Steve Smith drops the mic in his post-game press conference


Steve Smith dropped the hammer on his old team on the field.

Then he dropped the mic.

After his two-touchdown performance in the Ravens’ win over the Panthers, Smith was entitled to a moment to gloat.

“That film was a coaching session,” Smith said. “I’m 35 years old, and I ran around them boys like they were schoolyard kids.”

The video from is priceless, as Smith realized there was not much more to be said at that point, so he walked off the podium.

The Panthers were at a loss as to how to stop him, so it’s just as well.

He greeted many of his old friends and teammates during the game, and coach Ron Rivera went to the Ravens locker room afterward to shake Smith’s hand.

But you can bet there were no such hugs and moments with Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman.

24 responses to “Steve Smith drops the mic in his post-game press conference

  1. smitty demanded a release so i don’t know what he’s so butt hurt about…plus you just torched arguably the worst team in football, good on ya buddy. coulda used some of that effort last year

  2. agent 89 caught a lot of balls for the Panthers…and last year he also dropped a lot of balls…
    Go Panthers…
    you lost a game…not the Super Bowl.

  3. As a life long Panthers fan, I’m also a life long Steve Smith fan, I was glad he torched us. They shouldn’t have gotten rid of him in the first place. I like what Gettleman is doing but he has dropped the ball on this offensive line and secondary. I also thought the addition of Ealy would help a lot, however they just aren’t getting any consistent pass rush without Hardy. I thought maybe they were doubling up Charles Johnson, but i saw several times when they had him one up, without pressure or Thomas Davis, its a recipe for disaster. The offense isn’t built to put up more than 20 and Kuechly can’t do absolutely everything. C’mon Dave, you can’t put it all of Cam and Luke, its just not fair…

  4. For 35 years old, he demonstrates minimum maturity. Let’s see if he’s gloating at the end of the season. Maybe there’s a reason he’s never come close to tasting success; he thinks he already has. Selfish players never achieve team goals. Carolina fans are used to this, it’s still all about Steve.

  5. The Panthers brass chose the young QB over the old WR, so I can’t blame them for that, but Cam should get realized he’d do better with veteran WR Smith than without him.

  6. As a lifelong Panthers fan……i remain a fan of Steve Smith for all that he did on the field and excitement he brought. I will stand up and cheer when he returns to retire a Panther. But only a worthless coward of a fan would pull against his team to see a former player go off.

    Not once did I question the move by Gettleman because no one reading this was part of that locker room. #89 is gone….he got his revenge and the media and all the HATERS love it. The world is full of trolls…most of whom are miserable because their lives suck and they need to vent.

    As for the Panthers…..ICE UP and go win this suddenly pathetic looking division.

  7. def saw this coming. hell u didn’t have to be Steve Smith to put up numbers like that against our horrid secondary.

    -Def a fed up Panthers fan, sign a quality corner and safety already.

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