Lions swat away Jets comeback attempt to improve to 3-1


In the past, defenses have been able to keep the Lions from doing much damage in the air when Calvin Johnson isn’t a factor.

That’s why the Lions signed Golden Tate this offseason and the move paid off on Sunday. Johnson was a non-factor because of an ankle injury, but Tate caught eight passes for 116 yards to help the team improve to 3-1 with a 24-17 victory over the Jets.

One of Tate’s best catches came when he juggled and then secured the ball on third-and-10 in the third quarter to keep the Lions driving after the Jets had closed within 17-10. Matthew Stafford would convert two other third downs to other receivers and then run the ball into the end zone from one yard out to build the lead back to two touchdowns.

The Jets closed again when Chris Johnson showed his first real spark of the season on a 35-yard touchdown run, but they squandered two other possessions when Geno Smith threw an interception and fumbled the ball away in close succession. That left them with one last chance from their own 16-yard line with 4:36 left to play, but they went three-and-out when Chris Ivory couldn’t hold onto a Smith pass on third down.

Stafford was 24-of-34 for 293 yards and two touchdowns, numbers that look all the better given the lack of Johnson and a strong Jets pass rush for much of the afternoon. In addition to his touchdown run, he iced the game after the two minute warning with a bootleg run for a first down that ended the hopes of a Jets miracle.

The Jets have now lost three straight games, all of them to NFC North opponents and all of them leaving the team with good reason to feel like they let a winnable game get away. The schedule isn’t getting any easier with the Chargers, Broncos and Patriots on tap, which could make things very ugly in New Jersey before the first trick-or-treaters put on their costumes.

Stopping those winnable games from getting away is going to take a lot more from the offense. Smith can’t be blamed for several drops during the day or for some disconnected play calling after a good start to the game, but those things also can’t wipe away the mistakes and bad throws that continue to be a major issue every week 20 games into his NFL career. Rex Ryan may not be back if the Jets can’t get some wins on this tough stretch, we’ll see if he keeps hitching his future to the chances of a rapid progression from Smith.

35 responses to “Lions swat away Jets comeback attempt to improve to 3-1

  1. Tate was a great signing and Stafford led us to greatness today!

    And unfortunately the Jets squandered their TOs by using one early to break the set and then waiting 10 seconds after the Bush run to use #2, in which case they could have used #3 to keep a full 2 minutes on the clock if their defense would have held up.

  2. Congrats to the JETS in hand delivering another winnable game yet again.Due to the fact that they stubbornly wouldn’t put their highest paid and BEST QB in Mike Vick on the field,While the WEAKEST LINK and FAIL experiment in Geno Smith we have to put up with.

    Its one of the most mind boggling things that will cap their season.Can we say the JETS are on the CLOCK.

  3. If Calvin Johnson gets healthy this Lions team is a serious contender, great defense, stacked D-Line, Levy a DPOY candidate, and an absolutely loaded secondary with Slay, Mathis, Quin, Ihedigbo, and IAQ, the offense isn’t great running the ball, but just good enough, and with Eric Ebron looking much more comfortable the passing game is really nice

  4. The Lions were in control of this game from the get go. I think the Jets went 2 quarters without a first down. I’m guessing the Lions will continue to lead the league in total defense after this game. Road win is huge no matter who you play and with Da Bears getting blown out of the water, the Lions are in first place in the North. What a great day.

  5. Lions have the hammer in the NFC North again; the question is whether they will again drop it on their own toes.

  6. As a lions fan I’m certain suh isn’t gonna sign with us after this year, but he really needs to reevaluate if he wants to go to the jets… And please stay out of the nfc north, if the bears are really a contender for suh and he goes there I will literally cry

  7. Sexy Rexy hooked his wagon (and tattoo needle) to Sanchez and everyone saw how that worked out.

    Geno is just another HC killer…..

  8. Like I said during the off season, Caldwell was the best coaching signing of the yr…..the Lions have talent and now they have a legit coaching staff they will be tough to beat….

  9. Lions almost gave this game away. A 52 field goal attempt when the dee was doing fine and just had 2 TO. They would have had the jets pinned back and hence then add more points. But when you play “not to lose” most of the time you lose. Bad play call there. I’m sorry. The Lions ain’t going no where anyway. That records played out.

  10. I’m happy with the win, but the Lions really need to learn how to capitalize on opportunities and go for the throat. I like Lombardi, but his playcalling seems a little wimpy thus far.

    I don’t think that it would be a stretch to say that the Lions have left more points on the field than nearly any other team this season.

    Hey Bills! Come at me bro.

  11. it’s fun being a Lions fan when they win, which is only fun for 4 games a year it feels like. im really happy so far with the Caldwell regime. they seem to be winners

  12. rl79111 says:
    Sep 26, 2014 12:26 PM

    Can’t wait to see the Lion’s choke this one out! The Jets are gonna upset the Lion’s. Calvin will do well, but Lion’s still lose this one.

    I have a big plate of Crow for you to eat………

  13. Ihedigbo was back and made his presence known. Darius Slay got an INT. The defense is growing in confidence.

    Stafford had zero turnovers and a solid game, even without Calvin as a target. Reggie Bush ran the ball down the Jets’ throat, between the tackles, to close out the game.

    I’m concerned about the loss of Joique Bell and Theo Riddick. Calvin needs to heal up as well. But overall things are looking very good in Detroit.

    The Lions locker room needs to pay attention to the total lack of respect from the media and continue to play like its us against the world.

  14. If the Jet’s had put Vick in the game they would have had their highest paid QB out with broken bones. Geno paid a price for standing in the pocket and trying to make things happen for the Jets, but they won’t give him his due. He’s a good young QB and just needs to be tutored. Of course Jet’s fans like our fans are a fickle bunch. They’re also sore losers.

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