting real HATTERS who only want to dis other people teams. It gets so bad that reading the comments is nothing less than aggravating.

    McCoy is one of if not THE premiere running back of the NFL… some people here laugh off that the Eagles Offence is in taters because of its O line but when 80% of your O line is second and third string who have great intentions but are unable to perform like the actual starters then you cannot open up space for ANY running back including McCoy.

    The Eagles Defense in the 49’s game had to be beyond exhausted at the end of this game But the frustration of one of the NFL’s highest scoring offences has t be monumental. I doubt we will see another game like this in the Eagles Future so Hatters are gonna Be hatters no matter what the truth or facts might be and McCoy will be instrumental in the future of this team.

    McCoy takes his performance personally despite the obstacles and you must admire him for that. But his team mates are probably thinking they let him down. One thing for sure this team makes no excuses when it does not perform and they will always be a contender in any game they play.

    So Hatters it would be soo nice if you take your vile disrespectful attitude elsewhere.. but Unfortunately you won’t and PFT has the backbone of the NFL…. meaning there is NONE in trying to bring civility wont strike your nonsense either. TROLLS belong under the bridge., not in this forum.


  10. Look no further than the offensive line. Give it time to the new guys gel or the starters get healthy. Not many teams are built that deep, 3-1 is better then all but one other record.

  11. Why don’t guys just play the game instead of running that yap?

    Anyway, the real problem with the eagles is STILL that horrible defense, which is why they won’t win anything meaningful. Ever.

  12. footballfan84 says:
    Sep 28, 2014 9:38 PM

    Barry Sanders once rushed for 2,000+ yards after rushing for <75yards the first two games of the season.


    There is one huge problem with your statement above:

    Barry Sanders is not comparable to LeSean McCoy.

    Not even close.

  13. fanofthegame1 says:
    Sep 28, 2014 9:52 PM
    You guys are over-reacting. Kelce is best Center in football and Mathis is best guard. Did you really expect to not notice?

    Marshall Yanda is better

  14. Doctor G….
    Call it a hunch, but I would guess that your “G”, doesn’t stand for “Grammar”.
    With all of the “hatters” out there, nobody will be able to use a cold head as an excuse.

  15. Lesean is the best back in the league though. Right ? What a joke. Good to see bad things happening to bad people. This guy is go to start sqwaking now because no stats equals no money at contract time and he will want some more money at the end of this yr. And trust me he doesn’t want sproles to steal his thunder either because the birds ruthless front office will use that against him too during the negotiains for a new deal. Hilarious.

  16. Told you all that they’d miss Jackson taking the extra defender out of the box. None of you eagle fans would listen.

  17. if there’s one top of the line player that’s been figured out, it’s him.

    he’s got nothing on the ground so far this year in the games ive seen him in. serves him right for being a cheap ass tipper.

  18. dfwhawkguy says: Sep 28, 2014 9:18 PM

    Funny. You think he would be more embarrassed about having to live in Philly…


    Most of the country would rather live in Philly, West Philly or even Newark, NJ than a PODUNK town like Seattle.

  19. So he only got 22 yards against a 7 man box? That’s even more pathetic, ha. Couldn’t have happened to a bigger puke of a human.

    You shouldn’t be bragging about the 8 man box thing.

  20. @ tfoz5150

    And what about the 5 other seasons He played. And the eagles will need that one trick against elite defenses. Chip coached like Andy Reid today. I laugh at the eagles fans that act like Desean didn’t outplay his Rookie contract but I know in chip we believe.

  21. The true issues is Maclin has moved into Desean’s role and with Maclin many skills he doesn’t demand a safety 30 yards deep. This has a domino effect on Riley Cooper and Mccoy who now has an extra defender in the box and a damaged oline, but lets pretend that punk kid djax was easily replaceable.

  22. Shady’s coaches were going to give him some advice on running, but they were unimpressed with his performance in practice, so they didn’t feel like he deserved any tips.

  23. bigbwoy000 says:
    Sep 28, 2014 10:05 PM
    HATER has only one “T” doctor G.
    Only saying…

    But if you notice, he made up for it by declaring that Philly’s O-line “is in taters”. So quite possibly, the problem is that the offensive linemen are wearing potatoes on their feet instead of regulation cleats? That seems like an easy fix!

  24. “…Barry Sanders once rushed for 2,000+ yards after rushing for <75yards the first two games of the season…."

    now that was a great running back who did not have anywhere near the team that McCoy has around him.

  25. Nothing at all to with Desean. Stop it.

    He’s not getting blocking, and he has faced some solid defenses over the past two weeks. Anyone expecting Shady to continue piling up yards with most of his O-line out of the lineup is just plain dumb. 1 starter in there today…ONE. Yes, all teams have injuries, but not all at the same time on the O-line. On the bright side, he gets to pad his stats next week against the Rams.

  26. Chip will cut Shady next offseason….mark my words. The next Eagles loss Shady will go from blaming himself to blaming the scheme and blaming Chips play calling. Mouthy players like Shady always seem to take that route because they can’t live up to the hype their mouth creates.

  27. Eagles should be very concerned.

    Teams are stacking the line and McCoy is paying the price. Previous years he was so elusive that most tackles involved 1-2 players. Now it seems a third tackler if not more are around him when he goes down. In my estimation he has lost a step and not having a true #1 wide out that requires special attention is bringing out the flaws in their young QB.

  28. Whiney little egirl fans using O line injuries to justify losing.
    Dont bother taking into account the team you played was missing some of their premiere defenders.

  29. Seems to me, when you give a player, “The Big Bucks,” he gets soft, as he rides to the stadium in his “Rolls Royce.” A small agile back, a “Dancing Bear,” gets fat, slow and lazy, as he ages, if he doesn’t get put out to pasture for relative injuries. McCoy has been terrible during the first 4 games of this season, regardless of the O/L injuries. He started this year, Arrogant, Outspoken, while shooting his mouth off, “2000 yards this season.” and “I’m the best running back!” Frankly, McCoy has lost, “The Eye of the Tiger!”

  30. Not surprising that the egotistical Chip threw his offensive line under the bus for the lack of offensive production. It couldn’t possibly be because your hurry up offense doesn’t work in big boy football.

    Keep it classy Chip.

  31. Shady, you went from a decent back to a very good back, after you stopped dancing and started running. Now, you have happy feet again, and you’re not looking like a very good back . . . or even a remotely good back.

  32. I’m not going to say that the O-Line issues have NOTHING to do with it, but D-Jax, regardless of what Philly fans think of him now, helped open up that field.

  33. I believe, after Shady gets over the shock of being mediocre, he’ll mature and improve. The finest running backs in my era, Walter Peyton , Emmit Smith, Barry Sanders, Tony Dorsett, never had the boisterous attitude McCoy is starting to display. Maybe he’ll realize the best form of flattery is encouraged by, “Letting his performance do the talking for him!” Self praise stinks! A little humility is on tap…

  34. A slow start for Shady behind a make shift offensive line and you guys are already writing him off and stirring up talks of sending him to a new team next year? C’mon guys, really!

  35. Bad Karma for a bad guy. His performance on the football field is a lot worse than the waiter he stiffed for a $0.20 tip. Don’t see “Shady” giving back his money to the fans for his putrid performance.

    Hope he keeps it going and the Eagles cut him next year. A few more losses and Eagle fans will realize their Kool Aid has been spiked and they’ll start lining up on the Walt Whitman bridge.

    Lombardi Trophies for the NFC East, most of any conference in the NFL by a long shot; Eagles still living in the basement:

    Cowboys 5
    Giants 4
    Redskins 3
    Eagles 0

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