Mike Glennon leads Bucs to comeback win in Pittsburgh


The Buccaneers are winless no more.

Mike Glennon threw a touchdown pass to Vincent Jackson with seven seconds left in the fourth quarter to vault the Bucs to a 27-24 victory in Pittsburgh. It was Glennon’s second chance to pull a rabbit out of his hat after the previous drive died with four incompletions into the end zone and he got it done with some unlikely help.

Wide receiver Louis Murphy, signed off the street last week, turned a short completion into a 41-yard gain to the Steelers’ 5-yard line. A spike and an incompletion preceded the strike to Jackson, which left the Buccaneers with a stirring first win of the season.

Glennon had a rough first half, but turned things around on the first possession after halftime. Glennon hit Mike Evans for 40 yards to make the first big strike of the game for Tampa’s offense exactly when they needed to stop Pittsburgh’s momentum. The Steelers had scored 17 straight points after the Bucs jumped to an early lead and the game looked like it could go downhill for Tampa at that point.

Glennon, who wound up 21-of-42 for 302 yards, stopped that from happening and the Bucs defense forced punts on the final three Steelers possessions of the game. The Steelers outgained the Bucs 401-350, but gave a lot of yards back by committing 13 penalties for 125 yards over the course of the day. They also clearly missed the three injured starters they lost last week as they allowed Glennon to come back in the second half while piloting a unit that often looked discombobulated when they weren’t hitting those big plays.

Still, the win was there and the Steelers will likely hear some questions about running with Le’Veon Bell on third down before punting the ball back to the Bucs for their game-winning drive. Antonio Brown and Heath Miller combined for 17 catches and 214 receiving yards during the game and some will wonder why the Steelers looked elsewhere with the game on the line.

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  1. It’s not as bad as Tebow, but Mike Glennon and a lousy Tampa team with a last second win in Pittsburgh?

    At the end of the season Steelers while the Steelers are on the outside of the playoffs again, they can look right at this game today.

  2. DESTROYED by a 3rd rounder in his 2nd NFL season without his #1 wide receiver.

    The decline continues.

  3. All I can say is wow!

    I think it is time for the Rooney family to can everyone from top to bottom (yes, I am including LeBeau) and start fresh. The only success this team has had since Cowher’s departure was with players Cowher brought in. This is another lost year for Steelers fans.

  4. Time for Steelers to consider a future with a new coaching staff. No one knows why Haley is still the O-coordinator. These up and down weeks happen far to often under Tomlin’s watch. As do losing games like this that they had no right in losing.
    Why run it on 3rd down and risk giving the ball back to a Bucs team that moved up and down the field all second half?! No one knows.
    Tomlin is 18-18 the last 36 games, he is beginning to show that he is overrated as a head coach.

  5. What about all the starters that the Buc’s are missing, plus losing key starters during the game. Terrible play calling at times but O-Coordinator as well. Glennon deserves huge credit for this win.

  6. Easy win against the most hollow team in the NFL this year. Get out the old newspapers and your yellow diapers…time for a good cry and some drunken nostalgia…another year of hype and kidding themselves. Again.

    They are just another bad team. Welcome to 7-9.

  7. No excuses, period.

    You cannot lose at home to a winless team who just got beat by 40 points because you cannot execute a punt with the game on the line and let a 2 yard gain turn into a 41 yard back breaker.

    This is who the Steelers are. World beaters one week, chumps the next.

    I’m going to crown them “Cowboys East” until they don’t finish .500.

    At this rate, they won’t.

  8. Here is a question for Blind Mike at his press conference.
    Hey Mike, Does your team ever lose a game because they no good or is it possible the other team that just beat you is that good. ?
    Always blaming it on the penalties and never giving the team that just beat them any credit..

  9. I must admit that I believe with Glennon we find a way to win either the Carolina or St Loius game and could at least be 2-2. We have a ways to go but it’s good to see the pass rush experience success today.

