NFL, NFLPA working together on Rice appeal


A week ago, Commissioner Roger Goodell was poised to name a hearing officer to handle the Ray Rice appeal.  Today, it still hasn’t happened.

Per a league source, the NFL and NFLPA currently are working together regarding the process.

The NFLPA and/or Rice could have pushed for a hearing to occur by September 30.  That effort apparently won’t be made, in part because it’s not as if Rice would get another job if he were cleared to return in the near future.

It’s possible that the Rice appeal will be delayed until after the Robert Mueller investigation.  Since the report will be made public, its findings and conclusions will be available to the NFLPA and Rice’s lawyer, Peter Ginsberg, to scrutinize in connection with the questioning of witnesses at the appeal hearing.

9 responses to “NFL, NFLPA working together on Rice appeal

  1. He would be a fool to wait for the Mueller investigation, which will be a whitewash. His leverage would never be higher than now. He should push for an expedited hearing and call Goodell as a witness.

  2. What about Peterson? The man has been convicted of nothing, yet he’s barred from playing?!? Get off your high moralistic horse, NFL!!! Let the law deal with Peterson, and, after it’s done so, let Peterson back on the field where he belongs.

  3. The NFL screwed the pooch on this with the double jeopardy punishment. I agree with bigredtuna. Rice should appeal and do it now.
    I am a Ravens fan and do not want him back with the team though – he can go elsewhere.

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