  10. I never understood why Mike Glennon was overlooked when he showed such promise. Lovie Smith doesn’t seem to like him much either. Good job, and a little hilarious the way they won at Heinz for their first ever win there.

  11. I knew as soon as Big Bum fumbled on the third play of the game on his own nine yard line that the Steelers would lose.
    REPOST from earlier in the week.

    The Steelers are favored at home against the Bucs by 7.5. Take the Bucs and the points.

    Last week against the Panthers was the perfect storm for the Steelers that will not be repeated all season.

    The Steelers will not get seven points on an opponent’s fumbled punt or have Bell run for an 80 yard gain and Blount for a 50 yard gain in the same game or have an opponent’s offsides penalty on a field goal attempt turn three points into seven.

    Plus the Panther defense played Big Ben all wrong. You DO NOT play top heavy and prevent the deep ball. You jam 15 in the box and STOP THE RUN and make Big Ben beat you with his arm. He WILL NOT do it. He will throw for some yardage but his missed throws and sacks and fumbles are absolute drive killers. Big Ben DOES NOT put points on the scoreboard. Big Ben cannot throw deep. Witness DHB against the Panthers open by a good 20 yards until Big Ben crazily underthrew him and to the inside. DHB got the pass interference penalty but it should have been a super easy touchdown.

    If the opposing team wants to win all they have to do is put the ball in Big Ben’s hands.

  12. Stellers blew it.

    1st and 10 and TB with no timeouts and they couldn’t even get a halfway decent punt.

  13. Mike Tomlin needs to feel the hot seat. Not only has his team been extremely undisciplined this season, committing an outrageous number of penalties, but during his tenure they have been completely unprepared for teams that they should beat.

    Hate to say it, but an 8-8 record looks like best case for this group.

  14. Is there a more overrated franchise than Pittsburgh? Take away the 2 SB’s the refs handed them and they an average franchise in the modern era. Today included.

  15. Right at KO I said out loud…this is the kind of game that scares me.

    I’m a Tomlinson supporter, but to lose this game, in this fashion, is just unacceptable. Says Steelers were not ready to play and took the Bucs for granted.

    Just Terrible

  16. Another inconsistent and sloppy performance typical of the Steelers in the Tomlin era.

    Count me among those officially off the Tomlin bandwagon.

    Hes got to go.

  17. This team is junk. Its time for this coaching staff to go.
    I can hear Tomlin already. This is unacceptable we won’t stand for this.
    PFFFT.it’s been unacceptable for the last 5 years but nothing seems to change.
    This team has been on a decline sence Tomlin walked through the door. It’s time to go.

  18. The Steelers under Tomlin frequently play poorly after a big win and frequently play down to the level of competition.

    Also, I thought they were working on getting the penalties cleaned up from previous games?

    Frustrating. I would like to see some pressure put on Tomlin for this kind of stuff.

  19. 13 penalties means the Steelers are wholly undisciplined. That is Tomlins fault but no one would dare criticize him for it.

    The entire coaching staff has to go. So does Big Ben. He is NOT Dan Marino. There is no reason why we pass 70% of the time. That is NOT Steelers football.

    Fire Tomlin.
    Hire someone, regardless of SKIN COLOR, who has actual X and O experience, as the new HC.

  20. More like, “Inability To Play Defense Leads Bucs to comback win in Pittsburgh.”

    Glennon did absolutely nothing special that drive, Steeler’s DBs were playing so soft a pop warner player could of done what Louis Murphy did. They were playing so soft it was ridiculous. I’m not even a Steeler’s fan but dear lord what were they thinking? It’s like they weren’t even trying to touch him and then you had that god awful angle Polomalu took. Speaking of him take him out the HOF talks they used to have along with Reed & Dawkins.

    Anyways Steelers cashed it in on that draw play so get exactly what they deserve.

  21. Congrats to the Bucs, especially to Mike Glennon and an aggressive defense that kept the heat on Roethlisberger. I expected a close game, but they came out fighting and never let up.

    Love Pittsburgh win or lose, but today was a good example why, in 37 years of Steelers fandom, I’ve owned only one jersey for an offensive player (Bradshaw’s). It’s aggravating when the team loses 15 yards because of a face-mask or some other defensive penalty. But at least those guys were trying to make a play. However, I’ve got no patience with these guys getting 15-yard penalties because they were grandstanding after making a first down or a TD–particularly when someone else had already been flagged for that? I don’t care how good AB is. He needs to grow up.

  22. Wait for it……………………..since being tebowed out of the playoff the steelers have o winning seasons and o playoff appearances!!!! That never gets old reminding Steeler fans of that fact.

  23. Even if Pitt would’ve won I doubt Steeler fans would feel much better, these are two really bad teams with less than competent coaching.

  24. The pittsburgh steelers have not been relevent since steelers team doctor dr. rydze was indicted by federal authorities for illegal distribution of anabolic steroids and human growth hormone.

  25. jtbsteeler says:
    Sep 25, 2014 12:26 PM
    Bucs, Jags, Browns, Texans, Colts, Ravens, Jets Titans, Bye week

    Eight straight wins and 10-1 before the bye week. If we get a bye and a home game your nightmares will be reality.
    This almost isn’t fun anymore.

  26. Absolutely horrible…..last week i noted we would know more about our Black and Gold some time around 4pm on Sunday…..well we now know what we are dealing with…..8-8 is way too generous…..Tomlin has to go, period, there is no discipline, this loss is inexcusable. I hate Baltimore, but John Harbaugh doesn’t have problems like this…ever…We will continue to have this schizophrenic pattern as long as the “players’ coach” is at the helm….and for all you Haley haters, he’s not to blame here, it’s the head coach……he is useless. I hope they can get this rectified but it’s not looking good. Absolutely disgusted.

  27. “larryll62 says: Sep 28, 2014 4:41 PM
    …The only success this team has had since Cowher’s departure was with players Cowher brought in.”

    Clueless, Cowher was just 8-8 his last season. Tomlin took that team over and won the SB. Then he went to the SB again and lost. How many years did it take Cowher to get to a SB and win? Thought so.

    BTW, Cowher was also the coach the last time the Steelers had a losing season. Over a decade ago. 2003, 6-10. In fact, Cowher had back to back losing seasons as well in 1998 and 1999, 7-9 and 6-10 (again). Yet fans gave him a pass even though he had seasons far worse than Tomlin has. Gee, can you say “double standard”…for an obvious reason?

  28. A slew of 15 yd penalties for “styling” , an incoherent game plan, plus a highly questionable Steelers secondary combined to do in Pittsburgh.

  29. Funny how FOX had the graphic that Pittsburgh was 3-1 with one minute remaining. I told my wife then that it could be wrong 🙂

  30. I wonder if ben still ” never thought we would lose the game” . Well it sure was nice to see ben look dumbfounded on the sidelines as tampa scores the last second t.d. On a sidenote why doesnt antonio brown ever called for offensive pass interference in the endzone? I saw it against joe haden in the first game and saw it today both for t.ds. The nfl wants the steelers to be a playoff team no matter how bad the steelers dont want to be

  31. speechless. they survived 10 penalties for 110yds. the 11th one killed them. can’t play that way.

  32. totally unacceptable. The Steelers have a huge vacancy in the leadership department and I’m not talking about players I’m talking about their joke of a head coach. This is not the offensive coordinators fault. Tomlin needs to go. Totally Despicable display.

  33. icebergsimpson says:
    Sep 28, 2014 4:58 PM
    Where’s that extremely annoying guy with the name about how the steelers will be marching to 7 superbowls?? I want to hear from him.

    He’s asking his parents to buy him a Bucs jersey.

  34. The Steelers are Marching. 7 rings. SFL 2015: restoring the game we created. says:


    Man do the Trolls scatter when mediocrity is exposed.

  35. Tomlin needs to go……..really….what kind of answer is “we will continue to lose close games” when asked what will happen if the penalties are not reduced……duh! how about “we will cut people or bench people and go with those who can perform..”……wait…that would only work if we had some semblance of talent to replace these jokes with……gonna be a long FEW years sadly.

  36. Something tells me crown and the drooling fool wont be commenting in here… Oh and when does Ben start getting the blame for those dismal offensive performances? Every time someone mentions Ben as “elite” I always lol out loud; the easiest was to beat pittsburg is to put the ball in Ben’s hands.

  37. Remember Steeler fans the only reason we’re all commenting is because of how humble a fan base you have.

    On arriving at PFT several years ago, I couldn’t understand all this animosity about Steeler fans. Most of us seemed like pretty good folks. Then “The Steelers Are Marching. 7 rings. Restoring the game we created.” showed up.

    Uhhh … well … okay then.

  38. “Just ignore all the comment above about getting rid of Tomlin. He just said in his press conference that he will fix it. Ya right !!!”


    Darn, I missed it 2bling, were his eyes real big when he said it? That’s how you know he’s serious.

  39. Obvious bias against the Steelers by the officials. No way the Steelers can beat other teams with the officiating crew stacking the odds against them. Steelers outplayed Tampa in EVERY aspect of the game. A tainted “victory” for Tampa.

  40. Pitts FO moves catching up to them….not enough talent around Big Ben…..Tomlin will pay for it with his job…..D hasn’t been good in 5 yrs….let all the wr sign elsewhere….time to clean out the FO and coaching staff

  41. Glennon almost upset us last year at home. What is wrong with the Tampa Bay coaching staff that they couldn’t see what a good young talent they already had on their roster?

  42. tebowbrokesteelers says:
    Sep 28, 2014 4:48 PM

    Wait for it……………………..since being tebowed out of the playoff the steelers have o winning seasons and o playoff appearances!!!! That never gets old reminding Steeler fans of that fact.

    yeah.. it don’t get old.. considering Browns talking and haven’t been to a playoff in over a decade and a winning playoff since… not sure history books even carry that data…

    but really.. my 3 year niece doesn’t whine as much as you do on Tim Tebow

  43. The way the Steelers reeled off 17 straight points after being down 10 early, losing to a visiting team would have been surprising. Losing the same game to a team that gave up 56 points ten days ago is STUNNING.

  44. Steelerfan1. It’s not “Tampa” it’s “Tampa Bay.” In fact, that’s “Tampa Bay, Sir” to you.

    Face it. The best team one today. The Bucs were so banged up, backup QB, no OC, half their secondary on IR. You lost. It’s why they play. Maybe you’ll play JAX or OAK soon.

  45. As I previously mentioned to the now mysteriously missing SteeleyMcBeam, the Steelers are nobody’s “daddy”. They are simply unequivocally “irrelevant.” And will continue to be so until they make the post season and defeat the likes of a Tim Tebow. Until then, they will not be allowed to sit at the big boys table.

    Not trying to be mean; but simply do not care for people that proactively disrespect other teams when their own house is in disarray. It goes back to the ‘ol pot calling the kettle black…

  46. I am a neutral observer with no dog in this hunt. That being said Tomlin should throw Haley’s rear out the door. There is no reason if the play calling was done correctly that Tampa would have even gotten the ball back.

  47. Yea the best team won today. But considering that both teams are junk really not much of an accomplishment.

  48. At least bill o brien didn’t put mallett in over Fitzpatrick

    I wonder if he realizes that it’s only a matter of time.

    That was obvious the day of the trade.

  49. The next time we play Louis Murphy, whether he’s playing for the raiders or buc or any other team, we should just triple-cover him all day. He’s obviously a Steeler-killer.

  50. Obvious bias against the Steelers by the officials. No way the Steelers can beat other teams with the officiating crew stacking the odds against them. Steelers outplayed Tampa in EVERY aspect of the game. A tainted “victory” for Tampa.

    And here I thought Santa Clara was the biggest Whiners about the refs…..

    Go Hawks

  51. How’s the view from 3rd place?

    They’ve only played 6 quarters of non-crappy football this year, so you might want to settle in and get comfortable…

  52. steelerfan1 says:
    Sep 28, 2014 5:26 PM

    Obvious bias against the Steelers by the officials. No way the Steelers can beat other teams with the officiating crew stacking the odds against them. Steelers outplayed Tampa in EVERY aspect of the game. A tainted “victory” for Tampa.

    Every time the Steelers lose, this is what you can expect to hear from most Steelers fans. The Steelers outplayed (insert name of winning team here) in EVERY aspect of the game. A tainted “victory” for (insert team beating the Steelers here). Sore winners. Sore losers.

  53. The last few seasons the Steelers have been good for a clunker or two like that. The Raiders last year. These are the games that push them towards 8-8 when they are potentially a better team than that.

  54. Check list for the Rooneys

    1. Fire Todd Haley immediately
    2. See if Mel Blount or Rod Woodson are available. Either are better right now than Cortez Allen.
    3. Fire Todd Haley again
    4. Announce Dick LeBeau is retiring at the end of the season and promote Keith Butler to DC and Joey Porter to Linebacker Coach
    5. Fire Todd Haley again
    6. Try out punters
    7. Fire Todd Haley again
    8. Apologize to Bruce Arians
    9 Fire Todd Haley again

  55. There is a difference between circumstances matching up and events causing something. It is true that the Steelers had a lot of penalties, but I don’t see those as a direct cause of their loss. NFL games are won and lost with turnovers and big plays off of those turnovers leading to TDs.

    Sorry Ben fans (I’m one also), but fumbling inside of the 10 gave TB seven points. The Steelers only lost by 4.

    Brown misses a sure TD pass which cost them seven points. They only lost by 4.

    Sorry again Ben fans, but he overthrew Brown on the flea flicker costing them seven points. They only lost by 4.

    Yes, there were a lot of penalties and some of them were of the silly nature that cause my eyes to roll, but they weren’t direct causes of scoring or not scoring. Overthrows and missed passes and turnovers were DIRECT causes in the Steelers either giving up points or not gaining points. The two guys responsible get paid too much money to allow that to happen. This is a professional league. As such, the guys who make the most money have the most responsibility. They need to do better.

  56. There is plenty of talent on this roster to win. Stop blaming Haley. Tomlin has had no discipline or impact on these guys. I expected early season struggles while so many new faces get acclimated, but to lose like this is squarely on the head coach. We have seen this pattern throughout Tomlin’s tenure. For example, he should have pulled Bell after his taunting penalty, but he leaves him in! Should have put Blount in for the rest of the series. also, regarding penalties, don’t forget about the declined penalties which when added totaled 18 in all! Absolutely terrible!

  57. As a Bucs fan the PF penalties for taunting on Pittsburgh were ridiculous. It didn’t seem to matter since they score on all the drives anyways, but man is the NFL really lame nowadays.

    With that said the PI call on Tampa for the TD was ridiculous and basically gave Pittsburgh a free touchdown. Later the Bucs got a TD on a holding non-call – perhaps it was a make good, but regardless the regs still stink.

  58. loyalraven says: Sep 28, 2014 4:39 PM

    Anybody remember the score from that Ravens-Steelers game? LOL I forgot..



    And what was the Ravens record last season again???

  59. I see a lot of mad Steeler fans that their team lost to the 0-3 Bucs. Two things to remember: 1) The Steelers beat up on a decent Carolina team. (2) The Bucs started Glennon for the first time this year who is a much better QB than McCown, and it showed as he passed for over 300 yards and threw a few long balls downfield that were completed, something the Bucs failed to do in the first three games. Those two changes changed the composition of this game. If the Bucs win on the road this week in New Orleans and the Steelers beat Jacksonville, Cleveland, and Houston in quick succession, then this game will be long forgotten as it will show that the Steelers were caught off guard by a better Bucs team with a QB that is capable. It is a big IF, but it may just happen.

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